Michael Haines’s Domination Principle Review – “Illuminati Sex” PDF Ebook System

Review Of: Domination Principle

Use: meet, seduce and hook up girls



Ease Of Use


Effective programs for hookups

Great price for the value provided

Easy to understand and implement

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  • Fantastic program for hookups
  • Effective psychological techniques
  • Easy to understand and implement
  • Value in bonuses


  • Takes time and patience to succeed

Summary: Domination Principle  is a wonderful guide for everyone who wants to learn how to meet, seduce, get the girl horny and get her in your bed.

The methods and techniques will help you understand how to properly provoke and trigger a woman's subconsciousness and make it submit to you.

This review/guide aims to help everyone who struggles with connecting to girls and wants to become a woman-magnet. So read carefully and make the most out of it.


What Is The Domination Principle?

There are so many beautiful women walking around you every single day. And while you are staring at them, wondering how to catch their attraction, you get the feeling you are the only guy who can't get such a gorgeous girl.

However, if you take a closer look around you, you will notice that some of these hotties are dating guys far below their “level.” Like literally, you are standing there questioning yourself:

 “How the hell is that looser dating this hot chick? I am far better than him and I can't even get a girl while he has this beauty beside him.”

The Domination Principle Review: Why You Need To Dominate Her

The Domination principle can give you an answer to this question. This system was created with the sole purpose to “hypnose” a girl and get her addicted to you. It utilizes powerful subconscious provocations that will turn on the necessary parts connected to sexual arousal while turning off the barriers that will stop you from succeeding.

This guide is a perfect read for all guys who struggle to get a woman to notice them, or even, to submit to them. After all, who wouldn’t want several smoking hot chicks lying in bed, waiting for you, their master, to use them however you want?

If this vivid vision, which has all the potential to become a reality, intrigues you, let’s dive a bit deeper into how to make it a reality using the Domination Principle.

Michael Haines- The Author Of Domination Principle

The creator of the Domination Principle system is Michael Haines. He has built a name as a successful sex specialist and professional. He is also a motivational speaker who encourages men to make a change and improve their sexual, and, thus, their overall life, for the better, because he knows it is possible and doable.

Michael is a real and legit specialist who has gathered significant experience in the dating arena. If you are searching for someone who you can learn from, he is a fantastic choice. Even better, he will be your dating coach and trainer as you go through the Domination Principle.

How Is The Domination Principle PDF Ebook System Different?

A good question to always keep in mind is why you should take this specific course. After all, what makes this one exceptional, or rather, The One?

The reason is the fact that he uses a different approach than all the other courses out there.

Studies indicate that women’s brain functions in a different way compared to ours.

There are different psychological and biological reasons for this to occur. The important thing is that girls have a different way to “respond and crave” sex than we do.

To put it in quite simple terms, girls have a specific part of their brain that acts as security. It is responsible for the lady to choose a suitable partner in life, or rather, to make the best choice of a future father.

The problem is that in a normal state, this part functions. And while this occurs, the sexual receptors are rather numb. What you want to do is provoke her, intrigue her in such a way that she releases those breaks that are holding her back.

Once the security part of the brain shuts down, she becomes horny. In this state, she stops thinking, analyzing and spreadsheeting. All she wants to do is feel pleasure and satisfaction.

This is the whole idea behind the Domination Principle System. The main aim of this guide is to help you activate her sexual receptors and make her horny as fast as you can. Hint- this can be done easier and faster than you can imagine.

What makes this course particularly stand out is the fact that it utilizes a specific principle from the CIA. Yes, the CIA. And the CIA has a particular name for this method- they call it “Project Monarch.”

It is believed to be something like a brainwashing technique that changes the perception of the other person. This is all we need to achieve what we discussed above. This, in particular, makes this course one of a kind. You can say, you will transform into an agent who will use unique methods to make women crave you like nothing they have desired in their lives!

Why Most Men Can't Use The Domination Principle-Illuminati Sex Book Effectively

A good reason why this program is useful is that it goes beyond the borderline scam and lies men are being fed daily.

Due to one reason or another, most guys have been let to believe a series of lies about women. Combine this with all the political correctness horseshit out there and you have a recipe for disaster- one that too many men use.

The Pros and Cons of The Domination Principle – Detailed Review

In recent years, more and more of social media has forced attempts to create drama and intrigue. While this might have increased their rating, it has had a devastating effect on men.

More and more girls want to hold the leading position, but they also want to be single leaders!

They won't satisfy with being on equal terms with men, even if they make attempts to present it in this more “favorable” way to us.

But this is not the main reason for feminism. You see, the rise of women is not that much connected to the eagerness and demands of women as much as it is connected to the downfall and extinction of real men.

And under a real man I refer to a guy who can take massive risks, not be afraid to stand out from the crowd, and definitely not bow to a girl just because our brainwashed society demands so.

The backbone of success in all areas of life, dating included, relies on self-esteem.

 If you have no confidence, you cannot approach women, you cannot demand them to respect you, but even worse, you cannot require anything from anyone since you believe you deserve nothing.

This is the real nightmare of what most men’s reality looks and feels like.

