How To Flirt With Women- What To Say To Increase Her Sexdrive And Make Her Crave You

Getting that one particular girl you have your eyes on is a dream come true for a lot of guys.

And many of them achieve great success in terms of connecting, attracting and dating women.

However, the mood eventually fades away. Guys start wondering what they could possibly be doing wrong since the girl has lost all that built up interest. And most often than not, it is the lack of knowledge on how to increase a woman’s sexdrive that is causing hardships to your relationship.

how to subtly flirt with a female friend

To help you learn how to flirt with women successfully, I will share with you several steps/phases that guarantee the creation of sexual tension and her craving to be with you!

What Is Flirting And How To Use It To Sexually Attract Women

To make sure your flirting techniques are on point and as effective as humanly possible, it is crucial to understand what makes flirting so damn attractive to women.

Flirting is not only the act of you showing enough interest in a girl to connect to her but also provoking enough emotional attachment to start building a long-lasting rapport.

Furthermore, the act of flirting can refer to a wide variety of things- giving compliments, telling jokes, acting funny and weird…

The entire point of flirting is to break the ice that might be the initial setback when meeting a girl and to build a feeling towards you inside of her.

And one important thing to remember- most often than not, girls follow their desires and craving for powerful and thrilling emotions.

The idea behind flirting is to create a provocative feeling inside her that will make her “addicted” to you and craving to be with you. And in most cases, the feelings you would want to build are passion and lust. Manage to create these two emotions and any girl will be begging to be with you.

An Important Question- Do You Need To Flirt With A Girl To Attract Her?

When it comes to flirting with girls, several questions may come to mind. One of them is if you need to flirt at all with women to make them notice you and provoke interest.

And no, that is by no means the case. There is a wide variety of ways you can approach the topic. You can create a romantic surprise or you can have a small talk that builds curiosity. You can easily take her on a date and not flirt until the end of it. And things can work out.

However, if you want to succeed long term, you need to remember that girls are emotion-driven. Thus, they want to feel strong impulsive emotions, ones that can almost shake their world.

how to flirt with women-examples

It is passionate, it is different, and it is provocative. This is the reason women want them. This is also the reason why you must give it to them if you want your game to be on point.

And flirting is an essential component of that algorithm.

In fact, flirting with girls effectively can be your best bet in terms of attracting and getting a girl crazy over you!

How To Flirt With A Woman- The Steps To Make Her Obsessed With You

1. Show The Confidence Of A Leader- Approach Her And Talk To Her

If you want to know how to sexually attract women, first you need to make sure you have the guts to walk to hear, start a normal conversation with her and keep it going the way you have planned it.

Women always adore the main hero in the movies, right? Why does this happen?

Because that guy is brave, firm, not breaking a sweat no matter what happens- a true alpha male leader.

And our natural instinct is to be attracted to the very best, the one who is in charge.

And what image can you exactly create for yourself if you can’t even hold a small talk with a girl?

Women have a specific craving towards masculinity, and especially guys who have and show their confidence. Considering just how hard it is to find someone who shows any sense of self-esteem, you are already way ahead than the competition.

This is the first step you need to take to manage to effectively flirt afterward and eventually get the girl.

2. Make Her Feel Special

What most precisely describe as compliment is the fact that you are making her feel like on top of the world, like there is no other woman that is even remotely close to the one you are referring to.

And the best and most effective way to start a conversation without seeming awkward can be to make her feel special by throwing in a compliment.

Compliments are probably the easiest and most effective way to tell a girl you see her as unique and exceptional without being creepy or needy.

Nevertheless, there is a small catch- compliments can make or break your game with girls.

flirt with women

A stupid compliment or one out of place can instantly turn a girl off. So all of your flirting efforts afterward will go to waste. Therefore, what is the type of compliments to avoid?

The best advice I can give you is to avoid general cliché compliments at ALL COST!

Here is a perfect example of what NOT to say:

“You are pretty.”

This sounds so cliché and dumb in its own way that your chances of success instantly become slim to none. Especially if the girl you are trying to flirt with is smoking hot and attractive. 

In that case, chances are, too many guys are trying their luck with your girl. And because they panic or don’t know what to do, they might put in the compliment from above.

This goes to say, these compliments become predictable and might be seen as a lame try.

Instead, you want to compliment her about a feature/characteristic you find sexy and attractive about her, however, be more specific. This way, you are showing her that you are paying closer attention to a variety of factors regarding your girl. And 99% of the time, you will have higher chances of charming the girl.

So strive for something like:


You look stunningly gorgeous in this red dress.”


This provokes and connects. And this is your way to a woman’s heart! And if you mean it, aka go with the right tonality and passion, you will literally melt her!

3. Keep The Talk Going

One thing that women admit finding quite sexy is if a man can keep a conversation going. Even if your initial intention is to get her number, you need to give her a good reason to do so. Otherwise, everyone would be dating everybody.

