How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone- Escape From It And Get The Girl

You know the feeling of having a beautiful girl around you. She is amazing, extremely hot and attractive. You feel charmed if not obsessed with her. However, you cannot connect to her.

No matter what you do, it seems like she views you as nothing more than a friend, a buddy she can talk to.

Or maybe there was a girl interested in you and you wanted to put her into the friend zone since you had no spark towards her.

Either way, this is the harsh reality – it seems like no matter what you do, you cannot build a rapport and create that relationship. 

friend zone

However, this is a straight-up LIE.

It is not the friend zone that is out of place or seems unbearable. It is the guys’ logic and approach that puts them at a disadvantage from the very beginning.

Men continuously make the same mistakes over and over again and expect miracles to happen. 

And in this guide, you will learn that guys get friend-zoned by simple mistakes, nevertheless, ones rather difficult to recover from.

This tutorial will show you the tricks all bod boys use to avoid and escape the friend zone and to pick up girls like real badasses.

And if you are in the scenario where you are dating a girl you are not that passionate about and don’t think things can work out, you will see how to friend-zone her by not doing some of these mistakes.

The Start-Up Signs You Are Approaching The Friend Zone

While women differ from one another, there are always certain words they use that indicate the entrance of the friend zone- she can interrupt the conversation between the two of you to start another one at the same time, tells you that “you are a good friend(or person) ” and that she is happy/glad you are “around”, pats you on your shoulder…

And even though these can only be considered as warning signs, the situation is a lot worse.

People are exceptionally quick at judging those they meet and talk to.

If a girl has just met you, it will take her a matter of minutes to decide what kind of person you are. This is a chain reaction that instantly occurs in the subconscious mind of every human and is based solely on the impression you create in an instant for yourself.

attracting hot girls

This means that all of a sudden she will know whether you are outgoing or shy, if you are the one that can take her out and/or buy her a drink, the one she can introduce to her family.

The girl’s brain is programmed this way and it will gather as much information as it can find to make as many decisions about you as possible.

This stresses the importance of the first impression. Therefore, it is vital that your initial behavior is one that will further improve your success with her once you start the conversation.

This is why if you notice the signs of the friend zone mentioned above, you need to quickly consider something.

Ask yourself whether you are the type of guy that can approach and connect to others in a casual way, or if you are emitting these signals.

If the answer is no, you have to become him.

get out of the friend zone

Here is where you can “visualize” what the friend zone is.

Imagine there is a really hot girl. You start talking to her. However, between the two of you, there is a hole. And the more the two of you talk, the bigger the hole gets. Eventually, it will be way too large for you to jump or cross the hole.

This is a really good way to understand and imagine what the friend zone looks like. And just like this description, the more you are trying to make something happen, aka start a relationship, without “touching” her, the worse it gets.

This is a recipe for a disaster. You won’t succeed if you follow this procedure. And the best way to crush the friend zone is to never get into it in the first place.

But what is it that makes guys fall straight into it? Mostly it is due to two reasons:

– You don’t try to create a way towards her( open her to you)

– You are forcing the relationship.

The second one is a huge setback for most men. Guys often mistake a slight sign of attraction from women.

This means that they are too greedy trying to rush through things. This is the mistake most guys who are new to dating and picking up girls struggle with.

Furthermore, men who don’t have high expectations of themselves as desired by girls tend to be needy and chase women too hard without really having the necessary preparations to do so.

friend zone

One detrimental mistake is the fast pace at which men try and create a rapport. This approach backfires severely and will get you into the friend zone.

You can spend several hours talking to a girl you have met somewhere. And after all that time talking to her, afterward, you will find yourself beginning from zero.

Even worse, you might already be into the friend zone. This will be since you didn’t find an effective way to open her towards you and couldn’t time the right moment to establish the rapport.

However, this doesn’t mean that getting girls is unachievable. Picking up women is something manageable and doable and you will see just how easy hooking her up can be.

The Plan The Badass Uses To Attract All The Girls

If you happen to meet girl, at a bar, for instance, the thing she will judge you by is the way you act and interact. Here we will discuss the importance of the touch and how you want to use it in to get the girl. You want to create a physical connection to her and this is why the touch is so effective.

If  you can create the impression of an outgoing person who can reach and touch others, she will understand this is a part of your personality.

Now you know that having the right mentality and being full of confidence can only swing the wing in your favor.

You need to be the person who connects and touches others.

