Big Mike’s Secrets to Lasting Longer Review: A Boost In Your Sex Life or Hoax?

Review Of: Secrets To Lasting Longer

Use: Boost your sexual performance



Ease Of Use


Great Program

Terrific price for the value provided

Easy to understand and implement

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  • Helps you overcome any sexual shortcomings in your relationship
  • Learn to stop premature ejaculation from happening for good
  • Teaches you how to satisfy your loved one in many ways
  • Learn how to build a better sexual relationship
  •  Easily accessible online
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee


  • Only the digital copy is available; some may prefer a physical product

Summary: Secrets To Lasting Longer is a great pick for every guy who wants to improve his stamina and take his sexual performance to the next level.

This system gives you useful and easy to implement solutions that will help you get the upper edge and turn into a lover every woman will crave to be with.

This guide/review is for everyone eager to know how to level up his game under the sheets and ensure next-level performance. So read carefully and make the most out of it.


Secrets to Lasting Longer Review: A Boost In Your Sex Life or Hoax?

Having trouble getting your partner to reach the big O?

You may even have your fair share of women and a decent track record, but what about in bed?

Are you confident enough to say you can last longer in bed than most men?

If you're having doubts or need a program to help you boost your sex life, this is it. With Big Mike's secrets, you'll be able to pleasure women easily and discover the secrets to lasting longer.

secrets to lasting longer review

What Is Secrets to Lasting Longer?

Imagine having the gift or talent to give your woman as many orgasms as she wants. Imagine being able to satisfy women and what they want in bed.

That's what this program is all about!

Secrets to Lasting Longer is a 30-day program designed to help men perform like a sex god in bed, along with learning how to control the demonic premature ejaculation that gets in the way 9/10 times.

We can't tell you how many women have told us how frustrating it can be to have sex without reaching an orgasm. [R]

A woman has her needs too, you know.

Surely, you understand the pain and shame of blue balls. Women feel the same pain and frustration, not to mention, they want to be pleased.

After all, it's biology. It's natural. And although many would say it's hormone-related, here's a news-flash for you: women want a man who can last as long as they can. Or better yet, even longer.

Nevermind the porn stars you see in the adult entertainment industry. This is between you and your sex performance.

Ready to discover the secrets of Big Mike in his program? First, let's dive into who Big Mike is and why he wrote the book.

About the Author: Big Mike

Here's a short background about the author.

The early career of Big Mike was as an adult pornstar. Although he didn't experience the struggle of premature ejaculation as much as other men, it still came with its fair share of challenges.

Being a porn actor is no easy feat. Having sex with gorgeous women is a bigger challenge to learning how to keep your orgasm in.

As hard as it sounds, Big Mike learned how to control his orgasm so he could release it at the ideal moment.

Later on, Big Mike became driven to find an answer by reading medical journals, articles, and even asked his co-porn actors for tips and advice.

Eventually, he found an answer. Big Mike discovered that learning how to control premature ejaculation was like learning how to control his sexual stamina muscle.

After much practice and effectively building the muscle, he was able to share his secrets and advice with the world.

Secrets to Lasting Longer Review: Benefits

secrets to lasting longer by big mike

How to Control Premature Ejaculation

We can all agree with how premature ejaculation hits like a freight train you didn't see coming. [R]

For years and many reasons, premature ejaculation has become a taboo topic among friends, guys, and even your partner.

Well, the taboo and shame is about to end.

All the information found in this book, along with Big Mike s secrets, is a guide to teaching you how to master control over your orgasm and when to release it.

Become a Sex Expert

You won't become a sex guru overnight. But, for the most part, learning how to last longer and pleasing women to reach the big O is a chance you don't want to miss learning more about.

This book will show you how to step into an entirely different and new league of pleasing your woman.

Fundamentals to Help You Last Longer

The weight of the program will mostly teach you how to last longer. Isn't that exciting?

Foreplay and being able to perform all the Kamasutra positions might be a turn on in bed for women, but sexual stamina is the final piece to seal the deal.

Achieve Mental Control

Mental control is largely related to building your sexual stamina and a key element to lasting longer in bed.