So try to make sure there aren’t any gaps, awkward pauses or moments of silence during your conversation. If she seems a bit distracted in one way or another, actively engage her in the talk.

For instance, ask her questions about her preferences and interests. Dig a bit deeper into the topic. Show her that you are actively listening to her saying and that you actually care about her.

However, make sure you take your turn as well. If she is the one doing all the talking, you won’t get a date, period.

You need to engage with her so that she can see just how great and amazing  couple the two of you can be. Furthermore, you need to connect to her in such a way that you bring specific value and meaning to her world, ones that she can’t get anywhere else.

4. Actually Create Sexual Tension (Talk Dirty To Girls)

Okay, the one thing that always comes to mind when we talk about flirting is creating that sexual tension, the whole act of you forcing a playful and provocative fantasy in a woman’s mind.

And that's great! No real relationship can last without some kind of passion and desire towards one another.

There are different ways that you can make the point of bringing in lust into the talk.

Just add in some rhetorical questions, statements, jokes… They all work well and carry the message.

how to flirt with your female coworker

“If you don’t stop, I will use force and make you. But I think you will enjoy it a bit too much.”

“If you wanna have a good time, just spend an hour with me alone and I will give you the wildest hour of your life.”

“If you are searching for a boyfriend, you just found the best one.”


All these can be quite catchy and funny. And that's the point. To carry your message without being seemingly needy, arrogant or lustful.

A really important note- by no definition should you always strive to create sexual tension.

It is okay if you want to get a bit more playful and give her some craving about you. Nevertheless, if you are just trying to flirt with her all the time, your chances of success will steadily drop until they reach zero.

Which goes hand in hand with another thing. Be able to laugh over yourself and take the talk a bit easier.

Sometimes the girl might not be on the same page with you. Therefore, she might react in a strange/unpleasant way to you trying to flirt.

Just take it easy, change the topic to something else and be able to laugh over it. It can very well be that at a particular time, the emotion hasn’t yet been built in the girl.

So, your best bet would be to change the topic to something else and try to flirt with her a bit later, once you feel the time is more appropriate.

5. Touch Her Appropriately

What kind of connection, passion or lust can there be with zero touches?

While holding a conversation is a great way to begin the initiative, you need to go a step further.

You need to establish a physical connection between the girl and you.

Now, touching a girl you are talking to for the first time or if you aren’t experienced in the dating arena can be quite challenging.

Women have certain parts of their body that are more sinsitive than others, and more often than not, carry a significant meaning if you are allowed to touch her there.

The best places you should aim for at the beginning would be the upper back, the triceps, or most commonly, the shoulders.

how to flirt with an introverted woman

Keep it passionate, playful and provocative. If you are just getting to know the girl, you might not want to touch her for a long time. Unless, of course, she gives you clear signs she is enjoying herself and wants more out of you.

Well, then you know you have hit a home run.

6. Provoke An Emotional Response From Her- Make Her Laugh

One of your guarantees that the flirt will work is if you manage to build an emotional link between the two of you.

Flirting has no specific definition and it intends to get the girl. And what better way than making her laugh and enjoy herself?

Making a girl laugh is more important than you think. Her laughter is a direct response that she is enjoying your company, aka you. This is an effective way to break any remaining ice and get a bit more playful with her.

An even better mood would be to try and give her a light touch every time she is smiling/laughing while talking to you.

This way, you are directly forcing her subconscious mind to associate you with positive feelings and emotions.

Exactly what women want and need.

However, you should note that there is a thin line between what is acceptable and what isn’t.

If you try to bring up a joke about her, there is a slight chance she might get offended. You can never be sure about her reaction.

So, whatever you decide to do, make sure you don’t provoke any negative feelings or thoughts in her.

7. Ask Her Out

This is what your initial goal was, right?

Now it’s time to go and get it.

If you are holding a conversation with a girl, trying to connect to her emotionally and flirting with her, she already knows what is about to happen.

And if you have successfully reached this point, she is likely waiting for you to make the move and ask her out. So go for it!

Usually, the flirting game is going smoothly as hell, and when it comes to the actual act of asking, the real hardship comes and guys panic. For some reason, they still believe that the time isn’t right and are too afraid to go for the home run because they fear rejection.

The best advice would be to go all-in for it. If you have reached this point, then there is nothing to worry about. So go for the girl and get yourself the date you have always wanted.

how to flirt with an independent woman

8. Addict Her To You

According to a lot of researches, there is a specific way to flirt and attract the girl. The techniques revolve around psychological stimuli that provoke an emotional response and the girl is sure to react to you.

 By using these methods, you are dramatically increasing your chances of success because you are targeting a girl’s subconscious mind- this is where all the magic happens.

And these tips and tricks have been gathered in “The Obsession Method”- a guide specifically designed to help guys attract, flirt and date effectively the hottest girls, the 9s and 10s.

If you are done with trying to date just about any girl and want to finally attract the girls you want and deserve, The Obsession Method might be just the right fit for you. You can read our full review here.

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