Troy Valance’s Secret Seduction Spray Review- How To Effortlessly Attract Women Using Perfume

Review Of: Secret Seduction Spray

Use: Effortlessly attract women around you



Ease Of Use


Great product for attracting girls

Terrific price compared to similar products

Easy to understand and implement

Great support


  • Price-friendly
  • Boost Your Confidence
  • Attract More Women
  • Better Performance in Bed
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Better Dating Success


  • Pheromone Type Isn't Listed in Ingredients
  • Reviews are Lacking

Summary: Secret Seduction Spray is a terrific product for every guy who needs a little boost to his confidence and attraction.

This pheromone spray will boost your level of attractiveness, which will naturally make you start catching the eye of the opposite sex.

This review/guide aims to help anyone eager to know how to take his dating and sex life to the next level by effectively using the power of hormones. So read carefully and make the most out of it.


Secret Seduction Spray: Is It Worth The Buy?

So apparently, Secret Seduction Spray is the newest "thing" to hit the dating market. Here's what this pheromone spray claims to give you:

  • You'll attract any woman
  • You'll have a greater amount of sex
  • You'll feel more confident
  • Amplifies your pheromone levels, leading to more attraction from women

Is this pheromone spray the magic lamp to all your dating problems? Is it worth the buy, or is it a scam?

In this Secret Seduction Spray review, we'll help you uncover any questions you might have about the spray, including a bonus section.

secret seduction spray honest review

About Secret Seduction Spray

Secret Seduction Spray is a pheromone spray founded by a famous dating coach, Troy Valance.

The spray's secret, unlike traditional sprays, carries pheromone ingredients that can do wonders for men of all ages and sizes.

Troy Valance, the Secret Seduction Spray founder, warns users that using this pheromone spray might lead to a higher amount of sex than you want.

Put simply, using this product should make your desires come to life, and it's not just for single men. It works for relationships too by stirring even greater passion in bed.

How Does Secret Seduction Spray Work?

The keyword here is pheromones. If you're looking for other juju or magic behind this spray, it all comes down to pheromones, and this spray amplifies and improves it.

All men and women have pheromones. Some are more noticeable than others, but most importantly, all human beings have it—even animals.

Now, here's what you need to know about how this pheromone spray works: it produces a fragrance that mimics or is similar to natural pheromones. In effect, this secret seduction scent makes you more noticeable to women.

If you felt invisible to women before and were rejected continuously, Secret Seduction Spray claims it can turn the tide and improve your chances.

Of course, using this product means you should also learn a thing or two about pheromones. Why else would you use a product and not know how it really works first, right?

What are Pheromones

As mentioned earlier, all men and women have pheromones.

Pheromones are a type of scent secreted by a specific organ in the human body. This scent triggers signals in the brain, which then influences changes in social and sexual behavior.

What this tells us is that pheromones and attraction are directly linked to one another. That being said, we can say that attraction is mostly biological. Mostly.

That means this isn't the only factor for women finding you attractive. You'll still need to build a few "skills" like confidence, the way you talk, your demeanor, and many other things.

Now that you have a basic idea of what pheromones work, here comes the part where you'll want to care.

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Why You Should Care

Although pheromones are a natural agent or chemical produced by the human body, they're also sensitive and can be destroyed for various reasons.

You probably don't realize it, but your lifestyle plays a huge role. Second, your scent is more powerful than you expect.

A great honest-to-God loving scent can stimulate a complete memory compared to talking about it. It lights up your brain in a different way and is a powerful stimulus in promoting desire.

What about your lifestyle? How does it affect your pheromones? Bad diets can destroy your pheromone scent. The longer you keep this up, the fainter your pheromone scent becomes.

Now now, there's still time. Exercise and a proper diet are never too late to get back into or even start anew.

If exercise and a good diet or lifestyle sound like it's too much work and you feel a little impatient, that's how Secret Seduction Spray can help you.

Three sprays of this, one in your neck and two on your wrist, should put you on women's radar.

What Else Do I Get With Secret Seduction Spray?

In this Secret Seduction spray review, we'll also get into the five additional bonuses you get if you purchase Secret Seduction Spray. If you buy these bonuses separately, the total cost will amount to $155.

Purchasing the spray will come with these benefits for free. First, let's see what these benefits have to offer.

