16 Tips To Leave A Desirable First Impression When Texting A Girl

Creating a desirable first impression over text is your go-to in terms of taking a girl out on a date. This is the easiest, fastest and most convenient method to succeed, especially in this day and age.

Many guys wonder how to capture the attention of that one gorgeous beauty that has occupied their minds. They wonder exactly how to create a favorable image for themselves and get the girl.

According to dating experts, it might be in your interest to try and take her out over text.

And to succeed in this adventure, here are different tips and useful pieces of advice to follow.


How To Make A Good First Impression Over Text


1. Don’t Wait To Text Her

Depending on the time you can hang with or be around the girl, your texting opportunities will vary. However, note one thing- you need to text her no longer than 24 hours after you have met her/ been with her somewhere.

This is especially true if you cannot see the girl all that often. Nowadays, people have a problem with keeping focus and paying attention. And to make sure she doesn’t forget you, make sure to move fast.

If you were hanging out on Friday night, be sure to let her now on Saturday. Don’t just randomly text her after two weeks of the last time you saw her!

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2. Just Go For It

If you are trying to create a good first impression over text, especially in terms of connecting to a girl you have a crush on, you will feel nervous.

This is normal and natural. If you don’t feel anxiety, that means that the risk you are taking isn't worth it.

However, this often paralyzes most men. They take time to rethink their plan, rewrite what they had in mind and wanted to say, etc.

Don’t overcomplicate and overanalyze. You won't do yourself any good this way. Just take several minutes of continuous deep breathing, try to relax, and go for it.

3. Properly Introduce Yourself

Depending on the girl you are trying to connect to, this might vary.

If the girl doesn’t have you as a contact, make sure you say your name and continue with a sentence or a question.

Something like:

“Hey Clara, it’s Dave. The party yesterday was insane. I still can't believe we went for the Cola and Mentos challenge!”

Say something more than just your name or a general boring sentence like:

“Hi, it is Dave. How are you.” / “Hi, how was your day.”

Go with the first example and avoid the other ones if you want to minimize the moment of awkwardness.

4. Keep It Short And Simple

Remember, you are trying to create a good first impression over text. And you definitely won't achieve it by writing essays or huge chunks of text messages.

Keep your sentences short and simple. Send her no more than two messages and wait for her reply. Don’t over-complicate things when it is not necessary.

5. Choose A Good Time To Text Her

If the girl has an exam or an important project next week, chances are, she will be nervous and stressed. In such moments, it might not be your best bet to text her.

If you can, find a way to learn a bit more about her schedule- if you cannot talk with her directly, try asking her friends.

But, the bottom line is that if the girl isn't in a good mood, you will most likely get a negative response from her. So pay some attention to her schedule.

6. You Can Try And Text Her For Good Night

If you are unsure about the previous point, you have pretty much two options left- text her at a random time of the day you think she will have some free time or text her at night.

Both can do the work, but let’s focus a bit on the later one now.

Usually, before going to bed, the girl will already be tired from all the daily work, and her mind will be at peace.

At this point, you can have her full attention without expecting interference.

If you manage to carry your message and leave the right vibe in her mind, or even better- get her to think about you when she is falling asleep, your chances of success will skyrocket!

7. Be Patient And Keep Your Mind At Ease

Sometimes, it will happen that you send the very best message to create the first impression and, after a while, nothing will happen.

The girl is probably offline, and you are left staring at the phone while waiting for her to come and read the message.

But suddenly a voice of fear starts talking in your head- the message you just sent isn't good enough, rewrite it, do a better one.

I must say- NO. Do not send a message after message, especially ones that you correct the previous one, or simply add one more sentence to the previous one.

This doesn’t create an impression, it only ruins the one you have built so far.

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8. Don’t Try To Be A Player- Slow Down With The Flirting

One thing that always seems to bother men is that if they do not capture her attention and make her fall for them right away, they will never have the girl.

Well, that is straight wrong. With this, you need to go slowly with the flirting game. You can compliment her, but don’t overdo it- stick to no more than 2, as one is preferred.

If you are at the very beginning of getting to know the girl, just give her a good detailed compliment, and avoid flirting at this phase.

If things are going the way they should, you will get the girl, so you don’t need to rush things and screw everything up.

However, if you see an opener or any signs that things can get more sexual, make sure to take advantage and flirt with the lady.

The sexual attraction and anticipation is a normal part of every lasting relationship, so if the moment is right, it might be all you need!

9. Get To Know Her

An excellent way to create a favorable impression for yourself would be to ask the girl for her interests and passion. Simply show genuine interest in her, and let her know that you are willing to get closer and learn more about her.

And also, pay attention to what she says. If, let’s say, in your third chat, you can remember something the lady mentioned ar your first encounter, she will definitely be pleasantly surprised.

10. Use Emoji The Right Way

It would be insane not to expect to throw in some emoji when you are texting the girl. They manage to carry the feeling well on their own.

