8 Most Effective Ways On How To Make Women Obsessed With You

As guys, one of the things we crave the most is getting the attention from the opposite sex. Not only do we stand a higher chance for some real action with girls, but we also get a nice little boost of self-esteem.

However, this is easier said than done. If you have tried picking up women and have failed a couple of times, don’t feel bad about yourself. After all, the very best professionals in all disciplines were once amateurs to begin with.

Moreover, with so many guides, YouTube videos and podcasts showing you all of the different approaches, styles and techniques, one can easily get lost and be left clueless what to do!

Thus, in this article, I will share part of my own experience with women and what you can focus on to make a girl obsessed with you.

The Mystery About Women- Is There One?

Without a shadow of a doubt, you have heard the concept of how insanely difficult it is to date women. You have surely seen videos about the ten things you need to do, ten things you need to text, ten things you must never text… the list goes on and on.

Now, let me ask you a question- do you really think dating girls should be so damn difficult? Do you really feel from the bottom of your hearth that you should pay close attention to every single damn small detail while trying to catch a girl’s eye?

Since when did dating become so damn complicated? If it feels that dating and/or attracting a girl is becoming a burden, I can assure you, you either focus on the wrong girl or have the wrong mindset to begin with.

While I do believe there are several things and approaches you can implement, which we will discuss soon, getting along with the opposite sex should be fun, exciting and intriguing. After all, you want to see if you can work things out- you are not sit a damn exam!

Having said that, I would seriously ask you to consider the following statement- Do you think it is normal for you as a guy to be willing to possibly engage in a fight on the street where you can physically get hurt, but are afraid of approaching a beautiful 100 pounds girl? If this is the case, we might argue that you are facing some personal issues that are simply reflected in your dating life.

Having said that, let’s talk briefly about the mystery behind women and then we will get into several ideas you can try out. Remember, girls are human beings just like you and me. The second you start believing she is out of your league is the second you will inevitably fail with attracting her.

Is every second guy out there filthy rich, with the body of a Greek god, or possessing some superpowers that make him more of a human? No. But they are still picking up women and making them obsessed. This means that sometimes you just have to stop thinking and start reacting.

There is no mystery about women- there is only a lack of experience. This goes to say, get out there and start approaching girls. Push through the fear of rejection. Remember- FEAR is False Expectations Appearing Real.

Note that girls are different from one another, so you will need to find out yourself what your ideal girl or type of woman is like. That being said, here are several ideas about getting girls obsessed with you that I have noticed work for many guys.

How To Make A Girl Obsessed With You

best way to obsess women with you

1. Stop Breaking A Sweat And Caring What Others Think Or Say

Would you get addicted to a girl that experiences nervous breakdowns whenever you approach her and just try to hold a simple conversation? Most likely not. In this case, why should it be any different for women?

You see, anxiety and gathering nerves will do you absolutely no good. Just the opposite- it stands a high chance to ruin your first impression.

And why do you feel nervous? Because you are afraid that she might reject you or what she might say to her friends. You go through all this analysis and permutations that only increase the anxiety in you.

You won't get physically hurt. You will only find out whether the girl has an interest in you. And worse come to worse, at least you will find out that you aren’t a fit and you can move forward. There are so many girls out there, are you going to spend all your life crying over a girl you didn’t get instead of attracting and dating all the other beautiful candidates?

2. Keeping A Bit Of Mystery About You

Many of the gurus tell you that you need to be mysterious around women. This way, you will spark a flame of interest and intrigue in them.

While this concept is true, I believe there is something a bit more than merely playing hard to get.

And I am referring to you having things going on in your life. If you are passionate about trying new stuff, have unique hobbies, or are willing to take your own path in the entrepreneurship world, these are all things that make you different from the rest.

Having other stuff going on in your life not only makes you more exciting and intriguing as a person but also gives you more joy and fulfillment.

Remember, the girl is there to add to the happiness to your world, not become your whole world. The moment she becomes the center is likely the moment you lose control and masculinity.

3. Do Girls Really Like Dad Bods? Why You Should Start Hitting The Gym!

The dad bods are an interesting concept in today’s society. Personally, I don’t believe in it.

I believe that girls talk about how they like dad bods simply because it is accepted to be politically correct.

Nevertheless, my experience shows something else. Personally, I have found that girls show more interest in men who are in good and healthy shape.

Think for a second about a few sexy ladies you have seen in the last week. My guess is, there are all in more than a good shape with quite the definition. So why do you expect it to be much different for women?

This doesn’t mean that your physical wellbeing is everything. Nevertheless, it does make a noticeable difference and indicates subconscious signs of masculinity. Moreover, unless you are working 120 hours a week starting your own business venture, you don’t have a real excuse why you can't spend a good 3-4 hours a week going to the gym.

4. Be More “Cool” And Less Funny

Now, don’t get me wrong- nothing breaks the ice as well as telling a girl a joke or two and making her laugh. In fact, each time the lady laughs, she associates you with positive thoughts and emotions.

Telling a joke from time to time can be an excellent way to light up the conversation. However, I am noticing that most guys are taking it way too far.

From my experience, I believe that jokes are essential because you can help the girl relax. She doesn’t necessarily want to be with you because you make her laugh, but rather because of the optimism and positivity in your view and words. This is the more realistic conclusion that I have reached through approaching a lot of girls.

Having said that, it seems like most men, especially the ones that lack in terms of experience, take this general advice a bit too seriously. Not only is the majority of them telling jokes most of the time, but they will also constantly throw in a laugh or two, maybe trying to ease up the talk.

If you ask me, it is always handy to know 2-3 jokes, but when you tell one, just stop after that. Be calm- show her that you appreciate her company and that she can feel relaxed around you.

how to make women obsessed

5. Take Care Of Your Looks

Is look everything- of course not. Yet, it is still vital.

