Rise Of The Phoenix Review – Men’s Dating Tripwire By Sebastian Harris

Review of: Rise Of The Phoenix- Men's Dating Tripwire

Use: meet, approach and seduce gorgeous girls



Ease Of Use


Effective program for picking up women

Exceptional price for the value provided

Fairly straightforward and simple to use

Amazing support


  • Legit dating expert
  • One of the cheapest guides
  • A lot of good information
  • Easy to absorb and put into practice
  • Value in bonuses
  • WhatsApp coaching


  • Good for hookups, but not necessarily the best choice for long-term relationships
  • You only get two weeks of free WhatApp coaching

Summary: Rise Of The Phoenix- Men's Dating Tripwire is a fantastic guide for everyone who wants to learn how to meet, talk, flirt, and get the girl in your bed effectively.

The concepts and ideas will help you shift the way you think, and the program will give you all the material you need to start seducing women straight away.

This review/guide aims to help everyone who struggles with connecting to girls and wants to become a woman-magnet. So read carefully and make the most out of it.


What Is Rise Of The Phoenix - Men's Dating Tripwire?

Rise Of The Phoenix is a dating guide that aims at helping men become the best version of themselves and effectively charm the ladies they have their eyes on.

This system goes through the entire act of where to meet, how to approach, what to say to how to seduce a woman and get her in your bed!

Rise of The Phoenix - Global Seducer

This pdf ebook consists of 148 pages of tips, trick and techniques that guarantee your successful encounters with girls. Rise Of The Phoenix consists of five chapters, as well as an introduction plus reasoning for the creation of the entire system.

Now, let’s dive a bit deeper into this guide.

Sebastian Harris- The Man Behind Rise Of The Phoenix

Let’s start with the author of the guide. He himself is a whole reason why the system is different and works so effectively.

Sebastian Harris has gone through severe hardships throughout his life and career- both personal and in terms of becoming a dating expert.

Having a heart problem since he was born, he had to go through surgical operations in his youth. As a result, Sebastian was left with a huge devastating scar going through the outer surface of his chest.

This event has left severe marks and has driven fear in his body and soul. As every one of us, he has known well what depression, anxiety, and fear of rejection or fear to fit in feel like. Oh, did I mentioned he also suffered from acne?

As you can tell, life was everything but a fairy tale for him. Yet Sebastian has managed to overgrow his inner demons, learn how to effortlessly approach and seduce women, and become one of the greatest dating coaches out there.

This is also a reason why he has written Rise Of The Phoenix and what makes the system so different.

As you see, he had no advantage over you, by no means was successful or wealthy, and the scar and acne only made matters worse. Yet he succeeded and became one of the best.

This is his reasoning- there are a lot of garbage advice, ideologies and beliefs out there that give you and teach you the wrong things in terms of connecting to the opposite sex.

And, as Sebastian admits, if he can do it, so everyone can do it, so you can do it!

Sebastian Harris Debunks Myths And Shows You Your Fears

“If you want to reach your heaven, first you must go through your hell.”

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This thought resonates with the idea of learning the art of connecting and seducing girls.

Sebastian debunks a lot of garbage you have been fed and let to believe all your life.

Especially when it comes to feminism and the role a man is left to play in today’s society.

What might surprise you is that Sebastian doesn’t hold anything back. He will tell you quite unpleasant facts and will make you do several exercises as fast as in the first chapter just to show you that you have been given the wrong impression of women and men in today’s world.

He admits that it will be challenging, and success will take time, patience and effort. However, if you are willing to go through your “hell” and do what he asks you to do, your heaven will await with doors wide open. Trust me, the difficulties will be well worth the rewards you will get.

However, let me share the light of hope. Women are just as horny, naughty and craving the ecstasy of sex as much as men. You read that right. And you can easily manage to learn to provoke and pick up girls.

Think about it- with everything nowadays screaming “SEX,” is it possible for women to feel no sexual tension and not be aroused? Of course they are, and the quicker you embed this idea in your head, the sooner you will succeed.

