How To Ask A Girl Out- Romantic, Funny And Cute Ways To Get Your Crush To Like You

There are so many gorgeous girls out there waiting for a guy to make a move. You will be surprised just how many of these stunning beauties are single and are looking for a boyfriend. You can be the guy they are waiting for.

Well, that is if you actually decide to make a move and ask a girl out.

best way 2 ask a girl out

A lot of men have struggles in terms of taking a girl out on a date. Many guys, in their attempts to avoid rejection, never manage to pull the trigger.

DON’T be that guy. You should look forward to asking a girl out and making her your girlfriend. And to help you achieve success, here are several tips and guidelines you can follow.

Should You Ask A Girl Out Or Not?

A funny question, yet one that needs to be addressed. You see, there are different opinions on whether guys should ask girls out or not.

Some believe that it is a man’s duty to show courage and take the lady out on a date.

Contrary to this, others believe that if you act and behave “cool,” you will attract the girl and she will be the one eager to date you.

Now, there is some truth to both of these views. There should be some attraction coming from both sides. However, I don’t advise you to wait for too long. The feeling of love is like a complex matrix, which comprises of many emotions, including liking, interest, passion, lust, etc.

It is good enough to provoke one of these, take her out and go on from there. So, your best bet would be to act like a man- build some interest in her and ask her out.

How To Ask A Girl Out- Tell Your Crush You Like Her

In order to succeed with your adventure, you need to make sure you follow specific points that will maximize your chances of getting the girl.

On the one hand, you need to focus on the girl and prepare her for the actual date. This is way more effective than directly asking her out since you will be closer and will have a better understanding, trust and even passion toward one another.

On the other hand, you need to focus on yourself. Make sure you build your character and prepare your mind for everything that will take place. In the following points, we will go into a bit more detail.

Here are the tips you need to keep in mind:

1. Create A Tough Mindset

As we already discussed, it would be better for you to make a move. This is especially true if you feel like the girl has some interest in you.

Under creating a tough mindset, I am referring to the idea of changing your viewpoint.

You need to start thinking and acting out of your comfort zone, start doing things that might scare you, but at the end of the day, they aren’t life and death choices.

ask girl out without being awkward

One of these things is asking the girl. Consider it as something normal, even better, as something you will enjoy and look up to. Think only about how she will accept and do everything you can to succeed.

More often than not, guys fail because they are focusing only on the fact that they will be rejected. And that is why they fail, or rather, never try in the first place.

So don’t be like the others- man up and go for it.

2. Act Like The Man She Would Like To Date

This is another point that focuses on you. Think about for a second- what kind of guy would your girl want to date?

My guess is someone who emits an aura of masculinity. Being a kind, caring gentleman is always a positive, but you should know to act tough and not break a sweat over small or insignificant stuff.

For instance, a strong point to master is your voice. If you pay close attention, you will notice that other guys often go unconsciously for a high pitch. Just try to keep a deeper voice, aka low pitch, and not get nervous when talking. You will be surprised by how your voice can affect others. And get the girls looking at you!

3. Build An Emotional Connection

This is the most crucial part. If you don’t get this right, nothing else will matter.

You see, girls are not “obliged” to go out on a date with you. And what reason would they have to go out on a date with you if they don’t feel anything towards you?

To put it simply- build an emotional attachment. Before you ask her out, make sure that there is some feeling. Make sure that you sparkle an emotion before you try and take her out.

It can be several small talks, maybe several chats, whatever you can, do it. You aim to present your cool side, to reveal yourself as her possible boyfriend. Once you provoke some interest, and the girl knows she will have a good time with you, you can ask her out and take her with ease.

4. Plan Something Enjoyable

So, we can say that point 3 is something like a warm-up. You get the girl into a good mood and on good terms with you. But it is a bit more than this.

You should get a good understanding of what the girl enjoys and is passionate about. Once you have some suggestions, you should plan your date in advance. Make sure to take her to a place she will gladly come to with you.

Now, not only does she have a liking towards you, but she also has an interest in the place you will take her to. This is an offer she can’t say no to.

She enjoys having fun and playing games? Why don’t you ask her: “Would you like to come with me to the amusement park this weekend?”

Remember, women are more often than not emotionally driven. If they know that they will enjoy the place you are taking them to, plus will have a good time in your company, your chances of success skyrocket.

How To Ask A Girl Out Over Text

A question that seems to bother a lot of guys is whether they should ask a girl out in person or over a text conversation. There are pros and cons to both approaches.

Since we talked about what you should take into consideration when going face-to-face, let’s focus now on texting a girl to ask her out.

Let make one thing clear from the get-go – you can successfully take a lady out via text. However, there are still things you should keep in mind when approaching her.

Here are some powerful and practical tips to follow when asking a girl out over text:

should you ask a girl out right away

1. Don’t Wait Too Much To Text Her If You Want To Take Her Out

The texting arena is changing at a rapid pace. Back in the “old” days, it was considered appropriate to wait for three days before you text a girl.