You can use some smiley faces to set up a good mood. Once you feel like the ice is broken, you can go ahead and throw in several kisses.

But note one thing- don’t use emoji in every single text message you send the girl and don’t spam like 5 of them in a row. This will simply ruin the magic.

An excellent way to find out the sweet spot would be to mirror the girl’s texting style. This means, pay attention to how often she sends you an emoji and do the same.

If she sends you a smiley face or whatever emoji every third text messages, so you should follow the same pattern.

By reflecting her own texting style, you stand high chances of getting her liking to your messages for her.

11. Keep It Interesting And Exciting

No girl is interested in holding long, boring and trivial discussions.Therefore, you should strive to make your messages funny and entertaining, ones that she will gladly wait with anticipation.

Moreover, you are revealing your fantastic personality and showing her just how much of a good time the two of you can have.

If there is a way to make her laugh, by all means, do so. Provoking positive emotions, laughter being one of them, is a sure way to get on good terms with the girl and leave a desirable first impression over text.

12. Make Her Feel Special

Without a saying, this is one of your jobs. Everyone, literally everyone, enjoys receiving compliments.

Girls, just like boys, have their own doubts and insecurities. Your girl might be wondering if she is dressed well if her hair is alright if she uses the right fragrance…

The list goes on and on. And a compliment, especially a good one, can make all the difference and give her an instant-liking toward you.

Furthermore, this is a great way to stand out from the crowd. If you haven’t noticed, most guys are drowning in fear. They cannot even force themselves to send the girl a single message, even less are they able to flirt and have it their way.

So, you stand a high chance of being perceived as a real man and leave a desirable first impression for yourself.

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13. Don’t Shy Away From Teasing

This point should come as no surprise. Women love being teased. They search for boys who are a bit playful and naughty.

There is some subconscious drive when you tease the girl that leaves them wanting more. Not to mention, the whole conversation is more interesting, funny and exciting.

Not only are you able to keep the talk going and make it more lively, but also you are showing just what kind of fantastic personality you have. How can she say no to that?

14. Test The Water For Dirty Talks

Each girl is different and unique. In a previous point, we said that you should be careful when flirting with her. The whole idea behind this is for you not give her a false impression.

However, this point may vary. And once you start holding your second, third, fourth text conversation and so on, you can start experimenting to see just how far you can go.

Don’t just bombard her with dirty text messages and talks. Go slowly and gradually build the tempo.

For instance, if she asks you what you are doing, you can say you are feeling naughty, or something similar. This will add a new layer to your image and will present you in a bit of a different light, one that might help you get her liking.

Note that this, by no means, will always work. So, you have to rely on your intuition and follow your senses. Go slowly, and if the girl responds positively, you can gradually increase the sexual tension.

Observe her reactions. If she shows any signs of feeling uncomfortable, this is the time to stop and shift the direction of the talk.

15. Slow Down With The Texting, Cowboy!

Getting the attention form a beautiful and charming girl can be quite a pleasant feeling. Especially if you see that everything is going smoothly.

However, don’t get carried away! Remember one simple rule- the less you text, the more you gain.

You need to text her enough to get her attention, sparkle an emotion, and start building a rapport. Nothing more, nothing less.

Nevertheless, guys often go over the board, trying to overdeliver. If you have her attention, note that texting her more isn't your best bet because you are giving her wrong signals- you want to be her boyfriend and not a texting buddy.

 And once you become the later, it is hard to come back. Furthermore, think for a bit- would a girl indeed be interested in a guy who spends his entire time thinking and chasing a girl? My guess is, probably not.

Keep everything short and sweet. It would be better if you make small talk and ask her either out or to hang sometimes. You can then share everything fascinating you have on mind in person.

Go over the board, and your chances of success instantly drop!

16. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Her Out

Here comes the finishing line. You have been building a favorable impression over text to ask the girl out, right? So go for it!

Many guys see that things go well and when it suddenly comes to taking her out, they start fearing about all the negative things that can happen.

Remember, FEAR stands for False Expectations Appearing Real.

They live and grow only in your mind. So stop listening to them and ask her out.

If you think that everything is going smoothly and she has an interest in you, trust your guts, take her out and get yourself a girlfriend. You deserve it for all the hard work you have done!

how to make a good first impression over text

In Conclusion

You see that to impress a girl, some effort is required. Well, I would say the price is well worth it.

Texting and connecting to a girl shouldn’t be something that drives fear and anxiety in your mind. I realize it can be hard to get used to, but the sooner you start taking sooner, the sooner you will realize just how easy it is to make a girl like you and to want to date you.

If you have a genuine liking and feelings toward the girl, you will get her.

If you are looking for more insight on the way to get a girl over text, a great read is “Text That Girl”- a fantastic guide that helps men learn all the small tips and tricks to attracting and charming girl online.

If you want to learn more about the way to connect to her over text, you can read our full review.

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