Pickup Spanish Review – The Best PDF Ebook System To Approaching Latinas

Review Of: Pickup Spanish

Use: effectively flirt, seduce and hook up Latinas



Ease Of Use


The best program for hooking up Latinas

One of the cheapest Spanish courses 

Easy to understand and put in pratice

Decent support


  • The most effective program for picking up Latinas
  • The cheapest course in this niche
  • The concepts are presented in a funny and exciting way
  • The material is easy to absorb
  • Value in bonuses


  • Takes time and patience to get really good at it
  • You must be willing to meet and talk Spanish

Summary: Pickup Spanish  is the best course for guys willing to meet, flirt, seduce, and get hot Latinas to go in bed with them.

This system focuses only on the material you need to pick up Spanish speaking girls rather than the whole language itself. This makes it relatively easy and fast to go through, as well as it is the cheapest option on the market for this specific niche.

This review/guide aims to help everyone who is interested in having fun and experiencing sexual fantasies with smoking hot Latinas. So read carefully and make the most out of it.


What Is Pickup Spanish?

The world is filled with beautiful and beyond gorgeous Latinas. Has there ever been a man that hasn’t wished for a night of pleasure and wild sexual ecstasy with a Latina? And why just stop at one night?

There is just something that drives us so damn hard and attracts us toward these beauties. Just take a look at the curves, the great tone and that naughty spark in their eyes!

There is a reason all men have more or less dreamt of making wild love with Latinas. There is also a reason why Latinas are so famous in terms of sexual arousal and satisfaction!
top 10 spanish pick up lines

And now comes one not so pleasant question- how do you actually get a Latina to go home with you? What if you are visiting South America for the first time, seeing all these gorgeous beauties around you and wanting to take them to your hotel room?

Luckily for us, a solution to all problems can be found. This is where Pickup Spanish comes handy. This system teaches men everything they need to know to become effective seducers and start scoring points for themselves.

Now, let’s dive a bit deeper into how exactly this course helps you achieve it.

El Conquistador- The Author Of Pickup Spanish

El Conquistador is the persona behind the Pickup Spanish system. Why should you trust him to take this guide?

To begin with, he is an experienced speaker and a successful dating expert. This guy can fluently speak five languages and has effectively seduced women from all over the world during his travels.

How many guys, or experts, do you know that fly from continent to continent and succeed at getting local women in their own language?

My guess is, not much. Well, El Conquistador is an exception. Moreover, he finds a particular interest in the gorgeous Latinas, as all men can understand his excellent taste.

He knows Spanish and has managed to seduce countless of Latina hotties wherever he goes.

So, if you are looking for a dating coach that has been there and done this, you can't find anyone much better than El Conquistador.

What Is Pickup Spanish And How It Differs From Other Courses?

The Pickup Spanish guide  is a course that is specially designed by a professional to help you meet, charm, and seduce Spanish speaking women.

The course itself is divided into four separate modules, each comprised of 6 to 8 smaller parts.

The idea behind this structure is to take you from ground zero, where you will have your initial struggles in getting more familiar with the language, all the way to being able to hold a simple conversation good enough to get a Latina all over you.
pick up lines in mexican spanish

And yes, you can do that easier than you think. El Conquistador will show you that women themselves, and in this aspect Latinas as well, have a lot of sexual cravings and are looking for would partners to have fun with.

The pdf ebook is structured strategically, as it helps you gain a basic understanding of the language initially. From then, in each following module, you will improve your skills on the already established foundation from the previous chapters and their smaller parts.

But what truly makes this course an ace in terms of dating Spanish speaking babes is the simplicity behind the course. Don’t get me wrong here- by no means will you just read it and magically, Latinas will start coming at your door begging to spend the night with you!

What I refer to is that you will need to put some time and effort. However, it will be well worth your while. Under simplicity, I mean that the course will teach you the essentials to talk to Spanish women and get them horny for a dose of you.

You won't spend time going over all kinds of vocabulary that you will typically go over in a typical Spanish course.

Remember, this guide has a specific purpose to help you get good at provoking women and making them obsessed with you.

This is why the course is so damn useful- it focuses only on what intrigues you and doesn’t waste time on unnecessary subjects. Thus, it is a lot shorter, and more importantly, a lot cheaper than other courses out there that might try and teach you the same things.

The Modules Of Pickup Spanish

As we already made it clear, this guide focuses on the critical part we are interested in, aka dating hot Latinas.

As expected, the system starts with information about the basics of holding a conversation in Spanish. Through Pickup Spanish, you will learn how to seduce Spanish speaking women, but that is pretty much all to it.

If you are intrigued by the language itself and want to get better at it, you can always improve your skills and knowledge at a later date or take another, a more in-depth course about the language.

However, this is not what Pickup Spanish is all about. It is about getting the damn hotties horny and craving for you!

Module 1: 80/20 Spanish

9 spanish pick up lines

The first module comprises of 6 smaller units, namely:

Unit 1: Vocabulary Generator

Unit 2: Familiar Friends

Unit 3: Verb to Noun Construction

Unit 4: Adjective to Adverb Creation

Unit 5: Power Verbs - The Big 6

Unit 6: Verb Families

Here you start your journey into speaking Spanish. But don’t let this scare you. You will focus only on the very essentials to succeed with Latinas.