    1. You get a secret tip on how to be sexually dominant in bed and be the person every woman desires in bed.

    2. An ultimate guide that will allow you to do whatever you want with her without forcing her.

    3. 5 ultimate orgasm techniques to help any woman fall more in love with you.

    4. A free sex book by Adam Armstrong who is also a well-known sex coach.

    5. Guides that will teach you sex tips on making any woman happy in bed and demand for more.

Not many pheromone products provide the same benefits as what Secret Seduction Spray offers.

The sex tips you get for free and the spray are a real prize for any man looking to improve their performance in bed or for single men who also want a boost of their sex life.

secret seduction spray legit or scam?

That aside, we also want to share with you the opportunities and risks that come with the Secret Seduction Spray. Every product has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Pheromones are no exception.

In the next sections of this Secret Seduction Spray review, we'll dive deeper into what this product can offer you and what you should expect if you decide to purchase one.

Benefits of Using Secret Seduction Spray


One benefit that's surprising about Secret Seduction Spray is its price. Most pheromone products are quite pricey compared to the Secret Seduction Spray.

In fact, between this spray and other relevant products, there's a noticeable price difference.

Even better, Secret Seduction is a five-in-one product considering it comes with 5 extra benefits, so you're sure to get your money's worth.

Boost Your Confidence

Of course, a boost in your pheromone level isn't just one benefit. As you start to attract more women and see the positive results, you'll also feel more confident about yourself.

All those rejections and attempts have made their way from the bottom up into one magic product, Secret Seduction Spray.

You'll feel more confident, seeing as how you can please women in bed. This also goes for men in relationships.

Attract More Women

Scent can make a powerful impact in attracting women, and this spray is exactly what it says it will do: help you attract more women.

Since the Secret Seduction Spray carries a pleasant fragrance, it's a product that will help you become more noticeable to women.

It does seem like a superpower, and even a few movies do portray movies like it is. Well then, here's that now turning into a reality.

Better Performance in Bed

It's not just about sex. It's about the intimacy and passion that women crave too.

Women are no stranger to their natural desire to be pleased, so of course, performance does make an impact be it single or in a relationship.

The Secret Seduction Spray grants you that boosted performance, and as mentioned earlier, Troy Valance does warn users it might lead to even greater amounts of sex. Hopefully, you're ready for that too.

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Money-Back Guarantee

Here's the thing about a product like this. It's almost too good to be true. For all the skeptics out there, this money-back guarantee benefit is here for you.

It's understandable for users who have tried different pheromone products before and found no changes or results to be cautious towards a similar product.

After all, we've all tried being scammed, haven't we?

Troy Valance believes this product will work, and because he believes it to be so, he's offered Secret Seduction Spray with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

You can test this spray product for 60 days, and if you don't see any results or any improvement with the women around you, you're free to claim your money back.

Better Dating Success

Could you honestly say no to that? It's hard not to.

Chances are, you're curious and probably willing to give this product a shot. After all, you can always return the spray after 60 days if it really didn't work you.

If you've recently encountered a breakup, getting back in the dating game can be challenging. With pheromones and attraction on your side, you have quite the advantage already when going on dates.

As for Tinder, swiping right and left will still be the same, sadly. But hey, a good photo's mostly the only thing you'd have to worry about now.

Risks of Using Secret Seduction Spray

Pheromone Type Isn't Listed in Ingredients

Information like this matters. Any product you ingest or use on your body should come with either a safety warning or, at the very least, essential ingredients.

In this case, the pheromone type is the information that's lacking.

Why is this small piece of information important? Mainly because this will tell us the side effects of using the product. Also, quite frankly, it's for safety reasons and a better piece of mind.

Of course, that doesn't mean this product is dangerous to use. The lack of information just makes it a little harder to trust.

Reviews are Lacking

You'll find many reviews in the secret seduction spray site, but that's about the only place you'll find user reviews.

Like the ingredients list, this type of information or feedback is also essential. Users are more likely to buy a product that reveals positive reviews compared to negative reviews.

In fact, a higher number of reviews or better accessibility to user reviews helps customers feel safer.

Since reviews are information that talks about customers who have actually used the products, this breeds honesty and trust.

In a digital world full of scams, hacks, and phishing emails, it's only fair to influence purchase decisions.

Who is Secret Seduction Spray For?

Secret Seduction Spray is for anyone looking to improve their dating status and enhance their love life.

In addition, if you're looking to spice things up in bed or want to please women better in bed, Secret Seduction Spray should appeal to you.

