Bridgette B.’s Pornstar Method Review- The System To Sexually Dominating Women

Review Of: Pornstar Method

Use: sexually satisfy a woman and make her crave having sex with you



Ease Of Use


Effective method to turn into a beast in bed

Terrific price for the value provided

Fairly easy  to understand and implement

Great support


  • Experienced coaches
  • The videos make everything crystal clear
  • Effective techniquese
  • Clear explanations
  • Value in bonuses


  • Takes time and effort to become exceptionally good
  • You will need a partner to put the methodology in practice

Summary: Pornstar Method is an excellent course for every guy who wants to improve his sex life and satisfy every partner.

This system is focused on giving you the knowledge and techniques you need to make women recognize you as a sex god.

This review/guide aims to help anyone who is eager to learn how to make girls have the time of their life and, as a result, get more sex that one is capable of handling. So read carefully and make the most out of it.


What Is Pornstar Method

Let’s face it- we are living in the greatest hookup era our world has ever seen. There are more and more girls joining online dating sites and apps every day, looking for a partner to have some fun with each night.

However, don’t overlook the women you will see at the mall, at the bar, at the grocery shop, or even at the library! They might look uninterested on the inside, but we know better what they crave deep on the inside.

With so much fish in the sea, what could possibly go wrong? Well, let’s see most guys’ reality- they somehow get a girl, or even better, take her home, have what they would call the best sex in a lifetime, and never ever hear from the beauty again.

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Did the lady really have the best sexual experience in her lifetime or one of the worse? You get where this is going. Like it isn't hard enough to deal with women, get them on a date and later have them come to your place.

You must also make sure that they liked, no, that they had the best night of their life to make them crave sex again and again with you. This is where Pornstar Method comes in place.

This guide is designed to dramatically improve the sexual game of men and leave their partners in pure ecstasy. Once you reach this level, be sure that no girl will ever see you the same way. Furthermore, not only will girls be eager to date you, but they will do everything humanly possible to experience the pleasure you gave them once again.

If learning how to make women obsessed with you to the point the only thing they think about is how to get one more night with you intrigues you, let’s dive a bit deeper into this review and see how you can make this reality come true.

Bridgette B. - The Creator Of Pornstar Method

How is Pornstar Method different from the other courses out there? What makes it special and unique?

Bridgette B. is the woman that stands behind the program. She is a pornstar, and one with a lot of experience. Being with many partners on and off camera, she has learned the difference between what guys think women want and what they actually need.

Moreover, as a woman herself, Bridgette knows the best way to approach the topic of sex with a girl. Furthermore, she teaches the ways to get down on a girl in such a manner that you are guaranteed to turn her on.

Working with a lot of girls herself, Bridgette seeks to help men understand the real art of seduction and sexual play that will leave a lady speechless. She knows that there is a lot of misleading information out there that sabotages your chances with women.

She has recruited a team of both male and female porn actors and colleagues to give you the most vivid picture on the whole topic of sex, from both perspectives- you will recognize the names of Bridgette B., Carper Cruise, Kimber Woods, Carmen Caliente, Seth Gamble and Damon Dice.

Thus, Pornstar Method is a guide from some of the very best and experienced figures in the field of pornography. They will be your very own dating coaches that will show you how to succeed and thrive in bed.

Therefore, you can rest assured that the advice you are given is top quality. And each trainer has a unique technique or method to share with you that is guaranteed to take your game to the next level.

The Pornstar Method System

Let’s drop the barriers and be honest- we all have watched porn. And while women are afraid to admit and discuss it to the extend guys openly do, they aren’t as innocent as some might have them think.

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This goes to say, a lot of the scenes you have seen on different adult sites can come to reality. Hell, some of them do, daily!

Nevertheless, there is one huge lie you have been let to believe- what you see on the screen is a reflection of reality itself. NO. This is a lie. But if you have gone over dozens, if not hundreds of videos, it might be hard to grasp this concept at first.

This is a crucial topic in Posnstar Method that Bridgette openly discusses. On camera, you see all these submissive girls, pretty much sex slaves, doing whatever the guy orders them to do.

You see how the man is in charge. If he wants to go rough, he can start pumping her, pulling her hard in a painful manner, spitting on her face, whatever you can think of.

Well, some girls do enjoy going to this level. However, most of them not. At least, not initially.

And this is a concept that needs to plant its roots deep into your consciousness.

For instance, some guys believe that they should just go for it- stick it in and the magic will happen. As you can tell, our world isn't this simple. And Bridgette makes it clear.

Pay Attention To Her Signs, Not Your Thoughts

One simple question- who would you rather listen to advice in terms of sex- your friends or a pornstar? The pornstart, of course!

They have been there and done it better than anyone else. And this is why you need to pay close attention to what they advise, and not what your buddies are telling you.

Because, if it were as simple as sticking up your manhood in her, no woman would have ever cheated, right?

A crucial advice Bridgette stresses is not worrying. Don’t think about what you are doing now, what will happen next, is this position the best, should you change it now, or whatever questions you might be having.

In fact, there is a simple way to answer them- watch your partner. And, more importantly, observe her body language.

pornstar method bridgetter b

Her body movements, her facial expressions, her moans (or the lack thereof) can tell you everything you need to know.

A thing you might have experienced yourself. You have been with a girl, and the two of you were in one of the most popular positions (doesn’t matter which one). Everything looked exactly like in the movies, right?

