Derek Rake’s Shogun Method Review- From Fractionation And Attraction To Enslavement

Review Of: Shogun Method

Use: sexual domination and enslavement of women



Ease Of Use


Powerful techniques for total domination and enslavement

Great price for the value provided

Relatively easy to understand and implement

Decent supprt


  • Exceptionally powerful concepts
  • Everything is backed up by science
  • The program is easy to understand
  • You are given scripts and blueprints that label out everything for you
  • Fantastic structure
  • Value in bonuses


  • You can ruin a woman’s life if proceed without caution
  • Severe patience and practice is required to get really good
  • You need to learn the scripts you are given and follow them with enthusiasm

Summary: Shogun Method is a terrific program for every guy who wants to learn not only how to attract women, but also dominate them and take full control over them.

This system is backed up by scientific data and researches, as well as utilizes some of the most powerful hypnoses and trances out there. Thus, your result is guaranteed once you implement the program correctly.

This review/guide aims to help anyone who is eager to know how to go beyond the phase of attraction and reach the point of enslaving women. So read carefully and make the most out of it.


What Is Shogun Method?

Have you ever felt in a trance by the beauty of a girl? A woman so gorgeous your mind goes blank, and you are left speechless, no words seem to make sense when looking at her.

Moreover, have you gathered all the courage you could find deep within and approach her? You are thinking:

“ Damn, she is the one, I need to get that girl to like me and make her my girlfriend.”

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And since your courageous try to connect to her, one of the following two things happened: you either got stuck in the friend zone or got the girl, even made her your wife, just to find out years later that life after marriage looks more like a horror movie than a fairy tale.

Sadly, these scenarios are more likely to occur than not. For one reason or another, you want to do something, make a change for the better, but are unsure what to go after.

Here is where the Shogun Method comes into place. This system is a sophisticated course backed by the best scientific data researches and women’s psychology case studies. This program gives a new name to the idea of attraction and takes “love” to the next level.

If you want to learn a script that is so powerful it will make women beyond obsessed with you, being able only to want you, crave you and desire you, let’s dive a bit deeper into this review and see how the Shogun Method can help you succeed.

Derek Rake - The Author Of Shogun Method

Derek Rake is the name of the man who stands behind the Shogun Method system. Derek is a dating expert who has participated in many dating gatherings and coaching sessions.

However, there is something about him that makes him stand out- he goes way beyond the inner game and self-development most dating programs teach. Instead, he focuses on two powerful mechanisms which, when used correctly and simultaneously, can give you the best result.

And these two things are women’s psychology and hypnosis. Furthermore, all of his claims and techniques are backed up by real science date, researches and studies.

A famous pseudonym Derek uses is “Shogun”. Using it as his signature, he has combined the material of his researches into the Shogun Method. This is a program that takes the whole idea of making women obsessed with you to the next level.

The methodology Derek discusses is backed up by science and is guaranteed to work on females. You aren’t just charming her, you are literally rewriting the code her brain reads in terms of understanding love. This guide is the very best out there to make a woman literally addicted to you.

Political Correctness VS Science - Time To Debunk Some Myths About Women

To make it clear, the Shogun is your best choice if you find yourself stuck in the dreadful friend zone abyss or failing to live a life of happy marriage and tons of sex. Nevertheless, the techniques are also useful if you are searching for a girlfriend or the woman of your life.

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This being said, let’s take a closer look at these common cases and why guys get “stuck” in them so damn often. Note that this course is scientifically based, and doesn’t follow common views and/or opinions. And, frankly speaking, you have gotten the whole idea of women all wrong (soon you will see what scientific case studies have to say).

As we, men, grow up, we have been told to act like gentlemen, be good, kind and carrying, always tolerate and take into account the opinion of girls, especially since they are the gentler sex. Not to mention, this belief system has only strengthened with the rise of feminism and the downfall of men’s supremacy.

I suppose you don’t need me to tell you that the whole idea of feminism and what women’s role in society and in a relationship is, is pure horseshit. Yup, pretty much one big pile of shit.

If we take a look at history, ever since caveman days, the man is the one in charge, the one leading the tribe, the family, the kingdom- you name it.

However, you were raised in just the opposite way- to put women on a pedestal. And since they are above you, they have no problem walking on you. The worse part is that you have shown women that you will take no action- this is the reason so many married men are living a quiet life of desperation.

Well, you have probably already reached this conclusion yourself! And you know something isn't right. Moreover, it is not supposed to be this way- why in hell are you to treat and accept everything while a girl is treating you like a fucking dog? Enough is enough!

And this is what the Shogun System will help you overcome- to pretty much destroy, to annihilate this dreadful cycle. And although it might seem a bit far fetched or impossible from where you stand currently in life, science says something else.

In fact, let me share with you the results of several case studies about women. The idea behind them is to test and analyze women’s psychology and behavior. Once we know what makes them tick, we can change and manipulate this mechanism and use it to our advantage (soon, you will learn how the Shogun Method will allow you to dictate the pace of your relationship).

