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Review Of: Language Of Lust

Use: dramatically improve your dating life and sexual experience



Ease Of Use


Sexually connect to your partner and live your wildest fantasies

Terrific price for the value provided

Easy to understand and implement

Great support


  • Effective program
  • Practical examples
  • Easy to follow and implement
  • Valuable information
  • Helps you create the sexual life you want and deserve


  • Takes time, effort and patience
  • You need to follow the blueprints and do what you are required to do

Summary: Language Of Lust is a fantastic pick for every guy who wants to learn how to escalate the sexual tension in his relationship and take his dating experience to the next level.

This system offers crucial information to help you truly connect to your partner, strengthen the emotional attachment and experience your wildest sexual cravings and desires.

This review/guide aims to help anyone who is eager to learn how to make every night with girl unforgettable and leave women sexually obsessed with him. So read carefully and make the most out of it.


What Is Language Of Lust?

Take a close look around you - I know some pretty girls catch your attention! But that should come as no surprise. After all, we are surrounded by gorgeous beauties on a daily basis.

And if there are so many damn hot women, so much fish in the sea, why the hell do we face such severe struggles when attracting, connecting and seducing them?

We all want a sexy girl beside us, waiting for us in bed, craving us as much as oxygen itself. This is the best state you can find yourself in as a man! But to reach this point of comfort and seduction, you need to put some work upfront.

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This is where Language Of Lust comes in place. The whole system follows sophisticated science data, women’s psychology and hypnosis. The aim is to rewire the code your subconsciousness reads in terms of sex and connection.

Once you change the way you approach your partner, and more precisely, focus on specific provocation and triggers, your partner will react to you in a different way, one you have never seen before. Thus, if you want to learn how to take your dating game and game in bed to the next level, let’s dive a bit deeper into this review and find out how this system helps you achieve it.

Lawrence Lanoff- The Creator Of Language Of Lust

Lawrence Lanoff is the name of the man who stands behind the Language Of Lust system. He has studied Tantra and has a PhD in cognitive skills. Moreover, he has been a photographer for Playboy.

Lawrence is an experienced dating coach that specializes in helping men dramatically improve their life and sexual experience. For this reason, he has created Language Of Lust.

This program is a terrific mix of women’s psychology, sex ideology, Tantra, powerful techniques for trance and hypnosis, and neuroscience. Moreover, this system is exceptional due to the fact that it relies heavily on scientific researches and data.

This goes to say, Language Of Lust is a course about attraction, connection and sexual engagement, which is also backed up by science. As a result, you are given a program for success when connecting to the opposite sex.

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What Is The Language Of Lust System?

This course is a sophisticated program that helps men destroy limiting belief-systems about sex, women’s psychology and what your partner wants and searches for. 

Language Of Lust is divided into several modules that aim to gradually clear your understanding of the entire topic as well as give you the necessary materials to succeed. You will be given access to different templates and blueprints to follow to ensure your success.

While there is a lot of hypnosis, science, and psychology in this program, don’t let that scare you. Lawrence has worked and helped a lot of men, and he knows how to present information in an easy to absorb and implement way.

Thus, the Language Of Lust system is comprised of the following modules and lessons:

Renewing Your Belief-System

The Language Of Lust system focuses on improving yourself, your sexual understandings and your connection to your partner. And, to unleash your full potential, you start with a process of rewiring your brain.

To begin with, you have been fed or led to believe a lot of misleading information that is simply not true. You need to remove this garbage info for the seed of the new you, of your new belief-system to plant its roots deep into your subconsciousness.

While debunking some of the most popular and wide-spread myths, Lawrence also focuses on inner development. While integrating this new reality into your mind, you will simultaneously begin a self-developing process.

This is easier said than done - for it to take place and produce long-lasting results, it will take quite time and practice from your side. Regardless, it will be well worth your while. You will be required to let go of a lot of the absorbed negativity when building this new image, this better version of yourself.

To utilize this process, you will be given different templates to use and exercises to perform. They include powerful hypnosis and neuroscience that will do the trick for you.

Women’s Psychology And Vision On Sex

With the creation of your new image and belief-system, you will also find out that there are a lot of things about women, what they want in a man, and what they search for in a relationship you didn’t know. More importantly, you will learn vital concepts about girls’ vision of sex and how to make them experience the time of their lives.

