BJ Power Play Review- Master Oral Sex And Have Girls Give You Heads

Review of: BJ Power Play

Use: Get girls addicted to giving you blowjobs



Ease Of Use


Effective way to make her give a bj

Amazing price for the value provided

Fairly easy to use

Good support


  • Effective program
  • Great case studies
  • Reveals essential parts of girls' subconscious mind
  • Techniques can be used on wives, girlfriends or girls you just met
  • A lot of value in bonuses


  • Requires dedication
  • You need to show confidence for this system to work
  • May take time to get the hang of it
Summary: BJ Power Play reveals a new way to make a girl give you blowjob and feel pleasure doing so!

This program is sure to help anyone who struggles with getting the amount of heads he deserves and want to spice up the relationship.

The purpose of this review/guide is to present you an effective way to drastically improve your sex life. I hope you make the most out of it.

The Truth About Women- Why They LOVE Going Down On You

Girls, bj, sex...

Every guy's best dream in a nutshell. 

power play blowjob program

And here comes the question- is there a system, a power play, that you can use to make women give you head whenever you want? Is it possible for such a system to exist?

The answer may surprise you-  no matter what you have heard here before, girls LOVE giving guys a blowjob. And they are willing to provide you with a bj on their own will.

This is the core of the BJ Power Play. And after you finish this review/guide, you will have a clear understanding of just how powerful and effective this system truly is.

The Lies About Sex- What Others Don't Tell You About Women

We all know that guys get quite enthusiastic whenever the chance of having a blowjob or sex,in general, appears. Nevertheless, for some reason we have been let to believe that only men are the ones eager to feel pleasure from it.

I can assure you, girls are just as horny if not even more than guys!

And to make this concept clear, we will debunk several myths or lies conventional wisdom tells us.

oral confession

If you want to get all the heads in the world, you must realize that:

  • it is not a matter of luck
  • it is not about having all the money and the fame
  • it is not about having problems with your body type and/or you dick

If you want to learn the real secret how to getting consistent blowjobs you must avoid the lies coming from the following groups:


The guys who get a lot of bj- they will never tell you the tactic they use to succeed. Instead, these men will give you useless advice like being confident. While being confident can help a lot, it on itself won't get you far if you don't know what you are doing.


Girls themselves- hard to believe, but the matter of fact is that women will never admit the fact they love giving heads because of them getting labeled as "whore",  "easy" and "cheap." And soon you will find out just how much they love giving bj and how to get them!


Social media- the biggest LIE out there. The press has been spreading all kinds of false and misleading information. And, as a result, guys often get the wrong idea and fail to realize that girls are addicted to sex!

What You MUST Know To Have Better (Oral) Sex Life

Before we jump into the bj power play system itself, you need to understand several things.

Firstly, you need to understand the position you are in.

Let me ask you something- can you think of a guy you know who has given total control to a woman? She can do whatever she wants and he literally needs to beg  for something he wants to do.

Sadly, i know too many of this type of guys. Can you see the problem already?

If you find yourself in such a position, you are pretty much doomed.

The likelihood of her losing all interest and having no respect for you is way too high.

make her orgasm

This is also a reason why your wife or girlfriend might have stopped giving you heads!

Furthermore, you will be surprised by the number of guys who admit suffering from the same issue. However, these men decide to blame it on the girls or fate or whatever it might be.

Unfortunately, the problem is THEM. They are the issue.

This is something known as "The Present Problem."

As strange as it may sound, men take full control of how women view oral sex.

Nevertheless, girls will never tell you this straight. In fact, they will most likely test you!

What Makes Women Eager To Give Heads, Have Sex And Be In A Relationship

If there is one word about girls you need to remember, it would be EMOTION.

Women are purely emotion-driven. This is why they seek so much attention from men. In their eyes, attention is equal to attachment to us.

beautiful girls give head

And, by definition, emotion is always connected and associated with an act of doing something, a thing or an event.

This goes to say, her mind dictates how things turn out to be.

And what is so good about it?

We can change the way she views something, aka thinks about something if we know what we are going after.

Girls pay exceptional attention to the entire act around sex. It doesn't matter soft, hardcore, or even a single blowjob.

The crucial aspect is the "story" behind this act.

This element is vital due to the fact women NEED more time to get in the mood- both physically and psychologically.

This is also a reason why women love roleplay- it sets the mood perfectly, giving them enough time to relax and get the hang of the situation.

And, as you have already guessed, is reveals the act in her mind. It tells her why she is doing it and what it means to her and her partner!

Something guys don't realize is just how strong the emotional connection for a woman can be- girls DO  feel pleasure from satisfying their partner.

sexy girls give heads

What truly drives women nuts is the thoughts behind the entire act and the different emotions they provoke. This is the meaning they seek and want.

The entire BJ Power Play program is based on using this psychology in your favor.

To help you learn more, it puts stress on three specific triggers:




Use these and you will have any woman giving you head!

Trigger Number 1- POWER-FLUX

If you have problems with your girl, aka she has stopped giving you blowjobs, you are doing something wrong.

In fact, you are most likely making two mistakes- first, you aren't responding the right way, which is to provoke her and increase the sexual tension.

Second, and this one is essential to your success, you are giving her total control over the situation, and in that manner, over you, too.

make her give you a bj

The last one can quickly turn her off and make her lose all interest in having fun with you.

Your goal is to take her authority from her and make her submit to yowild girlswild girlsu.

Trust me, you will be surprised just how wild girls can get and how far they can go if they know you are the one in charge and the one deciding what will happen.

The Power-Flux trigger revolves around you being the dominant partner. And while she is giving you a bj, you "give" her authority and power.

You can say she feels in charge while everything is going the way YOU want it to go.

This trick allows her confidence to grow at a rapid pace.

