How To Change From Nice Guy To Bad Boy – 10 Steps To Make Women Chase You

Many people will tell you that you don't need to go from a nice guy to a bad boy. You are perfectly fine with who you are, right?

Well, let me ask you something.

Do you know a lot of beautiful women? Especially some super hot and sexy girls you want to date and make your girlfriend?

You can have a lot of female friends you find attractive. Ones you want to have some fun with.

And suddenly you hear one of these:

  • "You are a great listener."
  • "You are a great guy."
  • "You are like a brother to me."
  • "You are such a good friend."

If any of these sounds familiar, i have news for you- you are the nice guy.

Now, there is nothing wrong with being the nice guy. In fact, most men out there fall into this category. However, do they get all the girls?

Do they get any girls at all?

My thought exactly the same.

nice guy vs bad boy social experiment

If you are cool with having 100 girls as friends that see you as nothing more than a friend than this article isn't for you.

However, if you want to have all these same 100 girls chasing you and fighting for you, you will want to change things up.

More precisely, you want to turn into an irresistible woman magnet.

And who is the bad boy exactly?- The guy who gets all the chicks chasing his validations.

And to turn you into a real badass, i will cover several essential steps you want to implement and make most out of in order to have as many girls as you wish.

Bad Boy Trait Number One- Never Ask For Permission

One characteristic that nice guys lack is confidence. It literally is nowhere to be found.

What turns girls off about them is their lack of self-esteem and self-worth.

Nice guys would instead ask for permission than for forgiveness.

This means they won't pull the trigger even if they know they should.

And girls HATE this.

Now, what about the bad boys?

They take what they want whenever they want.

If there is a girl out there that they like, they don't hesitate.

how to be a nice guy with a bad boy edge

The fact that the badass is arrogant and ignorant triggers girls in a specific way.

While this behavior isn't preferred amongst women, girls do like that the bad boy shows confidence and goes straight after what he wants.

I know for sure that i prefer women that know what they want and know how to get it. Well, women think precisely the same way.

This is a part of the behavior that is provocative and can give birth to lust and desire. Ones that you will like!

Attractive Bad Boy Quality Number Two- Being The Leader

A common theme among guys is to ask if they are the badass.

"Am I a bad boy?"

You can answer for yourself in a matter of seconds- Do you put up with other people's shit and garbage talks about you?

This is part of their behavior that is directly linked to the previous point.


If you don't have respect for yourself, why should others do?

If you don't believe in yourself, why should others do?

Therefore, you need to start building the foundations of your confidence and self-esteem.

I am sorry to say this but this part is somewhat hard, however, totally accomplishable.

It is hard to become the guy everyone respects because you are currently used to being treated poorly and even if you consciously want to change, your subconscious mind isn't letting go.

So, my advice would be to start doing at least one thing a day that scares you.

You are afraid of rejection and, therefore, stay away from women?

Then this is precisely what you need to do from today onwards.

how to change from nice guy to bad boy

If something frightens you, this is more of a reason to do it.

This is the only way to get rid of all the toxic habits and plant the seeds of better ones.

Manage to do this and you won't believe the results.

Trust me here, the moment you start demanding respect from others is the moment a new page of your life opens.

This will be the time you turn into a leader.

And what have movies taught us?


They desire that wild and untamed part of him.

This drives them nuts.

And the sooner you start building confidence, the faster you will become that same alpha male leader.

The Third Badass Quality- Own Your Life ( And Kick Life's Ass)

Something that can easily describe the difference between the nice guy and the badass is the difference in the lives they are living.

Why do girls like bad boys?

Because when they meet a bad boy, they view the exact opposite way of living and lifestyle.

Through them women get the chance to experience what they could potentially want and desire from their own life, however, they are too afraid to go for it.

One thing that is crucial to understand is that women crave excitement.

Sometimes when they date the bad boy, girls don't have any thoughts in particular.

And this is the point.

Women don't want to think, they want to feel and experience.

And the more you have to give them, the more they will crave for it.

Nice guys are always available.

They always pick up the phone, they instantly reply to text messages, they are available all the time.

And, as you can already say, this will turn girls off in most cases.

how to change from a nice guy to a bad boy

And what about the bad boys?

