Good Questions To Ask Your Crush And Get Her To Like You

There is this particular charming girl that has been on your mind for quite a while. You are more than attracted to her, you have tried to give her some signs, even said a word or two to one another.

But you have some doubts in the back of your head that cast a shadow- should I talk to her, and if I do so, what to say? To help you get her not only to notice you but also to grow interest and passion in you, here are good questions to ask a girl you like.

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Clear Off The Basic Stuff

First thing first, you cannot just randomly start asking her whatever questions you want. Technically you can, but you would stand lower chances of getting her intrigued or even impressed.

This goes to say, start with several more trivial questions not only to break the ice but also to get to know the girl better.  This way, you are getting a good idea of what she might be passionate about while getting all the attention.

Once that is out of the way, here are different examples of things you can ask her to get the ball rolling.

Questions To Ask A Girl You Like

Once you have broken the ice, and the two of you feel more comfortable with one another, you can start asking her more interesting and provocative questions. Get to know her, make her have a good time and definitely make her laugh.

There isn't a better way to charm a girl than making her laugh and feel special.

And you can use the following questions to hold an exciting and thrilling conversation.

1. What is the silliest thing you have argued about with your parents?

We all know that our parents get to act outrageously over things we consider silly and stupid. One way or the other, this can be an excellent way to start a conversation. Girls usually share with each other similar topics and matter, so she will feel comfortable telling you. Not to mention, the talk can get hilarious!

2. What is the thing that annoys you the most when talking with others?

There is something that triggers a negative response with whomever we speak. It might be attitude, pessimism, bad-mouthing, plainly talking too much, etc. Furthermore, since you will know what she doesn’t like to hear, you will have a better time talking about stuff she loves and enjoys.


3. What superpower would you want to have?

A funny question that will tell you about her preferences. You can go on with a discussion about superheroes and villains or a movie after that!

things to ask a girl

4. Do you have a favorite movie or book character?

An easy way to get to know more about her taste. Once you know what the type of character the girl is interested in, you might have a better understanding of what to go for.


5. What do you like and hate the most about being a girl?

Now this question is a fantastic way to engage with her. Trust me here, in almost 99% of the time, she will have more to talk than you can imagine.

You will most likely connect relatively easy with her once the conversation starts going. The girl might show just how difficult and hard being a woman is, while also sharing what she believes are the positives of that side.

On the other hand, you can get a clear insight into the way she thinks and regards feminism. This can be a sensitive topic both for guys and gals. If you believe that her personality doesn’t match your initial expectations, you can either give it another shot to learn more with several other questions or just search for a new girl.

Whichever road you choose, you will definitely learn valuable information that can help you decide whether she is a keeper or not.


6. Which is your favorite series?

Another good question that isn't general and boring. In fact, this can give a breath of fresh air into the conversation. Girls always have a “craving” towards an interesting and exciting ongoing series. Even better if you yourself are a fan. This is a great topic that cannot quickly be exhausted in a single talk, no matter how long it is!


7. What is your favorite song/band?

This might seem a bit trivial to some. Yet, this is a great way to get to know more about the girl. I have seen some relationships beginning solely by the fact that both the guy and the girl enjoy listening to same song. Yes! Sometimes it is this bloody simple to succeed.


8. What is the wildest thing you have done?

This is a great way to change the way a conversation is going. Since you are talking on friendly terms, the girl might have no worries sharing what she understands as something wild and adventurous. Not to mention, if you take your turn to describe a similar experience you have goon through, you easily stand a chance of creating a rapport.

questions to ask a girl you like


9. What is the most random thing a stranger has told you/asked you to do?

This is yet another great and, quite often, funny question to ask her. Chances are, pretty much everyone has had one exciting encounter with a stranger that doesn’t have a good understanding of common sense. You might be surprised by the answers you can receive.


10. What do you consider a personal achievement even if others don’t agree with you?

An effective way to break the ice and get to grow a better understanding of the girl. We all know and can imagine the trivial stuff- good grades, secured job, financially stable, etc. While this is all good by itself, the girl might have achieved something different that isn't viewed as “achievement” in the eyes of most people, but for her to be a success. Not to mention, you will start learning what intrigues her and provokes her.

11.  What scares you to death?

Great way to switch things up and change the rhythm of the talk. Also, sometimes you might get a good laugh over it from both sides. Just remember that there is a thin line between what is acceptable and what isn't.


12. What is the most extravagant change you want to make in your style?

It might sound strange at first, but it doesn’t have to be. You might have noticed that a lot of girls are constantly changing their styles, going from white hair to pink, and from gothic to pop. So, you never know just what the girl might be planning. You might help her choose her next hair color!


13.  What do you think should be changed in schools’ educational system?

Usually, women have something to say when it comes to education and its improvement. Well, technically, everyone can advise developing this concept further. So why not ask her for her opinion?

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14.  Do you regret something you haven’t done and will you regret something you aren’t currently doing ahead in time?