And because she sees you as the leading partner, she has her trust in you.

Furthermore, she is challenged to become better at giving head and pleasing you because she is the one chasing you now.

Something men find hard to understand is that girls feel insecure in themselves and their skills of giving a bj. They often lack the confidence needed.

Thus, you have a strong reason to raise her self-esteem. And, of course, you will be the one getting all the heads!

how to make a girl give you a blowjob


This is the fastest way to kill the mood, turn her off and get nothing for yourself.

Another error guys make is that they give the false impression of getting a bj. With time, she might see you notenjoying it and, therefore, blowing you will becoming a chore for her.

You definitely want to avoid this. Instead, make her feel proud and excited whenever she plays with her tongue on your shaft!

Trigger Number 2- FRAMING

The second trigger is framing.

It is connected to the idea that your girl should not be surprised that you want a bj. Furthermore, she should already have a clear idea where things are going...

This method relies on another psychological technique known as "Personality Consistency".

bj power play download

A unique part of a human's brain focuses on tracking other people's behavior.

And when others change their habitual pattern, your subconsciousness starts giving you warning signs that something terrible might happen- it can often be connected to lies, dishonesty,...

So you need to take a strong start and keep the tempo going. You should pretty much make it a habit for her to give you head.

A typical example is guys who often provoke women with sexual jokes. Girls do not get offended, right?

But what about a guy who has been calm and polite for a long time. The moment he tries to raise the sexuality, women get offended and act against him.

This is because he suddenly changed his regular pattern and this resonates within the girls' subconscious mind.

In their eyes, the guy is nothing more than a creeper trying to harm them.

Girls will often try and take the frame. They will try and take control of the situation and you.

So you must make it clear what's the way you roll.

Don't forget- women love giving head, no matter if they admit it or not.

The power-play focuses on making the entire act of her giving you a bj a trophy for her.

If she views sucking you as a reward, she will naturally feel privileged.

how to make women give head

But what indeed makes a girl horny and turns her into a beast that will give you as much bj as you want is that the dick she is sucking must be that of the person she is emotionally engaged with.

This is the reason why she feels pleasure herself when giving YOU head.

Thus, you must make sure she goes down on you with the right frame in mind!

And this is directly connected to the timing of her blowing you.

If you let her blow you before she believes she has earned it, you will lower the value of the entire act.

This is another reason why women take some time before going to the main objective. In their eyes, they need to see that their character won you over and not that you just want sex.

The idea that this guide provides is that if you let her suck you too early, the act of doing so loses its meaning.

Trigger Number 3- INCLUSION

Inclusion is the last phase of the system. It is a psychological trigger that changes the way your girl views giving you a blowjob and having sex with you.

make her orgasm with mouth

Its sole purpose is to build a rapport based on her giving you  head. This acts as a bonding activity that will give pleasure to both of you.

It is proven to do wonders if you use it on your girl, be it a girlfriend, your wife or a woman you just met.

The more she pleases you, the better you feel and, as a result, the happier she gets because you get closer to one another.

Remember- in the heart of every girl there is a need and a desire to satisfy her partner, get closer and to build a rapport.

In this sense, she is having fun while pleasing you!


Women are exceptionally sensual and sensitive.

They look up to the romantic messages, the small gifts you make, the compliments you give because of the meaning behind them.

They search for the stimulus that can set up the mood and give the meaning they seek.

free pdf system download

In some studies conducted by Brain Burke, women admit having all kinds of wild fantasies and desires.

They go as far as them referring to their mouths as an erogenous zone.

This can indicate how wild a girl can get and how far she can go when following your fantasies and desires.

And once you make her feel confident in her ability to please you in combination with her viewing the whole act of giving you a blowjob as something she has to earn the right to do, well, the sky is the limit!

You can go as hard as your wild fantasy!

free book


The system is exceptionally effective and packs a lot of value. It goes into detail about the mistakes guys make and how to use the three triggers to secure a bj.

However, the value that this program offers doesn't end here.

Once you download the pdf guide, you will be given access to :

  • What you need to do to trigger a sexual arousal
  • How to make her experience an orgasm while giving you a head. If you can make her orgasm every time she goes down on you can you imagine just how much she will be eager to do it?
  • A guide on what not to talk to before sex that ruins the mood and turns her off
  • What to say to make her hooked and excited
  • The power of a woman's laugh- why it is so important, how to make her laugh and make her addicted to you
  • How to turn into the guy girls are craving to go down on
  • The things and the words you must avoid at all costs while being given a bj
  • How to be more confident in yourself and use this sexual  confidence to attract girls
  • REAL CASE STUDIES- real people will share the change they have experienced after using the system
bj power play free download



  • Effective program to improve your sex life
  • Great case studies
  • Powerful psychological concepts
  • Techniques can be used on every girl
  • Amazing bonuses


  • Requires dedication and effort
  • Takes some time to get good at it

Does BJ Power Play Really Work- Is It Legit Or A Scam?

A question you might be asking yourself- is this program a scam?

The answer is no. This system is legit. Many people, as shown in the case studies, have seen great success using the power play.

Furthermore, you are given 60 days full guarantee. This is how confident Brian is that his guide will help you see the desired results.


This program seeks to help guys who experience setbacks with their sexual life and don't get the attention and pleasure they deserve. The psychological concepts and triggers reveal an effective way to turn on a girl's subconscious mind and make her crave you.

This guide proves that if you know how to connect and interact with women correctly, you can make them worship your cock and have an urgent desire to satisfy you. And if you aren't sure how to trigger them the right way, this system will help you achieve it.

If you are ready to learn how to addict her to you, get more blowjobs than ever before and start having the sex life you want and deserve, this program will give you all the resources you need to succeed.

bj power play system

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