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  • Mend the Marriage reviews garnered a lot of positivity
  • Brad Browning is a trusted and reliable relationship coach
  • The guide is easy to read and digest
  • Will help couples manage a wide base of marital problems and improve awareness in the relationship
  • Price-friendly alternative to therapy counseling
  • Provides great price value


  • Brad Browning shares some of the advice and tips that can feel generalized and limited when it comes to deep-rooted, complicated issues in the marriage

Summary: Mend the Marriage is a phenomenal program for everyone who is facing difficulties in their married life and would like to restore peace and happiness with their loved one.

This system gives you valuable information and easy fixes that will strengthen your connection together and help keep the marriage strong and stable for years to come.

This review/guide aims to help anyone who wants to enjoy the happy life of marriage and the fulfillment of a deeper and stronger connection to their soulmate. So read carefully and make the most out of it.


Mend the Marriage Review

Marriage isn't always bliss. Sometimes, it's cruel and rock hard messy.

Arguments are normal, disagreements do happen, and at times, space is needed.

But then there are also stages where your marriage feels like its hanging by a thread or that it could be tearing you apart from one another.

We all know counseling can be costly. Friends and family won't always have the best advice to give.

And when you've reached a standstill of trying all sorts of solutions, we happen to know one more option you can try: Mend the Marriage.

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What is Mend the Marriage?

Mend the Marriage is an online self-help course or guide for couples to rediscover themselves in their relationship and bring back the spark.

Marriage is a long-lasting commitment that couples swore to protect under oath until death. Over the years, jealousy, lack of communication, and conflicting beliefs can infect the stability and foundation of marriage.

Left untreated, the smallest mistakes turn to catastrophic arguments. Worse, it can lead to infidelity, many nights of whiskey and passing out on the floor, and lastly, divorce.

Mend the Marriage covers areas such as anger, intimacy, sex, jealousy, and forgiveness. The author, Brad Browning, introduces his ABCD system in the course to help couples recover from these painful symptoms and problems.

The course's primary objective is to help save your marriage and pull your marriage back from the depths.

In the later parts of this Mend the Marriage review, we'll touch the different parts of the book and the ABCD system Brad Browning encourages couples to follow through on.

What Mend the Marriage Is Not

Those who want to use Mend the Marriage should not see it as a one-time fix. Mend the Marriage is an online course where the users are dedicated to or want to save their marriage.

If both couples don't want to save their married life and instead, want to end the marriage, this course will be hard to digest.

The course will guide and teach you ways to mend a marriage; however, serious commitment is also required for its success.

Take note that before mending the marriage, both individuals in the relationship should be aligned with this goal.

If either one is passive or neglects the process to mend the marriage, it will make it even more difficult since one person is unreceptive to the solutions.

About the Author

Brad Browning is a relationship coach and divorce expert who has helped countless couples mend the marriage for over a decade.

He also wrote the book, "The Ex Factor Guide," where it teaches you how to get your ex back. Brad Browning also hosts a YouTube channel where he shares his insights and provides advice for his viewers online.

Some titles include, "Married but in Love with Someone Else," "Make Your Ex Regret Dumping You," "Why Silence Makes Your Ex Come Back," "How to get your ex back when they don't have feelings for you," and a ton more!

Brad Browning has helped countless men and women renew their vows and start life fresh. He is also consistently praised and renowned for his on-point insights, and his books have garnered an abundance of positive reviews.

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What Does Mend the Marriage Include?

In this Mend the Marriage review section, we'll look at the parts of the course and discuss what goes on in the ABCD system.

The Forever Phase

Brad Browning’s Forever Phase will help your marriage get back on track by teaching you how to let go of any negative memories with you and your spouse to bring in a healthier flow of positive feelings and memories.

Although negativity is normal, negative emotions that linger on for too long can be destructive and lead to even more unhealthy patterns in the long run.

Learning how to mend marriage, manage and navigate through the negativity is vital to keep the marriage alive and nourished.

Forgiveness Technique

The forgiveness technique will teach you the art of how to apologize to your partner and being open enough to admit your feelings when you feel offended or hurt.

Forgiveness is essential in any relationship because it cleanses the resentment and irritable feelings that most would typically be kept inside until it explodes.

Most problems never arrive at a solution because the feelings of anger linger on. Forgiveness is a process that will help you acknowledge your emotions and emotional state to move forward from the pain.

Dispute Diffusion Technique

Dispute diffusion is all about helping you prevent arguments and disputes from escalating and becoming an even bigger problem that may be more difficult to diffuse later on.

Before your disputes hit the curb and abyss, diffusing any arguments that arise requires setting aside your pride and being humble enough to handle things maturely.

If you find yourself highly reactive and impulsive when disputes arise, the dispute diffusion technique can help you through your problems.

Mind Reading Technique

Brad Browning’s mind-reading technique will teach you how to anticipate your partner's thoughts and feelings.

Communication is important in every relationship. Without open and proper communication, misunderstandings arise, and conversations which should have no harm at all, end up inciting pain and spiral even further to rudeness.

Take note that no partner can be the ultimate mind-reader.

Although this technique will help you understand your partner's needs and desires in the relationship more, there is still and always will be new things to learn about your partner.

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ABCD System

The ABCD system is a four-stage process for couples to go through so they can navigate through any negative feelings such as resentment, jealousy, and anger.

In the end, learning how to forgive one another will significantly aid in relationship recovery.

In this Mend the Marriage review section, we'll go through each stage and what it provides for men and women.

Accept the Situation

Acknowledging one's feelings and mistakes can be one of the most challenging processes we all go through.

Learning to put your ego aside and stop yourself from blaming one another is one of the main benefits this stage in Mend the Marriage will help you in.

You'll be surprised as to how many couples and individuals are in denial of what goes on in the relationship.

