Texting A Girl Once You Get Her Number To Make Her Fall For You

You are going out with your friends, laughing, chilling, having the best time of your life. Suddenly, some really hot girls appear out of nowhere. As a rule, one of them is exceptionally beautiful.

She catches your eye. You notice that she is intrigued by you.

She is attracted to you! You manage to make a move. You approach the chick and manage to get her number. Bravo!

And suddenly, you are at home at the end of the night. The only thing going through your head is that charming beauty.

You have her number. She seemed quite interested in you. And now you have a way to contact her.

But what is the next move? What are the topics to talk about with a girl over text? Can you use text messages to make her want you?

what to text a girl when you get her number on tinder

The answer here is quite simple- you definitely can! You definitely can not only provoke strong emotions and interest but also tease her and make her eager to meet you date you.

And the best part about it is that you can reach this level of attraction and dramatically increase your chances with women with something as simple as texting! If you want to skyrocket your chances, this is what you should do.

Should You Text A Girl After You Get Her Number?​​​​

So, there was this exceptionally gorgeous girl that you met. You talked to her, got to know her a bit, maybe threw in a joke or two and made her laugh. And, in the end, you got her number.


However, now a painful question comes in mind- did anything happen between the two of you, was there a real spark of passion and emotion, or was it everything all fake, occurring only in your imagination?


This is a really touchy story for a lot of guys. And for a good reason- it can be exceptionally painful if you realize the relationship never existed, that it was nothing more than politeness.

This is a touchy story for a lot of guys. And for a good reason- it can be exceptionally painful if you realize the relationship never existed, that it was nothing more than politeness.


Sadly, this is a reality. And to keep everything real and fresh, you need to find out if the rapport between you two actually exists in the first place.


A lot of girls simply give their numbers out of politeness, because they don’t or can’t say no. You must be sure this isn’t the case for you.


You should trust your guts. If you believe everything is alright, that’s great news. If not, don’t bother. You are already at a disadvantage and things will only get worse if you try and push for it.

How Long To Wait Before Texting A Girl After You Get Her Number?

An important question that seems to bother a lot of men is how long should one exactly wait until he texts the girl after he has gotten her number. Now, depending on who you ask, the answers will vary.

what to text a girl when you get her number

Several years ago, the 3-day-rule ruled the world. This means it was expected for guys to text the girl after about three days of the meeting and taking her number. Not any sooner nor any later. While this may hold some truth today, other dating experts share a different opinion.

According to surveys, we have a problem with our attention. We find it exceptionally hard to focus and once we are distracted, we can totally forget what we were doing.

Combine this survey with research done on women that suggests they prefer the guy to reply no later than the second day and even as fast as on the next day and you get a clear idea of how things are going.

Now, the most truth comes to one fact- what is your connection to the girl. In the previous point, we mentioned how important the creation of rapport is. However, here I am talking about whether this is someone you know, someone you can see relatively often or maybe a girl that you met at a party, a bar or wherever it may be, and you cant meet her unless you invite her to a date.

No matter in which category you belong, you need to make sure you act relatively fast, BUT NOT STUPID. Don’t wait for two weeks of not texting her after the girl has already forgotten about you.

The idea behind going for it and texting her as far as on the next day follows the thought that you have already built some interest and passion, and have made small talk. This goes to say, you have her attention.

And while she is still interested in you, you would want to keep “applying” pressure and ask her to chill somewhere. Good advice might be just to ask the girl to hang out and have a good time. After that, you can invite her on your first day.

Of course, if you feel like something is going between the two of you for sure, then you can try to directly ask her out. Yet, I recommend the first approach as it has higher chances of success.

Remember, after you get her number, you aim to text her to build interest, curiosity and passion. This should be your goal. Therefore, you might have to rely on your gut instinct to decide the pace of the game.

First Text Of How To Introduce Yourself To A Girl And Examples

The first important step is to introduce yourself in a unique and exciting manner. 

 Words can be your friend, but also your enemy!

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One major thing most guys screw up big times is the way they approach. Being able to text her and send her countless messages doesn’t mean it is a good idea to do so.

Women crave passion and desire. If you want to create a desirable image of yourself,  you should say more with less.

how to text a girl when you get her number from someone else

Instead of asking how to introduce yourself, a better question would be what are the text messages to make her want you.

A lot of guys try to break the ice, one that may have never existed!

Now, it should be clear that your first text very much depends on the level of connection between the two of you.

Let’s look at two examples:

“Hey princess,….”

“Hi beautiful….”

As you can clearly notice, these texts are perfect if you are in a serious relationship or trying to tease her severely.

However, you are doomed if you send these texts to a girl that doesn’t yet have a good understanding of you and your character.

Remember, you aim to build passion, desire and attraction.

This goes to say, you should strive for elegantly introducing yourself, avoiding stupid phrases and/or openers at all costs, and starting a small talk to build rapport.

