Best Good Morning Texts For Her- Wake Up The Girl And Make Her Smile

Getting a girl attracted often sounds confusing and complicated. However, this shouldn’t be the case.

Having a girl that you can freely talk to, have deep feelings for and being able to share your purest dreams with is definitely achievable and doable.

And a great way to open up your way to a girl’s heart is by sending good morning texts to her.

Now, let’s dive a bit deeper to find out how, why and when you can send your love such messages for maximum results.

What’s A Good Morning Text To A Girl?

Good morning texts are the first message(s) you send to your significant other. They can be the first thing you do when you wake up when you pick up your phone or send her before she wakes up.

The critical aspect here is that your good morning text is the first thing your girl sees once she picks up the phone in the morning.

Are Good Morning Texts To A Girl Affective?

You might be wondering if it is a good idea to send her good morning texts daily. Like, Is this something you should be doing, does she want it and expect it from you and if that might take away some of your masculinity.

What girls adore about the sweet good morning texts you send them is that they are the first thing it comes to mind. Usually, when you wake up, the essential aspect or part of the day is the first thing that goes through your mind.

And if you let your girl know that she carries exactly this value in you, you will be able to melt her heart over and over again, day after day.

When Is It A Good Idea To Send A Girl Good Morning Texts?

This is a fundamental question you need to get straight.

Girls adore everything sweet and cute, and more often than not, your good morning texts will show her the romantic and charming side of you.

Nevertheless, this doesn't mean that every girl out there wants to get a good morning text first thing in the morning.

You need to figure out two things:

- What type of girl is my girl

- How far are we in the relationship

If you are dating a good, shy and charming girl, you can expect your texts to provoke a positive response and addict her to you.

On the other hand, if she shows that she is more of a hard-core (emo or a heavy rock-and-roll type or going hard-to-get), the sweet good morning texts might night be your best bet.

Furthermore, you need to realize just how far in the relationship are you in. If she has officially “announced” you as her boyfriend, then go ahead and send her the lovely messages.

However, if you are just beginning to date, going all out with your feeling and emotions might creep her out. In fact, women do admit that they want the relationship to build some momentum before they can get into the more romantic aspect of it.

So keep these two factors in mind before you decide to surprise her first thing in the morning!

The Types Of Good Morning Texts You Can Send A Girl

Little do most guys know that they shouldn’t be repeating the same approach day in and day out. There are different types of good morning texts, depending on your intention. You can provoke passion, lust, interest, love, romance… The list goes on and one. And here is a list with some of the best ones you can send her tomorrow!

Best Good Morning Texts To Send To A Girl You Like

If you are searching for an effective way to open a girl’s heart for you, here are some of the best phrases you can use to melt her.

Sweet Good Morning Texts To A Girl

1. This night was the best one in my life because I couldn’t stop dreaming about you.

2. Good morning Darling! I hope your day is as beautiful as you!

3. Wake up beautiful and give me a hug!

4. My morning isn’t the same if it is without you. Love you dear!

5. You are the reason why I wake up every day. Adore you sunshine!

6. Wakie Wakie, baby. Rise up and give a big hug to your sweet teddy bear!

7. It is not a good morning if you aren’t the first thing that comes to my mind. Love you!

8. I’ can’t believe that with every passing day, you are getting more and more beautiful. A kiss for you baby <3.

9. Wake up, sweetheart. Let’s get up and enjoy this fantastic day together.

10. I was just thinking about you darling… and how I can’t get enough of you!

Flirty Good Morning Texts To A Girl You Like

As we already said, texting can be quite intriguing an provocative. You can quickly light up a flame of passion and lust inside her. Just one flirty message is all you need to give her all kinds of wild fantasies in the morning. My guesses, she will be eager to date you later (and who knows what else!).

Flirty Good Morning Texts For Her

1. I woke up with an insane craving to taste the sweetness of your lips. Good morning, love.

2. You would be bitting your lips if you knew what I did to you in my dreams. You can found out later <3. Good morning, sunshine.

3. I woke up feeling the urge to have your arms around me. You need to kiss me to make me feel at ease. Good morning, beautiful.

4. I didn’t want to wake up today- you were in my dreams and I was having the best time of my life! Now I want to show you what you’ve missed!

5. I just had the best dream of my life - I was dreaming you, baby.

6. I am not feeling alright. I think I need your kiss to give me strength.

7. Since I woke up, the only thing going through my mind is kissing your lips.

8. If I don’t get a taste of you, I don’t want to wake up at all!

9. You won’t believe what I did with you in my dreams. Hook me up and I will show you!

10. I dreamt of kissing you, but I can’t remember it clearly. I need to kiss you to make sure I am right!

Good Morning Texts To A Girl You Just Met

There was a sweet girl you met last night and had an enjoyable time with? Now it’s time to approach her and build that powerful emotion in her. And here are some of the best phrases to melt her.

good morning texts to a girl you just met

Good Morning Texts To A Girl You Just Met

1. Let’s get a drink somewhere where we can be alone.

2. I am awful at (insert topic). Mind giving me some help later?

3. I know we were together yesterday, but I just woke up and wanted to hang out a bit more.

4. I really enjoy (insert place). Want to give you a tour?

5. I heard there is a fantastic party happening this afternoon. Wanna come with me?

Funny Good Morning Texts To Send A Girl You Love

It doesn’t always have to be serious. Sometimes, a simple smile and a good laugh can get you a long way, especially when it comes to provoking strong emotions in a girl. And here are some great examples you can use.