Breaking out of these patterns is a big step in saving your relationship and handling the problems in your marriage maturely and healthily.

Build Resilience

Building resilience is the second stage of Mend the Marriage, and it's not as simple as saying how versatile you are to situations.

It's also about mental toughness and, more importantly, learning how to look after yourself. Marriage is a unity of two individuals, but it's important to remember that two halves don't complete a whole.

It's two wholes that contribute to the relationship's strength and happiness.

Taking care of yourself can look like eating healthy meals, getting proper sleep and exercise, and doing healthy activities that make you feel happy and well-nourished.

Even something as simple as treating yourself to a long, warm shower can be a form of taking care of yourself. This applies to both men and women.

Since every individual carries their own needs to be fulfilled, learning to give this to yourself is crucial to learning to share this fulfillment in the relationship.

Commit to Change

To save your marriage and seal the solution, commitment is a proactive choice that every individual must make if they want to see changes and improved results.

Commit to Change is the third stage of Mend the Marriage that teaches you how to add more positivity in your life rather than continually return to negative thoughts and entertaining them.

Practicing healthy habits is easy to do for a day or two, but committing to long-term change, which can essentially last forever, is the real deal.

When we turn to our negative thoughts continuously, we allow ourselves to suffer. Negativity may be part of life, but it's also a choice if we want to continue holding onto it or let it go.

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Dedicating Yourself to the Task

The last stage in Mend the Marriage is about honesty. No - it's not just being honest. It's being open, expressive, and actively communicating with your partner.

Most problems escalate because of poor communication. When we close our minds to the possibility that we weren't being honest enough or refused to speak our true intentions and thoughts, this drives misunderstandings and takes away clarity from the conversation.

In effect, more problems arise, and the marriage becomes tainted with more anger and resentment as it continues to build up.

Finally, this stage teaches you how to come clean and communicate with your partner about your wants.

It will also help you learn to let go of taking responsibility for your partner's feelings, meaning you can't force your partner to feel something they don't.

This stage in Mend the Marriage sets the stage for both honesty and maturity to help save your marriage.

What Else Does the Program Include?

Mend the Marriage will also include a 200-page ebook, a 7-part video series, a 4-hour audio course, worksheets for couples to fill and answer, and 3 bonuses!

Now, what exactly are these bonuses, and what do they cover? You'll get 3 free ebooks, specifically Money Matters Guide, The Infidelity Survival Guide, and Children and Divorce ebook.

In this Mend the Marriage review section, we'll go through what each of these ebooks can provide for you:

Money Matters Guide

Money does matter in marriage, but while it plays a significant role in your marriage's financial aspect, financial problems can also arise and ruin the relationship.

It's not about getting your money back. This guide is about learning how to navigate through financial issues without hating each other and destroying one another over money.

The Infidelity Survival Guide

Cheating in your marriage can cause serious problems and break the trust between couples completely.

Cheating is like eating the forbidden fruit. Once you've had it, it corrupts you and the relationship you're in. But let's be totally honest.

And we're not only referring to men here. Both men and women have infidelity cases. In a sea full of options, fidelity and faithfulness take serious commitment.

For those who have encountered infidelity or are worried about your partner having an affair, this guide is perfect and a must-read.

Most people believe that infidelity is equivalent to your partner unloving you or neglecting you in the marriage.

Now here's what this guide will tell you: infidelity happens when there is a loss of intimacy in the relationship, which means it's not about you, it's more of what your partner feels he/she lacks in the marriage.

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Children and Divorce

When you have a rocky marriage and children are involved, this can lead to even more complications down the road.

The psychological impact divorce has on your children may, at times, tend to go unnoticed, but in reality, it can be extremely tough on your kids.

This is even more vital as your child progresses through his/her adolescence and adulthood years.

No parent wants their child to go through this traumatic experience. Children and Divorce is an ebook that will help couples prevent this traumatic experience from happening.

Who is Mend the Marriage For?

Mend the Marriage is for couples looking to commit to a change in their marriage and save it in the process.

Couples nearing the thought of divorce and finding their marriage grow to become more unstable will find this guide useful and beneficial for both parties.

Mend the Marriage is also not limited to just one sex. It applies to both men and women and actually would be more beneficial if the couples went through the guide together.

How much Does Mend the Marriage Cost?

Mend the Marriage costs $49.95. For the resources and value you get out of this guide, $49.95 is a price-friendly option for anyone to invest in.

At the same time, paying $49.95 to help you save your marriage costs a lot less than spending 5 to 10 sessions of therapy counseling.

If you are currently in therapy counseling, purchasing this guide does not mean you should stop therapy. In fact, pairing this guide and therapy might even create a substantial amount of benefits in the process.

Also, Mend the Marriage comes with a money-back guarantee offer. You'll be granted a 60-day money-back guarantee policy if you feel unsatisfied with the product.


  • Mend the marriage reviews garnered a lot of positivity
  • Brad Browning is a trusted and reliable relationship coach, making this guide trustworthy and effective
  • The guide is easy to read and digest and comes with worksheets to help couples apply the guide better
  • Will help couples manage a wide base of marital problems and improve awareness in the relationship
  • Price-friendly alternative to therapy counseling
  • Provides great price value


  • Brad Browning shares some of the advice and tips that can feel generalized and limited when it comes to deep-rooted, complicated issues in the marriage

Final Thoughts

Mend the Marriage is a worthy guide to have for any marriage that encounters problems, disputes, or arguments along the way.

Applying the techniques and advice mentioned in this guide can help prevent your marriage from tearing itself apart, especially if you and your partner are in the early stages of having problems.

We hope this review was able to help you understand everything you needed to know about Mend the Marriage! Have you tried the program? Let us know in the comments section below!

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