Brent Smith’s Attract Hotter Women Review- The Seduction Ebook To Picking Up The Sexiest Girls

Review of: Attract Hotter Women

Use: Become attractive and desired by the hottest girls



Ease Of Use


Effective way to attract hot girls

Decent price for the value provided

Relatively easy to use

Good support


  • Great way to boost your confidence
  • Fairly easy to use
  • Amazing psychological concepts
  • Effective techniques to attract hotter girls


  • Takes time to get used to
  • A need to experiment to find the perfect vibe
  • A need to overcome the fear of apporaching beautiful girls
Summary: Attract Hotter Women is designed to help you build the confidence needed to become the irresistible male.

This guide is fantastic for guys trying to pick up all the hottest and sexiest girls and need some help achieving this task.

The purpose of this review/tutorial is to help you get a better understanding of the way you want to approach and date the beauties.


Attract Hotter Women- Can You Truly Get All The Sexy Girls?

Making all girls turn their eyes towards you the moment you enter the room and walk by.

A guy's sweetest dream! Especially when these girls are the exceptionally hot chicks everyone wants to date.

 And here comes the catch. How do you do it? In fact, how do you exactly make women obsessed with you? Furthermore, is it the same for all women?

Learn how to pick up girls

To answer these questions, Brent Smith has gone through a vast number of interviews, researches and case studies.

He has found some shocking truths that may surprise you.

And to help men finally start getting the attention of all the beautiful and desired girls, he has created "Attract Hotter Women." In this guide, he shares his tricks and techniques that have allowed him to secure dates with some of the hottest girls out there!

Attracting Hot And Sexy Women- What They Don't Tell You

If you have searched through any Youtube videos or read blogs on the internet, you will have come across a lot of different attraction techniques.

There are so many people that tell you how to act, what to say, how to behave...

Nevertheless, they don't tell you one thing. And this one is essential. Can you use the dating advice given by everybody out there teaching you how to date on every single girl?

This is the pit where most guys fall. Little do they know that all that dating advice they are given is appropriate only for certain situations. And to be more specific- it can be used to attract girls that aren't getting a lot of attention.

Attention, as discussed by Brent, has a strong psychological effect on women. It triggers their subconscious mind in a unique way.

date super sexy girls

Looking at the general example, people always assume that the girl isn't the most popular one. Instead, you are looking at your typical beautiful, charming and shy girl. One that hasn't had a lot of boyfriends.

For her, small talk and several compliments can do wonders. You don't have to know all that much what you are doing. The reason being is that this is a rather new experience for her. Therefore, you have a high chance of provoking her and taking her out on a date.


You guessed it right. This is a brand new scenario.

The sexiest and most gorgeous girls are the ones that are always getting the most attraction. And, as a result, more and more guys are trying out their luck with picking up the hotties.

get a date with super hot chicks

Furthermore, next to all of them are applying the exact same dating technique mentioned above. Since these guys aren't sure how to get the girl, they all search the same video, view the same approach and try the same thing with the girl.

And, eventually, she will grow bored with it. Not to mention, most of these girls get disgusted by men approaching them in this way.

Think about it? Have you seen a guy going straight to a sexy girl and telling her directly: "Hi, i think you are beautiful."

I know I have. And I also know that in 99% of the time, the beauty will reply:

"Ewww, go away weirdo."

What does this tell you?

These women are used to getting picked and desired by a lot, and I mean A LOT of guys.

They realize that they are out of the league of all other girls.

And, as a result, they have more pride in themselves. Girls won't merely date every guy out there who approaches them.

To pick them up, you will need a new method. This concept lies in the heart of "Attract Hotter Women." And soon you will find out how.

The Lies About Women- What You Need To Understand

When it comes to picking up girls, most often than not, guys believe they need to have the look. the fame, the mansion, the money...

attract sexy women

This is what the media shows us all the time. This is what so many people believe and say all the time.

Well, that is WRONG.

As I mentioned above, the sexiest girls do indeed have more pride in themselves. However, do you honestly believe every single one of them expects to marry a man possessing all the qualities i listed?

All women, including the hottest, have more realistic expectations. And, as strange as you might think, most of them confess that they are not all that interested in these features.

So what are they searching for exactly?

The answer, as given by Brent, is the vibe. This is the actual mechanism that unlocks a girl's heart towards you.

Developing A Great Vibe- The Key To Hooking Up Girls

pick up the sexiest women

Now, let's see what a vibe is exactly.

The vibe is not connected to having a fantastic look or a pile of cash.

This whole fame-money-status is a gimmick. And girls know that.