And, as far as the experiments go, here are the interesting results scientists have found about women:

1. Women Want You To Dominate Them

Not what feminists want you to know! In fact, girls share and admit that they want a strong and dominant male figure in their life, someone who can take the charge and lead. In researches, women tend to show higher levels of attraction and provocation toward guys who act in a violent or even dangerous manner.

2. Women Like A Challenge- A Guy Who Is Hard To Get

Another study indicates a strange correlation between women and guys who show a different level of interest in them. Women’s attention is spiked in guys who tend to have little to no attraction toward them. Opposite to this, the girls show a lack of excitement and passion toward guys who are present high levels of affection.

3. Women Will Switch Partners When Better Opportunities Arrive

The last research gives more insight into women’s preferences in terms of relationships and finding partners. In periods of strong sexual desire, girls always tend to go with the alpha male. However, once this sexual craving ends, women show a higher interest in beta males.

Moreover, it seems to be “natural” for women to change partners in the periods of sexual craving and desire. Once a better opportunity for a partner occurs, they tend to go with it. This might explain why so many girls have beta males as boyfriends or husbands while keeping several alpha males as close friends.

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As you can clearly see, there is more to women than they say or let us believe. However, biological instincts and reactions go way deeper into a girl’s subconscious mind and hold the upper hand.

The Shogun Method helps you take control of the relationship and make the girl submit. Moreover, she herself wants to be dominated as the studies show. Now, let’s take a closer look at what exactly is the Shogun Method.

The Shogun Method System

The Shogun Method is a program that relies heavily on science, researches and different types of hypnosis. Combining all of these will give you a system that is guaranteed to work.

In fact, not only does it work, but it works a bit too well…

One of the things that make this program, in particular, stands out is unlike other dating courses, The Shogun Method doesn’t focus on inner game or personal development that much.

What you rely on is women’s insecurities and powerful ways to hypnotize the girl. You follow a specific blueprint that aims to help you shift her reality, and see you as the ideal candidate.

This is the reason I really need to warn you about something- the girl will see you as the ideal partner, the only candidate, the perfect fit. And she will be hypnotized, becoming obsessed with you, craving you and thinking only about you.

This program is effective not because it focuses on attracting the girl. The Shogun Method puts focus on enslaving the girl.

This is the first warning I ever give in a review because this is the first program that offers such an edge over control. So make sure how you use this program- some guys have reported that they are chased by girls they don’t want. Note that the trans in which you will put the girl is exceptionally powerful and affects her subconscious mind, meaning she will not be able to control yourself.

And if you think this sounds a bit supernatural, remember the hypnosis you might have heard about or watched on TV. Not everything you see is false or an act. If you remember the people acting like chicken- yes, you might think they are just actors. But the reality is that you shift the code their brain reads so that it starts believing it should follow the actions of a chicken!

This program is truly effective once you implement it. Now, let’s see what the program looks like.

The Shogun Program is divided into nine parts. The idea is to go through the whole spectrum of understanding mind control, seduction, the IRAE system (the core of the Shogun Method), and some notes on how to take your game to the next level.

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Shogun Sequences And Fractionation

As we mentioned, a great deal of this system relies on putting the girl in a state similar to a trance. Once you succeed, you will be able to shift her reality until she views you as the perfect man. This is Fractionation in a nutshell.

You will be required to use powerful mind-manipulating techniques to get a hold of her consciousness and, thus, her attention. From there, you will build attraction and gradually take her out of the hypnosis.

This is the main way the Shogun Method works - by using the Shogun Sequences. They are similar to Fractionation. Simply put, you will put the girl in a form of trance and will capture her full undivided attention. From there, you can command her actions and decisions as you please.

The Three Preconditions

From the first module, you will learn essential concepts about the mind. The “Three Preconditions” are important as they lay the foundation to how the program works and what you need to understand to embrace the full potential of the Shogun Method.

The Flaws Of The Female Mind

In the second chapter, you will see that women themselves have doubts and insecurities. Moreover, this is your trump card. This program heavily relies on identifying and capitalizing on girls’ inner concerns.

Furthermore, here, you will learn how to emotionally trigger and provoke women. You will see that hypnosis is not only possible but is totally manageable and doable.

shogun method black rose sequence

The IRAE Model

This is the heart of the Shogun Method. The very core that holds the system to making women craving and leaving them obsessed with you. IRAE stands for:

I – Intrigue

R – Rapport

A – Attraction

E – Enslavement

These are the four stages of the entire cycle of enslaving women. Each of them takes an individual module to be discussed. An essential aspect of the Shogun Method is to follow this order. You should follow the system without just jumping from one step to the other in a rush or jumping from Intrigue directly to Enslavement.

