Mike Haines’s The Friends With Benefits System Review- The Disorientator Method For Getting Girls

Review Of: The Friends With Benefits System

Use: build a rotation of girls ready to sleep with you



Ease Of Use


Fantastic program for improving your sex life

Great price for the value provided

Easy to understand and implement

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  • Effective program
  • Valuable and useful information
  • Easy to understand and implement
  • Build a rotation of girls
  • Have your first threesome
  • Effectively hook up with women
  • Free bonuses


  • You need to put time and effort to succeed

Summary: The Friends With Benefits System is a terrific program for every guy who wants to change his dating life and make his sex fantasies come to fruition.

This system gives useful information and effective tips on what to do to sexually provoke and attract women, as well as teaches how to have girls lust after and crave you.

This review/guide aims to help anyone eager to create a rotation of beautiful women and start having the sex life they want and deserve. So read carefully and make the most out of it.


What Is The Friends With Benefits System?

You are probably well familiar with that feeling of confusion and desperation whenever you think about your sex life. If you take a look around you, or even just walk down the street, you will see all these drop-dead gorgeous girls holding hands and kissing guys, many of which are way below you and your level.

And you are stuck at home, wondering what to do, howand what to change in order to get the sex life you want, and finally feed that inner hunger that is driving you wild into all the sleepless nights. You want a woman, no, you want women, a lot of them, craving you, wanting you inside them, willing to bend whenever you wish.

is the disorientator legit or scam?

All these fantasies and images in your head sound great, but what can you do to make this vision come true? How can you get girls for rough, casual, no strings attached sex sessions again and again, whenever you want, wherever you want?

The truth to this question is given in “The Friends With Benefits System”. This manual provides eye-opening information on the real sexual nature of women, reveals just how horny and naughty girls are, and just how much they want to be sexually satisfied.

Sounds too good to be true? Then let’s take a closer look into this guide and examine the real truth of women’s sexual cravings, see what they really want from their lovers (and when), and take advantage of their subconscious mind to turn them into your fuck buddies.

Friends With Benefits- Is This What Women Really Want?

One essential question you need to figure out is what women really want in terms of their sex life? Do they want casual encounters, no strings attached, do they only have sex with their boyfriends, do they wait until they find something special in you, or what do they want?

This is a common misconception that many guys fail to understand.

You have never heard a girl out loud admit that she craves a good cock inside of her, and most likely, you never will. 

The reason behind this is that women are scared of how they will be labeled by society.

No girl wants to be known as being the local whore, or the town slut. Women seem to be exceptionally shy regarding this aspect. And while some of them are more open-minded, for instance- they admit of being bisexual, no one honestly admits how much sex they want and crave.

And as if it has not become plainly evident by now, women want sex. They crave sex. They need sex.

When you go down the street, and you see a stunningly beautiful girl walking by, what is your first thought? How you would give everything just to grab and squeeze those tits, to smash that ass until it is burning red, and, of course, to fuck her so hard, she cannot think straight and is screaming your name!

friends with benefits system does it reallt work?

Well, girls are just the same. They get turned on just as hard as men. In fact, women get even hornier than men, and would often want sex more than men. You read that right- women often want sex more than men!

And women also want fuck buddies, they also want men who can always come for something casual, rough and dirty. In fact, many girls are turned on by this thought beyond recognition, not only because they are secretly naughty, but also because they won't have to think about and deal with a possible long term commitment.

So, do women want male friends with benefits? The answer is 100% yes, they do. And not only that, but when you are the dominant person in this connection, you will get sex whenever you want, and she will do all the crazy kinky fantasies you have, on her own free will!

Friends With Benefits- What Guys Always Get Wrong

We have already made it clear that women want to fuck, a lot! And you also want to fuck, a lot. So what is the problem exactly? If both parties want it, why is it still so damn difficult to get laid and crate a rotation for yourself?

Well, there are several reasons why most guys fail miserably and why they can never achieve this dream of theirs. Speaking of dreams, this is the first problem. To most men, sleeping with a lot of girls seems just as a distant dream, as something extraterrestrial, they would need a miracle for this to happen.

And guess what most people do? They start bullshitting themselves. Most guys don’t have the balls to make any effort whatsoever and are so afraid to put in some work and effort, so they simply lie to themselves- “Nah, it is not girls that I truly want.”

the friends with benefits system the disorientator

Well, if this was the case, why do these guys say that same line, go jerking off from 3 to 7 times a day watching Pornhub each night? Is it because they have nothing else to do because they are sexually satisfied or are they beyond desperate for some sexual attention?

This is the definition of a quiet life of desperation. And if this were the way to change things, they would have already changed. Therefore, some guys who are brave and bold enough to go out and try to make something happen.

This should be you. If you are waiting for the dream girl, the dream rotation, the dream to come to you, one life of waiting might not be enough. What I can guarantee is that the best way to predict the future is to create it yourself.

And if you want to be fucking drop-dead gorgeous girls today, you have to take action today, which means TODAY. Not tomorrow, when you will have another excuse why you can't do it now, how there is something more critical that popped up, or whatever the alibi is.

This is where most guys screw up big times, which is what The Friends With Benefits System will help you deal with.

The Friends With Benefits System

The Friends With Benefits System is a brand new dating guide that focuses on a unique theme in the dating world- how to get friends with benefits. And this doesn’t mean just get one girl and turn her into your sex slave.

