Bobby Rio’s Converation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy Review

Review of: Conversation Escalation- Make Small Talk Sexy

Use: Hold funny and charming conversations to attract girls



Ease Of Use


Effective ways to hold a fantastic conversation

Amazing price for the value provided

Quite easy to implement

Decent support


  • A lot of practical example and techniques
  • Easy to implement
  • Covers a wide variety of situations you can find yourself in
  • Uses smart concepts that 'don't force you to learn a script
  • A lot of information
  • Value in bonuses


  • You can get a bit confused by so much information
  • Some of the techniques suit well the authors, not necessarily everyone

Summary: Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy is a fantastic guide that provides an insane amount of value. This program is a perfect fit for everyone who struggles to hold a conversation, wonders how and about what to talk and feels unsure about the way to create sexual tension.

The wide variety of topics and approaches covered can help you get the girl in pretty much every possible scenario. The fact that you don't have to learn a script to be successful can definitely help you take your game to the next level.

This review/guide aims to help everyone who has problems talking to girls and wants to become a woman-magnet. So read carefully and make the most out of it.


What Is Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy?

Make Small Talk Sexy is a course that focuses precisely on the ability to hold a conversation. However, the author, Bobby Rio, goes much more in-depth to describe all the different scenarios, talking techniques, approaches and tips you can use to get your dating life on point.

make small talk sexy review

This program is terrific for everyone who feels insecure with his talking abilities and wants to learn how to go from starting a conversation with beautiful girls all the way to "addicting" them to you and leaving them wanting more out of you.

What Does The Guide Consists Of?

The entire course is a combination of 8 audios that focuses on different skills and techniques. Each one of them is about an hour-long, which goes to show the amount of content that is presented.

As expected, the first part is an introduction that teaches you the essentials of holding a small talk and how to keep it going further. This is a crucial phase that way too many guys face severe hardships with.

If there is one word to characterize how a conversation with a girl should look like, it is this one- natural. Everything needs to feel in place, following a normal and natural pattern for things to work out.

And this is a huge problem for most guys out there. The main aim of this program is to help you take your talking game to the next level, which will result in a drastic increase in the quality of all aspects of your life- and, of course, dating!

However, there is also something positive you can expect. And namely the rapid rate at which you can learn and improve your ability to speak to women.

Bobby Rio is one of the most well known are respected coaches in the dating industry. This goes to say, he knows his shit.

He explains how guys fall for the same trap over and over again in their attempts to get the girls.

Most men search for specific signs. There are on the look for signals from a girl that she wants to be approached and dated. And, if these men do not see any indication of interest, they simply give up.

"She 'isn't interested in me."

"Maybe she is busy."

"Maybe she has a boyfriend."

"There is no way a girl like her would date a guy like me …"

Do any of these sound familiar?

If they do, then you MUST work on your ability to hold a pleasant for her conversation and enjoy it.

Many times you won't be given any hints on what exactly is going in her mind. So you have to keep the talk going, not being afraid to lead the entire conversation in a specific direction and go as far as start building sexual tension to attract her.

Learn How To Talk Sexy To Girls

Make Small Talk Sexy points out two main factors as the factors that separate the super successful men from your typical guy- bringing value and having intent. To make sure your date succeeds the way you want it to, you must show these two key points.

 Bringing value is something a lot of people have a hard time understanding. This basically describes what you are "giving" to a woman at the time of your talk. There needs to be an intent behind why a girl choses whoever she chooses. Otherwise, it 'doesn't make any sense.

Bobby teaches the importance of the moment and the specific vibe you bring to a woman during the talk. This is the way you connect to the opposite sex and make something happen.

A thing guys don't seem to realize is that women are mostly emotionally based and driven. This is why they date the bad boy, even though they are assholes. Because of the desire, the passion, the emotion they bring to a girl at that very moment.

Not to mention, when hooking up girls, next to no one thinks about long term relationships. Everybody is in the present, trying to figure out how things can work out. This is even more of a reason why you need to be able to attract and "addict" a girl during the conversation you are having.

