Andrew Ryan’s Make Girls Chase You Review- The Ultimate Dating System For 2020

Review Of: Make Girls Chase You

Use: learn to attract and make women chase you and your validations



Ease Of Use


Excellent program for getting an abundance of girls

Terrific price for the value provided

Easy to understand and put into practice

Great support


  • Effective program
  • Valuable information
  • Easy to understand and implement
  • Suited for both younger and older men
  • Covers all the spectrum of dating
  • Great value in bonuses


  • You need to put time and effort to get the most out of it
  • You need to grow outside of your comfort zone

Summary: Make Girls Chase You is a phenomenal program for every guy who is serious about making a change and taking his dating life to the next level.

This manual provides valuable insight and gives essential information on how to become the trophy for girls and have women chase your validations.

This review/guide aims to help anyone eager to know how to get the upper hand with women and make his sexual fantasies come to fruition. So read carefully and make the most out of it.


What Is Make Girls Chase You?

Do you feel like dating in 2020 has become an unachievable mission for most men? Sure as hell there are hundreds of thousands of guys you can find in all over social media, on Reddit, and in the comments of YouTube videos saying how women are all “bad” and not worth chasing. And you feel like giving up the idea of having horny girls around you, begging for your attention.

However, I can guarantee you that you know and see on daily basis guys that are not taller, not richer, not more handsome, nor better than you in any possible way get drowned in women’s attention. It seems like literally every girl wants to sleep with them.

make girls chase you honest review

And down deep, you know that if these guys can do it, so can you. This is where “Make Girls Chase You” comes into play. This manual reveals an eye-opening truth about women, how they act, why do they chase after certain guys while completely ignoring others, and how you can use it to your advantage.

If the idea of having a dozen (or more!) of drop-dead gorgeous, stunningly beautiful women chasing you intrigues you, let’s dive a bit deeper into this review and see how “Make Girls Chase You” can help you achieve this goal.

Andrew Ryan- The Man Behind The Make Girls Chase You System

Andrew Ryan is the author of “Make Girls Chase You”. He was an ordinary guy craving for the touch, love, and sexual lust of women.

After getting rejected and failing time after time, he finally started digging down into the psychology behind how women choose their partners.

The truth is shocking and is 180 degrees the complete opposite of what you think, or how you believe women work. Andrew has put together “Make Girls Chase You” as a handy manual for guys to follow on how to properly use women’s nature against them and dominate them.

Do You Want Women Chasing And Obsessing Over You? Stop Bullshiting Yourself

If you are interested in getting girls and getting laid, you have probably tried your luck on apps like Tinder, OkCupid, and other dating platforms.

And what has happened? You have swiped through hundreds, if not thousands of profiles, desperately trying to get any interest back from at least a half-decent looking girl.

Most men have little to no success not only on these dating platforms but at dating in general. This is the time they tell themselves that women aren’t any good, that there is something wrong with them, that they will be forever lonely, that they don’t really need or want women…

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Well, let me ask you something- if you could have a rotation of 10 girls, all 9s and 10s, would you say no to such an opportunity? Hell no!

The first step to becoming successful with women is for you to stop bullshitting yourself. Yes, it is true that you want girls, is there a man who doesn’t? But your effort heretofore has not been successful.

A great saying to always keep in mind is: The harder you try and the less results you get, the more this implies you aren’t doing the right thing.

What you need to understand is that you not only need to put effort but also make sure the approach you are using the correct one.

Otherwise, you will be following a dead-end road, again and again, hoping to find an exit.

Instead, you should focus on doing something that is already proven to work, and now simply apply it to your own situation. And it is the same with girls!

Can You Actually Make Women Chase You?- An Eye-Opening Truth

Do you genuinely want to know why getting girls feels so damn hard? Consider the following:

You are on a social media platform/dating app, and you are trying to get a woman’s attention. Guess what? So are hundreds of other guys. The lady is continually being hit left, right, and center.

She views herself as the trophy. The girl understands that she is the reward. She expects you to compete for her and prove yourself “worthy” of having her.

This sums dating for 99% of the guys in today’s world- an endless battle to prove themselves. And when the results don’t come, these same men always have an excuse, a pathetic alibi to cover their lack of success with women.

You will come up with all kinds of reasons why not getting sex is not important for you, trying to feel better and avoid facing reality. This is why you also enjoy playing video games, beer, watching TV, and end the night jacking off to porn…

I understand that this is a painful fact for many guys. But you also need to be completely honest with yourself and admit that you have a problem. Because if you didn’t have one, you would have already been successful with women and banging all the girls the other, less successful than you guys are together with.

