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Review Of: Love The Final Chapter

Use: build a long-lasting relationship and live a happy life with your partner



Ease Of Use


Amazing program for strengthening your relationship

Price is a bit high, but the value is worth it

Easy to understand and implement

Terrific support


  • Excellent program
  • High quality and valuable information
  • Will improve all aspects of your life
  • Will help you attract and keep a high-value woman


  • The price might seem high at first glance, but the value it offers justifies it
  • Better for serious relationships, and not necessarily hookups

Summary: Love The Final Chapter is a fantastic pick for every guy who wants to improve his love life and take his relationship to the next level.

This system gives you valuable information on what real rapport looks like and how to build it yourself, so you can expect long-term stability and happiness with your partner.

This review/guide aims to help anyone who has found that special person and is ready to move forward and progress in life. So read carefully and make the most out of it.


What Is Love The Final Chapter?

Do you know what is better than having a girlfriend? Having a girlfriend who is madly in love with you, literally all over you. Now that is a man’s dream come true!

It is only natural to want to fulfill our full potential and get to the next level of our life. This is the point where you are done with just randomly dating any girls in the, for some desperate, search of sex.

Now, you are thinking about a long-term relationship, fulfillment, passion and desire. Well, our world isn't a fairy tale, and most of what you have heard and been led to believe about marriage and life after it holds next to no truth.

This is where Love The Final Chapter comes handy. This guide aims to help you get an unbiased view of what it is really like to have a meaningful and robust rapport, how to achieve it and how to begin the next chapter of your life and love story.

If you are interested in learning the way of bringing meaning, value and happiness in your relationship while having you and your partner passionately dedicated to one another, let’s dive a bit deeper into this review and see how Love The Final Chapter can help you accomplish it.

David DeAngelo - The Creator Of Love The Final Chapter

David DeAngelo is the man who stands behind the Love The Final Chapter system. Well, this is his “pen name”, at the very least. In fact, David DeAngelo’s true identity is Eban Pagan.

Eban is a dating coach and a relationship specialist. He has many years of experience in the dating industry under his belt and is one of the most qualified experts in this field.

Moreover, he has created several high-quality products which, with the help of his mentoring and advising, have created a name for himself among the other professionalists. In all his products, Eban signs as David DeAngelo, thus, he is more referred to his pen name rather than his real one.

love the final chapter david deangelo

And while his other courses focus on dating more women, Love The Final Chapter focuses on taking your game to the next stage. It is time to stop chasing just every girl and start a new life with your soulmate, with the woman of heart and life.

David is married to Annie Lalla, which goes to say, he has been there and done it- you will get high-quality advice on what life before, during and after a marriage looks like and what all the obstacles you will have to overcome are.

In Love The Final Chapter, David wants to help all men who are tired of playing the casing game and want to make the next big move in their lives. As you will read soon, there is more to creating a long-lasting relationship than one would have you think!

The Importance Of Bringing A High-Value Woman In Your Life

This is a sensitive topic that cuts like a knife through the emotions of many men. In fact, too many.

If you have been “active” in the dating industry, aka reading dating blogs, watching motivational videos, or going through different dating programs and courses, you might have heard about the term “high-value man”.

High-value men are not a new breed. Nevertheless, they are rare to find these days. This type of guy has high levels of self-esteem, self-respect, self-love, enthusiasm, ability to lead others, and to take risks.

High-value men have enough self-love and self-respect to know they deserve more out of life, and wouldn’t settle for just about any girl- in fact, they are picky in terms of dating women. Quite the opposite to what the dating industry wants you to think and believe!

You see, the problem with the dating game nowadays is that it helps you pick and date more girls. However, you might not recognize that most, if not all of them are low-value and probably don’t even deserve to be with you in the first place!

But this is the world we live in today. However, there is good news- there are also high-value women! Remember all the characteristics mentioned above, which described high-value men? Now you have them, but for women! This is a high-value woman in a nutshell.

And it should be clear that low quality and high-value women vary dramatically. The first one will use you, cheat on you, won't be loyal and supportive, or to sum it up- would be a god-awful partner in life.

The second type, however, is what you should be looking for in terms of characteristics. This is the type of girl that will help you live a more meaningful and fulfilling life, one that will support you and won't turn back on you in times of hardships.

Marriage and life will differ dramatically depending on your choice of partner. Thus, David advises you to choose wisely if you are going after a life that you look forward to!

The Troubles Of Keeping A High-Value Woman

As we touched upon, high- and low-quality women differ dramatically. Sadly, most pickup artists teach you different kinds of tricks, of gimmicks you can use to attract girls.

Now, are they effective at getting you more dates and women? Of course they are. But will they bring you the quality women you want and deserve? Most likely not.

Because women with standards can see through your pickups and gimmicks, they can easily see through the act you are giving them with the sole purpose of a hookup.

