How To Impress A Girl On A First Date – Best Tips And Advice

There is nothing as intriguing and exciting as taking a girl out on a date. Especially your first date. And while many guys can't wait to have a chance with their crushes, many others are terrified of leaving a bad impression and losing the woman they like.

how do i impress a girl on the first date

As I have stated many times, first impressions are crucial to your future success. The way you present yourself initially will set up the tone of how the girl views you, treats you, and what she can expect from you.

If your first impression isn't on point, it might as well be your last one. However, don’t be scared by this thought. Impressing a girl on a first date is not only possible but is also quite easily achievable.

So now let’s go over several things you can keep in mind to make sure your girl will want to date you again and again, and be your girlfriend.

Best Ways To Impress A Girl On The First Date

1. Keep It Cool

A bad or rather stupid thing many guys might subconsciously do is start talking more and more to the girl about the first date, days before it happens. This goes all the way from possibly asking the girl in different ways again and again, if she is sure that she will go out on a date with them to how much the guys are excited about the date.

That’s a bad move. Even if you are excited about spending some quality time with a girl you really like, you should know the more you talk about it before it happens, the more it loses its point and starts feeling somewhat of a burden.

A piece of good advice would be not to use the phone to have lengthy text conversations before the first date. Keep it a bit mysterious and intriguing for her. If you are going to text, just tell her where you want to meet and that you can't wait to see how gorgeous she will look.

Nothing more, nothing less. Otherwise, it will seem like there is nothing exciting going on in your life, and no girl will be fascinated by that.

2. Don’t Overdo Your Style

ways to impress a girl on a first date

Okay, you want to impress the girl on the first date. It is only natural for you to want to put your best foot forward. And you are thinking about all the possible stylish changes you can make to look, in your opinion, different and better.

Well, that is not necessary and that important. Don’t overdo it with the accessories and the changes. The lies will show up instantly. As an accessory, you only need a watch. It doesn’t even have to be that stylish.

And for the clothes, just pick ones that are clean and suit your body, meaning avoid baggy clothes on your first date.

While your style is essential, your physical style won't make or break your game. And there are other things that you would want to pay more attention to.

3. Who Should Be The Talker?

Remember, this is a date. You are supposed to have some fun, get to know the girl a bit better and find out of you are a good fit. Nothing complicated, right? So keep it simple then!

One question many guys have, is about the talk- who should be the one talking, what should we talk about…

Find out what type of person your date is. If she enjoys speaking, let her talk and, to some extend, lead the conversation. If the girl is the speaker type, you can sit back and relax. But you better listen to what she is saying.  And more importantly, tune in the conversation from time to time. Otherwise, she will feel like she is talking to herself and what would the point of the date be?

On the other end, the girl might be shy and/or nervous herself. If this is the case, you should start the talk and try to give the beginning of the conversation.

4. Avoid The Interview Process

how to impress a girl on a first date

You might have prepared several ideas beforehand on what to talk about. You will naturally be interested in her and would want to find out more about the girl. And the normal way to achieve this would be to ask her questions about herself.

But note that quite often this turns into an interview- you ask a question, and she responds. Then you ask another question, and she responds again. Then you ask yet another question, and eventually she loses interest.

If you ask her a question, let’s say about her hobbies or what the girl enjoys doing in her spare time, when she answers, you can share what fascinates you about her activities and what you do yourself. The idea is to avoid conversations that are made from one sentence coming from both of you.

Instead of answering with “yes” or “no”, you can share your opinion about why you believe this is the case. The idea is, make the talk feel more lively.

Furthermore, don’t worry about what you talk about. There really isn't a definitive answer to that. Remember, she has agreed to go out with you, which implies she has a genuine interest in you.

5. Be Honest And Transparent

Being honest and transparent, especially in today’s society, is something that fascinates and impresses people. And this holds even more truth when dating women, especially ones with high levels of morality.

Two things to remember. First, even if you try to present yourself in a better, even unrealistic light to impress her, you won't be able to keep this motion for an extended period of time. Second, the girl is on the date because she has an interest in you and wants to know more about the real you.

