How To Approach Women- How To Make A Girl Like And Want You

Women crave excitement, passion and desire. They LOVE being in a relationship. And, surprisingly enough, they want you to approach them.

Girls want to have guys' attention. Just as much as they like to be in the center of attraction.

how to approach women

However, there is one small catch. Although they want to have a guy beside them, aka a boyfriend, we are the ones that should approach.

We live in an unfair world, I know, nevertheless, this is the truth.

And if you have tried it yourself, it can prove itself to be quite challenging.

Especially when you don't know what to do and expect to figure it out at the moment.

Because chances are if you fail at planning your approach, you plan to fail.

And to help you start picking up girls, I will show you several tips you want to make sure you implement to get the very best results.

So, follow along and make most out of it.

Build Your Social Confidence In Yourself To Approach Women

Probably the most essential thing to do is to get in the mood of actually approaching girls.

The problems most guys have are typical:

  • they get too nervous and can't even approach the girl
  • they are sweating and shaking since they are under high pressure
  • they are talking super fast and in a nervous way
  • they say one sentence and don't know what to do next
  • they don't understand how they can get the girl
  • they don't know whether to ask her out, make her their girlfriend or take her number

If you are new on the dating scene or have little to no experience, the chances of one of the problems mentioned above occurring is quite high.

And, most often than not, the sole reason behind it is a combination of several factors- stress, fear of rejection, feeling embarrassed, having no plan what to do, expecting things to work out...

As you see, there can be quite a lot of reasons why you can't successfully get a girl to notice you.

And we will try to go over and eliminate as much as we can.

And one of the biggest problems so far is fear. Fear of everything- from the eventual stress, rejection, her disliking you. As a whole, the thing about all the negative stuff that can happen.


To effectively approach the girl, you need to make sure you have the right mindset about it. You need to "train" your social mindset.

What I am referring to is that you want to warm up beforehand.

Let's say you are going to a place with a lot of girls- maybe a walk in a crowded place or a bar.

You know you will be approaching them.

effective ways to approach girls

And to make sure you don't get nervous, get in the mood of being uncomfortable before you actually go there.

So let's say that if you will go out in the evening, make sure you go out in the afternoon and try to connect with random strangers on the street.

You don't have to do anything crazy.

Just introduce yourself, ask them something( "Hey, how's it going man!"\) and ask them for a high-five.

This will get you in the right mood and focus your mind in the proper direction.

If you approach girls this way before the actual going out that night, you will have much better chances.

This is because you are preparing yourself to do something quite similar.

And the more you warm up this way, the easier it will be for you to pick the ladies after that.

If you have the balls, I encourage you even to go a bit more wild during your warm-up- go on the ground and do some pushups, burpees or something similar.

This will give you a fantastic pump and, trust me, approaching girls afterward will be like a piece of cake!

Connect To The Girl, Prolong The Talk And Make Her Reply To You

So, you have more self-esteem built into you.

You are in a good mood with the right mindset, feeling all pumped up.

Now its time to approach the girl.

If you are meeting a girl for the first time, the way to enter a conversation with her might be a bit catchy.

approaching women successfully

As a general rule, I encourage you to do so:

- when approaching a girl on the street, start with a compliment

- when approaching a girl at a bar, try to move things up a little bit

What do I mean?

I have found that if you are trying to pick up a girl on the street, you might be better off starting with a compliment.

Even better would be to compliment her about a specific thing.

For example- say "I think you look gorgeous in that black dress" instead of "I think you are cute."

While you are complimenting her either way, the first one is more elegant and tends to get a better response from her. So I would advise using a compliment like that in your effort of putting up the scene.

On the other hand, if you are in a bar, you would be better staying away from compliments. Girls know why you are approaching them in this scenario.

Thus, a better way would be to move the whole feeling, aka present yourself in a better light. Buy her a drink and start a flirty conversation with her.

Now, THIS IS JUST A GENERAL GUIDELINE. You should experiment yourself and find the sweet spot. I encourage you to vary your approach and discover for yourself what the girls you talk to response the best to.

However, the fun doesn't end here. Once you have her attention, you want to keep going. Make her interact. Force her to respond to you and talk to you.