Never forget this concept- If you don’t change, and change fast, the only sex you will be having will be in your imagination.

If you have had a relatively sexless live heretofore, unless you put deliberate effort into action and learn how the game with women is played, nothing will ever change.

This is why “Make Girls Chase You” is so useful- it shows you how to turn the tables around and succeed with women.

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Social Proof And Jealousy- This Is How You Make Women Chase You

The hearth of the Make Her Chase You system is the concept of social proof and jealousy. If you get these two aspects right, the rest falls into place.

Let’s begin with social proof. Social proof indicates your presence amongst others in a specific environment. Being socially recognized is an indirect way to show alpha dominance over other men.

Social proof means that other women also recognize you as better “material.” Have you ever noticed how women start treating you differently when there are girls around you?

It doesn’t matter if you have a girlfriend, a wife, or simply a female friend(s), they all validate the same thing- that females socially recognize you as a better company and partner.

Social proof is the equivalent of you having a female competition fighting for your attention. And when you have several girls fighting over you, what does this breeds? It breeds jealousy amongst the girls fighting for you.

If you are around females, this provokes several subconscious reactions in a girl’s brain.

It is a biological instinct that activates and makes her start craving you, start fighting to win you over, since you are recognized as and considered to be the prize.

And this is precisely what you want. Instead of the girl having guys fighting over her, you want to switch it around and be the guy the girls fight over.

Is Girls Chasing Guys Only A Myth, Or Is It Real?

You might be wondering, “Well, this all sounds great, but girls chasing boys is only a myth!”

I understand where you are coming from. Without a doubt your mother, all the television shows you have watched and all the social media streams have told you the same- that you are the “hunter”, the one who goes and chases women.

So think for a moment about the bad boy- the Chads and Tyrones of this world. When they enter the room, all girls instantly turn towards them. Good looking girls always surround the Chads and Tyrones, and all other women are provoked and intrigued by them.

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We know that Chads and Tyrones get the most women. In fact, girls want to go directly to the bedroom with them and skip the date- the ladies want to be dominated and feel powerful and intense emotions and passion.

When you have been growing up, at school, there has always been this guy in every single class that all the girls go mad over. Literally, every woman wants to be with him and tries to capture his attention and prove his validations.

This all goes to say that girls can chase guys just as hard as we, men, chase women. 

However, for that to happen, you need to build proper female competition around you, provoke jealously in the women that have you in sight, and turn them on sexually.

If all of these triggers take place, your success is guaranteed. Moreover, this is also how you escalate your way to a threesome!

The Make Girls Chase You Dating Manual

Make Girls Chase You sounds excellent, but how is this dating guide different than the rest of the programs on attracting and picking up women out there?

The Make Girls Chase You system, alongside providing valuable and useful information, focuses on three things:
  • Tells you the truth about dating and sex, and what women truly want
  • 2.
  • Is easy to absorb and put into practice
  • 3.
  • Works fast so you can use it straight away and see the desired results.
  • The Bachelor Effect

    The system also provides a wild variety of words, phrases, and questions you can use that will make women chase you. They are used to trigger the “Bachelor” effect.

    If you have seen the show “The Bachelor”, you know that there is one main male character who is surrounded by more than 20 girls chasing his validations. Do you recognize something here?- A lot of females, meaning female competition, and only one guy, meaning the prize.

    With so many girls going after one man, jealously of having him is inevitable. This show is the exact equivalent of what the point of the make Girls Chase You system is.

    And you will get guidance and information on how to make this scenario your reality.

    make girls chase you andrew ryan

    The Reason Why Women Are Obsessed Over Men That Are Chased By Other Women

    The manual goes into more depth to explain what exactly happens in a girl’s subconscious mind. You will learn that this is a biological reaction, a switch that increases your attractiveness and makes women chase you without them even realizing it.

    The Secret Sexual Life Of Women- Why Women Can Never Tell You The Truth About What Really Turns Them On

    The guide debunks some of the most widely spread myths about women and their sexual appetite. This is invaluable information that will open your eyes to what really goes into the mind of a woman when sexually provoked, and why she cannot freely talk about it.

    Attraction Test

    As you will have many girls fighting over you, you need to find out who are the real candidates and who will only waste your time.

    The fact that a girl is chasing your validation doesn’t equivalate to her being worthy of your time.

    You learn how to toss out the women that will simply waste your time and effort.