Reality is that there are more women now than ever, and thanks to social media, there are more horner women wanting sex than ever! All you need to do is show the confidence (you will be taught how to develop and expand it), follow the damn system (follow the steps Sebastian outlines) and watch your success with women skyrocket!

“Rise Of The Phoenix - Men's Dating Tripwire” PDF Ebook- A Closer Look At The System

As we mentioned, this guide is oriented toward teaching you all the way from where to meet a girl to her going to bed with you.

The pdf ebook is divided into five different sections, each aiming to guide you through a different aspect of the dating game.

Each of the chapters has its own division and focus.

Now, let’s take a closer look at them.

rice of the phoenix by sebastian harris

Chapter 1 - From the Ashes: The Laws of the Man Every Woman Desires

The first chapter consists of 8 smaller parts, respectively:

  • My Scars, Your Success, and the True Reason
  • When the Boy Dies and a Powerful Seducer Rises
  • Set Goals Like Brian Tracy to Get Laid Like Russel Brand
  • How to Turn Your Limiting Beliefs into Pure Gold
  • How to Overcome Your Deepest Fears and Become Confident Beyond Measure
  • The Forgotten Values: A New Path for a Tamed and Tortured Phoenix
  • Adventure and Approaches: The Lifestyle of a Man Who Plays with Fire
  • How to Break Your Self-Destructive Habit and Rise from the Ashes
  • Rise Of The Phoenix is divided into three different stages, that “mark” your transformation.

    The book begins with a harsh reality check to put you back on the right track. Here is the time you will face all the lies and misbelieves you have been let to believe and obey during your entire life so far. This is the first stage of the system.

    Furthermore, you will learn that women themselves want and crave sex, and what in particular they want you to do to provoke them and how to read their signs.

    And lastly, you will be taught the tips and tricks to make her mad about you and chase you like crazy!

    As Sebastian refers to, once you absorb the material and implement it in the real world, you will rise like the true phoenix you are from the ashes of the lies of the past.

    Chapter 2 - Setting Her on Fire: Cracking the Code of the Female Mind

    The second chapter consists of 5 smaller parts, namely:

    • The Two Lies You’ve Been Told About THE Woman
    • Sex, Loneliness, and Revenge Porn: What Women Really Think
    • The Truth About Sexism and Christian Grey: What Women Really Want
    • Zero Rejection with the Power of Screening
    • Be Like Bob and She Will Spit You Out

    This chapter focuses on the second stage of your reborn. Once you have grown a better understanding of you yourself, it's time to see the world through the eyes of a woman!

    Here you will take a more in-depth look into what exactly are sex and porn in the mind of the modern lady.

    Moreover, you will learn the truth to what is it that women want and how to recognize the signs they give. This will also give you substantial marks on whether things are going in the right direction or you are heading into the friend zone abyss.

    Rise Of The Phoenix - Men's Dating Tripwire

    Chapter 3 - Hunting Angels: The Best Places to Meet Emotionally Healthy Women

    This chapter is divided into three smaller parts, respectively:

    • Why Club Promoters Want You to Fail with Women
    • How to Use Your Hobbies to Get Hotties
    • Go Where the Money Pussy Is (Do it 19 Times)

    After you have gone through the first and the second phase, now in time for the third stage to begin.

    In this chapter, you will learn the places where you can meet women that will catch your eye. Furthermore, you will learn how to approach and pick them up effectively without having to worry about what to say or how to act.

    All the necessary information will be given to you, as well as different creative ways on how you can approach this topic and experience dramatic success.