A more professional approach would be:

“Hey (NAME), the (experience) was amazing…”

“Hi (NAME), yesterday was a blast! I was thinking about…”

Many dating professionals share that it might be your best bet to start your first talk with her name. Not many people do this so you can easily stand out. Not to mention, this is a rather elegant approach to introduce yourself and not seem creepy.

From here, go for a conversation. A good idea would be to remind her in some way the event you both experienced- let’s say it was a party (Hey Jane, the party was amazing! I can't believe you did…).

One more important note- don’t write to much. Write one, maybe two paragraphs of one to two short sentences and wait for the reply.

Don’t make it seem needy, and definitely avoid having the entire chat page filled only with your text messages!

This approach is a good point to consider.

Wondering how to keep a conversation going over text?

A good idea would be to craft a plan of what you would want to say and how you would like to lead the conversation.

Let’s stick with the example mentioned above. You introduce yourself, remind her just how wonderful time the two of you had and from there, once you have provoked some enjoyable memories, you start going in the direction of asking her to hang out.


A thing to consider is the fact that you shouldn’t spend all that much time texting the girl. Remind her of the event, ask her if she enjoyed it, say that there is a similar activity happening next week and ask her to join you.


Something similar might do the work just fine. Throw in a few more sentences to make it feel like a real small talk over text and then ask her. Don’t try anything too fancy, because the more you write, the higher your chances of screwing things up.


texting a girl the same day you get her number

Emotionally Addicting Her To You

Girls are emotional. A lot more emotional than guys are. If you want to understand the art of texting a girl, your best bet would be to attach her to you, to make her emotionally addicted to you.


3 of the most effective way to attract and connect to girls are:


Sending her funny texts - helps you get the conversation going and break the ice


Using Callback Humor - can help you connect to her in a rather simple and effective manner


Making her smile - this will make her emotionally addicted and attracted to you

The first way would be to find out funny things to text a girl. This can also be a good example of the first thing to text her. If you have something as simple as a post or GIF or maybe a video and you think this can intrigue her, go for it.


It is rather a different approach, nevertheless, it will provoke a new response from her because chances are, she has never expected it.


The second approach is the so-called “Callback Humor”. This simply means referring to the thing you talked about when you initially met the girl.


If you talked about animals and she stated how she will do anything for small kittens, this would be sending her something related to cats.


 Not only is this something she enjoys and loves, but the chances of her texting you back are quite high.

This is a great way to try and create an emotional contact.


The last, and in my opinion the most effective way, is creating the emotions inside her. For that, we need to figure out what to text a girl to make her smile.


Now, this isn’t the same as callback humor. It is a lot strong than it. In fact, a great tactic would be to begin with something you talked about at the initial meeting and then applying this step.


You need to figure out funny things to text a girl. Nevertheless, the intention isn’t just to laugh over something silly and stupid.


The true concept would be the fill the atmosphere with joy and excitement so that she feels more comfortable around you. This could also be a way to learn how to keep a conversation going over text. Furthermore, she will be getting closer and more attracted to you.


what to text a girl when you get her number reddit

Sendin​​​​g Her Pictures

Good texts for her can sometimes be simple pictures!


Simple, funny and cathing. If you are having a hard time breaking the ice or maybe something just isn’t going right at the moment, why don’t you send her a pic?

There are all kinds of photos all over the internet. Wondering what to text a girl to make her smile? I bet sending her something cute like a sweet little baby animal( cats preferred lol) will surely open her to you. Even more, this way she is being emotionally connected to you and will love this side of you!


Funny/Stupid Jokes

Here some will agree, others disagree…

In fact, sending a joke at the right time( and the right type) can have a positive impact. However, you shouldn’t overdo it.

Sometimes it works out, and some it doesn’t. A good way to this approach would be to experiment yourself and find the sweet spot.

Texting A Girl After You Have Gotten Her Number – 10  Mistakes You Would Want To Avoid

It shouldn’t be a surprise that there are a lot of things that can go wrong. And they often do!

To help you get the very best chances of attracting the girl, here are several things you would want to avoid.

1. Being Too Nervous

It doesn’t matter if this is your first girl, or maybe the tenth you have asked this week!

 As long as you have a sincere liking towards her, you will feel somewhat insecure and indecisive. Not to mention, you will mist likely be like an atom bomb of nerves!

This is a common problem in the dating arena. So, the best thing you can do if you notice you are getting nervous and impulsive would be to leave the phone, take several minutes of deep, slow breathing, maybe drink some water and try to clear your mind.

While this might not get all the anxiety away, it will surely put you in a better position not to screw things up

2. Texting The Girl Two Weeks After Getting Her Number

We covered this a bit above, but it is worth mentioning again.

 Nothing lasts forever.

Even if you feel like you were truly able to connect to her and build the foundation of a rapport if you text her after two weeks, you will find out the passion has died.

