How To Start A Text Conversation With A Girl On Instagram

If you are serious about picking up girls online, you cannot possibly neglect the wild variety of opportunities Instagram presents.

There are so many girls out there who want to go on a date, yet guys face immense struggles trying to pick them up.

In this article, I will share with you several tips on texting a girl on Instagram that will help you succeed and take that one charming lady out on a date effectively.

Can You Get Girls On Instagram?

A question that seems to bother a lot of guys is if they can attract and pick up a girl on Instagram.

Like, there is not all that much that can be done on this platform- you can see other’s posts, comment on them, send messages, upload personal stories.

This goes to say, there is a limit to what you can do to catch a girl’s attention and provoke interest in her.

However, there is a bit more than just that.

What you need to realize is that women are active on this social platform. This means, they are consntaly going through a lot of profiles, pictures and videos.

What you need to do is be different, be unique in a way that intrigues and provokes interest.

And, as you will soon find out, you can achieve this quite effectively.

texting a random girl on instagram

Use Caption- But Be Different

You can post pictures, and I mean a lot of them, right?

Well, guess what- every single guy out there trying to get lucky with some girl is doing absolutely the same.

So, how will you approach the topic to get more attention, more likes, and of course, more women?

Quite simple- be different, be provocative, be funny (and a bit flirty).

And to do this, you can use the caption- that text you write underneath the pictures.

If you have gone through enough profiles, you will notice a common trend- almost all girls and most guys use lyrics of different songs, throw in an emoji or an icon or two, or write a famous quote directly connected to the experience in the picture.

What you want to do is different, stand out from the crowd.

My best advice would be to take cool and fresh pictures of yourself (and a bit flirty) with a caption that either will make a girl smile or bite her lips.

Should You Like Every Single Picture Of Your Crush?

So, there is a girl you like. What should you do? Maybe start liking every single one of her photos to catch her attention?


Always consider one thing- if the girl you are trying to attract is hot and sexy, and has a lot of intriguing pictures, chances are, there are a lot of guys wanting to pick her up.

So, the way they will think is the way you would think initially.

To stand out from them, you just have to do the opposite. Bloody simple, right?

Let's say the girl has a lot of pictures. And many of them get a lot of likes. Cool. But you would want to look out for the ones that don’t get that much attraction. Find her “non-top” posts and give her a like there.

Furthermore, comment on something that is generally connected to the idea of the picture you are giving a like.

This will definitely start building a bit of curiosity since your approach is so different from what the girl is used to.

texting a girl you met on instagram

How Far To Go Into Her Profile

Instagram isn't something new. Some women will have older profiles, this means with pictures from a year or two ago.

It might be your intention to go through them to gather a bit more information about your crush. It always comes handy to know what she likes, is interested in, prefers to practice as a hobby…

However, there is another vital aspect - you are ghosting her. And while you are going through some of her older stuff, you might feel like giving a “like” to one of her older pictures. This is a bad idea.

Because it is obvious that you are interested in her and want to find a bit more about her.

However, if you think about it, in the eyes of the girl you are getting the image of a creep because if you liked her, it would be expected to ask her out.

So even if you accidentally like an older photo, don’t panic. And definitely make sure not to DM the girl. This will makes things worse for you.

Texting A Girl You Met On Instagram- Should You Go For It?

Okay, so while searching the gazillions of profiles, with no doubt in mind, some girls have caught up your attention.

Of course, if you don’t text, you won't get a date.

The problem here lies somewhere else- how to text a girl to get her effectively attracted to you.

And to do this, you need to follow three steps.

Approach Her In A Casual Way

When you are texting a girl for the first time, you will most likely have gone through her entire profile and found all you could have found about her, right?

While this method will help you out in the long run, you cannot merely start texting a girl for the first time and tell her that you have gone through al the pics, that you have similar interests and passion.

This will creep her out straight away.

When approaching a girl, you need to remember this - everything should feel normal and casual.

Thus, in a normal conversation, when texting her for the first time, you won't know anything about her. An excellent way to approach her would be to say hi, introduce yourself and maybe send her a more general picture. Try to have a regular talk with her.

And more importantly, don’t rush!

texting unknown girl on instagram

Build An Emotional Connection

If you are trying to pick up a woman, there is one factor that will singlehandedly decide whether she will go out with you or not.