They have a different way of living their lives.

There is more danger, more adventures, more excitement.

Their world is different from the regular guy's one and that makes it all the more attractive.

This is also a reason why girls are soo damn driven towards the badasses.

The Fourth Trait Of An Alpha Male- Wearing Better Clothes

This is as obvious as it can get, however, no matter how plain and simple this category is men always find a way to mess things up.

How do you expect to be treated seriously and make girls dying to date you if you are wearing a Sponge Bob t-shirt while having pants that don't even feet you and making your legs seem rather small and, on top of that, a nerdy hat?

My point exactly.

Most guys, even some in their mid-30s, still let their mother pick their clothes.

Like, seriously?

Or guys are too damn tired for some reason. They don't want to go through several shops and, thus, just buy the first ugly thing they find in the shop.

I don't have to tell you that this is a recipe for disaster.

You don't have to spend hours and overcomplicate the whole procedure.

Just wear t-shirts with a somewhat more straightforward design( aka no exotic and stupid images), pick a pair of jeans that suit your body and, for crying out loud, throw the hat straight through the window.


Hats don't attract girls. Bad boys do.

Pick clothes that have only one color as a design, maybe something small to compliment it, and use a darker theme.

It is as simple as that.

Just think this way- if i wore this thing on, what impression will i create in the eyes of others?

This is a simple, fast and useful tip for deciding whether something is worth the buy.

The Fifth Attractive Bad Boy Trait- Having The Alpha Male Body

This is straight forward.

All badasses have a body to brag about.

This isn't anything new.

And I hope I don't have to convince you that girls love the muscles and the definition.

Personally, I know i haven't met a single woman so far that doesn't prefer a guy with big muscles( and abs, they are dying for them abs!)

So, my point is- why aren't you training then?

Just google a simple three-day routine and you will be given plenty of options.

Pick one and start following it.

It is that easy.

You have nothing to lose here- you get in better shape, feel and become healthier and, the best one, start attracting all the hot chicks.

Even if your intention isn't to catch the eye, when you are in good shape girls WILL BE CHASING YOU, no matter if you like it or not!

Number Six- The Bad Boy Accessories- Don't Forget Them!

When we refer to the badass, we cannot possibly neglect one thing in particular that catches the eye- his style.

It's unique, stylish and provocative.

from nice guy to bad boy

And, as every style goes, some small parts make the whole image complete.

Probably the four most widely known and/or essential are:

  • the car
  • the sunglasses
  • the shoes
  • the watch

We cannot possibly talk about bad boys without mentioning these specific traits.

The car is the most tricky. Why? Because it costs the most.

However, the good news is that girls don't really expect to have a guy just casually driving them in a Lamborgini(lol).

So if you can afford a new, better and more stylish car, that's great for you.

If you don't, just take reasonable care of your current one.

Wash it regularly and don't fill it with all kinds of useless crap you don't use.

This works in 99% of the time. ( As i said, girls don't expect anything out of this world, so you don't have to worry all that much!)

Okay, the next accessory is the sunglasses.

Bad boys are so well known for always having a pair of sunglasses up their sleeve.

It doesn't matter the weather- sunny or not, you can always use a pair to take your game to the next level.

One small catch- there isn't a general model you should be looking for.

If you are short of money, spending hundreds of dollars on them doesn't sound like the best idea either.

So, instead, just pick something in the middle range that fits with your specific facial features.

Sometimes buying something cheap that suits you will give a far better impression than wearing something expensive that doesn't match your style.

And, speaking of wearing, the third thing to focus on is the shoes.

Shoes might be more important than you can imagine.

Researches show that for a majority of women, shoes are the most appealing part of a man's outfit.

So, you would want to put more stress on having a better pair of shoes.

And, by no means, ever wear dirty shoes or torn down shows.

This will give you zero chances of success from the very start, no matter how hard you try.

And, finally, the last accessory- the watch.

The watch is a rather small object. However, it carries a strong message.

It can easily show your status. It can indicate your style and how serious you are about you yourself and your life.

There is just something simple and provocative that intrigues women.

This is the reason why you might consider getting a decent watch for yourself.

The watch may be small, but it can also make all the difference!