This is also where the Domination Principle- Illuminati Sex Ebook system comes in place.

It effectively breaks all these unhealthy, false claims and helps you get control over your life and what you can require from it.

And, you can definitely require girls. More girls, and even more beautiful and gorgeous girls.

One thing that flies under the radar is that we, as humans, have not changed. A feminist woman’s brain functions the exact same way as a non-feminist one. The same part and subconscious division can be found in both of them.

This is why the Domination Principle is so useful. Because it provokes an inside trigger, one that girls cannot control and cannot disobey. And as we already mentioned above, when you provoke them the way you are thought in this system, you will get them so horny that you will be surprised how far they will go just to experience sexual pleasure and satisfaction!

To them, this is like an addiction. And the cool part is that you are the drug!

How Does The Domination Principle- Illuminati Sex Book Work?

The Domination Principle will help you improve in several areas of your dating life. Once you learn and absorb the truth, this means what women's reality really looks like, you will start changing the way you behave toward girls.

Moreover, with the techniques taught you would be getting women chasing you left and right. Now, let’s take a moment to see in which areas boys struggle and how you can change your reality.

Getting Rejected

Rejection is the driving fear that stops men from approaching and picking up the woman of their dreams. Rejection is nothing more than fear,  false expectations appearing real.

Remember, you have been let to believe and acknowledge that guys are the ones to get rejected, the ones with no choices, etc. The reality, however, isn't quite like this. And this guide will open your eyes to it.

The Domination Principle Review – The Pros, The Cons & The Facts!

Not Knowing How To Talk To Girls

Of course, why should guys fear rejection in the first place? Because they don’t know how to react, or rather, interact with women.

If you want to get the girl, first, you need to go through small talk to set up the mood and release the breaks to her horniness. After that, well, you will find out for yourself!

Going Months Or Years Without Sex

The world around you and especially political correctness have ingrained a negative image about sex in the minds of most guys.

Well, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Sex, aka reproduction, is a biological reaction from our body. This “mechanism” has deep roots into our subconsciousness and is a part of us. Moreover, this is a normal part of a human’s life- what else is the point of creating families after all?

In that case, if sex is normal and something we all want and need to experience, why do guys go for months, if not years staying away from it? Do you truly believe they don’t want to have a beautiful woman waiting for them every night in bed? Do you truly think that a sexual partner is not essential, or even, is not desired?

We, as men, take the most pride in sexual domination as a way to show our supremacy. This is just on top of all the sexual satisfaction we get. So why do men stay away from it?

The reasons aren’t simple but can roughly be summed in this way- most guys have no damn clue what they are doing when trying to pick up a girl, have no idea what to go for, and, in the end, never get the girl.

It is easy to make up excuses why you failed and the girl went home with another guy. But it is definitely infinitely harder to admit that the problem is in you, and to work on it till you start getting all the girls you want!

A fun fact- women love guys who show masculinity and signs of confidence. But just as much they enjoy being sexually dominated by their partner. Yes! Sometimes girls just want to let it go and submit, to know that you can take control over the situation so they don’t have to worry about anything, just be there and enjoy the moment, and, of course, you!

Michael Haines’s The Domination Principle – Our Full Review

The Domination Principle Bonuses

Once you buy the program, you will be given access to several bonuses for free. They are mini-guides that will help you in your new life of attracting and seducing the smoking-hot chicks. These bonuses include:

1. The Friendzone Annihilation Formula - a great read if you find yourself stuck in the friend zone abyss. As you have already learned, you can provoke and intrigue any women subconsciously and to great success. And this mini-guide will teach you how.

2. The Infinite Conversations Mode - the perfect fit for every man who often finds himself short of words and ideas. A conversation is necessary for you to seduce. And this little ebook will show you several tips and tricks on how to hold small talks like a professional.

3. The Confidence Pill Hypnosis - As we stated, success comes down to confidence. In fact, if you don’t have self-esteem, you won't be able to approach the girl in the first place. Luckily, this mini-guide aims to help you improve and grow your character, and with it, your confidence.

Domination Principle - PROS AND CONS


  • Great program for hookups
  • Powerful psychological techniques
  • The system is easy to absorb and put into practice
  • Value in bonuses


  • Takes time and practice to implement

Does Domination Principle - Illuminati Sex Book Work - Legit Or Scam?

Here comes the question that has been bothering you from the start- is this program legit? Will I indeed be able to attract, if not even addict a girl to me? Even if I have no previous experience?

The answer is simple- this program works and will dramatically improve your dating experience. You will use powerful methods that trigger something the girl cannot control. She has no other option but to submit and follow her instincts to reproduce.

Furthermore, you are given a 60-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. This goes to show the confidence in the success rate of this program.


Domination Principle is a fantastic program for every man who wants to learn how to quickly and effectively provoke a girl and make her as horny as she can get.

The information is straight forward, easy to understand and implement. You will have a legit dating coach guiding you in your search for a girl to keep you warm this night.

If you are ready to take your game to a whole new level and start charming the gorgeous beauties, this program will help give you all the resources you need.

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