And I am referring to emotional connection.

Let's face it- if she has no interest in you, you won't get her.

If she isn't provoked to go out with you, you will face severe difficulties in taking her out.

Therefore, when you are texting a girl, you want to show her that you share similar interests and get on good terms while building curiosity about yourself.

This is the beginning of the emotional rapport.

Be Able To Pull The Trigger

Sounds quite easy, right? You just have to ask her out eventually and she will accept.

Well, I am sorry to say but this isn't the case. And this happens due to two factors:

  1. You need to have an ongoing rapport. This goes to say, you need to have established some interest and sparkled an emotion  if you want to succeed. We covered this in the previous part above, so you shouldn’t worry about it.
  2. Actually asking the girl out. Depending on her responses, you will have an idea if things are working out or not. Once you have built up some momentum, it is best to ask her on a date straight out. If she doesn’t accept at that time, chances are, she never will. And the worst thing you want to do is waste your time unnecessarily.

What most guys get wrong is that they spend way too much time worrying about how things might work out. Instead of wondering, find out by inviting her. Don’t be like most men- lacking the courage to ask a girl out. You aren’t going to die, so just go for it and get that girl!

What If The Girl I Love Doesn't Have A Huge Instagram Following?

This is the most common case, since, chances are, the girl you are trying to connect to has like no more than 500 likes. An interesting perspective is that in terms of likes, girls seem to be interested in the number, and not the people giving the likes.

how to start texting a girl on instagram

The best way to get her attention might be to interact with her directly.

When you notice a picture of hers that you like and find fascinating, you can write a compliment and say/ask something about the specific photo. Note that when you are giving a compliment if you are going after the best results, make your compliment a bit more specific.

This way, you have a good chance of starting a talk. Well, at the very least, you have her attention. And you will have to work from there onward.

Several Things You Should Keep In Mind About Instagram

So far, we have talked about the girl and some things to keep in mind. Now, you need to give a good impression of yourself. Both from the way you text her and what your profile says about you.

A critical aspect mentioned above is to have a “cool” Instagram profile. Post pictures that you believe presents you in the way you want to be treated by others. Good advice is not to post whatever you want or whatever you find as a mixture of stupid, funny and catchy.

In this sense, avoid posting pictures that present you in a negative light. The worse thing you want to make is leave the impression that you are a retard. If you're going to show your pleasant and charming personality, you can do that in more elegant ways.

Instagram DO’S And DON'Ts

Let's go into several details that will help you give a better presentation of yourself while minimizing the chances of a bad impression.

You definitely need to make sure your thumbnail is on point. This will be the picture the girl will see most often, so you need to put some effort into making it as appealing as possible.

Don’t go over the board with selfie-mode. Show social engagement and fresh moments with friends. Make it clear you have a funny and outgoing personality that attracts. 

Furthermore, take shots of new/exciting places without you posing like an idiot. Like literally, most people think that by doing something retarded and generic with their hands, they are achieving something. Think again!

As far as the Don’t s are concerned, you should try and keep the embarrassing photos to yourself and not the public. In fact, it might be better to delete them simply.

Furthermore, you don’t look cool when you are using stupid/annoying hashtags and emojis. There is a need for them. If you want to use them tho, make sure you aren’t spamming the shit out of them.

Remember, you can achieve significant results with an elegant approach.

And finally, think twice what you write on your BIO. This isn't a resume, so don’t go into boing trivial everyday details. And for the sake of god, don’t put a quote or a movie line. This is plain boring, not creative.

Several Other Factors

First thing first, don’t say “hi” only as your opener. You have next to zero chances to even get a response and even lower of a conversation.

Second, don’t instantly compliment her once she responds. Instead, get to know one another first. After that, you can compliment her.

how to start a conversation with a girl texting on instagram

Third, you can like her pics, but only a small number. Even if you have a noticeable interest in her, don’t get carried away. Like no more than 3-4 pics. You want to engage with her, not creep her out.

Fourth, when you are texting the girl, why don’t you try storytelling? Maybe you have a good and exciting story that can charm her? The point is, keep it funny and casual. If she likes you back, you will easily find it out.

While some guys out there might tell you how hard picking up a girl is, that is not necessarily the case. Girls react in a specific way to whatever you do, and of course, texting them. If you are sending her the right messages, there shouldn’t be any worries going through your head.

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