The vibe is not about pretending to be someone you are not, to dress to entertain, to deceive or anything most pickup artists use.

The vibe is the energy of a specific mind that emits from people and resonates within others.

Studies prove it over and over again that we, as humans, do feel and spread out vibes to others. And they can have a tremendous effect on other people.

The purpose of this vibe is to create tension. To stimulate a girl in a sexual way. More precisely, all the time she is around you.

And the best part about it is that this means SHE IS EXPERIENCING YOU!


To realize the full potential of this concept, let's see just how much the vibe can change a situation.

Have you ever been with a girl and suddenly have her change her opinion?

Neither have you talked nor have you done a single thing. And yet in her eyes everything has changed all in an instant although there is no specific reason for this to happen.

On the other hand, there are so many men and women who somehow meet one another, go out, barely talk or do anything, and yet they attract one another more and more.

This describes just how powerful the right vibe can be.

Once the sexual vibe kicks in, there will be a spark of passion and desire in a girl without her even understanding what is happening at the moment.

charm girls

The goal of this program is to help you emit reliable masculine power and lust. To make sure you attract the prettiest of the prettiest girls!

The Lazy Way Of Attracting A Woman

This program teaches the lazy way of attracting women.

One of the aspects "Attract Hotter Women" gravitates towards is that you will be yourself. You won't transform into something completely different just to catch girls' eyes.

Furthermore, you won't be required to spend a lot of many for yourself, aka trying to look super stylish, or the girls.

get the best girls

To accomplish this task, you will focus on the "lazy way"- an approach that uses personal characteristics and an energetic vibe.

And to do this, you will develop your vibe to its maximal potential.

Furthermore, you will be taught how to change particular patterns or mistakes connected to your behavior that will take your game to the next level.

A fantastic part of this program is the personal growth it helps you achieve.

You will learn how to become more confident and charismatic, a man who believes and stands for himself. Combine this with several other tricks you will learn and you have it- a women-magnet.

date beautiful girls

It is proven that humans are attracted to that which they cannot have.

Even more significant is the eager for a woman to follow, date and be with the leader.

According to girls, they cannot clarify the reason they are attracted to these guys- they arent rich, don't have the perfect body, some of them may be antisocial.

Nevertheless, they are pretty much addicted to the vibe of these guys, the connection they feel and the qualities they see.

The entire lazy way concept is based around a remarkable idea- to become so attractive that  THE HOT WOMEN THEMSELVES WILL BE DYING TO DATE YOU!

And, as you have already found, this is totally manageable and doable.

A remarkable part of the program is the moment it comes to getting a girl's number.

Most guides out there would advise you to go after her like a hunter and flirt your way to her phone number.

Well, this program utilizes the opposite concept.

attract hotter women

Instead of you trying to get her it will be the girl chasing your validations. And this means the most attractive woman trying to get a date with you.

The entire concept of this guide is to attract in a professional and quite elegant way that will achieve your goal. However, the girl will be the one doing most of the work!

The Nine Aspects Of Attract Hotter Women- What Are The Phases To Master The Skill Of Getting The Sexy Girls

To help you attract hot women, this program provides several steps as an action plan.

To achieve the very best results, several criteria have been proven to take advantage of the whole process of dating and building a rapport.

These are the different parts you need to master to skyrocket your chances!

Changing Your Story

You need to realize that while this concept is powerful, it will be slightly different for different women.

Thus, Brent encourages you to change your story, aka to be flexible.

You have to switch the things you say, what you talk about, the way you present yourself...

By doing so, you are searching for the sweet spot. There will be a particular approach that is preferred and liked by women.

And while you will receive guidelines, you still need to be willing to experiment and test yourself.

pick up the best girls

Becoming More Grateful

As you can guess yourself, being grateful and showing care is an essential part of building a strong and lasting connection.

This is a relatively easy way to indicate that you appreciate and are concerned about the doing of others.

So, just try and show a bit more energy and enthusiasm about all the small stuff that happens in and around your rapport.

You will be pleasantly surprised just how drastically the relationship can improve.

Taking Responsibility And Being Accountable

You need to realize that you and your partner are the ones responsible for the direction of your relationship if everything goes smoothly, congrats! You are a perfect match.

date hot babes

Nevertheless, if something just doesn't feel right, it is up to both of you to take accountability of your doings and fix the problem.

By continually taking responsibility and combining this with taking action, your success is guaranteed!

Giving Up Attachment

You need to understand that not everybody is likely-minded. Some people will celebrate your success, and others will hate it. Some will bring joy to your life. Others will give you toxicity.