    Almost all girls are frightened of being labeled as sluts. However, there is more going on deep down inside, what they really wants, and the way they wants to be sexually dominated by you. You will learn how to make her feel comfortable around you so she can unleash the naughty girl in her.

    When She Stops Texting Back

    You will also be provided with guidance and directions on how to dominate the text conversations with women. You will be given specific messages to send to a girl that has stopped texting back to make sure you sparkle her interest and get her attention.

    Avoid Girls Who Do This (It’s A Trap)

    Often guys are misled by the seemingly innocent outside nature of women. You will be given a checklist to watch out for in her. If you see the red flags popping off, she is guaranteed only to waste your time and use you for attention, validation, and free drinks

    Nonverbal Pickup Lines

    You have probably heard about the importance of proper body language. And there is a good reason behind it- next to 80% of the communication is done on a nonverbal basis. You will be presented with a body language trick that will get the majority of women to approach you first and strike up a conversation.

    How To Spot The “Easy” Girls

    As we have made it crystal clear, girls also get horny and turned on really hard.

    Did you know they will start giving you “secret” signals when they want to hook up?

    Make Girls Chase You teaches you how to read these signals and use them to your advantage.

    You will find for yourself just how naughty the seemingly innocent girls are.

    The Hypnotic Kiss Technique

    Can there be any love or lust without a lot of kissing involved? In the hypnotic kissing technique, you will be presented a way to charm, seduce and “hypnotize” a girl so she will be the one eager to get on your lips and not let go.

    3 Telltale Signs She Is Into Older Guys

    Yes, girls actually have a keen interest in dating older guys. The manual covers the signs that the younger chick is into you, as well as gives you instructions on how to turn her on sexually. This is the fastest way to have her crawling on her legs and knees while calling you daddy!

    make girls chase you best price

    The 7 Boneheaded BETA Mistakes

    Just as there are indicators based on which women judge and view you as a desired alpha partner, there are also mistakes men make that make them look beta. Unless you make a change and remove these seven red flags, girls will continue to view you as weak, wimpy, and unworthy of sex.

    Make Girls Chase You - Download Free Bonuses

    If you buy the system, you will also be given free access to download several additional materials. The bonuses are mini-guides that help you get a better understanding of the specific topics and answer the possible questions you might have. These bonuses include:

    1. Passing A Woman’s Tests

    We, guys, always want to sleep with and bang the hottest women.

    Well, the most gorgeous ladies are also the ones that will test you. In this guide, you are given dozens of the best comebacks to all her little cute tests, insults and put-downs. 

    This is the way you approach a hot chick and get her into bed with you.

    2. How To Date Multiple Women

    When you have girls chasing you, many guys prefer to have a rotation, banging ten or more chicks one after the other. This mini-guide teaches you how to accomplish that. In fact, this is the easiest way to your first threesome.

    Andrew understands that life is short, and he genuinely believes that every guy deserves to experience two girls at the same time at least once before you die.

    3. Text Message Crack For Women

    It is no surprise that the fastest and easiest way to get girls is over the internet. With the help of a dating app like Tinder, you can easily set up ten dates in a matter of minutes.

    To ensure your success and sexual domination, this bonus shares a practical approach and gives examples of messages you can use to make her crave you between her legs.

    Make Girls Chase You- PROS AND CONS


    • Effective program
    • Valuable information
    • Easy to understand and implement
    • Suited for both younger and older men
    • Covers all the spectrum of dating
    • Great value in bonuses


    • You need to put time and effort to get the most out of it
    • You need to grow outside of your comfort zone

    Does Make Girls Chase You Really Work- Is It Legit Or Scam?

    Time for your question - is Andrew Ryan's Make Girls Chase You legit? Will it bring you the promised results and improve your dating life?

    The answer to your question is yes, this manual is extremely effective and will give you the desired results. Make Girls Chase you is specifically designed to help guys become the trophy for female competition and obtain a rotation of stunningly beautiful girls chasing them.

    Moreover, you are also given a 60-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. This goes to show the confidence in the rate of success of the program.


    Make Girls Chase You is an excellent pick for guys who want to gain control over their dating experience and start having the sex life they want and deserve.

    This system is created with the sole reason of making you the center of women's attention and craving. The powerful psychological and subconscious methods revealed in this manual guarantee to give you the desired and demanded results.

    If you are ready to go to take your sex life to the next level and make women obsessed with you, this program will give you all the resources you need to succeed.

    make girls chase you 2020 legit or scam?


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