Furthermore, you will be given scripts and templates to use when connecting to women. Once again, they rely heavily on subconscious provocation, NLP, and hypnosis. The idea here is to start building attraction in her mind toward you.

One essential concept to your success with girls is the emotional aspect. Emotions play a vital role in the romancing process and are the key to a girl’s heart. More importantly, if you want to get the girl and make her feel the best sex in her life, you need to connect to her, help her relax, and feel secure in your company.

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Lawrence teaches different techniques you can use to get to this level. And once you succeed, the lady won't see you the same way ever again- you will have separated yourself from all the guys in the crowd. You will not only attract her, but you will sexually connect to her and addict her to you!

Hormones, Science And Sex

Lawrence wants you to dominate your game with women. He gives you several scripts and templates to use to build the necessary rapport and break the ice.

And, of course, you will go way deeper than what the surface shows. For instance, you will use specific provocation and techniques on girls to get a positive response and vibe from them. You can further strengthen this with the correct use of dopamine. You will be surprised how you can go beneath the skin of a girl and use her subconsciousness against her in your own advantage!

Moreover, Language Of Lust focuses on creating a deeper bond between you and your partner. And this also covers the verbal approach. Words are more powerful than you can imagine, and their effectiveness can be enchanted by the emotions you let your partner associate them with.

Furthermore, certain words can increase the level of attraction and build emotional attachment at a rapid pace. Also, never forget the dirty talks!

Yes, dirty talks can genuinely be a game-changer. Well, at least if used correctly. If you follow the scripts, you can expect to improve the way you interact with your partner dramatically, and, of course, start having the best sexual life you can dream of!

How To Activate The Language Of Lust

As humans, we often put the brain above the body in pretty much every possible aspect. For evolutionary reasons, our intellectual capacity has dramatically improved while our physical body hasn’t changed, really. Maybe this is one of the reasons for presenting the brain as superior.

And under brain, I am referring to consciousness, active and logical thinking. However, don’t underestimate the power of the subconscious mind, which is also directly connected to your body. There is more to our feelings that is recognized.

In fact, emotions act as triggers. And once triggered, they literally shut down the logical and rational functioning of our brain. For instance, when you see a hot girl, like a 9 or a 10, what happens to you? You literally top thinking straight- in fact, your imagination starts projecting the most erotic images one can think of.

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The idea behind this example is to observe what truly happens with you. When triggered, your biological functions kick in, your logical and rational thinking stops functioning and you simply want to let your sexual cravings and desires take control.

This is the true beauty and power behind the correct provocation. Luckily, women also have such triggers. And you can activate them with ease. Moreover, Lawrence shows how to use trances and hypnosis to strengthen their effectiveness and make a woman submit to you sexually and emotionally.

In Language Of Lust, Lawrence covers a bit of brain developing and functioning. More emphasis is put on the limbic brain. This is the part that is linked to sexuality. And you can activate this part in a girl to create a positive emotional response to your words and actions.

As we discussed, you need to trigger this part of her brain to start building the desired sexual tension. Moreover, you need to create a feeling of ease, peace and comfort so that she can let go of any worries that might be holding her back.

Furthermore, you will be given additional scripts and templates to follow that will help you accelerate the process of trust-building and emotional attachment.

The Lust Intensifiers

One of the main reasons guys face severe struggles when connecting to girls is because they don’t know how to take the relationship to the next level. Some men get comfortable, too comfortable with the fact that they have captured the attention of a beauty.

And while they think things are going smoothly, the girl eventually loses interest and, as a result, the same guys never see the gorgeous beauty again.

The main problem here is fear- fear if she will accept you, fear from rejection, fear from not knowing what to say and how to react.

Lawrence recognizes this issue and gives different pieces of advice to help you create the necessary emotional bond. Remember, girls can let go and enjoy themselves with a person they have robust emotional engagement with.

And to reach this point, you need to start moving the rapport in the direction of a relationship. And a normal part of every relationship is sex, sexual desires, fantasies and cravings.

What Lawrence does is helps you make the girl feel relaxed and secure in your company. From then, she will gradually start sharing her intimate thoughts about sex and what is going on in her wild fantasies.

