How To Impress A Girl By Texting- Hook Her Up

Texting a girl can be quite challenging- what to say, when to approach, how to behave, how to flirt…

The list goes on and on.

Regardless, there is always an aspect that shouldn’t be left unchecked- impressing a girl over text. If you manage to create a favorable image of yourself, your dating life will go a lot more smoothly. Hence, you might get the girl straight away.

how to impress a girl by texting

But how do you correctly manage to impress a woman when texting her? To help you answer this question, here are several things you should keep an eye on to ensure your game is on point.

Not Trying To Pick Her Up, Even When You Are Trying To Pick Her Up

This goes to say- slow down, cowboy! I don’t know about you, but I have recently gone on the one hand through several female YouTubers going over texting on different apps, while on the other I have searched for the opinion of several girls who prefers meeting face to face.

And I have noticed a similar pattern- girls don’t want you to pick them up the moment you approach them. It seems that the old way of approaching a girl, regardless of face to face or via texting, and complimenting her (“You are pretty” or “You are beautiful”) doesn’t work quite well.

Instead, you should go after sparkling some interest and/or provocation that will intrigue her and make her the one willing to come with you.

And since we are talking about impressing a girl over text, this would be the first point. Don’t use a compliment or a pick-up line of some sort as an opener. Instead, start a normal friendly casual conversation with the girl you like.

In the text messages that follow, once you have created the desired impression, you can easily make her your girlfriend (she might want it more than you can imagine!).

If You Fail To Plan, You Plan To Fail

Let's imagine that you are about to text a girl for the first time and want to present yourself in the best possible light. A good piece of advice would be to think about what messages you would want to send, receive from her and the conversation you will have.

Don’t just say “Hi” or something like this. Sure, you can get a response, but if you haven’t put up a basic plan in your mind or on paper at the very least, you aren’t in a favorable position form the beginning.

Instead, think a bit about the girl- how do you know her, have you been anywhere together, what are her interests. The point is, you want to start texting her about something she enjoys. Not only will this instantly make the talk more “ongoing” but also she will associate you with positive feelings and emotions.

how to impress a girl in chatting

Even better, use an opener like:

“Hey (NAME), I was just thinking about…”. 

You can use her name as an opener. Chances are, next to no one will be following this approach, so you have a good chance to stand out. Also, don’t just say hi and wait for her. After her “hey” back to you, if you ask her “what are you doing,” well, the conversation sounds pretty much dead to me.

Instead, say hi, her name, and something that you can start discussing/texting about.

Remember, if you want to leave a good impression, you will most likely have a series of “mini”-chats with her. If you cannot hold the conversation going or cleverly maneuver, you are in a bad position.

How Often Should You Text Her?

Another great question that causes a lot of confusion. Let's say you have her attention and you have successfully started your text conversation. So, what’s the tempo you should be striving for?

There isn't a straight answer to this one. You will have to rely on your guts and intuition to decide.

But take this one important note- neither do you want to text her too often nor too little.

If you have gone through a variety of articles on the net, you will have noticed a common trend- that you shouldn’t be texting her too much. Sending a lot of messages to a girl won't give the desired impression.

Instead, you will seem like a needy creep that has nothing else going on in his life and is desperate to get a date. While this might hold some truth to itself, the opposite is just as viable.

Text a girl too little and she will forget about you. Think it this way- if you invite a girl to a party once and he refuses, okay, maybe she is busy. But if this occurs like 4-5 times, here is you a clear sign that she isn't interested and has no desire to participate. And what would you normally do in such a scenario? Well, something like a dump, right?

The same analogy can be applied to texting girls. It is one thing to be busy and actually have stuff going on in your life. But if you are constantly taking hours to reply to the girl’s messages, it will be next to impossible to have the typical kind of talk she seeks.

So, try to balance it. If you have something you would like to share with her, go ahead. Just make sure you are having a normal conversation and don’t go into one of the two critical directions mentioned above.

Are Girls Impressed By Your Achievements (And Should You Text About Them)?

If you are trying to impress a girl over text, you would normally strive to share things that actually have a chance to impress her, right?

