How To Attract Women Effectively- Make Girls Love, Want And Chase You

Attracting a woman, getting her to be your girlfriend and finally start enjoying the life of your dreams. This is every man’s sweetest dream come true.

Sadly enough, things are always easier said than done.

Women can be quite confusing and difficult to understand. What they say, what they mean, what they want… The list goes on and on.

how to attract woman naturally

Nevertheless, there are easy tips and tricks you can implement that will help you understand what attracts women to men. Follow the outlined steps and you will be one step closer knowing how to win a woman’s heart!

The Lies About Attraction- What You Think Women Care About, But They Don't

Before we go over the steps that will make you more attractive and girls will start giving you more attention, we need to go over several things that you have been falsely led to believe are valid.

But first, let's see why men believe in the lies that will be shortly mentioned.

You are being told by social media, by guys and girls you have seen at parties and/or discos, by the yellow pages that women only care about certain things.

Well, this is wrong. All the sources mentioned above want to capture your attention, and bring fear in your mind has been the most effective way to do so. This, however, doesn't mean it is true.

So, an excellent advice to keep in mind is not to trust everything you hear or read about. Have faith only in people and sources you greatly respect and look up to their opinion.

And now, let's see what women don't actually care that much about.

1. If You Aren't At Least 6 Feet Tall, You Have No Chance

This is a straight lie. If we look at the United States, for instance, we will find that less than 15% of all men are over 6 feet. Below 15%!

This statistic speaks for itself. And while it might be true that some girls might pay more attention to height, in the long term, this means spit.

As you will read soon, it is not height or even a physical attribute that builds a strong and lasting relationship. And once you start working on building a real rapport, the height itself will mean nothing.

how to attract high quality woman

And also, a fun fact- a lot of girls are horrible when it comes to numbers. To many women, as long as the guy is taller than them, he is at least 6 feet. 

Did you see the error? Many girls don't truly know what 6 feet of height look like, yet they say it for one reason or the other.

So, stop worrying about this. There are more critical parts than this.

2. It Is All About The Money

Nope, that isn't true. Well, for quality women at least.

No one can deny the fact that golddiggers exist. Like it or not, they are out there and will do whatever it takes to get money for themselves.

However, i doubt that you are interested in a relationship with such women. And for quality women, they exist and they have a lot of respect for themselves.

These ladies have more values and money may attract them for a short period of time, but nothing more.

Sure, money and a good financial status are helpful, but they alone won't get you far in your search of true love.

So, don't worry about this. If you still have doubts, you might not have yet met a girl that is truly worth chasing and keeping!

3. You Need To Have At Least 6 Inches Of Manhood

I just had to bring this one. This is a huge problem that is causing serious insecurity issues for too many guys.

Well, gentlemen, think about it this way- if she is only interested in your little friend, is she even worth it? Sure, a one night stand with her might be great, but after that what happens?

According to researches, more than 85% of women are satisfied while less than 50% of men believe they can satisfy their partner.

Do you see the error now?

Your problem is not the problem, but the attitude you have towards the problem. And the more you continue to listen to false claims and information, the more unnecessary stress and wories you will gather.

I assure you, 95% of your fears never come to life. It is only your imagintion and misleading information you have fed your brain that is casing all the worries.

So shake your head and get rid of the 3 false claims you have just read.

Now, here are the true elements that attract and charm the girl and why they are so effective.

What Do Women Find Attractive In Men? It’s Not What You Think!

Okay, I want to make this guide special and unique, something different than anything you might have already read.

And to do so, first, we will focus on something more important than the actual things you need to do to attract girls.

What makes a man attractive to a woman is not the steps he follows, but the meaning it brings to a woman.

how to attract a cancer woman sexually

To learn how to understand and attract girls, first you need to grasp the fact that it is the psychology behind a woman’s mind that dictates whether she should hook up with a guy or not.

So no matter what steps you implement, you must make sure they follow these three principles:

-Bringing Value

-Having An Intent

-Creating An Emotion

An important note- all girls are different. Some may like certain things you do while others won’t. And even if you change the approach, you still won’t change the result. This is not because you lack the creativity to build an enjoyable atmosphere, but because you cannot find a way to connect to her effectively. And I can guarantee you that by implementing these three super essential principles, you will be able to charm every girl.

How To Be More Attractive To Women- Bringing Value

Let’s begin with bringing value to a woman. What do you think separates the guy who gets the girl from the other men who are trying to pick up the same woman with no effort?

It is the value this particular man brings in her world. This is the answer to how to charm a girl. And most often, this charm is the emotion you can bring.

If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times- women are solely emotion-driven.