And your best bet to succeed would be to have a plan in the back of your head about the direction the whole conversation will follow after your introduction.

What I suggest you do is think about something small, maybe a bit silly, you can ask her about. If there was a recent holiday, ask her if she enjoyed it and why.

You just want something small and a bit catchy to fill the void.

This way the whole conversation will have a somewhat natural flow and the moments of awkwardness will be minimized.

And finally, you want either to take her number or take her out. See how well she reacts to you and judge on the spot. You are winning in both cases, so it doesn't really matter that much.

approach women

One really, and i mean REALLY important thing- after your introduction and the small talk, ask her about her number or the date.


Talk too much or goof around too much and you will send her the wrong kind of signals.

So, once you are a bit into it and feel like the mood is set, pull the trigger and get your date!

Always Assume She Likes You And She Is Attracted To You

This one is more important than you can believe.

Whenever you are approaching a girl, there is something tricky that occurs in your subconscious mind.

Even before you get the chance to approach the girl, you start thinking and telling yourself that this is going to fail, that things somehow won't work out, that you arent worthy of the girl...

Whatever it might be, there is a little voice of despair whispering in your ear.

And guess what? Tell yourself enough times that you won't get the girl and guess what happens- you don't.

Repeat to yourself enough times that you cannot have a gf and, as you can already tell, you won't get one.

People fail to realize that this is not fear they were born with. This is fear that has been integrated into them by the surrounding environment. And they were forced to believe and act that way.

My point is, it is proven that your subconsciousness will try to recreate the image of yourself you have in your head.

So, if you think you are weak- you become waker, if you think you are shy- you become even quieter, and if you think you cannot get a girl- well, somehow you will find a way to mess around and screw things up.

Therefore, you must make sure that when you are actually about to approach the girl, there is only one thought going through your mind- that she likes you and is attracted to you.

If you approach the whole scenario this way, you will be amazed just how much better you manage to interact and present yourself.

It is proven that this small technique does wonders for guys. If so, make the most out of it!

Don't Steer Away From Rejection

You have probably heard about this enough already- before you succeed, you will face failures. And this can mean A LOT of them.

Approaching, talking and attracting girls is like a game. And in order to become a pro gamer, you have to be willing to be committed and willing to try again and again until you realize how to get things done.

There are a lot of small trick and all kinds of tips you can be given, however, you can never be 100% sure.

Thus, you want to go out there and find out what is your personal way of connecting to people.

And, while doing so, one thing will happen- you will be rejected.

Maybe a little, perhaps a lot- it depends on how well you play your cards.

Therefore, you want to make sure you make the most out of each attempt.

As I mentioned earlier, think about different approaches.

Vary the way you go about the entire scenario.

See what the most effective way to build rapports using your personal style is.

And to do this, it will most likely be hard for a while until you polish the way you approach the topic and present yourself.

And as important as this is the fact that you should try and learn from each failure.

Think why it didn't work out, what could you have done better, was there another way to get the girl...

And also don't steer from rejection.

By definition, you cannot have it all.

Sometimes you will approach women and they will tell you that they have a boyfriend.

Just reply-" Oh, no worries" and move on.

Words Of Importance You Need To Remember

So, you have seen just how challenging approaching girls can be, or might not be.

And if you put time and "upgrade" this skillset, as you can already tell, the reward will be worth-while.

how to approach girls

However, there is but one more thing.

There is a lot about mindset. As I have hopefully shown you, having the right mindset can tremendously help you succeed.

And to further help you, i will reveal a secret about women.

You might think that girls are attracted to guys with fame, money, cars, etc., right?

Well, let me ask you a question- do you honestly believe every single girl out there expects to have a boyfriend with all the features mentioned above?

You guessed it right.

When it comes to the real world, women have more realistic expectations.

I know it might be hard to grasp due to all the nonsense you see on social media, but the fact of the matter is that researches indicate that girls do in fact prefer guys having certain qualities over guys having particular possessions.

And these characteristics are having self-worth and emitting tons of confidence, being funny, kind and caring, having a good heart while being able to take control if things get tough...

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