This means having several women craving you inside them, fighting amongst each other for your validation and to have you. You are the prize, so you should start acting and treating yourself like one.

The whole idea of this system is to use women’s biological drive, needs, and subconscious mind to your advantage. There are many things girls do daily without them even realizing it, and when speaking about sexual attraction, you can easily take the lead, and they will gladly follow you.

the friends with benefits system full download

The Friends With Benefits System is specially created so that you can make the sexual life of your fantasies come to fruition, and have all the wildest and kinkiest sex you didn’t even know existed become your new default.

So, let’s now see specific segments that will help you get the life you want and deserve.

The Disorientator

The Disorientator is the heart of The Friends With Benefits System. It specifically focuses on words and phrases that will turn a girl’s whole world upside down in terms of how she views men.

This guide provides scripts you can use that have a specific focus on the meaning you give to the interaction. What you need to understand is that while many guys will sleep with girls out of pure horniness, women act differently- they are mainly emotion-driven.

So, when they sleep with guys, they are also looking for something else, something a bit more. And this stream of emotions is also a stream of validation. Validation is a powerful tool that can switch the tide of the connection and put all the power in one person's hands.

An innovative approach in The Friends With Benefits System is the shift in game. Game is a widely spread term in the dating community, which refers to your ability to charm the girl, hold a conversation, and make her yours.

Typically, you are the one going after the girl, you are the one trying to prove yourself as being worthy of having her. With the Disorientator, you are switching it around. Three powerful words are all you need to turn the tide.

What makes the scripts you get here exceptionally useful is that they turn the conversation around so that while you might be approaching her, but the girl is the one chasing your own validations.

And, by the way, this is the way you attract and keep girls. By having them lust and thirst over you. When women are chasing you, you won't have to worry about keeping her interested in you and breaking a sweat over all the small things you are worrying about now.

And what is the best part? When women are the ones going after you, their mind goes blank. Girls cannot think straight and are willing to do anything to prove themselves to you. This implies that they will gladly offer you their body and give you as much sex as you want to try to satisfy you and show you they are worthy of you.

The Friends With Benefits System- Free Bonuses

The whole package comes with several bonuses in the form of guides that have a specific focus on certain areas. They are used as an additional source of information to give useful advice and clear specific misunderstandings you might have.

These free bonuses include:

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“Two Girls, One You” Threesome Girlfriend Method

This guide focuses on what might be considered the dream for every man- having a threesome and enjoy not one, but two gorgeous girls at the same time. This bonus focuses on finding a bisexual woman who will enjoy your company and your friend's benefits so you will have the craziest night of your life!

Daddy’s Girl: How To Sleep With Women Half Your Age

If you are 40 years or older, this guide will be beneficial for you. Because the truth is you can attract and sleep with women half your age. In fact, too many girls secretly fantasize about this but are too shy to admit it. Well, now that you know this, you will see just how possible and doable this is.

How To Get A Fuck Buddy TONIGHT: The Need For Speed (Quick Start Video)

Sometimes you are just short of time and cannot allow yourself all the buzz with charming a woman. In this manual, the focus is specifically on the fastest way to get laid, and get your first friend with benefits!

Done For You Texting

Texting is a crucial element of sexting and, of course, sex. Too often guys get carried away and lost in their attempts to get a girl horny over messages.  Here you are given text scripts that are specifically focused on women getting horny and wet and begging for you between their legs.

Doggystyle On The First Date

This is a quite intriguing guide that focuses on wild and lustful sexual encounters with women on the very first date. You can win her even before it gets time to get under the sheets- you will gradually build tension and make her craving for you more than you can imagine. In the end, she will be begging you to take her home for a ride!

the friends with benefits system honest review

Boyfriend Assassin

Some of the girls you will find attractive will have boyfriends. Well, until you get onto the stage. This specific manual addresses the issue of the girl having a boyfriend and what you can do to become her next one.

Get Her Horny With Humor

Here you are given tips and tricks to improve your communication and take your skills to the next level. You will learn how to seduce a girl from a mere laugh all the way into your bed. 

The Friends With Benefits System- PROS AND CONS


  • Effective program
  • Valuable and useful information
  • Easy to understand and implement
  • Build a rotation of girls
  • Have your first threesome
  • Effectively hook up with women
  • Free bonuses


  • You need to put time and effort to succeed

Does The Friends With Benefits System Actually Work?- Is It Legit Or Scam?

Time for your question - is The Friends With benefits System legit? Will it bring you the promised results and get you a rotation of horny girls giving you their body whenever you want?

The answer to your question is yes, this is a brand new guide that contains only the most relevant and useful information. The program is specifically designed to help you attract and sleep with stunningly beautiful women, and to have them crave you between their legs.

Moreover, you are also given a 60-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. This goes to show the confidence in the rate of success of the program.


The Friends With Benefits System is a terrific choice for anyone who is tired of not getting results and strives to improve his dating and sex life.

This system is created with the sole reason of helping you attract and sleep with more girls than ever before. The guide is the latest on the market, meaning all the tips and techniques are most relevant and up to date.

If you are ready to change your sex life and create a rotation of drop-dead gorgeous girls begging to feel you in them and scream your name throughout the night, this program will give you all the resources you need to succeed.

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