The guys who succeed with attracting women are the same ones who are able to bring a new emotion, one that the girl lacks and needs- it can be protection, support, kindness, optimism…

The important thing is that there needs to be a feeling that transcends the idea of friendship. And your job is to create it in her.

What Women Find Attractive In Men- Having An Intent

Bringing value is fantastic, but you can only bring value at a specific moment.

For instance, if you are holding a conversation, you might bring her the “value” of your company, but unless you show her that you have an intention for something more, you are just wasting your time.

Your job is to be fearless and to make it clear that you like her and want something more. This is how to attract a woman instantly- show her the courage she needs to see so you can get the date you want.

how to attract a junior girl in college

What Are Women Attracted To- Creating An Emotion

Okay, the last piece of opening a girl’s heart is creating the emotion.

To succeed with women, you MUST create an emotion inside her. It doesn’t have to be love straight away, it can be a simple interest.

But you need something. You need to create a small passion inside her that will eventually grow in love and her becoming your girl.

So, now you know the three components of connecting to a girl. Now I will share with you several things that implement these key factors to you getting a girl. Remember, girls might react differently to your approach, however, as long as you apply all the key components, your success is guaranteed!

1. Being Kind, Gentle And Empathetic

There are a lot of subconscious factors that decide what women look for in a man. However, one instantly stands out- his personality, and more precisely, his kindness.

Women are looking for a guy who is warm and compassionate, someone who can take deep care of them and will always be there to support them.

We can even go as far as saying that this is a criteria for how good of a future dad the guy can be. And because to women children are the essence of life, they will search for a partner that can fulfill this role.

So how do you show the ladies your kindness? Simply treat them well, hold the doors for them, allow them to be the first to walk in/out. As a whole, show them that you are a true gentleman.

2. Having High Self-Esteem And Emitting Confidence

When asked how to make a woman want you, the typical response is to be confident and show just how much pride you have in yourself. And even though this might have turned into a cliché, it is still one of the most eye-catching attributes all women search for in men.

Being confident indirectly provokes a girl to wonder what is there about you, your interest and your life that gives you such faith in yourself. And this interest can quickly escalate into a passion.

And especially today, when more and more guys are afraid even to start a small talk with a girl, your confidence can quickly help you stand out from the crowd.

how to attract a junior girl in office

And as you have already guessed, women’s normal reaction would be to feel attracted if not addicted to you.

3. Having A Dream, A Vision And A Passion

What do women find insanely attractive, hot and sexy in a man? It's the drive he has towards achieving something beyond ambitious.

When women are looking for men, they won’t settle with just everyone who comes and asks for a date. Girls want more, they want the very beast for a man they can get.

And while being emotionally connected is a vital aspect, another factor that can make or break a relationship is the ambition to accomplish something more, be it a project, a passion or a hobby.

Think about it for a minute. What would you prefer- a woman that has a passion and ambition for something more out of life, ready to fight her way for a better future, or a girl that only lies in bed, staring at her phone?

My point exactly the same. Well, the same logic applies to women. As strange as you it may seem, having a passion and pursuing it will make you more attractive, desired and wanted.

4. Being Nice To Animals

This one is to be expected. Girls love and adore everything sweet and cute. And what is by definition sweet and charming and women cannot resist? Babies. Especially baby animals because chances are, they already own at least one.

So your best bet would be to show the girl just how good of a care you can take for the small fellas.

You can interpret it this way- this is a “preparation” for the future baby the girl will have. And by being friendly, kind and caring for the small animals in front of her eyes, you are showing and proving her just how fantastic couple you can be.

Not to mention, the easiest way to a girl’s heart is being kind to the baby animals. Like literally, her heart will melt in an instant and you will have taken a special place in it.

5. Showing A Good Sense Of Humor

If you aren’t able to keep a simple talk with a girl, you are in for lots of trouble.

how to attract emotionally distant woman

However, this is not all there is to it. While being able to have a long, exciting and engaging talk may seem like a good strategy, you are missing one vital piece. And more precisely, making her laugh.

 As we already said, women are often purely emotion-driven. When they go dating the bad boy, they aren’t thinking about long term relationship. So, what are they attracted to exactly?

And no matter if you like it or not, this is what girls’ default mode might look like.

This goes to say, you need to make her laugh.

Making her laugh is much more than the girl just enjoying herself in your company and having a good time. By making a girl laugh, you are consciously programming her mind to associate you with positive feelings and emotions. It shows that you can give her the “emotional drive” she is looking for and craving.

So, next time you are trying to approach a girl, pull out a joke or two. Aim to force a positive and pleasant reaction from her side. This might be by far the easiest, yet most effective way to build the foundations of emotional engagement.

6. Teasing Her Effectively

If you want to know how to get the girl you want, you must know how to tease her effectively.

