Which Are The Best Places Near Me To Meet Single Women And Hook Up On The Spot?

As men, we crave nothing more than the intense attention of women, that uncontrollable lust to have someone in such a deep passion towards us, it drives them wild. A man’s wet dream, right?

But there is one problem. With so many girls out there, and especially in this day and age, when almost everyone is looking for hookups and some action, why do most men find it challenging to meet women and take them to their place?

There are several reasons for that, and we will touch upon them in this review. One of the reasons is that guys lack experience when initiating the dating arena. When you try to pick up girls, initially, it is natural for you to feel overwhelmed, if not frightened.

Lack of experience also makes you chose terrible places to meet women. When I talk about the best places to meet girls, I am also referring to places where you can not only meet better and higher quality women, but you also have less competition to worry about.

Having that in mind, let’s jump straight into some of the best places to find yourself a partner!

Best Places To Meet Women

1. In The Park

where to meet women

There is undoubtedly a park near you. And guess what? There are almost certainly some girls, whether alone or in a small group of friends, too. The girls might have gone out to catch a breath of fresh air, go jogging, go running, walk out the dog…

There are so many reasons why you can find a girl in the near surroundings. What is better is that not only there aren’t that many guys, but the girls might not be expecting for someone to approach them and ask them out.

Not to mention, you can quickly start a small talk. Ask her what she is doing. Share why you are in the park. If she is walking out her puppy, compliment it. The lady will appreciate it. Not to mention, if you like animals, this definitely scores some free points for you.

So you can just go out, catch a fresh breath yourself, and why not get yourself a cute girl?

2. Coffee Shops

Coffee Shops are a great place to meet a lot of new people. After all, who wouldn’t mind a nice cup of coffee in a refreshing company, especially in the company of someone as charismatic and enthusiastic as yourself?

The idea is, here you can definitely meet a lot of women. Now, they aren’t there specifically looking for guys. But that is what we are looking for in all the locations we have in this article.

The idea is to have places where you can meet better women while you don’t have the fearful competition of bars and clubs.

And while grabbing coffee yourself, you can easily approach women next to you. A quick joke as an opener to make her laugh and to introduce yourself is all you need to get started.

3. Social Events

how to meet women

If you have a hobby that can be practiced outside, you can quickly meet girls that share your interest and passion. If not, why don’t you consider taking a course you have some interest in? Think of cooking, dancing, yoga…

Whatever comes to your mind. Because chances are, other people are interested in that activity. If so, why don’t you visit a social event that is directly connected to what you are passionate about?

The other way is to host such an event yourself. This will definitely catch some attention and the women will be coming to you!

4. Grocery Stores

Now that is what I am talking about. Not only are you doing something you would typically do, aka go grocery shopping, but you can also get a girl while doing so.

Usually, there are a lot of girls, and you have a good chance for one or more to catch your eye.

Like coffee shops, you can easily take a look at what the girl you have a particular interest in is buying and use it to make an opener and introduce yourself. The point is, it is not hard, so don’t make it more difficult than it needs to be.

5. Movie Theaters

best places to meet women

Movie theaters are a great place to meet women. Personally, I usually see younger and attractive women more often than not. And guess what? You have something to talk about- the movie she is waiting in anticipation to watch.

When they go out, there will be eager to talk about the film. This is an excellent opportunity for small talk. Girls seem to be quite passionate in terms of their favorite series, actors, and the superheroes they like.

Moreover, you can just approach a woman that is standing next to you on the line, or one that isn't sure which movie to watch.

6. Book Stores

Book stores are a fantastic place to meet girls. First of all, there won't be that many guys there, and even less trying to approach a woman.

Furthermore, you know what to talk about- books. Around you are hundreds and thousands of books that can be the foundation of an exciting and intriguing discussion.

Moreover, you can make it even more exciting. Approach a girl and ask her to recommend a book. Or ask about the books she is currently looking at. There are simply so many opportunities here, you can't run out of ideas.

7. Public Transport

single women in my area

This is yet another great way to meet girls because you aren’t necessarily going out of your way to meet them. While you are normally traveling, you can easily approach and pick up women.

However, this might be a bit difficult because the means of transportation can be a bit overcrowded, so you won't exactly be “alone”.

Nevertheless, that shouldn’t bother you. By no means should you not go and try your luck with a girl you find charming and attractive. Especially if she is giving you some looks and showing that she might be interested in you approaching her.

8. In The Mall

A sure place to find a lot of women is the mall. Like literally, just go to the nearest mall and look at the clothes shops. I guarantee that you will find at least one girl in each shop that will catch your attention.

And who said that you are only limited to clothes shops. There are literally dozens of shops at each corner that hold untapped opportunities. And once again, depending on where you find the lady you are interested in, you can quickly start a conversation about that.

Moreover, why don’t you ask her to join you for a coffee or a quick drink at the nearest shop? This can definitely provoke and intrigue her, and help you get going.

9. Concerts

where to meet single women

Concerts are yet another effective way to meet beautiful women that also share some of your interests. Especially if you are attending a concert of a rising star or someone who is getting a lot of praise from social media.

You can quickly start talking about the concert and share your passion and excitement. And it will be quite easy to find like-minded girls that will share your interest.

If the crowd is getting wild during the show, you can easily join the party and let yourself go and have some fun. If people are dancing, and you have had a small talk beforehand with the girl you like, this can be your time to approach her and find out if she shares your vibe and energy.

Just don’t act creepy and needy, going to girls for the first time and doing something foolish. Well, unless you are smooth as hell, this most likely won't do the trick.

10. Walk Down The Street

places to meet women near me

Who would have seen this one coming!

In fact, the quickest way to meet girls is to go out on the street. There are hundreds and thousands of women walking around you every second. You can literally approach more girls than you can handle!

But the problem is not that. The problem is not the best place to meet women, the problem is, in fact, the meeting part.

Why You Struggle To Meet Women

I have listed ten places where you can easily find a lot of opportunities. In fact, it is way more than you need.

But let’s be honest here- you knew about all these places before ever searching about the topic of best places to meet women in Google.

If you just go out the street, I can almost guarantee that in every second shop and on every corner you can find at least one girl that provokes your interest.

where to meet women near me

Finding girls isn't the problem, in fact, it has never been. The problem is that you don’t go not only to any of these places but to any places in general.

Most guys prefer the comfort of their homes. Their home is their kingdom. And I understand this. But this is not the way to meet women. Literally, you just have to go out on the street to find a pretty girl.

What I believe is that while you want to meet up pretty girls, date them and get some action with them, you don’t actually think that you have a chance with them.

As I said, you knew about all these places even before reading this article. This is not the problem. And frankly speaking, you can read more blog posts and materials, but unless you are willing to go out there and implement the stuff you are learning, all your efforts will go to waste.

If you are looking for a way to boost your confidence, I would recommend you “Collection of Confidence.” This is arguably the best program to develop confidence of steel and get a hold of yourself. And if this intrigues you, feel free to check out our review.

But even if you aren’t interested in the guide, the bottom line is that unless you go out there and make something happen, things will never change. More of the same will simply give you more of the same.

And I am telling you this because I have been there myself. There are guys that are worse than you in any aspect, yet there are getting action. This only proves that you are more than capable of getting yourself the dream girl. Now do me a favor, and more importantly, do yourself a favor and give yourself a chance to be happy- go out there and make your dreams come true.

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