8 Red Flags In A Relationship You Shouldn’t Ignore While Dating A New Girl

Falling in love is one of the most exciting and intriguing experiences for guys, especially when the girl you have a crush on reacts in the same way. You are passionate about her, want to spend more time with her, want to know her better, not to forget getting sexual with her.

What could possibly go wrong, right? The answer- a lot of things! This is mainly because, in the majority of time, we don’t exactly fall in love. In fact, we fall in lust.

red flags in dating a girl

This is especially true if you haven’t had a lot of experience in the dating arena or are struggling to get a girl’s attention. So now that a girl has finally approached you and is interested in you, you instantly jump to the conclusion that she is the one.

The girl might be, but she also might not be the one who is meant for you. However, sometimes it is hard to tell if your partner is a good fit and is worth dating and starting a long-term relationship with.

To help you out, here are several indicators that something is fishy, meaning something isn't quite right. I would suggest you keep track of how many red flags you will find in your date. The more you score, the more I suggest you consider whether the person is really worth your time and effort. Keeping that in mind, let’s jump straight in the red flags when dating a girl.

Relationship Red Flag List When Dating A Girl

1. Look At Her Friends

red flags in a relationship for guys

We said that when you are in love/lust, you can't really be objective about what your girl really is like. If this is the case, I recommend you take a close look at her closest friends, especially her female best friends.

There is this saying I completely agree with- “Show me your friends and I will show you your future.”

If you don’t like her friends and won't bother spending any time with them, and more importantly, you can't stand them, this is a huge red flag. There is a reason why your girl hangs and chills with them.

I would like to mention that it is in human nature to stay within our comfort zone, meaning avoid risks and feeling like a fish out of water. Your lady is friends with her female companion because she “sees” herself in them, because their share not only time together but also opinion, views and beliefs.

If you don’t agree with the behavior, the standpoint and/or standards of her female friends, you might be in for a lot of trouble without realizing it.

2. It Is Always Her Exes To Blame

relationship red flags men should know

While asking about her exes or her past relationships might not be the most appropriate question to ask straight away or on a first date, I suggest you ask it directly or indirectly in the beginning phase of dating a new girl.

Why is this question so important? Because it can quickly reveal her true colors and indicate her opinion on men and relationships in general.

Sadly, women have been put on a pedestal by social media and a lot of weak and spineless men in the last couple of years. The result of this activity is that a lot of girls share this twisted view that not only does the entire universe revolves around them, but also when something terrible happens, it’s never their fault.

Just sit back and hear carefully the way she talks about her exes. If all of them are jerks, bad guys, aggressive and abusive, and it’s their fault for her previous breakup, I suggest you immediately cancel the date, break up with the girl, and walk away.

Because there is something seriously wrong either with her taste in guys, or with the girl. I have never seen a happy relationship when the lady answered this question in the way mentioned above. And I believe it is not worth your time and effort, so just move on.

3. Talks In A Negative Way About Men

This point is connected to the previous one. One serious red flag when dating a girl is her having a negative opinion about most, if not all men.

“All men are pigs.”

“Men are hopeless without women.”

“There aren’t any real men left.”

“Women are always the ones to do all the work.”

If you hear one of these, or anything similar to these phrases, open your eyes and pay close attention to what she is saying. No high-quality girl that is worth dating will say something of this kind, especially in front of a guy and, more importantly, in front of her date, aka you.

If a girl is saying that in one way or another, this indicates that she considers herself something more than men, and in this regard, something more than you. And the moment you enter a long-term relationship, you will never be good enough, and it will always be your fault.

More precisely, she believes that she is more than you, which means that it is up to you to prove her validations and to show that you are “worthy” of having her.

While this doesn’t mean that the girl is in such a worse condition as the one I just described, If I were you, I would move to the next one. I personally know several girls like this, and not only I wouldn't date them, I wouldn’t waste a microsecond of my time worrying about them and their damn opinion.

4. She Is Not Responsible

red flags when dating a single mom

When searching for a partner, you are looking for someone you can rely on. If she doesn’t have your back and doesn’t do what she says/promises to do, what guarantee do you have that she will be a good wife, a good mother, and a supportive partner?

And, in my opinion, people take the same responsibility in all aspects of their life.

I cannot imagine a girl that wakes up in the morning, lies in her bed for 3 hours and scrolls her social accounts, working on developing her career or some ambitious projects or business ideas in the afternoon.