If you do this nowadays, you are screwed. Studies indicate that people, in general, have a disorder of keeping attention and staying focused.

So, from your encounter with the girl, make sure you text her not later than 24 fours. Wait for more and she will completely forget, or rather, the spark you were able to create would have faded away.

2. Start A Chat With Her Before Asking Her Out- Don’t Be Awkward

As we mentioned above, the girl needs to have a reason to go out with you. It can be something like her having a liking for you and interest in you, or maybe she is looking up to the place you are about to take her to.

Either way, make sure you set up the mood before actually asking her out. Make sure everything seems natural and coming on the best terms.

Sometimes, it is hard to get the tempo going. Therefore, here are several examples of how you can approach and initiate a talk with her:

1. Has anything exciting happened today?

Show her that you are curious to know more about the girl and her day. This is an excellent way to get the conversation going. Another way to say it would be, “How was your day?”

2. Do you have any projects you are working on right now?

Try to dig a bit deeper into what is going on in her life. On the one hand, you will find out what the lady is interested in and has a priority on her to-do list. On the other hand, you will know if it would be a good time to try or luck or wait a bit until she has more room to breath.

3. Is there an event or an activity you are looking forward to doing?

In another way, what excites you and gives you a good time. For instance, if a singer is coming to town, you can surprise her with tickets.

At the very least, you will get a good understanding of what she enjoys doing. Thus, you might come up with an idea for the perfect date.

3. Flirt A Bit With Her Before Asking Her Out

One thing is the girl to be in a mood, and different is for her to be in the right mood. As we already mentioned, you would want to create your image of her future boyfriend in her mind. And what better way to do so than to flirt with her before asking her out?

Here are several examples of what you can go with. Remember, the idea is to give her the vibe, not act like a player.

1. Can you stop being so gorgeous? This should be illegal!

A cute and funny way to tell her just how charming and beautiful she is. This will definitely leave a smile on her face if the text conversation was already going well.

2. Let me be honest- whenever I get a message, I hope it’s you.

Let her know that you are pleasantly expecting her messages. This is an easy way to send her the vibe that you look forward to talking and spending time with the girl.

3. Ugh, I have a problem and I need your help- I can't stop thinking about you.

Let the girl know that she is on your mind — a cute way to show her that she is your priority, and she is special in your eyes.

ask out girl you have never talked

Other Cute And Creative Ways To Ask A Girl Out

If you want, you can change the approach a little bit. You can put more a bit more effort and surprise her before asking her out.

There is something so damn catchy and attractive in a light, playful approach. And, chances are, it will touch the girl and open her heart for you.

Here are several ways to let the woman know just how special and gorgeous she is in your eyes:

1. Write Her A Poem

This little trick still does the job just fine. It shows that you have put effort into coming with something romantic and charming to attract her.

A pro note- if you are going for it, try and write it in rhymes.

It doesn’t have to be super long. It can be short and sweet. But the little extra effort from the rhymes really adds style and charm points to your work. And, trust me, she will notice it.

2. Get Her Flowers

An elegant and classic move. Even though this trick isn't new, it works like a charm. You can go with something like roses, pick flowers that match, let’s say, the color of her eyes or get her her favorite flowers. You have room for experiment, yet all methods are effective.

3. Flowers, Chocolate and A Love Letter

Why don’t we combine the first two approaches?

We know well that girls like feeling special, especially with a good compliment and a gift.

So, you can try this one- get her a flower, which is fully or partially made of chocolate, and write her a love letter.

You can be creative in the way you tell her- leave her somewhere only she will find, give it to her in person, make a mini-game…

Either way, this is undoubtedly a cute and creative approach to ask her out.

4. Buy Her A Fluffy Animal

What is a list of cute, creative and romantic ways to ask a girl out without the old classical teddy bear?

Now, the teddy bear is always a good choice, although you can pick any cute animal that catches your eye and you believe she will like it.

But the idea is the same. You are giving her a “friend,” who she can cuddle, watch, or even hugs when she sleeps. And each of these times, she will be reminded of you.

This is yet again a fantastic way to catch her eye and take her out.

5. Take her to an event she will like

There is a concert of her favorite band? This is your time to make a move, buy the tickets, and get yourself a girlfriend.

The idea is, find something that she will enjoy and has a passion and interest in. You are showing her that you are listening to her and her preferences, she will have a good time with you, and she will enjoy the event itself.

What a better recipe for success?

how to ask a girl out but not on a date

Wrapping It Up

As you have seen, there are different ways to ask a girl out and successfully make her your girlfriend.

The examples mentioned in this article are great guidelines you can follow and expect amazing results.

To succeed with women. you need to remember that they need to feel the emotional attachment and the creation of a relationship.

If you know how to provoke and sparkle an emotion, your success with girls will skyrocket!

A good guide that deals with these issues is “Unlock Her Legs”. It helps guys approach that one hard to get girl on a whole new level. The psychological techniques this system teaches are going to turn women on hard and intrigue them in such a way that these girls will be craving more and more out of you!

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