Moreover, El Conquistador will teach you several “hacks” how you can relate between English and Spanish as languages. He will share practical techniques that will help you convert a vast majority of words from the first language to the second.

Once you get a better understanding of the basics, you can then start working on more “compound movements” like building sentences and statements. Once you get good at the teaching, getting Latinas will feel like a piece of cake.

I strongly advise you to get a crystal clear understanding of this first module before you go forth in the course. This is the very basis of your future success and if you want to start picking up Spanish speaking beauties, you need to put the hard work upfront.

Module 2: Online Don Juan Spanish

The second module combines another six units, respectively:

Unit 1: Latin Profile Composition

Unit 2: Mass Messaging - Smashing The Online Piñata

Unit 3: Online Chatting & Building Trust

Unit 4: The Virtual Bounce

Unit 5: Spanish SMS Game and Meet Up Organization

Unit 6: Hacking Badoo, Tagged And Cupid in Latin America

The second module emphasizes online dating. This is the equivalent of your real-life experience, for if you decide to take your game over the internet and pick up Latinas either on a dating website or an app.

What you need to focus on to succeed is flirting and provoking sexual tension in your partner, thus she will know in which direction are you headed. And quite often she will be just as eager as you to have some wild one-night-experience!

In this chapter, you will get a better understanding of how to approach your online seduction. Furthermore, you will learn how to start a conversation and keep it rolling, without you having to gather any unnecessary worries.

Module 3: Daytime Matador Spanish

The third module is divided into seven units, namely:

Unit 1: Spanish Ice Breakers

Unit 2: The Amigo Chat

Unit 3: Hispanic Humor & Flirting

Unit 4: Grandes Historias: Your Back-Story

Unit 5: Insta - Date

Unit 6: Adios & Number Acquisition

Unit 7: Specific Venue Vocabulary

This is the part when you get a deeper dive into what it feels to talk and seduce Latinas.

Moreover, the guide focuses on two different aspects of the dating game- dating during daytime and dating during nighttime. Since the places to meet, the conversations you will have and the way you will seduce will vary, each of the topics requires a separate chapter for itself.

And the third chapter focus on the daytime. You will go in-depth into all the essentials you need to attract a Latina and make her go nuts over you.

Module 4: Nighttime Conquistador Spanish

good pick up lines in spanish

The final module consists of 6 units, respectively:

Unit 1: Ideal Nighttime Venue Identification

Unit 2: Macho Approaching

Unit 3: Disarming amigas and amigos

Unit 4: After-party, taxi home and logistics

Unit 5: At your casa

Unit 6: Bedroom Seduction Spanish

The fourth and final chapter focuses on nighttime- it goes into the smaller details of how to be the very best man a Latina can pick in a night club or a bar.

Nevertheless, you are given a lot more help than this. You are provided with effective ways on how to go through the entire system- how to find the best clubs and bars during nighttime, how to approach and dominate the other guys who might be trying their luck with your girl, how to take the beauty home, and how to get a godlike experience for the night.

Everything you need is packed in this module to ensure you get more women addicted to you than you can handle!

Pickup Spanish- The Free Bonuses You Get

What would a great course be if it didn’t come with free gifts?

Once you buy the program, you will be given free access to the following materials:

1. Bang The DR - An International Playboy's Guide to Scoring Big Booty Chicks in The Dominican Republic

This guide provides valuable information about the Dominican Republic. You will receive straight answers as to which are the most effective hotels, clubs, and the very best areas to have fun? This pdf ebook holds the answers you need.

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2. Gaming 'Grade A' Colombian Women - Secrets to Living It Up and Pulling Top-Tier Beauties in Medellin, Colombia

This guide is a must for anyone looking to discover the beautiful lands, and even the more gorgeous women of Columbia. This pdf ebook is written by the International playboy and Colombia expert Nacimiento. The free bonus will show you all the secrets to how you can build a whole list eager to spend the night with you in Columbia.

3. A Bachelor's Guide to Central America

Yet another fantastic free gift made by a famous international playboy-Masculine Profiles. He is the guy to ask for advice if you are interested in cheap traveling, getting girls online and addicting foreign women to you. This guide is a must for everyone willing to explore Central America. This might be all you need to become an international playboy!

colombian spanish pick up lines

Pickup Spanish- PROS AND CONS


  • The most effective program
  • Great price compared to other courses
  • The system is fast and easy to absorb
  • Teaches you only the essentials to succeed
  • Value in bonuses


  • Takes time and practice to implement

Does Pickup Spanish Work - Legit Or Scam?

Here comes the real question- is Pickup Spanish legit? Can you really attract and get hot Latinas while using only the material taught in this course?

The answer is simple- this program works and will dramatically improve your dating experience. You will learn the techniques to stand out from everyone else trying to hit the girl and be the one she decides to spend the night with.

Moreover, you are given a 60-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. This goes to show the confidence in the rate of success of the program.


Pickup Spanish is a fantastic program for every man who wants to learn how to pick up, seduce, and make Latinas crave him.

The information is only the vital things you will need and is relatively easy to understand and put in to practice.

If you are ready to take your game to a whole new level and start charming the gorgeous Spanish speaking beauties, this program will help give you all the resources you need.

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