The funny thing that Bobby presents is the common misconception of what women truly want and desire. Everything you are being told and constantly observing on social media- how you need to be filthy rich, have the look, drive the expensive car and much more, is crap.

A great example you are likely familiar with is the date, where the guy takes the girl out for the first time. And since he believes that women crave only material possessions, he would start bragging about all these wonderful things he either has bought or is about to buy, aka showing off.

Well, guess what? 9/10 times this same guy never hears from the girl again. Surprised?

What Bobby explains is that holding and keeping a pleasant conversation can benefit you a lot more than the previous scenario.

The other crucial aspect is having an intent. And this is just as important as the first one.

Having an intent is directly connected to your ability to sparkle an emotion, to connect and create a rapport.

As we already said, women are often purely emotion-driven. So, your intent as a guy would be to create the right emotion in her. This is a possible deadly, friendzone trap where guys often end at.

While holding a conversation with a woman might be a pleasant feeling, it will all go to waste if you wanted to get the girl and didn't achieve it.

Thus, you must make it clear what your intent is. And the easy way to show her your intention is to create it in her.

This is an essential skill you need to master if you 'don't want all your hard work to go to waste.

And to demonstrate that, Bobby tells a personal story. It goes about how he is at a party where he meets an amazing girl. And, as a result, a small talk occurs. The two of them are passionately discussing a topic that intrigues both of them. They have a fantastic time during the conversation. 'Bobby's natural reaction is to assume that since the girl shares his interest, she would be attracted to him. However, later on that night he goes upstairs just to find out the same girl trying to hook up with another guy she barely knows.

The point of this story, to which he refers several times in the audios, is that with no emotions a small talk will remain nothing more than small talk. Like a pleasant conversation you can have with a girl that shares your interest.

This is a deadly trap that guys fall into all the time. The fact you are talking doesn't necessarily mean that you are going in any direction. And unless you sparkle that emotion and provoke that desire during the talk, your chances of success are slim to none.

making small talks sexy and attractive

How To Never Run Out Of Topics, Ideas And Things To Say

When it comes to talking to girls, a real hardship is what exactly to talk about. Like, there can be only so much about a specific topic, so how do you go onwards? How do you prolong the conversation?

What Bobby uses is "bidding a topic." This basically means that if you want to talk about a specific thing, you can have different ways and approaches to place this topic as the focus of discussion.

Furthermore, Bobby goes to explain how to follow up, aka to go from one topic to another. He shows six ways in which you can change the subject, and you can repeatedly do this process.

This way, not only are you avoiding the potential gap and void that can occur but also you are going deeper to find out what is it that really attracts the girl.

By following the outlined methods, you will easily be able to hold a long-lasting conversation that will be enjoyable for both of you. Furthermore, this is the way to introduce practically any topic you'd like and even start building that sexual tension to go to the next step.

Storytelling is another method/technique you can use to make your small talk more intriguing and sexy. This 'isn't a new concept, yet it is exceptionally effective at connecting to girls. You will be presented with the steps you need to take your game to the next level.

Moreover, stories are a great and exciting topic that can always come handy, especially if you are short of things to say.

Teasing, Bantering And Building The Rapport

A lot of stress is put on your ability to banter and tease. As girls are seeking more and more  "emotions" in the conversation, aka trying to connect to you, they expect you to create that feeling inside them.

 And this is where bantering and teasing come in play. It 'doesn't matter if they admit it or not, women LOVE them. Bantering and teasing are what creates a strong provocation, what gives the feeling of a play, what keeps the whole atmosphere going and what can also be the foundation of your rapport. 

Bobby recognizes the importance of the two factors in your talk and gives effective methods on how to implement them yourself.

Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that bantering and teasing shouldn't be your default mode. This means, you shouldn't be aiming to show off these two characteristics.