So why did you get the feeling it wasn’t quite working out? Furthermore, why wasn’t she moaning and talking to you as much as you initially expected?

Two crucial mistakes guys make is:

  1. Assuming that the girl is comfortable in the current position
  2. Thinking that if they orgasm, the girl is satisfied

It doesn’t work quite like this!

Remember, most of what you see on the screen is made up, the actresses moan on purpose. They don’t necessarily always enjoy what they go through.

And Bridgette knows this fact well. Thus, in Pornstar Method, she goes over not only a wide variety of techniques and positions that will give you the very best results but also how to know if you are headed on the right track.

If the girl is genuinely enjoying it, you will notice it. She will start moving her body in your rhythm. She will begin moaning, bite her lips, put a finger in her mouth, tell you to go deeper, or not to stop.

These are damn clear indicators that she is having the time of her life.

However, if you aren’t observing these signals, like if the girl doesn’t move and follow your tempo, doesn’t make the facial expression that she is enjoying it (moaning isn't always necessary or expected), or tries to shake your body to either get a bit more comfortable with the current position or try to switch to the next one, here are great indicators that you aren’t really making her feel it.

Thus, Pornstar Method goes over the whole art of sex. Because, at its core, it becomes pretty much an art.

If you satisfy the girl, and I mean truly satisfy her, as none has ever done before, I guarantee you that she won't even have time to think about other men.

Her whole attention will be to please you, to spend time with you, and to have the same sexual ecstasy over and over again!

What Does Pornstar Method Cover?

The Pornstar Method program is a system of video lessons and scripts you get that go over the essential parts of having sex and satisfying a woman. Moreover, at the end of each lesson, you get a sheet to see how well you have understood and absorbed the material.

There are a visual presentation and explanation of what you should be doing with the girl and how to actually do it in the best possible way.

This program covers how to roleplay, warm her up, massage, suck, and fuck. Of course, if you want to go a bit harder, you will also learn how to pull, rub, choke and fuck her in a way that will drive her nuts.

pornstar method legit or scam

This guide aims to provide you with a clear understanding and full control of how to eat her out and take charge of her vagina. Combine this with the right nipple stimulation training you get in the course, and she will be out of control even before you actually get inside her!

Moreover, you will be shown effective techniques that will help you significantly last longer (hint- this is a simple method you can do, but you most likely haven’t ever considered or heard about it!). You will learn the best positions for the sexual scenario you are going for, as well as how to position yourself and your partner to get the most out of the current passion you are in.

The Pornstar Method Sex Course- The Free Bonuses You Get

Bridgette and her team want to take all your concerns away. As a thank you for purchasing the course, you will be given free access to several bonuses. These mini-guides contain additional information that should clear any remaining misconceptions or questions you might have. Thus, you are given access to:

The Male Pornstar Perspective

If you remember, there are also some guys that help Bridgette in the creation of the course. One of them is Seth Gamble. He has been featured in well over a hundred shots and is quite famous himself.

In this mini-guide, he will give you insight on the male perspective of acting and seducing women. You will learn how to recognize the signs a girl is into you, how to approach and seduce her, as well as what the “real” sex feels like and how to improve your own.

You will also find out the best places to unleash your full load!

How To Get Her Number

In the second bonus, Bridgette comes to the rescue. Here she teaches what has made the biggest impression on her in terms of why some guys constantly get a girl’s number and why others always fail.

You will learn the sector to switch a woman in a way that will ensure you get a positive response from her. And all this from the view of a woman that has gone hundreds of times through it!

pornstar method pdf free download

Vagina 101

This is a bonus you definitely don’t want to miss!

The vagina isn't a magic button, as some guys might have you think. You don’t just put your hand somewhere down there, and eventually, everything works out (Well, you might achieve a thing or two, but you are sure not to go for a second time with her!).

If you are unsure what the vagina is, you might get a bit confused and insecure once you start going down on her. And this is a huge turn off for women.

This guide aims to fix the issue. With this one, you will learn everything you need to be concerned with in terms of what is the vagina, how many parts does it consists of, and how to stimulate each one.

If you just get this one right, your sexual life will change, and your success with women will skyrocket!

Pornstar Method- PROS AND CONS


  • Experienced coaches
  • The videos make everything crystal clear
  • Effective techniques
  • Clear explanations
  • Value in bonuses


  • Takes time and effort to become exceptionally good
  • You will need a partner to put the methodology in practice

Does Pornstar Method Work – Legit Or Scam?

Time for the real question- is this program effective? Can you truly see the desired results by following the methods described in this course?

The answer is yes, this system is legit. This program is designed by some of the most experienced people in the industry of pornography. If someone knows how to teach you what to do, they are the way to go.

Furthermore, you are given 60 days full guarantee. This is how confident Bridgette is that Pornstar Method will help you see the desired results.


Pornstar Method seeks to help guys who experience setbacks with their sexual life and don't get the attention and pleasure they deserve.

You will learn practical ways that are guaranteed to stimulate the girl and leave her in pleasure. And once you know how to do this successfully, rest assured that she won't be interested in any other men. She has already found the one who can satisfy her like never before, and this one guy is you.

If you want to learn how to addict a woman to you and make her obsessed with the idea of having sex with you, this program will give you everything you need to succeed.

pornstar method review

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