David DeAngelo’s Double Your Dating 2nd Edition Review- Free Download To The PDF Ebook

Review Of: Double Your Dating

Use: overgrow your shyness and increase the number of girls you date



Ease Of Use


Effective program for improving your dating experience

Terrific price for the value provided

Easy to grasp and implement

Decent support


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Legit dating coach
  • Decent information
  • Extremely affordable price
  • You can try it risk-free for seven days
  • Value in bonuses


  • You need to put effort to succeed
  • Mostly beginners will benefit from it

Summary: Double Your Dating is a fantastic course for every guy who wants to learn how to engage with women and dramatically improve his dating life.

This system is focused to present essential concepts and give helpful advice to men looking to start having their way with girls.

This review/guide aims to help anyone who is eager to learn the art of connecting to the opposite sex and start attracting more beautiful girls in his life. So read carefully and make the most out of it.


What Is Double Your Dating?

Attracting women is a complicated matter. They often say one thing and mean something completely different. Moreover, they will test you when you least expect and will see just how far you are willing to go if they play hard to get.

This goes to say, dating and dealing with women can become quite messy fairly easily. And if you aren’t experienced in the dating field, you are in for a lot of trouble.

double your dating second edition pdf

This is what Double Your Dating aims to help you deal with. This is a specific pdf course that is designed to give you more insight into what is it to see the world through a woman’s perspective, what is it that they are searching for and how to effectively give it to them to make them “submit” to you.

If you want to learn how to approach and connect to gorgeous girls quickly and effectively, let’s dive a bit deeper into this review.

David DeAngelo- The Man Behind The Double Your Dating System

What makes this course effective?

The reason is David DeAngelo, the author of the Double Your Dating system. Well, that is his pen name, at least- his real identity is Eben Pagan.

DeAngelo is a known dating expert and relationship specialist. He has created a name for himself by working on projects and programs with some of the biggest names in the dating industry. This goes to say, he is well known and respected by other dating coaches.

Furthermore, he is the CEO of the company “Double Your Dating”. DeAngelo has been invited on many interviews and has grown a large following exceeding 1 million people.

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This goes to say, David DeAngelo is an experienced dating expert who is capable of providing advice that will get you the desired results.

The Double Your Dating System

As we already know, getting women can be quite hard, especially if you are inexperienced in the dating game. This is where Double Your Dating comes handy.

This program is beginner-friendly. It aims to help you start approaching and effectively pick up girls over small talk.

Double Your Dating originated in 2001. This is one of the most popular and famous dating programs out there. And even though the dating world has changed in all these years, the methods found in this pdf script still provide a great insight into women’s psychology.

Note one thing- this guide is mentioned for beginners. You can feel this in the way the material is presented, the concepts it goes through and the methods it focuses on.

And even though it is not a new product, the extremely affordable low cost combined with the value and information it provides makes this program an excellent pickup for starters. Nevertheless, the program has been updated and DeAngelo has optimized and improved the material.

In fact, some of the techniques it teaches and tells you to incorporate are useful only for guys who are getting into the dating world. This is due to the fact that some methods like cocky&funny are specifically helpful because it eliminates often made mistakes by beginners.

Furthermore, Double Your Dating is an easy, efficient and quick read. The concepts and methods are presented in easy to grasp and implement way. Moreover, this guide is a great first read as many dating coaches suggest you pick this one up and later, once you gather more experience and knowledge, you can use the foundation established from Double Your Dating to seek further development.

Double Your Dating- A Fantastic First Read

The mindset DeAngelo has approached this course is that of a beginner. Thus, everything is easy to understand and implement.

double your dating pdf free download

The ideas are presented in a relatable way, so that every guy can see the problem and effectively apply the provided solution in his own life. Moreover, Double Your Dating lays out the foundations of attracting a woman.

The methods are intriguing and gradually expand your perspective. More importantly, you will start learning what is it that women want, what they look for, and why they react to certain things the way they do.

Furthermore, Deangelo reveals common mistakes guys make that sabotage their game. If you know what to avoid, you instantly increase your success because you know what to focus on.

A great point is that this course is highly beginner-friendly. Therefore, even if you haven't had a real talk with a girl where you actually ask about her number or even ask her out on a date, you can still reasonably easily understand and use the information provided.

Being beginner-friendly offers one huge benefit to people who go through this system. There are many courses out there who focus on way more than a guy who is just starting out and needs help can focus on. To understand and become a true “player”, you need to absorb the information a bit slower.

Once you are given a tactic, a method or a technique, go and meet a girl, be it at the library, mall, the street, ar wherever the specific approach is appropriate, use it and observe what happens.

It is pointless to be given over 100 techniques at the same time- you can hardly understand and remember just 10, so what will you do with the other 90 other than confuse yourself?

Therefore, Double Your Dating is an excellent pick for guys looking to overgrow their shyness. Moreover, the price is so affordable that even more experienced men have bought it just to go over the basics once more to ensure everything is in check.

