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  • Offers a wide array of questions and categories to talk about
  • Trusted quality 
  • The questions allow you to learn who you're most compatible with 
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee
  • Helps couples achieve a fulfilling and happy relationship
  • Easily accessible


  • Not everyone wants a digital copy

Summary: 1000 Questions For Couples is an amazing program for couples that want to engage in deeper and meaningful conversations to improve their relationship.

This system covers a wide variety of topics that resonate with both genders to ensure long-term stability in every relationship. After all, the honeymoon period doesn't last forever, and you need to work on your relationship if you want something meaningful in your life.

This review/guide aims to help couples who are ready to work with their partner on providing and securing the best and happiest future together. So read carefully and make the most out of it.


1000 Questions for Couples Review

100o Questions for Couples is for you if:

  • You're in a long-distance relationship and need unique, engaging conversations to talk about.
  • You're tired of small talk conversations, such as "how was your day?" "how's the weather" boring, repetitive talks.
  • You're looking for meaningful conversations to have with your partner.
  • You want to get to know your partner better before walking down the aisle.

If any of these statements relate to you, we highly recommend 1000 Questions for Couples. But first...

1000 questions for couples best price discount

What Is 1000 Questions for Couples?

1000 Questions for couples is a book that allows couples to get to know each other better and engage in deep, meaningful, and important conversations.

Now, is it really all that?

Getting to know your partner happens in many stages. [R] When you first fall in love, it's easy to cast aside difficult or uncomfortable questions.

However, the honeymoon stage doesn't last forever. 

Once the butterflies start to fade away, flaws and mistakes become a dominant topic, which leads to arguments back and forth.

In the end, a divorce between couples happens due to failed communication. [R] Sometimes, it's because you run out of things to say.

This is why 1000 Questions for Couples came about. Take note, though. These aren't just everyday, ordinary questions.

Topics found in this book include sensitive conversations around:

  1. Religion
  2. Marriage
  3. Sex
  4. Child rearing
  5. Career
  6. Past relationships
  7. Morals; convictions and beliefs
  8. Career & happiness

The book also provides lighter topics such as food, pets, attractions, well being, vacations, and more.

Throughout this 1000 Questions for Couples review, we'll take you through its benefits, the author, and a preview of some of the content found in this highly recommended book.

If you're curious to learn more about the author behind this ebook, we'll discuss this in the next section. If not, you can skip to the benefits and really know what else this book has to offer.

About the Author: Michael Webb

Michael Webb is a best-selling relationships author who has helped hundreds and thousands of couples achieve lifelong, healthy relationships.

With over 18 books published and 20 years in the dating industry, Michael Webb is a renowned and well-respected coach and author that has been featured in Oprah and major newspapers in the United States.

He's even been featured in 500 radio shows and popular magazines, such as Cosmopolitan and Redbook.

Overall, this has earned him the title of "The World's Most Romantic Man."

You might be wondering what prompted Michael Webb to create this resource for couples.

Here's what we know.

In Michael Webb's many years in the field of relationships, he encountered partners getting a divorce or breaking up due to important issues that were never discussed and caused greater issues later on.

One woman found out after months of marriage that her husband didn't want to have kids. One man discovered his wife had been in prison only after several years of marriage.

These are just a few examples of why a relationship could fall apart.

For this reason, Michael put together 1000 questions so that couples or anyone could learn & understand more about one another.

Michael Webb believes couples (83% roughly speaking) would break up less or go through divorces less if their loved ones knew more about their partner's thoughts, beliefs, and opinions.

What's the best way to learn more about your loved one's opinion? By asking.

Granted, it may stir up uncomfortable discussions. However, that's what this book is for. Even better, it's why we decided to share this 1000 Questions for Couples Review with you.

1000 questions for couples michael webb

1000 Questions for Couples Review: Benefits

If you're unsure or doubtful of where your relationship is headed, then this sneak peek and benefits section will give you clearer insight on

Achieve a Deeper Connection and More Meaningful Relationship

Talking about uncomfortable things might incite some resistance, but ultimately, it forges openness, trust, and improved communication. [R]

You can't expect to know every minute detail about your partner from the start. And we're not saying you should.

But when it comes to important conversations, such as past lovers who may influence your current relationship or past experiences that your partner may have strong morals against is a worthy discussion to have.

Even if your partner may disagree with you at first, he/she will appreciate your honesty and courage to be vulnerable about who you are.

1000 Ways to Share Who You Are With Your Loved One

1000 questions for couples is a lot to go through. This can take months, and even years, depending on how each couple reacts to the questions being asked.

Think of it as a sharing game or a way to get to know the person better.

Of course, each question doesn't have to revolve around one topic solely. You can mix and match questions along the way.

Let's say on week 1, you talk about things surrounding sex, intimacy, and love. In week 2, you can talk about religion and morals. On week 3, you can jump to career, joy, and even food to lighten the mood.

Improve Your Long-Distance Relationship Status

A long-distance relationship can be challenging. [R]

A key element to making a long-distance relationship work is proper communication between each other.

Skype, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger or Facetime are great ways to communicate while virtually seeing each other.

However, it's much more than showing up physically. Getting to know a person online works the same way you would get to know people interpersonally.

With 1000 questions, you can spice up the distance you've been feeling from each other lately or stir up new & exciting conversations you've never had.

Trusted Author

As mentioned earlier, Michael Webb is a trusted author and well-respected in his field. As a result, we can say this book is far from a scam or marketing hype.

Convenient and Easy Access

1000 Questions for Couples also comes in an e-book format, so you can instantly read it after buying. Rather than wait for a physical copy, an e-book version allows you to get started right away.

1000 questions for couples review

Bonus Content: The Newlyweds Guide and 101 Romantic Ideas

Upon purchasing the book, it also comes with two additional books you can use to build a solid foundation for each other and how to stay happy even when things are rough.

Sneak Peek Content

We've been able to get in touch with a few people who have used the book, along with their reviews and thoughts about it.

In this section, we'll share a few of the favorite questions people used and loved about this book.

  • Tell me the biggest lie you've ever told. Why did you tell the lie, and how did you feel after?
  • How important is religion when you date someone seriously? What religious differences would give you doubts about a long-term relationship?
  • What thing or things have I done that make you doubt or question whether or not I love you?
  • Could you give up your current life and move halfway across the world for the person you love or a perfect job?
  • If you could build your own vacation home anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  • What are you most afraid of? How does that fear keep you from doing the thing/s you want to do?
  • Have you been abused physically, emotionally, or sexually? Do you still have emotional scars about it? Have you counseled about it?

As you can see, these questions aren't general questions you hear your loved one talk to you about on a regular basis.

One question alone can create a meaningful space for you and your partner.


  • Offers a wide array of questions and categories to talk about
  • Trusted quality
  • The questions allow you to learn who you're most compatible with
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee
  • Helps couples achieve a fulfilling and happy relationship
  • Easily accessible


  • Not everyone wants a digital copy

Final Words

Truth be told, anyone can benefit from the 100o Questions for Couples book. These questions can help you bring you and your partner closer together and reveal areas that need improvement.

We hope this 1000 Questions for Couples review was able to help you! 

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