Tim and Susan Bratton’s Revive Her Drive Review

Review Of: Revive Her Drive

Use: Reignite the sexual spark of lust and desire back into your relationship



Ease Of Use


Great program

Decent price for the value provided

Easy to understand and implement

Good support


  • Affordable price of $97
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • A comprehensive and detailed program with 12 interviews and 4 books
  • Tried and tested to improve sex life
  • Easy to follow and understand
  • Interactive with worksheets and workbooks
  • Fast customer support


  • Designed mainly for married men or men in a long term relationship
  • Only comes in digital format
  • Information could get overwhelming

Summary: Revive Her Drive is a terrific program for every guy who wants to reignite strong emotions of lust, passion, and sexual desire back into his love life.

This system gives you valuable information and easy ways to implement it, ensuring you turn your girl into a love-seeking machine, going crazy all over you.

This review/guide aims to help anyone eager to know how to spark deep passion and sexual ecstasy into his lover. So read carefully and make the most out of it.


Revive Her Drive Review

Romance is a lifelong journey. No lover should expect their libidos to be hot at all times.

You have to work it out and get your hands busy! Literally and figuratively speaking.

Some time in your relationship with your wife or girlfriend, you might lose some spark. You might realize a few turn offs too.

It's completely normal for partners to experience these moments in their marriages or long-term relationships. Just don't turn it into resentment.

If you want to keep the magic coming in bed, and overall maintain a healthier relationship, you must be willing to do something new and different.

Check out our Revive Her Drive review containing all the secrets and tricks to successfully woo your lady back.

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What is Revive Her Drive?

Women crave intimacy. But oftentimes, they don't even know exactly what they want. This could really get frustrating for any man.

It's incredibly hard in long-term relationships. Passion and libido could cool down, and a man's advances could have no effect over time.

There are various factors that affect why a woman's body chemistry changes. Stress, insecurity, guilt, and worry to name a few.

A man who truly wishes to stay with his woman for a long time will do anything in his power to make her re-embrace her sexuality and enjoy the pleasures of a happy sex life.

The Revive Her Drive program is the answer to these sex life issues. This program is the key that unlocks the pleasure wives and husbands deserve.

With audio interviews and easy to follow techniques, the Revive Her Drive program will allow you to entice your woman between the sheets, get her to completely surrender her body to you, making her "fall in lust." 

You can gain access to the program through a membership. What's great is it has a money-back guarantee too!

Get to know the Authors

The brains behind this fantastic program are Tim and Susan Bratton. Revive Her Drive is a result of their own struggles as a couple.

Susan Bratton is a famous author and public speaker. She has been featured in a number of television interviews being an expert on sex, intimacy, and passionate relationships.

The Brattons are now trained intimacy and relationship coaches.

Tim and Susan Bratton have been married since 1993. They both have been successful in their individual fields of profession.

With the fast-paced life, the burning passion and desire started to fade away between the two.

At a point when it all felt too critical, the couple knew something had to be done. They sought advice from love gurus, and sex experts.

With the tried and tested methods based on their personal experiences, they came up with the Revive Her Drive program to share the success of their process with couples experiencing the same.

The Revive Her Drive program is, in fact, a curated collection of hundreds of years worth of research, knowledge, expertise, and experience of thousands of people on sex, intimacy, and relationships, from around the world.

With the right strategies, and the relationship values of understanding, connection, and open communication, it's only a matter of time things start spicing up!

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Who is Revive Her Drive for?

Let's cut to the chase. The Revive Her Drive program is for couples in a long-term relationship. If you're not in one or don't plan on being in one soon, you may just bookmark this program and save it for later.

If you've made it around the 6-month landmark in your marriage or relationship, you're might be noticing a decline in your sex drive and start to move on from the honeymoon phase.

People are sensual and sexual creatures. If a decrease in passion occurs, it doesn't necessarily mean they don't want sex anymore. It merely requires a little rewiring. No pressure!

This program is an excellent purchase for anyone who wants to spice up their relationship with their life partners.

Benefits of the Revive Her Drive program

To be completely honest, this is not upfront for a sexual training program.

In essence, it is a program that helps husbands or men about to become husbands to understand the language of women.

This psychological approach then results in meaningful mind-blowing sessions in the bedroom. Of course, apart from the trust, acceptance, and strong intimacy being re-established.