Studies show that girls can make a lot of decisions the instant they see you. Even before you have had the chance to open your mouth and say hello, she already knows if she wants to date you, sleep with you, present you to her parents, etc.

There is a lot of emphasis put on the first impression because the concept is fundamental. However, don’t stress out. I am not referring to massive changes. Still, you need to take care of several basic aspects that make all the difference.

First of all, quite basic, but always make sure that you are wearing clean clothes that smell nice and don’t have stains on them. And in terms of jeans, I understand that it might be somewhat modern, but you might want to avoid jeans that are torn out to a greater extent.

Furthermore, you might want to turn down the frequency of baggy clothes. What I have noticed is that most guys prefer this style. While I don’t blame them, for almost all of them, baggy clothes don’t suit them well at all and this doesn’t send a signal for much respect to anyone else.

Also, in my opinion, you might want to drop hats. This is just a personal preference, but I don’t believe wearing hats or covering your head improves your image and/or masculinity in any way.

The best way to get what you want might be to go out shopping when you have a day off and simply buy a few pair of clothes that complement themselves in colors and suit your figure.

That is all! It shouldn’t be any more complicated!

6. Know Your Time Is Precious

One of the things I personally admire is the closing in hammer style. This is an entrepreneurial approach that simply means to cut to the chase and get a bit more direct.

If you don’t remember anything else, remember this- life is a numbers game. There will always be another chance, there will always be another opportunity, and there will always be another girl.

Know that time is precious and you cannot get it back. This is why earlier I focused on having things going on in your life- because even if you are in a long relationship and she leaves for whatever reason, you won't have lost everything.

Let me explain my concept here. I believe that unless there is a serious attraction, you most likely won't get her straight away. So it should be good to have a bit of romance, small talk to get her interest. After that, I would just ask her out.

Understand that she either likes you or she doesn’t. If she wants you, she will be eager for you to ask her out as fast as you can. If she doesn’t like you, you will need to go through a vicious cycle of convincing her, that will simply take too much time and most likely won't result in a successful encounter.

As I stated, you are a human being just like the girl you want to attract. Your time is just as valuable as hers. So I suggest either you make a move and find out the truth, or simply move on and forget about the girl. But merely standing there, wanting to approach her and/or trying to play a push-pull scenario takes too much time and isn't that useful.

Either the girl is interested in you or not. So either take her out or find out that you aren’t a good fit and move on. Trust me, this will result in way more success down the road.

make girls obsessed with you

7. Be Emotionally Tough

Being emotionally tough implies you have a higher threshold for emotional pain. This means that you aren't afraid to approach difficult and challenging situations. This also means that you won't be afraid to approach women and get rejected.

I have noticed an exciting shift in girls that have rejected me. When they rejected me, I simply said okay and moved forward. Even though it felt unpleasant, I didn’t show any doubts and regrets. As a guy, you should have high levels of self-esteem and self-worth so you shouldn't let a simple rejection stand between you and your success.

That being said, when later I met the same girls I once asked out, I just greeted them and continued with my work. In fact, I think I was happy and fulfilled with myself. This provoked their interest. I noticed them giving me looks of interest. They were wondering if I had found another girl, a better girl that was responsible for my current happiness.

You see, girls also want attention and recognition. And if they see that another woman is approaching you, some of them will naturally feel a bit of jealousy because they believe they can make you happier.

What happened is the girls I once asked out were now interested in me more than I was interested in them! Now that’s a way to get them obsessed!

8. Show Her The Man She Wants To See

In my opinion, people either lead or follow. And to improve all aspects of your life, you would want to take the leading position.

There are so many people out there that whine about how hard dating is, how there are no good girls left, how all women want is money and security. And if you have heard it once, you have heard it a million times.

And when you ask these same people how many girls did they approach, had an actual interaction and/or asked out, guess what the number is- zero. If you are waiting for the world to bring you everything you want just because you deserve it, one life of waiting might not be enough.

In the movies or the fairy tales, have you ever heard that fate fortunes the weak, the ones that sit and wait for things to happen for them, to the thinkers and not the doers?

Of course not. Because fate fortunes the braves, and the only one that can help you is YOU.

Sometimes a girl will get addicted to your personality because you are so different in your unique way. This obsession might very well begin with you asking her out.

I have stressed enough on the importance of action in this article and I might be pissed when explaining this concept, and that is true- and for a good reason. You will either go out there, grow a pair and make something happen, or you will admit that it is your fault for not taking responsibility and accountability for your position in life..

make women obsessed with you

If you go right now on the street, I am almost 100% positive that you will see a gorgeous looking girl with an average looking guy. Hence, you are way better than him, so what happened?

He approached and asked her out, that’s what happened. And if you spend all your time at home, staying away from others in front of a screen, is it still not obvious why things aren’t working out?

I highly encourage you to go out there and do things that make you feel uncomfortable. This is the only way to make the change you want. This is the only way to get the happiness you deserve.

And even if you fail a few times along the way, so damn what? Remember- life is a numbers game.

If that one specific girl isn't interested, move on with your life! Just around the corner are one other beautiful girls, half of who might secretly like you. If you cannot change something in the past, why waste time gathering unnecessary worries?

If you still believe that you need some additional help or directions, I suggest you check out "The Obsession Method". This guide has been growing in popularity in the last couple of months and privdes useful tips. If you are interested in it, feel free to read our own review.

But note that unless you put all the time and effort you are putting in reading articles and guides into practice, it will have been for nothing. It is not about taking a chance, it is about giving yourself a chance. So please give yourself a chance right now to write the best chapter of your life!

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