Just as I cannot imagine a girl that gets up early, makes her bed, hits the gym, and starts working in the morning, spend the entire afternoon and evening scrolling through her social accounts.

There just is no such thing. You cannot be responsible for some aspects of your life and irresponsible for all the rest.

Keeping that in mind, if she is consistently late for dates, or regularly forgets to do something when she has promised to do it, ditch the girl right away. There is no such as being too exhausted or tired if something is a priority for you.

And if she seems irresponsible with simple stuff like showing up on time, responding to your messages after one day, and anything similar, how are you supposed to rely on her when something important happens?

5. She Has No Purpose In Life

Change is tough. Everybody talks about change, but nobody wants to make a change. An older friend once told me: “Chose your friends wisely. If you are belching and farting in sports bars now, this will also be you 20 years from now.”

I finally realized what he meant. I am seeing a lot of girls that cannot wait for the week to be over so they can finally hit the club, the bar, or anything of that kind. The sad reality is that while I am referring to girls in their 20s saying this, I am seeing more and more girls in their 30s and 40s doing the same- hitting the club or the bar.

While this statement isn't 100%, if women have no purpose in life now, don’t expect them to be much different 20 years for. Even more absurd is to believe that once you get together, you will change her.

I would suggest you find yourself a girl that is passionate and ambitious, want to accomplish something significant in her career and life. I am positive that this type of girl will be a much better, transparent and reliable partner for you to seriously consider.

However, this goes both ways. You need to not only share and support her view but also be ambitious yourself. The couples that genuinely last and live a happy and fulfilling life are the ones that share a common ground and are supportive of one another.

6. Be Careful Of Her Calling You Names

red flags in dating a woman

I understand that sarcasm is a part of our everyday life, and it can be used for laugher, joy and having a good time. However, there is a thin line between what is appropriate and what isn't.

I talk from personal experience. I have dated girls that, at first hand, seemed like good girls. They are sweet, make a good company, and you can have a great time with them.

However, once they got a bit provoked, they started calling me names- just one word like “idiot”, moron” or ”retard”. At first, I thought they were just being sarcastic or trying to provoke me, but this continued happening every time they got provoked.

Even when it wasn’t my fault, I was still called one of the names mentioned above. Nowadays, if I date a girl and I hear one of them, I immediately break up and never talk to her again. Because I noticed that after I was called a moron several times in a row, the girls either denied it or said that I was really acting like a moron while I wasn’t doing anything.

If you haven’t met such women yet, you might not understand what I really mean. But trust me here, you won't live a long and happy life with a partner like that.

7.      Watch How She Treats Her Family

This is a red flag you might not be expecting when dating a girl. So I suggest you take a closer look at her behavior. She has been treating her family the way she does for decades, so her reactions and responses are pretty much mechanical.

This means that she shows her true colors. And if she doesn’t get along with her family, or keep a distance from them without any particular reason, that is a bad indicator. Why? Because this has formed into a pattern of how she believes she should treat her family, so you will most likely expect similar if not the same treatment.

Now, if there is something wrong with her family- ether they are abusing her, making fun of her in front of others or demonstrate other negative behaviors, it is understandable why she doesn't want to spend time with them.

Nevertheless, if her family is kind and caring and she still wants to be distant from them, this might indicate a lot of future trouble for you.

8. She Is One Of The “Strong And Independent Women”

red flags in online dating profiles

Now, let me make something clear - I admire independent women, those who take care of themselves and are kind and caring towards others while facing personal difficulties. However, I believe that these women are few and far between. And if your girl was one of them, she wouldn’t feel the need to say “I am a strong and independent woman.”

It might be just my observations but I am seeing more and more girls doing whatever they want and being irresponsible beyond recognition. And to all of that, their excuse is that they are doing it because they are strong and independent women.

Does this mean that there are no strong and independent women out there? Of course there are. But merely saying it doesn’t mean much. Remember, words are cheap, action is what matters.

If you want to get an excellent understanding of what the girl is like, pay close attention to her actions and whether they meet whatever is coming out from her mouth. If she doesn’t walk her talk, it doesn’t matter what the words are.

And so, here you have it. Here are 8 of the red flags I am looking for when dating a girl. Usually, they are connected. I would be very suspicious if I find even one, and if two or more occur, I will move to the next girl. After all, we also deserve to be happy and live a meaningful and fulfilling life.

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