The Cocky&Funny Approach

Cocky&Funny is DeAngelo’s preferred way to deal with approaching women. In Double Your Dating, this would be the technique you are advised to follow and use to attract girls.

The choice of going for Cocky&Funny isn't random. This method is a perfect fit for beginners because it allows them to focus on an effective way to communicate and connect while avoiding some common mistakes.

This technique will help you avoid issues and mistakes you make on a subconscious level and probably aren’t even realizing it. Moreover, Cocky&Funny can catch the eye and provoke attraction from women while being a method you can instantly pick up and apply.

Most Important Concepts In Double Your Dating

When a guy initially approaches the world of dating, he is most likely full of misleading information he has been led to believe as truth.

Thus, from the very beginning, you are relying on false information on picking up women. No wonder you find it hard to progress and succeed.

To change this mindset, here are the essential concepts in Double Your Dating that build the foundation of a healthy belief-system and lay the ground to your future success:

Intelligence Is Sexier Than You Think

Have you ever wondered why stupid guys, I mean like people way below your standards, get girls while you face severe struggles?

The surprising truth, according to DeAngelo, might be because of that- because you are better and more capable of the rest.

This means that you aren’t using your full potential. And the script will show you how to turn the tables around. You will be surprised, but if used correctly, your intelligence can act as a woman-magnet!

double your dating david deangelo amazon

You Are The Creator Of Your Reality

Recent researches from Jim Kwik, Mel Robbins, Dr. Joe Dispenza and many others prove that our mind is more powerful than we recognize.

The beauty here is that we and only we are the real creators of our own reality. When we decide to see the world in a positive light, we find something to enjoy and make us happy. And if we believe that dating is a scary and terrifying process, guess what? It becomes one!

The point DeAngelo teaches here is that you and only you should shift your reality. In this chain of thoughts, a woman can become a part of your world, however, she shouldn’t be the one controlling it.

Sadly, this isn't the case with most guys out there. Too many men nowadays let women dictate their doings and actions. No wonder girls don’t have respect for them!

If you have problems with having it your way, DeAngelo will help you create a better version of yourself, one that is sure to catch the attention and provoke attraction from every woman.

You Can Be More Than Her Friend While Being Her Friend

This concept is somewhat tricky, yet it is a creative way to approach the problem of connecting to the opposite sex.

The idea here is to get on friendly terms with the girl, you can say her friend.  At the same time, you aren’t in the friend zone.

Instead, you are getting more chances to spend time with her and show her that she is talking to the best candidate for her future boyfriend.

Double Your Dating- The Free Bonuses You Get

Of course, once you purchase the system, you will be granted access to several free bonuses as a thank you. These materials have additional information that comes handy when applying the techniques. Your free bonuses include:

Second Edition Of Double Your Dating

You will be given access to a newer version of the Double Your Dating system. This means that it contains new concepts and methods. In fact, it contains more than 20% new material. Moreover, you will be given the “Action Plan” Chapter - it includes summaries of all chapters with the crucial concepts you need to take with you.

Bridges- How To Go From One Step To The Next- From The Very First Meeting The Bedroom

This bonus guide offers more information on the actual plan you should follow. Quite often, guys get to a certain point in a relationship and then struggle to proceed. They find themselves short of ideas on what to do next.

This system contains a bonus material that will provide you with the answers to some important questions you might have, as well as give you directions on essential things you should do at a specific time during your romance with a girl.

double your dating pdf 2nd edition

Sex Secrets- How To Turn A Woman On, Satisfy Her In A Big Way, And Get Her To Do The Things You’ve Always Wanted

This bonus emphasizes important sexual things and parts of your hookups. This is the manual to follow to know what turns women on, how to use romance the right way, how to drive her wild with your voice and your touch, and how to turn her on really damn hard!

The 8 Personality Types That Naturally Attract Women

This is a brand new booklet that gives insight into what types of guys women find attractive and why. You will learn the traits of the men girls are naturally attracted to, how to become more than just friends when meeting new women, how to get more sex, and more importantly, how to get sex when you want to have it.

double your dating free pdf download

Double Your Dating- PROS AND CONS


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Legit dating coach
  • Decent information
  • Extremely affordable price
  • You can try it risk-free for seven days


  • You need to put effort to succeed
  • Mostly beginners will benefit from it

Does Double Your Dating Work - Legit Or Scam?

Time for your question – does Double Your Dating really work? Is this program legit or just another scam?

In short - yes, this program works. This is an effective and recommended read for anyone who wants to improve his dating game but struggles where to start. Moreover, as if the price wasn’t affordable already, you can try the whole Double Your Dating system risk-free for seven days.

You are also given a 60-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. This goes to show the confidence in the rate of success of the program.


Double Your Dating is an excellent pickup for guys who want to conquer their shyness and start attacing and dating beautiful women.

You are given easy to read and implement scripts that cover the foundation of your success with the gorgeous beauties.

If you are ready to start connecting to and picking up the girls you know you truly want and deserve, this program will give you the key to success.

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