3. Texting A Girl The Same Day After Getting Her Number

Of course, you can do this, but be cautious. Do not try and rush things. It would be better to ask her to go let’s say for a drink or something. Don’t rush with the dating process. You are going after an emotional attachment, and this is built in the long run.

4. Texting Her Like A Man

This is precisely how you should text a girl once you have her number- like a man and not a girl.

A thing that often surprises me is just how soft most people seem both in person and face to face conversations. You are the guy, you should be the leader, the one with courage, the alpha male that talks his talk and walks his walk.

Yet, from observations, I can guarantee you that next to nobody acts that way.

For starters, double-check your grammar and spelling. No girl worth dating will be interested in a guy that cannot even write one whole right sentence.

Next, be a bit tougher. It is one thing to be gentle, kind and caring, and a whole other to not be able to stand up for yourself and agree with everything that happens to you.

how to text a girl when you get her number

5. Avoid Overtexting

If there is nothing worth texting, guess what? You don’t text her!

The ideas of texts are to provoke curiosity and to take her out on a date, and not a discussion forum. In fact, the more you text her, the higher the chance of her viewing you as a texting buddy. A texting buddy, and not her potential/ future boyfriend.

So, if only stupid crap is going in your head and you want to send her a message, just put the phone away and go work on something. You will significantly benefit from this.

6. Don’t give her all the attention

The girl is there to “fill a gap” in your life, not become it. It might be hard for some people to understand, but you have your own life and responsibilities. And you have to take care of them.

Don’t constantly text her. This way, you are directly saying that you have nothing going on in your life and you spend your whole day thinking about the girl. Well, guess what? This will turn her on.

One thing is to give the necessary attention, and another thing is to be obsessed with her like a creep.

7. Mirror Her Style

If you are wondering about an effective way to text her, you can do the most simple thing- just mimic her writing style.

You might want to pretty much mirror the way she interacts with you so that you will share the same vibe.

If she never curses, so should you. If she is using one emoji every third-fourth paragraph, while you have 2-3 every sentence, something is missing.

You can always give this approach a shot. It might be the easiest way to connect to her.

8. Over-complimenting

As I have mentioned countless times throughout the articles, complement is pretty much a skill.

A good compliment can secure you a home run, while a bad one can break your chances in an instant.

By a general rule, you should stick to a casual way of talking to her. Especially if this is your first time texting since you got her number. Avoid compliments, especially as openers in your first text conversations.

And remember, the whole purpose of a compliment is to be sudden, to provoke and to sound genuine. This goes to say, don’t start giving her praise- do not send her compliments one after another. Trust me, this won't go well for you.

9. Being Too Sexual

A horrible idea would be to oversexualize the conversation. Now, there is a thin line between what you can do and what is acceptable.

Indeed, girls do enjoy being teased. Being playful, while still being able to provoke passion and sparkle and emotion, be it lust, is all good!

In fact, there should be some feeling of connection between the two of you that should be both physical and emotional. After all, this is what real relationships are based on.

Nevertheless, in their attempts to carry the message, guys wrongfully overdo the talking.

It is one thing to tell her a dirty joke or something of that kind, and totally different to be flirting with her all the time. If the lady gets the impression that you have an interest in her only because you want to use her for your own satisfaction, your chances instantly from next to zero.

10. Going Over The Board

Let’s face it- you never know what is going to happen. Just like the saying goes- man plans and God laughs.

Even if you think you have arranged and prepared everything and everything falls in line perfectly, there is still a chance that either she will be busy, she might not want to date you, or she hasn’t built up any emotions towards you.

All these situations are natural and they may occur. This is why you need to pay close attention to what you say and do.

If you get declined, don’t rush to either badmouth her in the chat or the opposite- to beg her to go out with you.

If for some reason your plan hasn’t worked out and you get rejected, just say something like “All fine” and get off of your phone immediately.

The fact that the girl doesn’t want to go out with you now doesn’t necessarily mean she won't go out with you in the future. This simply indicates that you need to build more emotional attraction before you can take her out.

However, if you let your temper dictates your words, you won't have any other opportunities in the future, and worse of all, once you calm down you will find out that you seem like a complete idiot and a needy fool. So just calm down, don’t beg or call her names, and get the hell out of the text conversation.

Ho​w To Turn A Girl On Over Text

If you believe you have reached that point, that’s great! In that case, you would want to try and flirt with her. Also, this is a good way to determine if a girl likes you over text.

Some of the best texts for her would be ones that focus solely on creating passion.

This is a really good way not only to provoke but will also help if you wonder how to keep a conversation going over text.

And, if you know how, you can turn her on so badly that she will be eager to date you and be with you. This is also the beauty of the magnetic messaging system.

If you would like to learn how to make her crave you and desire you, as far as the 3 simple things to make a girl want you immediately, you’d better check arguably the best texting and sexting guide out there- Text That Girl.

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