Through this program and secrets revealed in the book, you'll be able to overcome mental barriers and block to give your woman the orgasm she longed for.

Secrets to Lasting Longer Review: Contents

Upon buying the book, the main guide is, of course, teaching you how to last longer so your woman can achieve an orgasm and feel satisfied.

However, that's not all this program has to offer men. Inside, you'll also find bonus content any man would be happy to learn.

The Truth About What a Woman Wants In Bed

Do you know what your partner truly desires in your relationship? Are you aware of her sexual needs and how to please them? [R]

This book will help you learn more about these desires and how to give her a pleasurable experience.

How to Unleash a Woman's True Sexual Nature

Did you really think guys are the only beings fond of sex? [R]

Nearly every woman in the world is just as excited and enthusiastic as you are. So why don't you see it? Well, more often than not, they have higher walls than men do.

Speaking of which, that's another secret you'll find in this guide: how to unleash your woman's darker and sexual side.

how to last longer in bed

How to Dirty Talk With Your Woman

It's not as simple as talking dirty. We don't even consider it to be in the same category as flirting.

Think bigger.

Dirty talk is learning the art of seduction.

Once you've been able to master how to seduce her through this guide, you'll see her desires break open.

Use and Learn Sex Tips

No matter how good you are, there's no harm in learning a few tips and tricks here and there. If you can add more to your arsenal of techniques, it's a win-win wouldn't you agree?


  • Helps you overcome any sexual shortcomings in your relationship
  • Learn to stop premature ejaculation from happening for good
  • Teaches you how to satisfy your loved one in many ways
  • Learn how to build a better sexual relationship
  • Easily accessible online
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee


  • Only the digital copy is available; some may prefer a physical product

Where Can I Buy Secrets to Lasting Longer?

You can buy the program on their official website for $47. We also highly recommend only purchasing the product on the official site to prevent fraud, scams, and compromised quality.

Bonus Section: Tips on Lasting Longer

To help you get started, try using these tips below! Who knows, you might just surprise your lover.

Try a Breathing Exercise

Good breathing exercises help boost your endurance physically and sexually.

Exercise Often

As cliche as it sounds, exercise comes with a wide range of benefits. We're not just talking about lifting dumbbells and getting your squat game on.

We're talking about yoga. Yes - as uncommon as it may be for men, the improved flexibility and breathing control are no joke in the bedroom.

You'll be surprised by how effective yoga can be even in your 50s and 60s!

To every man in the world, it's time to get your stretching game on.

Get Creative With Different Sex Positions

You might have seen countless videos of various techniques and positions online, but have you applied them?

Isn't missionary getting old?

Why not go for something new with your wife like spooning, reverse cowgirl, side by side, anything! [R]

secrets to lasting longer coupon discount

Mental Practice: Build Self-Confidence

There's a reason why confidence is so attractive. Sexual stamina may be one way to better sexual performance, but it's not the only one way.

The first step is building your mental state. Believing you will be able to achieve a long-lasting orgasm can be the catalyst to solving your problem.

What's more, a confident man is a proven method people have mentioned countless times.

Avoid Certain Foods

Come on, people. Going healthy isn't only about getting chiseled abs and bulging biceps.

We're sure someone once told you to try getting into a healthy lifestyle. Not for weight purposes, but because healthy foods pack quite a punch in all areas of life. [R]

Sugar, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives are Trojan horses you don't want to invite into your stomach.

If you're serious about pleasing your partners or wife, then this is, without a doubt, one way to help you enter a league of extraordinary men.


It's no secret that every man wants to please their lover. What better way to do that than with a guide that has proven results and uses natural ways of doing so?

Some men may resort to supplements and drugs. However, take note of the negative side effects you may experience in the long run.

For any man who wants to boost their sexual stamina, performance, and satisfy their lovers in the most orgasmic way possible, this is one book that's worth every penny.

Not to mention, it's not heavy on the pockets!

We hope you enjoyed this review! Have you tried any of the tips we shared? Do you know anyone who's used the program? We're interested to hear from you in the comments section below! 

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