And the most important thing you need to remember is that this approach of opening them towards you can only work if you combine the right mentality with proper timing.

You need to pay some attention to this because you don’t want to be going too slowly or rushing too soon.

attract hot girls like a badass

So when connecting to a girl, the touch is a vital aspect . The touch itself is your best guarantee and guard from the friend zone.

Now let’s go into more detail about the date, aka the girl you met and are with.

The whole plan can be divided into three phases. Each one of them will change your approach and way of attracting.

The beginning of the date, or the first phase, is the attraction phase. The second part, the middle of the date, is the rapport phase. And the final part, the end of the date, is the seduction phase.

It is important to understand where you are at the current time of your date to determine the right approach.

The Map Of Interaction You Want To Follow When Getting Girls

In the attraction phase, in the very beginning, your ideal mentality is that of a boy.

During the rapport phase, you will have the mentality of a friend.

In the seduction phase, you want to have the mentality of a man.

The thing you want to know here is that if you want to succeed and stay away from the friend zone, you want to have a plan that works in your favor.

This approach is perfect because it is based on the psychological part and the subconscious mind of a woman.

The steps here will show you exactly what girls search for and how to give it to them.

And as much as you need to understand at which part of this dating plan you are in currently, you also want to act correspondingly in each phase.

In the attraction phase, your goal is to build curiosity and create mystery.

For rapport, you want to strive to create a relationship and transfer emotions.

And for seduction, your intention should be to escalate sexuality.

If you have prepared yourself with the proper mentality and the right intention, you are ready to pick up the girl.

Your first task is to realize in which phase you are in. Guys seem to grasp well the ideas associated with sexuality, however, they have a bit of a rough time when it comes to attraction and rapport.

Men falsely believe they are good at building a rapport while having a somewhat poor idea about attraction. In reality, it is just the other way around.

It is usually the attraction part that guys are good at while creating the relationship is the thing they have a really hard time achieving.

out of the friend zone

If you want to get the girls like a real badass, you need to become the badass.

The bad boy is not strong in some of these dating areas and weak in others. He is an expert and dominates in all of them.

This is why you need to put more effort and practice until you truly grasp the difference in touch across each of the three phases.

Part 1 Of The Map Of Interaction-The Attraction Phase

Now, let’s start with attraction. This is the point at which you want to sparkle curiosity.

The first stage of attraction is the introduction.

This is the time someone meets you for the first time.

This will be your “default” mode, based on which people will create their judgments. This will be the touch they will judge by.

During this first phase, you want to have a light hand. As you go into the rapport phase and get a bit more personal, you can have a heavier hand.

However, in the beginning, during the interaction, you want to be kind and gentle. The girl hasn’t made up her mind yet whether she can trust you or not.

friend zoned

This is why you need to be outgoing, cheerful, playful and friendly.

You need to be boy-like and  continue with this behavior until the very end of this phase. You want to get closer to her, make her feel safe and comfortable in your company.

This is why you don’t want to move too fast or harsh, because otherwise she might get the wrong idea.

The last thing you have to keep in mind is that everything in this phase should be quicker, it shouldn’t prolong itself. You don’t want her to take your hand off her at any cost.

As to where to touch her, there aren’t any specific rules. However, there are certain things to avoid.

For instance, it is way too early to touch her hand or hold it. You should stick to touching her upper back, triceps or the most common shoulders.

However, don’t forget that the touch shouldn’t last for more than three seconds. You want to create curiosity so stick to doing so and don’t get carried away.

You need to give her the message that you are interested in her, but not going to hurt her at any cost. In fact, you will protect her.

Part 2 Of The Map Of Interaction-The Rapport Phase

During the next phase, the rapport, you are on your way of creating a relationship with the girl. Provoking an emotional connection and interaction.

Touches can now last for 4-7 seconds from the 1-3 seconds in the previous phase.

As far as where to touch, it can vary. For example, if you are sitting, it is common to touch her knees.

If you are standing, you can try and touch a bit lower on her back.

If you feel you have created the needed tension, you can go even further and try to touch her face, go with fingers through her hair, gently touch her neck…

Here you want to be a bit more aggressive while keeping it sensual and passionate.

badass gets the girls

Give her the right signals that you want something more.

And to do this and transition into the third phase, you can try and gently move your hand around her body. This will help her focus more on emotions which will help your process.

When touching her, you should worry that much about why exactly you are doing so while doing it.

Just keep in mind that there is a way and you should consider when to turn this “switch” on and off.

