The Bad Boy Mentality


Powerful Signs Of Alpha Male Attraction To Seduce Women

In order to make others respect you and catch women’s attention, you should show the signs of a true alpha male and a leader! 

The Psychology Behind The Saying "Nice Guys Finish Last"

Once you realize the mistakes most nice guys make, you won’t have to worry about getting in the friend zone! This is the way of the badass…

The Friend Zone- What It Is, Why Guys Fall Into It And How To Avoid It/Escape From It Like A Real Badass

If you have a hard time daling with the friend zone, you will learn how to avoid it and get the girl like a real badass.

From A Nice Guy To A Bad Boy- Learn The Steps To Make Women Chase You

Learn how to trasform into a woman-magnet! Follow the steps and go all the way from a nice guy to the bad boy women love and crave!


The Tao Of Badass

The ultimate guide to becoming a true dating skill master! An amazing program that teaches men the techniques the bad boy uses to attract girls and make them crave him.

Bad Boy Blueprint

Follow Dean Cortez’s script for becoming a bad boy and a true women-magnet.

How To Become An Alpha Male

Learn the what separates the alpha males from the rest and how to successfully unleash your inner beast.

The Bad Boy Formula

Learn the formula to transforming your life and getting the bad boy edge.

Tactical Attraction

Use this tactical attraction guide to overcome inner doubts and sleep with the hottest girls.