The Revive Her Drive is a comprehensive program that teaches you:

  • The steps and skills to approach problems with intimacy confidently
  • How to restore the energy for sex
  • How to engage in sex in a fuller and more profound way, leaving both satisfied
  • The ways to apply concepts of psychology and physiology when enticing your partner
  • To develop trust, openness, and overcoming resistance, even allowing her to explore her animalistic side with you
  • How to communicate effectively to your partner in every aspect of the relationship
  • How to bring back a relationship that has turned sporadic and boring, to one full of joy and satisfaction

Contents of the Revive Her Drive program

As previously mentioned, Revive Her Drive is a comprehensive program that touches a variety of topics.

Before going all-in on the manuals, you can opt to download the free sample package to increase your confidence in deciding if this is the solution to your problem.

Learn from the following programs: "Inside Her" eBook, "21 Seduction Mistakes" audio, and the "Stealth Turn Around Technique" report. These can be easily downloaded from their official website.

For the full program, this is what you will get:

The Seduction Summit

This is the core of the material.

The Seduction Summit is composed of twelve 45-60 minute interviews with intimacy, sex, and relationship experts. They are available as audios and are also transcripted into an eBook.

For you to better navigate around the resource, a Fast Path Guide will help you create a clearer roadmap customized to your situation.

Here we listed the title of every interview on the Seduction Summit:

  1. "Alpha Masculinity" by Carlos Xuma
  2. "Erotic Adventure" by Tallulah Sulis
  3. "Ejaculatory Choice" by Destin Gerek
  4. "Secret Arousal Map" by Sheri Winston
  5. "Sustaining Attraction" by John Alanis
  6. "Dance of Polarity" by Christian Hudson
  7. "4 Keys to Seduction" by Dr. Patti Taylor
  8. "Seduction Integrity" by Karen Brody
  9. "Erotic Communication" by Adam Gilad
  10. "Sexual Sticking Points" by David Van Arrick
  11. "Masterful Lover Manifesto" by David Shade
  12. "Livelong Passion" by Alex Allman
Tim and Susan Bratton revive her drive

Four Elements of Revival

The Four Elements of Revival will help you get a clearer picture of your relationship problems.

This book should provide you the tips to work on: Creating Trust, Overcoming Resistance, Female Psychology, and Advanced Sexual Mastery Techniques.

How can I make it safe for my girl to let loose, be shameless, and even unleash the animal within? The ultimate goal here is to make her moan, writhe, and clench her toes with irresistible pleasure.

Talk about the orgasms you both will be feeling if you get the four elements of revival, right!

Stealth Turn Around Tricks

These are tricks any husband could use to entice his wife to the bedroom for some sexy skirmish. The techniques are easy to apply. There's no reason you won't get any sex tonight.

Relationship Values Worksheet

The relationship values worksheet will help you bring out the topic for lack of sex and intimacy. It's a sensitive topic, so you wouldn't want to release feelings of anger that might make her shut you out.


  • Affordable price of $97
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • A comprehensive and detailed program with 12 interviews and 4 books
  • Tried and tested to improve sex life
  • Easy to follow and understand
  • Interactive with worksheets and workbooks
  • Fast customer support


  • Designed mainly for married men or men in a long term relationship
  • Only comes in digital format
  • Information could get overwhelming

Social Proof

There has been a ton of positive feedback coming from users of the Revive Her Drive system around the world.

Readers have expressed a high satisfaction rate in terms of being able to bring back the sex drive in a relationship.

This statement has also been proven by the fact that the program has a continuous and increased purchase following.

"My wife and I were well aware of some of our intimacy problems. But there were a lot of things we did not realize that was ruining our relationship. We were stuck in a cycle of miscommunication. So we have Revive Her Drive to thank for helping us out!" -Anonymous

Another husband writes:

"I would recommend Revive Her Drive to anyone who desires a concise and easy to follow program to reignite the sparks in their relationship. I understood that if i focused on her needs, eventually we both become more satisfied." - Anonymous


If you love someone so much and intend to keep them in your life for the long haul, surely you'd do everything to keep the fire burning.

Revive Her Drive is one of the best intimacy and sex guide materials you can find to date.

Take advantage of it and trust the process. You'll bring back the honeymoon jitters and turn her into a pleasure-seeking machine in no time.

We hope our Revive Her Drive review was a lot of help. Feel free to share with us your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!

revive her drive review

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