The Part When Girls Give You Confusing Signals

Now comes the part when girls may try to give you a confusing signal. For instance, she can tell you something like “No, stop!”.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t necessarily mean she doesn’t like it and wants you to stop.

To know this, watch her body and the way she reacts to you.

attarctin hot beauties

If she continues with something of the kind ”We shouldn’t be doing this” while still reacting positively, you shouldn’t take her warning all that seriously.

However, if the case is different you’d better stop. The last thing you want to do is rush things especially if you are unsure what is going through her head.

Many guys fail to see the difference between a girl that is acting tough and hard to get and the one that has lost interest in you.

And if you fail here just once, your chance is probably gone.

Part 3 Of The Map Of Interaction-The Seduction Phase

Ultimately, the goal you are trying to achieve is to make the women you are attracted to as comfortable and relaxed in your company as possible.

And part of this comfort comes from the amount of time you touch her.

The difference to seduction is that unlike the other two faces, you have no touching limit. In fact, the longer you touch her, the better it is for you.

You want to make sure you provoke as strong passion and desire as you can.

You can touch her freely as long as this moves you a step closer to making her obsessed with you.

A Quick Recap Of The Plan For Getting Girls Using The Map Of Interaction And The Power Of The Touch

So, a quick overview:


During attraction, the first phase, you want to touch her kindly, gently and friendly, for about 1-3 seconds. The areas you should strive for are arms and shoulders. On rare occasions hands.


During the rapport phase, you want your touches to be lingering. Here you are going for and acting as a friend. You can touch her for 4-7 seconds. Now you can focus your attention on the lower part of the back, knees, sometimes interacting with fingers.


In the final phase, you want to be sexual, sensual and exceptionally passionate. Be a bit more aggressive while maintaining a rather gentle touch to avoid being pushed away.

passion and emotion

Okay, But What Happens If I Screw Up?

An important thing to consider- what happens if you screw up?

You need to think about which phase does the problem involve and how to solve it. This means you have to start all over again and pay twice as much attention to that part you had difficulties with.

Note that each time you mess up your chances of success decrease. And while one mistake may not be the end of the world, after 10 failed attempts your chances are slim to none.

You need to find the sweet spot for your current situation and go from there.

If you are not as aggressive as you should, you are going straight into the friend zone. On the other hand, being too aggressive will turn her off and your chances will vanish.

Pay Attention To The Signs of Attraction And Pleasure A Woman Gives You

So, how can you know you are being enough aggressive or doing it right?

There are different ways to judge this.

She might increase the rate at which she touches you. The girl may as well touch you more on the shoulder or back.

In the phase of rapport, watch closely on how she reacts. Pay special attention to whether she leans forward.

If she does, she is giving you positive signals. People tend to lean forward whenever they are creating a relationship in little attempt to bridge the gap and strengthen the connection.

If she continues to do this while you lean back or break the current physical connection with her, you are doing it right.

During seduction, pay a closer look to her hips. The girl is interested in you if she either faces or places her hips against you.

attract sexy women

And if you wonder how to know if you have failed to touch her :

– She walks away

– Turns her back on you

– Takes your hand off her

A good tip you should always take into consideration- take your hand off before she removes it.

If you notice any signs from her that she might feel uncomfortable from the touch, take your hand off before she does it and keep talking to her. Just keep the conversation going and don’t look at your hand. In fact, it would be better not to pay attention to your hand during the date at all!

escape and avoid the friend zone

Another important part to keep in mind that having her remove your hand might not be the end. It often signalizes that you are going too fast, pretty much rushing things. This doesn’t mean she wants you to leave her.

In that case, you are probably messing up the time of the touch- the contact is lasting for too long for the phase you are in. You might think you are in seduction while you re still in rapport or attraction.

So don’t be quick to panic if a woman takes off your hand. If she doesn’t walk away, she is telling you to slow down the pace a little bit.

If you can realize the phase you are in and understand how the whole matrix works, you will have learned one important skill that will help you during the entire process.

You need to know that if you want to get good at this, you need to have a lot of self-esteem and to continuously practice.

Picking up girls isn’t hard once you know what to do and have planned your approach.

This is exactly what Tao Of Badass can help you with. The whole procedure mentioned above is a part of the program- the so-called Map Of Interaction. And there is a lot more to it.

If you want to level up your game with girls and learn how to instantly attract them like a real badass, you should check out this guide.

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