In terms of opening a girl’s heart, honesty is the right partner. And we all have regrets in some shape or form. Sometimes all you need to do is let her open her heart and share with you what is possibly stressing her out. Remember, if you want to get the girl to really like you, you need to prove to her that you are there for her.

If the lady shares a topic she is passionate about, let’s say starting a business, but is too scared to try and risk, why don’t you give her your full encouragement? More often than not, this will do wonders for you in the long run.


15.  If you could tame whatever animal you wanted, what would your weirdest pet be?

We know that girls adore everything that is sweet, small and super cute (and this would be mostly small doggies or kittens). Well, what if she was a real cat’s fan and wanted to tame a tiger if she had the chance? You can get quite crazy with this one!


16.  Would you want to be half-human, half-robot?

An interesting question. This one, in particular, can tell you just what kind of superpowers, secret techniques and others the girl might be interested in. You will be surprised just how many different things you could possibly do if half of your body was robotic. Not to mention, who wouldn’t like to throw laser beams from one’s eyes?


17. What do you think differentiates a good party from a wild/fantastic one?

Get to know her style and her preferences! Nobody would reject an excellent party opportunity. And asking her what makes the party terrific will give you clear indicators about the way the girl likes to have fun, what thrills and excites her.


18. What is the weirdest party you have ever gone to and what did it make stand out?

We are talking about parties after all. And you can hardly imagine a boring party. This might mean one thing- storytime! Nothing breaks the ice and makes the whole atmosphere more enjoyable than several funny and intriguing stories. You should join her too- tell them with passion, discuss them with enthusiasm, make her laugh and she is sure to get a liking in you.

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19. Do you have a favorite location that you want to visit quite badly?

Trips! Usually, there is an exciting location that is in the mind of all girls. It doesn’t matter if the place is one she has never visited before or one bringing back pleasant old memories. Ask her about her preferences, learn more about what excites her.


20. What do you think most people should know but they don’t?

You never know just what kind of an exciting thought might be going in the head of the girl. You might be amazed (or not) by what concerns her and she views and interesting and/or essential. Give it a shot. You never know in what direction the conversation might go.


21. What is your greatest comeback?

Getting into arguments and debates shouldn't amaze anybody in this day and age. It might be a thrilling battle face-to-face or an in-depth discussion over a specific topic somewhere in social media or the internet. Either way, the girl has been able to thrive and secure herself a victory.

22. Which app on your phone do you use the most?

Want to get to know the girl better? Ask her about her favorite app. Let her share with you why it fascinates her and why does she spend so much time on it. If it is something similar to Facebook or Instagram, you can always ask her to add you. Furthermore, you can share what application you are using the most to get a funny, cute small talk going.


23. What is your favorite joke?

Nothing gives more life to a conversation than a good joke. So, a different way to set up the mood would be to ask her for something- a joke that she finds particularly funny. Even better, you should prepare a joke yourself beforehand and tell it to the girl to make her laugh. This way, you are provoking a good response while simultaneously, she is associating you with positive thoughts and feelings. The perfect way to kill two birds with one stone.


24.  What do you think is the biggest scam out there?

A provocative question that can lead the entire conversation in a different direction. Furthermore, you are getting more insight from a different angle of the girl.

good questions to ask a girl you like

25.  Do you have a favorite actor and why?

If you know anything about girls, then there should be no confusion that there is an actor out there that the girl has a crush on. Maybe it’s his look, perhaps it's his style, maybe it’s his success and career. Either way, she has a strong liking to that person, because, pretty much everyone has someone who they admire and look up to. So don’t be afraid to ask. If the girl is in a good mood and wants to share more about this, listen carefully and take notes. There is a reason why she has her eye on him and this can help you identify what makes him so attractive and desirable to her.


26.  What do you think makes a guy creepy?

You can say it with a sense of irony or sarcasm. But, the truth is, the girl will have a particular liking towards approach and behavior. This can help you avoid doing something that makes her feel uncomfortable. Furthermore, you stand a higher chance of avoiding the friend zone. Just make sure that you say it in a somewhat more casual way, so you don’t seem as “desperate.”


27.  What is the most exciting way to kill time?

Get to know how the girl prefers to spend and enjoy her free time. You might be thinking that she would like, let’s assume, romantic walks in the forest, spending time in nature, and picnics while it can very much be that she prefers going to amusement parks, visiting museums, even going to the bar (LOL). My point is, this is an excellent way to gather more information and grow a better understanding of her and possibly start planning the first day you can take her on.


28.  What do you think about jerks and assholes?

This might have come as a surprise to some, but it is indeed a good question. Let’s be honest- in a lot of cases, women don’t know what they want. More often than not, they are solely emotion-driven. While they might argue that the good guys are the way to go, why are they going after the assholes in most cases? As you can see, women enjoy sexual tension, combined with a bit of playfulness a naughtiness. And you might learn just the right combination for your girl.