    Chapter 4 - Catch Her if You Can: Psychological Weapons of Mass Seduction

    This chapter is the heart of Rise Of The Phoenix. Therefore, it contains the most  smaller parts, namely:

    • Radical Honesty and the $100 Hooker Approach
    • Wounds of the War: How to Use the Blood of Rejection as Fuel
    • Conversational Warfare: The Innocent Words That End Your Dry Spell
    • The Primal Attraction Triggers Neil Strauss Didn’t Reveal
    • Touching Girls with the Anti-Trump Handshake (Grab them by the…)
    • The Instant Date: Fast Sex Since 2005
    • How to Get the Magic Digits 83% of the Time
    • German Efficiency: How to Set Up a Date in 76 Seconds
    • 66 First Date Ideas that 99% of Men Don’t Even Think Of
    • The Big Bang Is Coming: How to Prepare for Your First Date
    • First Date Trap: How to Control Her Emotions and Connect with Her in 3 Minutes
    • 19 Scientifically Proven Seduction Techniques Feminists Want to Ban
    • The Perfect (French) Kiss and Why Hollywood Betrayed You
    • First-Date Fireworks: How to Lead Her Hands to Your Pants

    Since you are promised to learn the secrets of attracting and connecting to the opposite sex, here are all the tips, tricks and techniques you can choose from.

    The wild variety also differs according the purpose you have. Depending on your intention about the girl, you can decide if you want to get her number, take her out instantaneously or arrange a date for later.

    To succeed, you are given real scientific methods that will provoke and stimulate specific parts of the woman’s brain, which take care of sexual stimuli. Once you learn how to take her sexual brakes off, you are left with a girl that can't focus on anything else than you and the sole desire for sexual satisfaction.

    Moreover, you will know how to provoke girls and make them emotionally addicted to you psychologically.

    Chapter 5 - Disney Must Die: The Secrets to Getting and Keeping a Girlfriend

    The final chapter consists of 4 parts, respectively:

    • Oxytocin Addiction and the Disney Love Lie
    • 11 Psychological Loopholes that Make Her Fall in Love with You in 2 Minutes
    • How to Avoid Falling in Love with a Narcissistic Crackhead (Find the Unicorn)
    • Girlfriend Game: Ejaculate Endorphins and Shit Adrenaline

    Assuming that here the forth you have experienced severe chemistry and a real sexual tension between both of you, now it is time to take things to the next level.

    In this part, you are guided on how to make the girl fall deeply in love with you and make her your girlfriend. To succeed, you are given a thorough explanation of what love really is.

    Moreover, Sebastian debunks some of the most common myths out there which teach false information about the true meaning of love and a stable relationship.

    rise of the phenix- legit or scam?

    “Rise Of The Phoenix - Men's Dating Tripwire”- The Free Bonuses You Get

    When you get the “Rise Of The Phoenix - Men's Dating Tripwire” system, you will be given several bonuses for free. These include:

    1. International Dating Domination: How to Meet 183 Exotic Foreign Women Without Lifting a Finger

    This guide is divided into seven chapters, namely:

    • Chapter 1: The Secret Value of Your Passport
    • Chapter 2: Gold Digger Alert: Is She a Foreign Girl or a Foreign Scam?
    • Chapter 3: 10 Rules for Getting 183 Messages from Cute Foreign Girls in Their 20s
    • Chapter 4: The Pain of Hitting the Russian Wall
    • Chapter 5: African Polygamy and the Booty Goddess
    • Chapter 6: The True Meaning of a Smile in the Land of Smiles
    • Chapter 7: Sex and Sanity with a Passionate Latina

    This ebook teaches why you can and should try and meet foreign girls. Hint- it is easier than you think, and no, it is not about money!

    You will be given some great advice ON INTERNET SCAMS that will try and take your money.

    If you have ever been on a dating website, trying your luck, trust me- sooner or later, someone will try to scam you( I talk from personal, and not so pleasant, experience).

    Overall, you will get decent information on how to seduce girls from different parts of the girls, and this includes some of the most beautiful hotties out there.

    2. The Unethical Text Message Cheat Sheet: 42 Copy-and-Paste Texts That Force Her to Reply

    The second bonus you are given is divided into six parts, namely:

    • Chapter 1: Texts You Can Send Right After You Got Her Number
    • Chapter 2: Texts You Can Send a Couple of Hours After You Got Her Number
    • Chapter 3: Texts You Can Send to Build an Emotional Connection
    • Chapter 4: Texts You Can Send to Make Her Laugh
    • Chapter 5: Texts You Can Send before You Call Her to Set Up the Date
    • Chapter 6: Texts You An Send After Your First Date

    In this guide, you are given more insight into texting girls. What is a dating game in this day and age without texting, right?