The whole process is designed to unleash the full power of a woman’s subconsciousness and leave you to manipulate it in the way you desire. If you decide not to follow the blueprint, you stand high chances of failing, being viewed as creepy, needy, pushy, or simply getting friend-zoned.

The whole IRAE Model follows a similar pattern as in most dating guides- you get to know the girl, charm her and get her. The difference here is that you will go through stages and gradually take put her in a state of trance.

You begin with a general provocation so that you intrigue her. Here is where the girl creates her initial impression of you and begins building attraction.

Once you catch her eye, you want to start moving things in the direction of a relationship. Creating a rapport indicates that you have more serious intentions towards the girl than being just friends.

While casting your charming spell on her, you will build a strong presence and unleash an immense aura of attraction. The tension will escalate and the emotional connection will get to the next level.

Finally, you will enslave her. Notice that this part is totally different from anything you have ever read about dating, picking up women and attracting them to you.

Derek holds the view that attraction on its own is not enough. Just like love, attraction needs to be “fed” daily in order to survive.

One of the reasons many guys experience unhappy if not even horrific marriages that lead in the direction of divorce is because the spark has faded. What has been an initial lust, passion, deep desire has lasted only so long.

Thus, now you have a woman that is kind of fed up with you. This is especially true of you have used some pickup to get her initial liking and interest in you.

Derek recognizes this threat. Therefore, he goes beyond the stage of attraction. He calls for enslavement. Enslavement in the program refers to exactly what you read- making her submit to you. Not just getting a girl horny or naughty but leaving her obsessed with you.

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Once she starts craving you, she will do anything to satisfy you. In her eyes, the possible fear of losing you will thrive. Therefore, the girl will do anything to please you and make sure you are happy.

And this is exceptionally powerful when applied on girls you already have some connection to- for instance, on your wife wanting a divorce or on a female friend that has friend-zoned you.

The Black Rose Sequence

Quite a cool, pretty much suitable for a finishing move! And this is precisely what it is.

The Black Rose Sequence is the last of the Shogun Sequence. This is the script you will follow to make sure you enslave a girl and make her submit to you.

The Black Rose was created By Derek and is the final phase, the one that holds the most value. This technique aims to put the woman in hypnosis. However, this one is different- this trance is times stronger and you use it to change the very roots of her understanding of what her ideal man should look and feel like.

Of course, you are presenting yourself as the hero she has been looking for all her life.

The whole thing can be described as an emotional rollercoaster- you are projecting specific positive and negative thoughts that resonate throughout her entire body. This is similar to the techniques Derek is famous for.

The Black Rose Sequence is the finisher in the chapter of enslavement. For it to succeed, you need to go through all the other three stages and then use this method. Some men jump directly to this part thinking that the magic will happen.

If you are given a system and a script, just follow the blueprint. If you are guaranteed to get the girl, better wait a bit but secure the girl rather than fail trying to rush through things.

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Shogun Method- Free Bonuses

Once you have purchased the Shogun Method, you will be given free access to several bonuses.

They contain additional information and aim to help you get answers to any remaining questions you might have.

And, these bonuses include:

MKDELTA Mastermind

The first free bonus is your very own membership to the MKDELTA mastermind group. Here you will get access to 4 new modules, which include additional information and implementation of the Shogun Method.

Derek Rake Insider Labs

The second bonus will grant you free access to the Insider Labs. This is a different area where you can find additional information, methods, and techniques that Derek himself shares and uses.

One-On-One Coaching And Premium VIP Support

With this offer, you receive exceptional help from your dating coach and his support. If you have anything bothering you or any question, you can ask it in the comments beneath each module.

Not only do you get help, but you will also receive personalized advice that is specific to your current problem. You might as well get a reply from Derek since he continually goes over the users and helps them get the best possible experience.

shogun method and fractionation

The Shogun Method- PROS AND CONS


  • Exceptionally powerful concepts
  • Everything is backed up by science
  • The program is easy to understand
  • You are given scripts and blueprints that label out everything for you
  • Fantastic structure
  • Value in bonuses


  • You can ruin a woman’s life if proceed without caution
  • Severe patience and practice is required to get really good
  • You need to learn the scripts you are given and follow them with enthusiasm

Does Shogun Method Work - Legit Or Scam?

Time for your question - is Derek Rake’s Shogun Method legit? Will it bring you the promised results and give you the upper hand with women?

To put it simply- yes, this program works. It works if you put effort into it, learn and practice the scripts without sounding like a robot and follow the IRAE Model. All this information and methods are backed up by science, which guarantees your results.

Furthermore, you are also given a 60-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. This goes to show the confidence in the rate of success of the program.


Shogun Method is a great pick for men looking to take charge and lead the rapport. Moreover, this will do wonders if you are currently in a relationship and know the girl, yet things aren’t going the way you want them to be.

You are given a system that is specifically designed to get the girl addicted to you and have her all over you.

If you are ready to learn the way you can make any woman submit, this program will give you all the resources you need to succeed.

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