No girl will have a good time in a monotonous, boring relationship. There needs to be sexual tension, there needs to be some play to get things going and interesting every now and then.

And not to mention that girls themselves admit they love being teased and played with.

I am not talking about something causing her severe pain, but rather a small gesture or several words that can provoke all kinds of fantasies in her mind.

7. Be The Leader And Take Control

What women find exceptionally attractive is always connected to one thing- leadership.

In all the movies in the cinema, every guy wants to be like the main hero, the one who gets the girl. And why does this occur?

Because of leadership. When you are the one in charge, you are demanding high status and respect from everyone else. You can say, you are indirectly telling the others that you are “greater” by being the one to take control over the situation in a moment of hardship.

This is sexy. This is attractive. By being the one who leads, you are directly showing your “dominance” in comparison to the other guys trying to play the alpha male game. Nevertheless, you are achieving this naturally and effortlessly.

Furthermore, being a leader also goes hand in hand with having a strong personality. You are someone who won’t betray your girl just because another woman walks nearby, nor will you back off when things get hard.

These are qualities that characterize the perfect man for every girl out there. So, by becoming the one in charge, the one who leads you will know how to get a girl attracted to you.

8. Take Care Of Your Style

One of the best tips for attracting women would be to take better, and this can mean A LOT ​better care of your style.

There is a general belief that women are the ones that should take all the care about their looks while guys can do pretty much whatever they want. You can see this happening daily.

Well, let me tell you a not so pleasant fact- look, style and hygiene matter.

They all take their separate place of creating your whole image.

And if your look isn’t on point, neither will your game be.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry all that much, because a few simple tricks can do the work just fine.

how to attract woman older than you

Always make sure your clothes are clean and don’t stink.

This can be an instant turn off if you neglect it.

What you need to make sure is that you pick clothes that go well all together and suit well your future. Don’t wear too big t-shirts or too skinny jeans, this will make you lose your proportion and become visually disappearing. Just pick something that fits you well and you feel comfortable with.

Furthermore, make sure you are well-groomed.

There is something odd if the clothes are on point, but the grooming is not.

So make sure you put some everyday care about yourself. Mere 10 minutes of care per day might be all you need to take your game to the next level!

And the last feature that comes here is ALWAYS use a deodorant.

In recent surveys, more and more women admit that if there is something that instantly turns them off, more often than not, it is a bad smell.

And let’s be honest, you won’t want that to happen if the girl you are dating had the same problem.

So always have an antiperspirant. You never know when it might come in hand.

9. Being Honest And A Man Of Your Word

Okay, these two are crucial components of you want to succeed with any girl long term.

To know how to attract beautiful women, you need to put the effort into becoming the guy they would naturally be attracted to.

And this goes to say, you need to be honest, and this can also mean brutally honest with the girl if you are going after a solid rapport.

Maybe you shouldn’t just plainly reveal everything about you and your life, but instead, wait a bit until the two of you feel comfortable with one another. Nevertheless, being honest and sharing the good and bad is the essence of your future success with women.

And this point is directly linked to another- being a man of your word.

There is nothing hotter than a man who talks the talk but also walks the walk.

And the moment you promise something and don’t keep it, regardless of whether you forgot about it or not, you are instantly becoming less attractive and desired by women.

So be a man of your word!

10. Not Being Afraid To Express Your Love

If you learn how to get uncomfortable and take massive risks, you will know to succeed with women.

As we mentioned before, girls have a “crave” for everything cute. And even more, they prefer the cuteness in your act, especially when you can show it in public.

Women admit that they prefer to kiss, hug and hold hands with their loved ones not only because it is seen as romantic and touching, but also because they can provoke a bit of jealousy in everyone around watching them.

how to attract a woman in a bar

And a great way to accomplish that is being able to show her just how much you care for her and love her in public, in front of other people.

Because chances are if you can surprise a girl with five roses and a big teddy bear in front of a crowd, she will be so deeply touched by your actions she won’t let go of you!

I have seen this happen several times so I would encourage you to try it out and see how your girl’s heart melts and how she runs to hug you.

And here you have it — 10 steps you can take and implement to see a dramatic change in your dating life.

Remember, it is not the actions you take but the meaning they bring, the intent they have and the emotions they create.

At the end of the day, what you are trying to accomplish is creating a desirable image of yourself in her head. And to achieve this task, you want to go after the psychological triggers that determine how a girl will react to your actions, words, and gifts.

These methods are covered in depth in “The Obsession Method.” This is a program that goes into a wide variety of ways to connect to a woman and make her your girlfriend. The effectiveness is guaranteed by targeting and reprograming a girl’s subconscious mind.

To learn more about the three body language “cues” you need to implement to make her obsessed with you, you can read our full review.

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