Funny Good Morning Texts To A Girl

1. Guess what, I always wake up with a huge smile on my face, feeling happy, and this is your fault. Because I love you too much. Good morning, sweetheart!

2. You know I live coffee early in the morning, but right now I am craving you. Good morning, baby!

3. Get up baby! You are going to spend the day with me, so my mission is to make every second count.

4. I wish I am the teddy bear you are hugging every day when you wake up. Because I wanna give you a big hug.

5. I hope you were dreaming about me because I was definitely dreaming about you!

6. I know you like your morning coffee sweet. So will you take it with sugar, or with me? Love you darling!

7. If I were to get a dollar every time you crossed my mind this night, I would be a millionaire. Love you babe!

8. I heard you aren’t feeling all that well. I suppose I have to give you a wake-up kiss to cure you.

9. Since I spent all my night dreaming about you, it is only fair to spend all my day cuddling with you. Good morning, love.

10. Your teddy bear is feeling cold. Come here, kiss me and cuddle with me until I feel warm. Love you!

The Best Good Morning Texts To Send To Your Crush

If it is that cute lovely girl you have a crush on, you will need something powerful to fill her heart with love and passion. Make her want you and desire you, so she won’t be able to get enough of you!

Good Morning Texts To Send To Your Crush

1. You are my first thought every morning and my sweetest dream each night. Good morning, my love.

2. I am no expert, but you definitely look like an angel. Wake up, darling.

3. If heaven existed on this earth, then I would describe It with one word- you. You are my everything baby!

4. I hope your day is as beautiful as you!

5. Oh darling, if you were a doctor, I would fall sick every day. Love you!

6. Wake up already! Hurry, I miss you too much!

7. Thank you for making every morning the best one of my life.

8. Good morning to the most gorgeous woman in the world.

9. Good morning to the most stunning goddess out there. Luff ya!

10. Good morning, honey. Your adorable teddy bear cant bare a single moment without you anymore!

The Best Good Morning Text Openers

Sometimes, it might be too rash to start calling one another with nicknames. In that case, you would want to go a bit slower till you build up the necessary emotional momentum.

And you can easily do this by using the following openers.

the best good morning texts

Good Morning Texts To Start A Conversation

1. Hey, what type of coffee do you prefer the most?

2. Did something interesting happen yesterday?

3. If you had all the money in the world, what would you do?

4. What are you passionate about?

5. How would you describe your perfect vacation?

6. What ambitious goal do you want to conquer today?

7. What do you think about (insert a trending movie/series)?

8. What makes you have a good laugh?

9. What would you do if you were your own boss?

10. What is the most exciting thing you have done lately?

All the examples mentioned above are a great way to kick in a badass conversation. Depending on what you choose and what reply you get, you would want to go from there forward. Just remember, you are trying to get a conversation that is pleasant for both of you. So don’t just ask her questions, making it feel like an interrogation.

Take your turn and follow along. If she seems to be in a good mood, tell her a joke and make her laugh. Make everything feel natural like you are best friends normally talking to one another.

funny good morning texts

The Best Good Morning Texts To A Girl You Love And Admire

Okay, here you want to show the girl  just how special she is to you and what of a blessing it is to have her in your life. You can quickly establish an emotional attachment or provoke deeper feelings using these messages.

Good Morning Texts To A Girl You Love And Admire

1. I am blessed to have you in my life. Good morning, beautiful!

2. Trust me, I swear you are the most gorgeous girl that is waking up every day!

3. Good morning love. If you are feeling a bit lazy today, why not be lazy together?

4. Wake up baby. The birds are singing songs cheering your beauty.

5. I am tired of writing you good morning. Let’s move in together so I can finally start telling you good morning every day as I wake up by your side.

6. You might not know what your favorite type of coffee is, but I know my favorite one is the one I get to drink with you!

The Best Good Morning Texts To Send When She Doesn’t Reply

Many guys face difficulties when the girl doesn’t text them back. In that case, the most important thing you need to do is catch a deep breath. Don’t start spamming the entire chat. Instead, chose one of the recommendations below.

flirty good morning texts

Good Morning Texts To Send When She Doesn’t Reply

1. Hey, I am coming to help you since you obviously forgot how to type and cant respond.

2. Hey babe, its time to get up. I know you were having a good time dreaming about me, but trust me, I am even better in real life.

3. Hey, I hope everything is alright… Let me know what’s happening with you!

4. The only excuse I will accept is if you were looking at some cute pictures of me and can’t get enough!

5. Tell me if you aren’t going to text back!

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