The Seventh Characteristic- Being Emotionally Indestructible

Even if guys are physically healthy, that is far to say whether they are emotionally mature.

They may look strong on the outside, and, when suddenly the situation gets hard, they melt under pressure. This is your typical nice guy's trait.

good guy vs bad boy

This is also something bad boys avoid.

We already discussed that the bad boy is the leader. And what does every leader do?

The badass knows how to lead, how to handle pressure and deal with the hardships along the way. That makes him the BADASS.

Work on yourself and your feelings.

Don't let yourself get all beaten up over small fry.

Learn how to deal with hardships casually.

Or rather- make yourself feel comfortable feeling uncomfortable.

This is the most effective way to learn how to be a bad boy.

The Eighth Trait of A Bad Boys- They Go After What They Want

This is one of the most attractive bad boy qualities- they don't settle.

If there is one thing, in particular, you want to watch out for in the nice guy, it would be the fact he settles down with whatever life brings to him.

Have you heard of the term "friend zone?"

Now let me ask you a question- do you believe in it?

Well, to me it is an excuse.

An excuse why you can't get what you want because you don't have what it takes.

Most nice guys settle with whatever they can have. It doesn't matter if their girlfriends treat them like dogs, the goody two shoes are totally fine with this.

This is because they don't believe they deserve, and frankly speaking, they don't believe they can get anything better in life if they can get something as a whole.

So they will settle for mediocrity and becoming a dog to a girl.

Bad boys, on the other hand, cannot be tamed.

They go and get what they want whenever they want it.

Have you seen a girl ordering a bad boy left and right?

Probably not. I know I haven't.

And this is since he doesn't allow others to treat him like shit.

The badass knows he deserves more, is capable of more and will get more out of life.

If you don't think this is the case, just think how many girls does a single bad boy get in comparison to an ordinary guy. Convinced?

Bad boys arent afraid to go after whatever they want, be it girls, relationships, career, money- whatever they want.

They go out and get it.

And even though they don't always succeed from the first time, they still go on and continue trying. Now this is super hot, sexy and attractive.

And ALL WOMEN love this!

Bad Boy Tip Number Nine- Do NOT Trash Talk People

When it comes to having a small talk, several words are more than enough to ruin your entire image.

And what better way to vaporize your chances of success with girls if you are continually badmouthing other people behind their back?

What women think when they hear you talking shit about others is that you are the weak one. You are the guy lacking something, the one not good enough, the one who cannot do so he hates.

I don't know a scenario when trash talking other people has helped a guy get the girl.

It just doesn't work this way.

Bad boys are strong, arrogant and dominant, successful in relationships and life.

Chances are you have more than enough to worry about figuring out your personal life to have any time to kill by talking about others' lives.

So my advice is- don't. Simply don't.

It might be tempting to gossip and talk about something spicy. Nevertheless, there is more potential for harm than for good.

Bad Boy VS Good Guys- Number 10- Don't Compare To Others

Want to know what is the easiest way to build that bad boy confidence?

The answer is simple- don't compare to others, EVER.

When you are comparing to others, you are only insulting yourself.

If you have read this far, you know already that the bad boy is inside of you.

And quite soon the beast will be awakened.

By comparing to others, the only thing you do in 99% of the cases is making yourself miserable.


Because you might compete vs a guy who has ten years more experience in a specific field you are just entering.

In this scenario, there is no way for you to compete with an entire decade of more knowledge and understandings.

So just look after yourself and give the very fucking best you can.

As i said, you are better than everyone else. So why would you insult yourself by comparing to others?

My point exactly.

Getting girls shouldn't be hard.

In fact, you should have some fun and enjoy being the alpha male in your group.

You should feel excited to be the bad boy and have the girls chasing your validations.

Having that in mind, there is work and effort you need to put if you plan on succeeding.

And if you are serious about it, you might want to dig a bit deeper and get a better understanding of being a badass.

The body language of a bad boy, the way he approaches girls, the things he says- these are all different characteristics that add up and build the overall image and feeling of being a badass.

And to help you become the most attractive among your friends and truly stand out, I encourage you to read the guide "Tao Of Badass." This program was designed to help guys transform and unleash their full potential and, as a result, pick up the hot chicks. If you are interested in the program, you can read this article.

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