How To Stop Texting A Girl Without Being Rude

When we enter the dating arena, what we seek is as much attention from the opposite sex as humanly possible. Not going to lie, I have also been a part of this. You just want to try your luck with as many girls as possible, get better, and start scoring touchdown after touchdown.

Well, that was my initial thought. Nevertheless, some girls I was messing with were definitely not my type, and there was nothing between us. I tried to distant myself, but it didn’t quite work. You probably know that some girls can chase really hard and don’t know when enough is enough. Or maybe you realize you aren’t a good fit, yet she continues to text you.

I feel your pain. For this matter, here are several tips I would use on how to stop texting a girl without being rude, and still move on.

how to block someone from texting you

How To Get A Girl To Sop Texting You Without Being Rude

1. Don’t Show Affection

In order to have a normal text conversation, both sides need to exchange messages. This goes to say, when one person starts responding in an uninterested way, it should be crystal clear that that person has no affection for further talk and discussion.

If a girl is trying to text you constantly and/or hookup with you, simply respond with short sentences, even one letter words when you can. If the text on your side is something like: “Yes”, ”No”, “K”, etc., it is crystal clear that you have no interest in further conversations.

2.  Tell Her You Are Constantly Busy

If a girl is constantly texting you, an excellent way to get her out of your texting life would be to always say that you are busy, and for that reason, you cannot respond to her messages.

If she texts you three days in a row, and you don’t reply to them, or instead, reply late and use the excuse you are busy with personal activities, it is apparent that you do not want to spend time with her, and this is an indirect sign that she should stop contacting you.

how to get someone to stop texting you

3. Tell Her That Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Want Both Of You To Text

It doesn’t matter if you have a girlfriend or not. Well, as far as the girl you are trying to stop texting without being rude doesn’t know it.

It is usual for lovers to be suspicious and jealous - that is human nature. So, simply tell the girl that your current girlfriend does not want you to text the girl you are trying to cut off. And that you love your current soulmate and would want her to be happy.

This is a clear sign that you have already dedicated yourself to one woman and are not interested in a relationship with another lady.

4. Use An Error Message

Note that while you are trying to stop texting a girl without being rude, sometimes that just cannot happen. If the woman doesn’t understand straight away that you have lost interest in her and want to stop texting her, you need to be a bit nastier.

After all, the worst thing you can do is ruin your own life for someone else. That being said, a general tactic you can use is the following:

Let her send you 2-3 messages in a row. Then, write a short text that is supposed to be submitted by a provider noticing that there is a problem in the connection, and further messages cannot be sent.


I suggest you keep the caps locked on for a better effect. Or even better, instead of the message above, you can send this message: “SMS SERVICE ERROR: UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS. FURTHER MESSAGES WILL BE CHARGED TO YOUR ACCOUNT”.

If the girl believes she will have to pay money to send you text messages, she will most likely stop texting you immediately. I advise you to keep the caps on, so your words look realistic, like from a provider.

5. Block Her

This might be the coldest approach of all of them, but as I said, this is your life and your happiness, and you shouldn’t waste your time for others.

Sometimes people don’t understand that enough is enough, and they turn into a burden. Blocking the number is a clear indicator that you want your leave, and you want to move on, having lost interest in the girl.

After all, you cannot make another person happy unless you are happy yourself. So take care of your own life and luck first, and think about others after that.

6. Be Direct

I believe that if you have to do something, be it pleasant or not, you should at least do it the right way. I don’t speak about what makes you look like a real man and what doesn’t, but personally, I believe that this approach is more mature.

You are dating a girl with the sole purpose of finding out whether you are a good fit. And if things don’t turn well from the get-go, they won't become better down the road. So the most obvious thing would be to end the relationship.

I believe that a similar approach should be taken here. You see, you think you have to have a good and logical reason to say “no”, there needs to be an explanation as to why things won't work out.

how to stop texting a girl without being rude

Simply tell the girl that you don’t feel it the same way, and things won't work out. You appreciate her interest and her courage to approach you, but you aren’t a good fit, and it would be better to stop things now before it gets more emotionally traumatizing.

I would approach her with this method initially. I also understand that some girls don’t understand “no”, or rather, they have an inner drive to chase you and maybe prove something to themselves.

If she doesn’t understand with good, when you are kind, you should get rude. Play fire with fire. If you want to stop texting a girl and the kind approach (aka this step) doesn’t work out, you have to get more aggressive and block her number.

Texting a girl can be quite tricky, but also, when done correctly, it can be the sweetest reward. Many guys tend to overcomplicate stuff and, as a result, shoot themselves in the foot.

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