Sadly, this is not necessarily the case. In fact, if you are trying this approach, you stand a high chance of being seen as bragging about yourself. Now, there are two sides to the equation.

how to impress a girl online

It is in your interest to reveal something, a thing or two about yourself that put you in the limelight. Nevertheless, make sure you don’t just throw it at her out of nowhere.

For instance, a bad way to go would be :

‘’Oh, and by the way, I drive (insert expensive car)…’’

This is your bragging and this will be as far as you can go.

A more elegant approach would be to say something like:

“Okay, so we will hang out tonight. I know a great place. I will come and pick you up. I am driving…”

You see, you can mention a luxurious car in the second case, but you are sharing the information and not plainly bragging about whatever you have.

If you have some distinctive qualities, characteristics, or whatever it might be that will impress her, make sure you tell her. Just be careful of the approach you decide to take.

Is  Having Her The First To Start Texting A Sign She Is Impressed (And Possibly Likes You)?

You bet! A great way to decide just how “deep” the relationship or the one forming  would be to observe how she reacts to you.

Let's assume that you were the one to approach the girl. You sent the first text, you started the conversation and it seemed to have gone quite well.

Furthermore, let's also say that you have had another chat with her and according to you it was a great success.

Well, wouldn’t it be just normal for her to want to text you back? If you insist, it is pretty much necessary for her to want to initiate a text conversation with you and her to be the one to start it.

But if you are the only one who starts the talk again and again, this is more than a clear sign she is not interested. You have two options here.

First, text her one more time, try to impress her as much as you can and ask her out (supposedly you want to date her). If you don’t get a date at this point in the discussed scenario, chances are, you will never get one with that particular girl.

Your second option would be to move to the next girl. There is no point beating a dead horse to death (well, It is dead!).

It is not the rejection that will hurt you as much as all the time, effort and even money you might spend trying to get her just to know she isn't interested.

This is why you might as well go with the first approach since you have practically nothing to lose.

Ask About Her Pets

Girls love everything that is small and cute. No wonder they are so addicted to baby animals and especially their own pets.

It should come to no surprise that a girl grows more interest in a guy who can share this passion. Even better if you have a pet yourself.

But be careful here. If you ask her about her pet, she will most likely start a small talk and describe the animal she has. Even more, she might send you several pictures and/or a video. And quite often, she will ask you about your thoughts and opinion.

how to impress a girl through text sms

I have seen good relationships, where the guy and the girl initially get along. And after they start learning more about each other, the girl has broken up with the boy just because he didn’t share her “spark” about her baby animal. The guy didn’t say anything offensive, yet he lost the lady.

So, if you get a chance to be introduced to her little pet, give it a compliment or two. Show her that you are interested in her animal, but don’t overdo it to the point it is obvious you are trying to lick her ass.

Regardless, a pet can be quite a pleasant topic and can surely get the two of you closer.

Don’t Just Talk- Tease Her

Teasing is a love game that drives women nuts! It’s dynamic, fun and exciting. You are showing her just how cool of a guy you are and how good time you can have together.

Teasing stands somewhere in between boring and flirting. Like- it is the perfect medium.

If you ever feel like there is a window for sexual tension, or you can provoke some flame of passion and lust, go for it.

You are provocative and intriguing and not getting on her nerves. And in almost every scenario, you will score some points for yourself.

Just don’t try to tease all the time or try and get sexual all the time. There should be a mix of everything- some normal, chill and pleasant conversation, some teasing and playing with her, and some straight-up flirting to drive her nuts!

Don’t Forget The Memes

What kind of conversation can you have in this day and age without throwing in several memes?

There isn't an easier way to start a funny conversation than to find a meme you think is hilarious and send it to her. The best part about this is that it doesn’t have to hold any specific meaning.

Maybe your girl is sarcastic and enjoys these types of meme? Now you know what to send her and how to make her laugh. Not to mention that you are getting on good terms with her.

So, next time you might want to try and send her several memes. Just note that you shouldn’t overdo it.

You can send like 2-3 and test the water. See how she reacts. Does she enjoy them? Should you go for something else?

how to impress a stranger girl through text

Soon you will find the answers to these questions. But never send a meme after another after another.

For some guys, they simply cannot control themselves and make this mistake. Well, if your chat is filled only with memes, what kind of a conversation to impress her and present yourself as her future boyfriend would that be?