The same also goes for men who have tried similar products in the past. If you aren't too keen on spending on another product that may go to waste, there's a 60-day money-back guarantee to save you from the loss.

After all, what if Secret Seduction Spray is the product that finally works for you?

secret seduction spray free download

How much does it cost?

Secret Seduction Spray will cost you $97. That's honestly a fair price compared to other pheromone products and take note, you get 5 extra benefits to come along with it.

Bonus Section: Advice for Men Looking to Get Back in The Game

Let me just tell you, friend. Pheromones aren't everything.

That statement isn't there to burst your hopes or drag you down. It's meant to also help you realize that attraction isn't the only card on the table.

Advice #1: Don't Put All Your Faith In The Product

Even if you did buy the spray and started to see women feeling attracted to you, what happens next?

You might be able to give her the time of her life in bed, but before all that, you still need to do one task: talk to her.

Some users complain the product didn't work for them as it said it would. Later on, they find out it was them or something they didn't do that prevented them from getting the results they wanted.

In this case, the problem doesn't lie with the product. It's the user's fault for putting too much faith into one product that they forget they need to do any work in-between.

No matter how magical or grand a product is, even if you have the latest Apple phone, you can't just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show expecting to land success every time.

The same is true for the Secret Seduction spray. While it definitely improves your chances of dating and in bed, other areas need work too.

Dating, for example, or convincing a woman to lay with you in bed isn't as simple as being attractive.

Being good-looking takes a considerable chunk of work and effort on your part, but you're still going to have to be clear about your intentions. This brings us to the following advice...

Advice #2: Be Straightforward About Your Intentions

Confusing intentions can often lead to awkward tension and even might come off as a rude, ruining your chances completely.

Being clear about your sexual intentions isn't rude. It's how you communicate this intent towards her that leads to a yes or a no.

Rather than treating her like a piece of meat, treat her as a human being, and you'll be fine. Don't even try lines such as:

"You smell.. [pause] we should take a shower together."

"The more I drink, the prettier you get!"

"Hey, would you like to see my package?"

These lines are downright rude, and if you're lucky, you'll only get one slap to the face. So what are clear intentions then?

Let her know you're sexually attracted to her and approach her using confidence and respect as your two primary languages. For example,

"Hi, my name is [name]. I couldn't help but notice how beautiful you are. Would you like to have a drink with me?"

After that, you can chat for a bit, keep the conversation going, and eventually, you can ask her if she wants to leave to your place.

Respect goes a long way in any conversation. Although you have pheromones on your side, as stated, you still have some work to do in-between.

Now, what if, after you've kept the conversation going, she decides to test you? That's where advice #3 comes in.

secret seduction spray troy valance

Advice #3: Don't Give Up Too Soon

Sometimes, even after you've given her the proper respect and talked to her nicely, it isn't always as easy as leaving the bar at that instant.

Women love to test a guy's confidence, and on that note, don't shy away.

Advice #3 is all about confidence and mental strength. If she isn't attracted to your personality, you'll end the night with her out the door.

If she tests your confidence by talking to another guy, instead of being the uncomfortable or impatient guy, join the conversation instead.

Introduce yourself, engage in the conversation, and be open to any discussion or debate. Remember, don't act out of arrogance or greed.

A clean debate and healthy conversation will naturally have differing opinions, but that's only normal and shouldn't be taken as a threat.

Secret Seduction Spray plays a considerable role here. You'll have an advantage over other guys, but do take note that social skills also do matter.

Don't try too hard either to impress her that you end up looking like you become obsessed or allow her to treat you like her lapdog.

Finally, don't be afraid to share your own personal thoughts and opinions with her.

If she likes to party and you don't, be honest with her rather than lie or convince her that partying isn't nice. Apart from being a liar, you also don't want to act like a robot and agree to everything she says.


Having a pheromone spray can do its fair share of wonders for you. With the attraction department solved, don't just hammer your way into every woman you meet.

A pheromone spray can give you a shot of confidence, help you become more attractive, and improve your bed performance.

All these benefits have everything you'll need, but most importantly, and our final advice is to be genuine.

Confidence isn't limited to a single angle. You can be confident in your own way. What most men fail in confidence is by trying too hard to be someone else.

Instead, talk casually and stop being jealous of the other guys around. Focus on her. Just her.

And with a little help of Secret Seduction spray, you will have all the upper hand you need to make sure your next female encounter is a success.

secret seduction spray review

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