 Moreover, Language Of Lust presents vital concepts on the whole idea of sexual connection. You will realize the importance of role-playing, why girls like it and need it, how to provoke deep and wild fantasies, and how to approach the concept of oral sex. Furthermore, specific techniques will help you intensify the emotional connection and strengthen the bond between you and your partner.

Sex And Porn

People have different opinions when it comes to porn and how it reflects the real world. Some believe that it is a total reflection, while others argue that there is nothing true and pure in it.

Lawrence sees the point in both views. To help you grasp the true sexual desires and cravings of women, he debunks common myths most men are falsely led to believe are valid.

Lawrence encourages you to empower your connection to your partner by the use of anticipation and tons of confidence. Moreover, you can create your own porn-script and present it to your girl to further establish the feeling of attachment.

How To Make Women Participate In Your Wildest Fantasies

It is no surprise that we all have deep and provocative fantasies, some wilder than others. In their case, it might be hard to convince your partner to participate in your deepest desires in terms of sex.

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Luckily, Language Of Lust helps you solve this issue. As we said above, words are more powerful than what we give them credit for. With the right words, you can provoke and intrigue, make women bite their lips, make them wet and let them start craving you.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that can further improve this aspect. In Language Of Lust, Lawrence shows you how to put the girl in a state of trance with the sole idea of capturing her full, undivided attention.

Now that she is listening to you only, you can start shifting her reality bit by bit.

Simply put, this means that you can plant your idea in her subconscious mind and let it expand. 

Using this technique, the woman will think that what you planted in her mind was her own thought, belief and craving this entire time!

Therefore, the Language Of Lust system helps you not only sexually connect to your partner but also experience some of the wildest thoughts that have gone through your mind, which would otherwise be impossible to do!

Relationships From Distance

For some of us, life isn't as easy as we wished it was. At one point or another, many guys need to leave their partners for a period of time- be it a promotion, specialized training, a family emergency- you name it.

This means, men face times when the only way to connect to their partner is via a phone or a text message. But don’t let this at first glance disadvantage frighten you.

Lawrence sees the struggles guys put in such scenarios face and is eager to help them. He shares different tips and tricks you can use to spice up the relationship, even if you cannot see one another for a period of time.

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Have you heard of phone sex? This is an exciting approach that can help you spark a flame of lust and desire and strengthen your connection in times of hardships. Moreover, you can use different platforms (Skype, for instance) to have something like online fun, role-play, strip or sex with your partner.

The internet is indeed a powerful tool, and once you get a hold of several uses, you can find new ways to engage with your partner. Moreover, Lawrence teaches different hypnoses to use to put the girl in a state of a powerful trance. Once hypnotized, you can start playing with the girl’s imagination and create all kinds of wild and provocative fantasies.

As you see, there are all kinds of ways to transform what seems like a boring relationship at first glance into a passionate, intriguing and provocative connection!

The Language Of Lust Material

The Language Of Lust system helps you improve your dating life, sexual experience and emotional connection to your partner. The program relies on scientific data and researches, neuroscience, trances and hypnosis.

To help you grasp the material and implement it in your own life, you are given a wide variety of scripts, templates and blueprint to use and follow. This helps you quickly understand the concepts you are required to do and put them into practice.

Thus, Language Of Lust provides you not only with powerful techniques that can change your dating life but also with easy tactics and strategies to help you start seeing results as fast as humanly possible.

Language Of Lust- PROS AND CONS


  • Effective program
  • Practical examples
  • Easy to follow and implement
  • Valuable information
  • Helps you create the sexual life you want and deserve


  • Takes time, effort and patience
  • You need to follow the blueprints and do what you are required to do

Does Language Of Lust Work - Legit Or Scam?

Time the real question – is this program legit? Can Language Of Lust improve your dating experience and sexual life for the better?

In short - yes, this program works. This system is a perfect fit for everyone who is looking for a relationship or is currently in one that doesn’t seem to go in the desired direction. Language Of Lust aims to help you achieve the sexual success you demand and deserve.

You are also given a 90-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. This goes to show the confidence in the rate of success of the program.


Language Of Lust is a terrific program for everyone willing to experience his deepest and wildest sexual cravings and desires but needs help to reach to that level of success with women.

This system is phenomenal in terms of the ability to change your game with women and skyrocket your chances of success.

If you are ready to take your life to the next level and start having the best nights you and your partner can think of, this program will give you all the resources you need to succeed.

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