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This is also another strong point that is essential for your success long term, however, it often flies under the radar. You need to put your act together and become a high-value man yourself, someone girls will be eager to date and live with.

David goes over the essentials for your success and what you need to focus on to truly keep a quality woman attracted to you in the long run.

Love The Final Chapter – The Lies About Relationships

The next vital concept this guide presents is the process of debunking popular myths about relationships and what you should expect in your own one.

For some reason, people often get the wrong impression of what a real relationship looks like. If you think that just because you have found yourself a good partner this negates all the conflicts that are to occur in the rapport, you are in for a lot of trouble.

David and Annie debunk some of the lies that might be going through your head about the topic. In fact, if you attract a high-value woman and want to keep her you, you will most likely go through more conflicts.

And there is a logical reason behind this - a lady will test you to see how you will react in specific circumstances once provoked. A high-value woman needs to know that you will take responsibility, put your act together when times get tough, and, more importantly, take care of the future children.

Well, there is also another look at the concept - life is not by no definition easy. It will be inevitable not to face difficulties and challenges along the way. However, if you can overcome the hardships, you will know that you have found yourself a reliable and supportive partner that will fill your life with joy and happiness and has your back covered for you.

The Love The Final Chapter System

Love The Final Chapter is a system of videos/webinars that is divided into 17 sessions. Throughout the sessions, you will grow a better understanding of how the relationship scenario really looks like, what kind of struggles will occur and what you need to focus on to build a healthy and lasting rapport.

Now, let’s take a closer look at each session:

Session 1

The first session is your introduction to the author, as well as a bit of story-telling about his life and experience. Here you will get an overall idea about love and relationships. Moreover, David will present a biological concept on the whole topic of attracting and loving your partner. This module acts as a brief introduction to the chapters that follow.

Session 2

In the second module, we have a colleague of David - Dr. Brad Blanton, cover the topic of love, overcoming past experiences/hardships and focusing on improving your current one. Dr. Blanton presents in a new light the whole spectrum of feelings that are connected to love and how they are to be integrated into a rapport.

For instance, you will find out that often it is not what happens to you in life, it is how you react to what happens to you. This session will present you with a brand new view on the topic of building and maintaining a healthy and lasting connection to your partner.

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Session 3

Remember the discussion about how you need to become a high-value man in order to attract and keep a high-value woman in your life? The third session goes to show the proportion of this concept. As in one of his other guides, David states that attraction isn't a choice- it is a case.

Some researches clearly show how there is a direct correlation between status and attraction. The higher status you are and show, the more attractive you become in the eyes of the opposite sex. Here David goes into greater detail on the whole topic of attraction and status and what you need to do to take your game to the next level.

Session 4

Nathan Otto, another colleague, joins the discussion. Note that Nathan is an author and a leadership consultant, and not a dating coach. Nevertheless, he gives solid advice you should take into consideration.

He presents the importance of status and shows a different way people judge and determine your own. As the saying goes, “Show me your friends, and I will show you your future”. The people you hang around and interact with can easily indicate your status. Thus, more advice is given on how to use it in your favor.

Another important part here is attention. David joins the talk and presents just how significant, if not even powerful, attention truly is. In this session, you will learn what “free attention” means and why it is vital for attracting girls.

Session 5

In this session, David emphasizes intimate relationships. More precisely, he focuses on deep intimate relationships and why they are so scary for some. David explains that we need to give up on our single life if we want to merge into a deeply intimate relationship.

In the fifth session, David has invited Dr. Geoffrey Miller to take part in the discussion. Dr. Miller talks about the importance of physical features, how they are connected to attraction, and what role they play in the search for a partner.

Session 6

The sixth session goes over a specific concept in terms of a relationship. It covers the difference of behaviors between the “me”- thinkers and the “we”-thinkers. David explains that usually, men fall into the first category, while women belong to the second.

This module discusses both perspectives and what you need to understand and integrate from both views if you want to make a difference in your relationship and love life.

Session 7

In this session, David stresses the idea of hierarchy. In a relationship, it is natural for some hierarchy to occur. Things can get quite messy here since this structure shows dominance and determine the “leading part” in the relationship.

In this module, David covers essential information about the principle of hierarchy in relationships and what you need to know to make sure you are in the best position.

Session 8

This session has everything to do with emotions. Because emotions can make or break your life, including your love life and relationships. David covers the importance of exercising some control over your emotions. Being able to “regulate” your feelings is a powerful tool that will come handy during your entire life.

Not to mention, words can be forgiven, not forgotten. This is extremely important if you genuinely want to live a long and happy life. Several words might not build a relationship, but they can definitely end one.

A considerable part of this session covers negativity and negative emotions. Special attention is paid to jealousy, envy and anger. It should be clear that constantly being under their control will not only put your rapport under severe risk but also drastically prevent you from forming new or future relationships.

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Session 9

This session goes in dept into attachment. David explains how there exist three types of attachment – avoidance, anxious, and security. They need to be in a specific unison to have a fulfilling relationship.