6. Don’t Go Overboard With Gifts And Surprises

If you want to impress a girl on the first date, won't surprising her help you do the trick? Well, in most cases, the answer is no. Don’t get me wrong, there are time and place for chocolate, candy, flowers and surprises. But the time for such presents, for most cases, won't be the first date.

how to impress a girl in your first date

While I understand that you really like her and want to leave a good impression of yourself, the girl might not understand it. If you are eager to give her gifts before you really know it each other better, you might creep her out.

If everything goes well and you find out that you are a perfect fit, the time for these presents will naturally come. However, you don’t need them for your first date. All you need is you, your high level of confidence in your abilities and your positivity to impress your lady.

7. Avoid Bragging, Pessimism And Negativity

This should come as no surprise but avoid bragging, pessimism and negativity. These are characteristics that turn off people in general.

It is phenomenal to be successful and have a lot going on in your life. By all definitions, that’s attractive. But bragging about it isn't.

Reveal more about your success only when she asks, and make it sound like you are passionate about what you are doing, and not bragging. Because this is the truth!

Having that in mind, a thing that will definitely make you stand out is optimism and positivity, and having faith in a brighter future. It seems like people are pretty much wired to fear, their default state of mind is to be negative and pessimistic, expecting only bad things to occur.

Would you honestly be interested in dating a girl that hasn’t said a single optimistic thought or shared positive feelings on the first date? No, of course. Well, neither will she if you are the one to be negative.

I have observed that too many people just start talking in a pessimistic way from the get-go. This is how much they have conditioned themselves that everything is going down the toilet, that there is only a lack of things. And the more they focus on that, the more the get of it- it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

This goes to say, make deliberate attempts to be optimistic. Try it and see for yourself how strange people will react to your optimism and positivity. You will literally become a human-magnet, and of course, will impress girls.

8. If You Live Far From Each Other, Go To Her

how do i impress a girl on a first date

Sometimes, your crush won't be living nearby. An excellent way to impress her on the first date would be for you to go to her. If you have to travel and are willing to spend time with her, the girl will be genuinely happy that you are so passionate and serious about dating her.

On the other end, it might happen that she is the one meeting you. If this is the case, when you see her insight, go towards her. Don’t just sit and wait for her to approach. Show her that you are excited and passionate about meeting her and dating her.

9. Focus On What Really Matters

I said that the first dates are for you to find out whether you are a good fit or not. In this aspect, you need to put the emphasis on talking about yourself, the real you, your passions, ambitions and desires, and find out the same about the girl you are dating.

While you can talk about other things, like movies or social media/accounts, don’t make it the center of discussion. The girl herself wants to find out what type of guy you are, if she can trust you, and how serious and passionate you are about her.

Women are more emotionally-driven than men. Show her the emotions she wants to see. This simply means be genuine and transparent.

Don’t talk about irrelevant stuff- the small talk can wait. You need to find out what type of girl you are dating, if you can get along, and if the answer is yes, that she can feel comfortable in your company and that you are trustworthy.

10. Don’t Be Afraid To Get A Bit More Serious

That’s exactly right. If you are on a date, then that obviously means that you are looking up to becoming a couple. And couples share their own intimate moments.

While I don’t recommend being overaggressive with touching her or wanting to escalate quickly, when you see an opener, go for it.

If you can clearly see that both of you are getting along, and she is giving you that look while looking at your lips, don’t be afraid to go for the kiss. Even if the moment isn't the right one and she backs away, just laugh over it and start talking about something.

My point is, don’t be afraid to go with the flow, the way you feel it. If the girl feels you the same way you feel her, most likely she will be waiting for you to make a move and kiss her.

how to impress a girl on a first date reddit

And if she is continuously backing off, not allowing you to touch her, for instance, shoulders and back, and not willing to kiss you, at least you know that you aren’t a good fit and you can move forward with your life.

After all, you are also important and it is essential that you find the right partner that treats you appropriately and is looing up to being with you and spending time with you.

And please don’t get too serious about dating- after all, this isn't an exam. You are supposed to have fun and enjoy it. How are you going to be the best boyfriend you can possibly be if you are continually gathering worries, worries that will never happen?

So go out there and enjoy yourself! I have shared some useful tips to leave a great first impression on a first date. And trust me, if the girl has standards and is a serious potential partner, she will appreciate your efforts and transparency.

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