29. What do you look up to doing every single day?

What exactly gives her excitement that she is eager and passionate to do daily? Is there a movie, a book, a project? Get to know that and even better- to grow some kind of interest towards that same thing. This might easily pull the two of you closer.


30. How hard is it to pull the trigger?

What gives her anxiety when she is dealing with it? Find out what are her strong and weak points. Maybe you can cherish and encourage her to make a change and follow a decision that she has been putting off because of insecurity.


31. What is a small thing you did that has had a significant impact on your life?

As we said, get to know her, learn more about her passion, strive and ambitions. You never know just what small thing the girl is doing on a day to day basis, which is giving her a geometrical growth in the long run.


32. What is the wildest thing you are trying to accomplish, so different and challenging that others can't believe you dream about it?

We all have dreams and ambitions towards something more, towards greatness. Some people strive for the very moon, for things that cant be accomplished in a lifetime, while others still have ambitions but with a bit more down to earth goals. Chances are, the girl has certain strive towards an aim she wants to accomplish but is scared to share it because people don’t believe she is capable of achieving it. If you get on such friendly terms with her that she is willing to share her passion with no hesitation, you are in for a treat!


33. If you had $100K and one day to spend that amount of money, what would you do?

Shopping with money- a girl’s wet dream! Sometimes it is exciting and fascinating to see just what vibe the girl has inside her mind when challenged to spend so much money, and moreover, for a single day. Be ready for some creative answers! You might haven't imagined just how many clothes a lady may need. But who knows, she might have other plans in mind, too.


34. What do you consider to be the biggest scam in our world and society?

Now, this is yet another quite interesting question. Nowadays, everybody has an opinion and people often share and enter severe discussions about their personal belief systems. There might be an aspect in our world that seems as pure crap, yet next to nobody realizes the devastating effects of the potential scam. Just make sure that you treat her opinion with respect, especially if you don’t feel like you resonate with it.


35. Is there a single sentence that you have heard that has changed your life?

Sometimes it only takes one sentence, if not one word for your entire world to change on 180 degrees. Maybe the girl has her own credo she passionately and vigorously believes in. There can be a specific thought going through her mind that she is afraid to share. You can always ask! As long as you tolerate her ideas and don’t say anything stupid that will turn her off, you are good to go.


36. What is it that a lot of people do that makes you cringe?

Oh boy, here comes the fun! But seriously, there are certain aspects in our everyday life, for instance, posting on Instagram and Facebook, that too many people do while giving and receiving the wrong impression about themselves. A nice way to lead the talk into a more funny direction and have a good laugh.


37. If you could start your life all over again, how would you change it?

There are certain aspects and actions in our lives that we realize are stupid and a total waste of time and resources way too late. There might be a new and more mature view of this problem. You can never guess in just how wild of a direction the person you are talking to is willing to go. If you want to have a bit “deeper” conversation, go with this one.

38. What are your thought on introverts and extroverts, and which type do you prefer?

A fantastic way to get more insight about her preferences. As you probably know, women enjoy having a good talk, pleasant time and a decent laugh with a guy. And while you may think that being extrovert is the way to go, in a majority of cases, girls share that they are put off by guys that are constantly talking about whatever stupid crap is coming to their mind at that time.


39. Do you believe in superstitions?

You never know just how superstitious a girl can be. In fact, according to researches, women tend to show a higher interest in supernatural phenomena. You can try and see just how far her border goes. Who knows, a sudden mistletoe might occur if you need it!


40. If you could pick one, what would you choose- love or money?

An excellent and provocative question, suppose the girl is honest. Learn more about her preferences. Let's see what intrigues her more. If she says money, I guess you’d be starting a business!

41. What do you value most in your closest friends?

Learn what drives more passion and interest in the girl you are interested in. Learn what she values high and searches for in people. Show her what she is looking for and the magic will happen.


42. Do you have a dream car?

It is considered that guys are the car geeks while girls don’t pay that much attention to cars. Well, that isn't necessarily the case. With all girls, at least. You never know if the girl you are talking to has some kind of odd interest, like having passion for cars, that she has gotten from another member of the family, like her brother, for instance. Sometimes her answer and knowledge might shock you!


43. What is the trait that you find most attractive in a person?

Get to know what exactly is it quality-wise that fascinates the girl you have your eyes on. Does she put all of her interest in personality, or does she pay more attention to looks and style? This question might be more critical than you recognize because it shows a lot about the girl you are talking to. In fact, you might quickly get turned off by her style and preferences and in this case, you don’t want to keep wasting your time with her.


44. What is an essential aspect of life?

Is she a workaholic? Is she ambitious? Maybe she just wants to chill all day long and inst interested in anything besides her phone? All good questions that you should get an answer to as quick as humanly possible. Remember, a lot on the outside doesn’t necessarily have to do with anything on the inside. So make sure you have a good understanding of what you are getting yourself into.

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