When we grow older, our biological mechanism kicks in. Call it maturity or not, but we grow older of the chasing idea and want a quality partner and lover in life. For each rapport to last, there needs to be a strong attachment between both partners.

Exceptional importance is stressed by creating a sense of security in the relationship. If you want a full commitment, you need to know you two have each other’s back when times get tough. This also shows the vital aspect of the proper emotional nurturing in a relationship.

Session 10

Networking and marketing expert Joe Polish is invited to share his opinion on the topic of dating. While he might not be a dating coach himself, Joe certainly knows how to build rapport and attraction - after all, he is one of the people with the best connections in the world.

In this module, Joe shares his “magic rapport formula”. It is a 9-step process that aims to build a connection to someone as soon as humanly possible.

A great deal of this session deals with leadership and its place in a relationship. If you show that you can lead and take control when hardships occur, women will only be inclined to view you as a perfect partner and would naturally be attracted to you.

Session 11

This time, David has invited a new figure to join the discussion- Adam Gilad. In this module, Adam shares his perspective on love and its connection to inspiration. He believes that inspiration is the foundation of love.

Moreover, here, you will be presented with a new and exciting definition of what actually is. Adam shows that inspiration is a vital component in the dating game and reveals how being an inspiration for a woman can definitely turn the game in your favor.

Session 12

This session goes into greater detail about the topic of attracting a partner. David shares how you need to be creative, productive, engaging, and much more to achieve noticeable results.

Furthermore, you will be given exercises to change your perspective. David realizes that it is pretty much ingrained in you to want to remain in your comfort zone. However, if you genuinely want to be successful, you need to learn how to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

Session 13

Another guest is invited to join the talk- this time, it is the dating expert Alex Allman. Alex is passionate about helping men achieve a better love life and sexual experience.

During his presentation, Alex stresses that we should stop looking for the perfect partner because such doesn't exist. More often than not, we focus only on the negative qualities while forgetting about the positive ones. This act has destroyed relationships like nothing else.

In this module, Alex gives more insight into the search for your perfect mate, a woman that will bring meaning and value to the relationship, and make your world whole.

Session 14

This session focuses a bit more on your well-being and living in the moment. More precisely, David discusses essential concepts that have a high risk of ruining your relationship.

One of them is being under the control of negative feelings and emotions. If you let them take charge, you are transferring these feelings of destruction to your partner and, thus, to the rapport.

Moreover, you are recommended to pay close attention to the schedule of your partner monthly. There will be periods where your lady will be exceptionally moody, and these times will be a real struggle if you don't approach them with caution.

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Session 15

In this session, Nathan Otto joins us once again. This time, he goes into more depth on the topic of attraction and how it is connected to building a relationship. You will learn how to catch the attention of a woman you want or the girl you have.

More importantly, Nathan discusses the three types of changes you are to experience during the whole romancing period - formal changes, moment by moment changes and precise changes. You will learn more about each type separately and how to prepare for them.

Session 16

This session features two guests- motivational speaker Sean Stephenson and his wife, Mindy Kniss. This part of Love The Final Chapter is focused on overcoming your insecurities and fighting your inner demons. Mindy Kniss presents how to know if you are going in the right direction and if your girl is the one.

Sean talks more about insecurities and dealing with them. He explains what life looks like if you are led by them, and how it will differ if you drop the act. Moreover, you will hear advice on how to become a better leader and partner in life.

Session 17

In the final session, Annie Lalla takes a moment to discuss the topic of love, seeing the signs of love and giving love in return. Annie shows different ways how to find the signs of love from your partner in your relationship.

Furthermore, she encourages you to focus your attention on the positive aspects and moments of being loved. While practicing this concept, you are also encouraged to think about the signs through which you express love to your partner.

Love The Final Chapter – PROS AND CONS


  • Excellent program
  • High quality and valuable information
  • Will improve all aspects of your life
  • Will help you attract and keep a high-value woman


  • The price might seem high at first glance, but the value it offers justifies it
  • Better for serious relationships, and not necessarily hookups

Does Love The Final Chapter Work - Legit Or Scam?

Time the real question – is this program legit? Can David DeAngelo’s Love The Final change your life and help you attract and keep the girl you want?

In short - yes, this program works. Love The Final Chapter is a terrific program that offers high-quality, valuable information. Several other experts and specialists give specific presentations that cover a wide variety of topics and scenarios.

This guide is all you need if you want to take your love life to the next level and get the one, the gorgeous girl you want and deserve.

You are also given a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. This goes to show the confidence in the rate of success of the program.


Love The Final Chapter is a fantastic program for everyone willing to improve his dating life and take a turn of his relationship for the better.

The system offers terrific value and teaches all the essential concepts you need to date, attract and keep the woman of your dreams.

If you are ready to take your life to the next level and write a happy end to your own love story, this program will give you all the resources you need to succeed.

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