    Thus, you are presented with good examples on a variety of things to experiment with- what to text, what to respond, what to talk about, some crazy ideas that have a good chance of driving her nuts!

    This is a great read to improve your texting game and take it to the next level.

    3. The Cocky Cold Approach Cheat Sheet: 72-Word-for-Word Openers for Every Situation

    This guide is a bit bigger than the other two since it contains a lot of great info that will come in hand too often. Just check out the chapters:

    Chapter 1 - The Best Openers for Day Game

    1.1 Street Openers

    1.2 Park Openers

    1.3 Coffee Shop Openers

    1.4 Shopping Mall Openers

    1.5 Library Openers

    1.6 Bookstore Openers

    1.7 Train and Bus Openers

    1.8 Supermarket Openers

    1.9 Train Station Openers

    1.10 Gym Openers

    1.11 Yoga Class Openers

    1.12 Meetup Openers

    Chapter 2 - The Best Openers for Night Game

    2.1 Bar Openers

    2.2 Club Openers

    2.3 Private Party Openers

    Chapter 3 - The Best Openers for Online Game

    3.1 Niche Dating Site Openers

    3.2 Forum and Online Community Openers

    3.3 Tinder Openers

    As you can notice, here is a lot of additional information you will need. You might not need all the informantion, but to have additional resources to fall back on is always a good thing!

    This system focuses on the way to engage with a girl, some great openers that are sure to give a positive response from her , and how to connect to girls in several rather “difficult” situations ( for instance, seducing a girl in a library or in tight yoga pants at the gym, while there are other guys trying to do the same and fail miserably).

    4. Free Secret Surprise Bonus- Inner Game eBook from the mentor of Neil Strauss, the author of The Game

    If you purchase now, you unlock a special gift for free- "Unshakeable Confidence."

    This guide is written by another famous and experienced seducer and master in the dating field- Neil Strauss, who is also the author of “The Game.”

    You will get insight into what his mentor considers to be some of the most powerful techniques in the art of seducing women.

    Another Great Bonus- WhatsApp Coaching

    For everyone who buys the book, you receive another gift, and this one is amazing- you can get private coaching with Sebastian via WhatsApp.

    If you feel like you have a problem and want to clear all misconceptions you might have that are stopping you from taking action, feel free to contact your trainer!

    You won't be judged or laughed at. Instead, you will receive more tips, motivation and advice to ensure you are successful when picking up the girl of your dreams!

    And you get two weeks of free coaching with Rise Of The Phoenix- this is how eagerly Sebastian wants you to achieve the dating life you deserve.

    Rise Of The Phoenix - Men's Dating Tripwire- PROS AND CONS


    • Effective program
    • Legit dating coach
    • Amazing price
    • Great bonuses
    • WhatsApp coaching


    • Better for hookups than long-lasting relationships
    • Takes time, patience and effort to suceed

    Does Rise Of The Phoenix - Men's Dating Tripwire Work- Legit Or Scam?

    Here comes the most important question- is this program legit? Can I really expect results? Or is this just another scam?

    The answer is simple- this program works and will dramatically improve your dating experience. You will learn the techniques on how to go from a stranger to the guy she is eager to go to bed with.

    Moreover, you are given a 60-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. This goes to show how confident Sebastian feels that you will be satisfied with the results.


    Rise Of The Phoenix is a fantastic program for every man who wants to learn how to interact successfully, flirt, and get the girl madly obsessed with him.

    There is a lot of decent information, as well as the material, is easy to understand and implement.

    If you are ready to take your game to a whole new level and start charming the gorgeous beauties you like, this program will help give you the key to a new chapter of your life.

    rise of the phoenix review

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