Show The Girl Confidence That Will Impress Her

It is one thing to impress the girl and a whole other to try and impress her.

In the first case, she will be left with a good impression of you, no matter how much you try or not.

In the second case, you will give your very best trying to present yourself in a favorable light so that you can catch her attention.

Now, to succeed, you obviously need to mix both scenarios. But what really leaves a good impression and makes the difference between the two is confidence.

When you have confidence, you are doing everything naturally, and the girl is left amazed by your normal behavior rather than a  bit of a “fake” setting. It is not necessarily fake, but you might not act like yourself just because you want her to like you.

Well, being confident and doing it in spite of fear is a quality typical for a real man. This is something that stands high chances of catching her attention and impressing her.

What you need to do is approach everything as if you will succeed at it. You will eventually start doing everything with greater ease and this will definitely leave a good impression.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Different

This one is tough. Being different and standing out from the crowd is something we aren’t typically used to doing at all.

However, time has proven again and again that being different from the rest is something that acts like a magnet to the others, especially the members of the opposite sex.

You must approach the idea of impressing her seriously. It is quite typical and even expected for the girl to be texted by other guys.

And what stimuli would she have to date you specifically if you repeat the same pattern and go for the same pickups and tricks used by the other guys?

This goes to say, having distinguishing features is always a positive. Being able to do something that the other guys fear is always a plus for you.

A great example that we will touch a bit later on is asking her out. You will be surprised by the number of beautiful women who are single. How te hell are there so many gorgeous ladies out there and single?

The answer is simple- no guy dares to ask them out because he fears rejection. Don’t be that guy. Go there and get the girl of your dreams!

Find An Interesting Topic Both Of You Enjoy

You have probably heard the statement that the opposite sides attract one another, right? Especially when dating...

impress a girl by msg

Well, that isn't quite the case. If you have no topic that both of you enjoy and like, you will find it quite challenging to proceed further. Sure, you can impress the girl with different exciting activities, interests and hobbies you may have.

Nevertheless, this trick will do the favor when you are dating her. And since you are only texting her at this point, you need a topic that is pleasant for both parties.

Go ahead and ask her a question or two. Remember, this isn't an interrogation. Thus, it shouldn’t feel like one. Try to aim for a theme or a question that will give a positive answer (girls usually adore anything that is sweet and cute).

Even if you don’t feel like you have gotten to the point of particular interest, if your girl is passionate about the subject, make some compromises from your side. Once you take her out, after you have impressed her, it will be a lot easier to talk about pretty much whatever topic you feel at heart.

how to impress a girl through sms

Keep It Funny And Exciting

You are texting a girl, and not sitting an exam on rocket science. So, relax and keep it cool and casual.

You will find yourself losing control while trying to impress the lady too damn hard, therefore, making a mistake after a mistake.

Your best bet would be to take a deep breath and think for a bit- what would the girl be impressed by?

Obviously, if you have a funny, entertaining and pleasant personality, this will significantly improve your chances.

If the girl is looking forward to you texting her, your success will skyrocket!

This goes to say, make sure you behave in a normal and engaging way. This has the highest chance of catching her eye and leaving her wanting to spend more time with you.

Remember, women function primarily on an emotional basis. This is precisely what you are going after. Once you have planted the seed of an emotional attachment deep inside her, you will have nothing to worry about.

Be Able To Pull The Trigger And Take Her Out On A Date

The most exciting and simultaneously the most frightening part- asking her out.

This is the part you have been waiting for- and the reason you have tried to impress her and get her attention.

Yet, this is also the part where are a lot of guys face severe hardships. You need to be able to ask the girl out. You should have already built the necessary impression and the emotional connection required for you to succeed. So go for it! Pull the trigger and get your date!

Texting girls shouldn’t be difficult. Just the opposite- you should be excited because every girl you text is a possible date for you.

If you want to get a better understanding of dating and charming over text, I would suggest “Text That Girl”- this is a fantastic guide that reveals powerful and effective techniques to attract girls over several messages.

So, if you feel like you are done wondering what to text to impress and catch the eye of the girl you want, you can check out our full review.

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