Therefore, it is essential to choose a bit more wisely the people you surround yourself with and the ones you are attached to.

The Power Of Helping

This is an exceptional concept. And this program is one of the few that puts stress on it.

date hot chicks

Real relationships, the ones that last the most, are built on a strong emotional connection.

And a quite remarkable way to accelerate the whole process is by helping.

Helping has different forms and shapes. Nevertheless, it never remains unnoticed.

It on its own can be the very fundamental of a rapport!

Changing Your Purpose To Give

This is connected to the idea of giving. While the act is good on itself, you need to have a reasonable motive justifying it.

The whole concept should be approached with a specific state of mind.

And if you feel there might be something more about it, you might be just about right.

So make sure to have a reason, no matter how small it can be, behind your doings.

Becoming An Inspiration To Others

An aspect that lies in the very heart of this program.

While the main focus of "Attract Hotter Women" is to get you the sexy ladies you want, it doesn't end just here.

attract girls

Brent's goal is to help you not only become more successful with women but leave at a better state of mind and well-being as a whole.

"Being It"- Becoming All You Can Be

This program stresses not on being better with women. It wants you to be the very best you can be- to have the ability to attract every single woman out there.

You want to be the very best woman-magnet out there. The center of attention. This will naturally start attracting more and more girls towards you without you having to put any efforts.

Creating Things

You need to understand one important concept- EVERYTHING STARTS FROM YOU, NOT FOR YOU.

learn to charm girls

This implies the fact that unless you take the necessary action and go hunt for what is yours, nothing will come to you. Even if it is waiting for you somewhere there, it is still up to you to go and pick it up.

The same goes for attracting women. You need to be willing to put the effort now so you can have the desired rewards later.

Powerful Benefits From "Attract Hotter Women"

This online pdf book offers a remarkable way to enter the dating scene while creating your path to a successful  life.

There are different beneficial aspects that the guide brings and teaches.

How To Set Up The Right Mood

We have already discussed the importance of the right vibe.

However, for that to happen, a bit of worked is involved.

You need to make sure that your partner is in the right mood to begin with, after which you can slowly start introducing the sexual vibe.

get beautiful girls

Choosing The Corect Words

If you have encountered a conversation with a woman, especially one with high standards, you will know just how devastating a single sentence out of place can be.

This guide focuses on picking a bit more carefully the words you use. Thus, you have a better chance to present yourself and, as a result, attract even more girls.

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

This is the backbone of the entire guide. Unless you deal with the limits you believe you have, you won't be able to do it. If you cannot overcome the fear of failure, you arent going to start in the first place.

It has been proved that men lack the balls needed when the point of breaking up comes by.

 Mostly than not, it is the fear of others' opinions- what will the people  I surround myself with say about me if they find out I was rejected or maybe i am not good enough?

Therefore, you need to take action.

But first make sure you grow stronger from within.

Manage to do this and the success from the outer world will come shortly.

addict girls

Attracting Women While Being Confident And Care-Free

The vibe is an essential way to tick a girl's subconscious mind and make it submit to your own vibe.

Brent combines this with becoming a bit more care-free. His researches show that women have a significantly higher interest in care-free guys.

attract hot girls

And to further improve your chances, you would want to combine it with a strong presence of confidence. Your self-esteem and self-worth must be emitting an aura around you that hits every girl that passes by.

Confidence on its own is one of the very best turn-ons for a girl. There is something in a confident guy- the way he talks walks, presents himself- that sexually provoke women too damn hard.

So it is no surprise that Brent puts so much effort into teaching how to build your own feeling of self-worth.

This will, by definition, make you stand out from every single guy in the crowd. And girls will notice it, too!

Attract Hotter Woman- PROS AND CONS


  • Effective at boosting confidence
  • Powerful psychological techniques
  • Researched-based approach
  • Effective at attracting hotter girls


  • Takes time and effort
  • You need to find the right vibe

Attract Hotter Women- A SCAM?

A question you might be asking yourself- is this program legit?

The answer is yes. This system is not a scam. Many people have reported seeing great success and a significant increase in the number of dates they get.

Moreover, you are given 60 days full guarantee. This goes to show how determined Brent is to help you start making the hot girls addicted to you.


This program is designed to help guys build their confidence and emit a sexual vibe that will trigger women. The psychological approach reveals powerful and effective ways to provoke a girl and get her to chase your validations.

This guide proves that you don't have to be filthy rich to pick the hottest girls. In fact, they will be the ones chasing you. If you are ready to take your life to the next level and start dating the women you want and deserve, the 9s and 10s, this program will give you all the resources you need to succeed.

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