Furthermore, Bobby even shows how to effectively "escape" from this mode.

Moreover, you should pay special attention when talking to foreign girls. More often than not, they might find it challenging to keep at your pace and have a hard time interpreting your banters. So you should keep an eye on this.

Audio Lessons With Rob Judge And Jon Sinn

Make Small Talk Sexy gives you a chance to see how two other dating experts approach the same topic- Rob Judge And Jon Sinn. Two of the videos are practically interviews with the coaches, which help you compare different views and perspectives.

Something amazing about Rob is that he encourages you to have fun while holding the conversation. Mix it with bantering and you will open the 'girl's heart.

One thing that makes an exception is that Rob shares techniques that work really well for him, however, you might have a bit of a hard time implementing them yourself. Sometimes he will approach a specific topic that you might have zero interest in. So, what you want to do in that case would be to understand what it is in his approach that allows him to succeed and duplicate it in your field of interest.

how to make small talk sexy

A cool bonus you get is a recording that shows Rob connecting and talking to a random girl. And while this video is roughly 15 minutes long, you are given a follow-up discussion that goes into great detail about all the small tricks that make a difference.

This presentation is a great reference point about how you would want to approach and interact with women naturally. Once again, since his talk is suited to match his personal taste, you need to make some adjustments so that it fits your persona. Nevertheless, it is an excellent example of how you can approach things and what to do.

The other audio is where the second dating coach, Jon Sinn, reveals his personal preferences in terms of holding a conversation and picking up girls. Here you are given decent advice on the way you can present a story and how you can twist it so that the girl feels intrigued. Moreover, you will learn how to make physical contact with the girl and what to focus on. Sinn shares that this method is what made all the difference for him.

Amazing Bonus You Get- Conversation Steroids

As a bonus, you will be provided access to "Conversation Steroids." This guide focuses on different areas of interest, aka various topics that can be quite useful. These are great if you feel like you need more resources and are brainstorming more topics and ideas.

This guide gravitates towards psychological concepts that aim to help you get her hooked and interested in the conversation.

We are referring to conversation topics in combination with different "bait" you can use.

 The beautiful thing about this aspect is that you 'aren't forced to memorize any scripts, so you can incorporate these techniques in your natural talk to carry more emphasis.

Another Great Bonus- Alpha Attitude

Another great bonus you will be given access to is the "Alpha Attitude." Basically, this guide is a presentation where Rio Judge teaches you some essential concepts of attitude, mindset and belief system that is attractive and desired by women.

This guide is an excellent point of reference for anyone who needs more experience in the dating game or sees himself as a nice guy.

The Cheat Cards

Another resource is the cheat cards. They have specific information about certain topics like how to attract, how to talk, different openers…

These cards give a good overview of how to approach a girl and hold a funny and enjoyable conversation with her.

Make Small Talk Sexy- PROS AND CONS


  • A lot of practical advice
  • It goes into specific details
  • Covers a wide variety of topics
  • Decent concepts
  • Value in bonuses
  • Easy to implement


  • Too much information might be confusing all at once
  • You need to find something that fits your personal style
  • Only audios

Does Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy Really Work?- Legit Or A SCAM?

Now is the time you might be wondering- is this program a scam? Can it actually help me attract hot girls?

To your worries, I can say that the program is legit. Make Small Talk Sexy provides a lot of information and it covers almost every possible scenario, making it a fantastic program.

Moreover, you are given a 60 day no questions asked guarantee. This goes to show the level of certainty and commitment that you will benefit from this program.


Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy is a great product that will help you hold exciting and enjoyable conversations that will actually hook up the girl. The concepts and methods are rather easy to implement, nevertheless, there is a wide variety of techniques to choose from.

You are sure to learn how to give engaging talks and how to control the pace of the game. As a result, your dating skills will be on another level.

If you want to know how to finally give that one talk that will pick up the hot girls you want and make them addicted to you, Make Small Talk Sexy is the perfect fit for you.

make small talk sexy


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