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Review Of: Tactical Attraction

Use: Change your life for the better and attract and sleep with beautiful girls



Ease Of Use


Terrific program 

Fantanstic price for the value provided

Easy to understand and implement

Great support


  • A gold mine of information, value, and content
  •  Secrets on how to persuade and communicate with any woman
  •  Improvement in your self-esteem and confidence
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked
  • Will help you understand women more and enhance your conversation skills
  • Ordering this product comes with confidentiality and privacy 


  • Applies only to men
  • You'll most likely have to change your lifestyle

Summary: Tactical Attraction is a terrific program for every guy who is tired of waiting and is ready to go out there and start getting sexually satisfied from now on.

This system gives you tons of valuable information that is easy to absorb and implement and will result in a dramatic improvement in your ability to attract women.

This review/guide aims to help anyone eager to know how to start having the sex life they deserve and date the only women they sexually crave. So read carefully and make the most out of it.


Tactical Attraction Review

First things first, you're not ugly.

Maybe that's what the hot woman from the bar the other day told you. Maybe it's what you tell yourself.

Here's the truth, friend.

Getting women to feel attracted isn't defined by numbers on a scoreboard. Ultimately, it's how you approach women. It's how you start a conversation.

It's how you carry that tiny voice inside your head telling you you're not good enough or smart enough or rich enough.

Today, that's what this Tactical Attraction Review is going to be about: how to change the dating game and become an alpha male.

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What is Tactical Attraction

Tactical Attraction is a manual guide that will teach you how to communicate and persuade women on a whole new level.

Tactical Attraction is a gold mine of information you can use to build a new, more attractive version of yourself.

Not that you aren't attractive, buddy.

This system is more like learning how to reconstruct yourself into an improved version that will also help you win the dating game with ease.

To give you a glimpse, here's a range of topics Tactical Attraction covers:

  • Killer First Dates
  • Alpha Male Transformation
  • Conversation Control
  • Sexual Mind Control
  • Rejection-Proof Approaches
  • Fashion & Grooming Secrets
  • Instant Confidence Boosters
  • Closing the Deal
  • Wingmen
  • Negotiation Techniques
  • Secrets of Magnetic Attraction

...and so much more! In fact, the Tactical Attraction system has been used in various e-books and earned its popularity because of how effective it truly is.

How Does It Work?

Considering the gold mine of information in the Tactical Attraction system, we've made sure to thoroughly read what this program has to offer you.

Below, you'll find a list of elements on how it works:

  • You'll learn how to boost your self-confidence and have the resources needed to improve your conversation skills. This will enhance your performance with how you approach women.
  • For those who have made constant attempts to approach women, this guide will also teach you how to regain the sexual attraction of women.
  • Magic words to get women to obsess over you
  • You'll learn the importance of what women prefer and why they prefer this compared to men.
  • You'll understand what a woman wants in a relationship and what words can be harmful to her that ruin your chances.
  • How to keep your control in check so that your nervousness and anxiety become undetectable and under the radar
  • You'll learn how to read a woman through body signals so you can create a better plan before approaching her.

tactical attraction legit or scam?

What's Included in Tactical Attraction

From tactics and tips down to using magic words, Tactical Attraction is a comprehensive guide to unlocking the potential you thought never existed.

Here's a breakdown of what Tactical Attraction includes:

How to Chat and Text

Learn the appropriate words you should use when conversing with women. Even a woman who doesn't regard you as her type will fall for this.

Learning the flirtatious tactics involved in "How to Chat and Text" will unlock the sexual excitement in a woman, which will allow you to seduce and tease women without effort.

Radar Jam Technique

A conversation skill and a stealth tactic that will allow you to slip past the defenses of any woman and get her to be curious in learning more about you.

The best part? This technique only takes minutes to complete!

Mind Control Techniques

Techniques that will teach you how to decode what goes on inside the mind of a woman. A woman's brain can sometimes feel like its a jigsaw puzzle that's nearly impossible to figure out.

That's why Tactical Attraction aims at helping you get past this and solve the jigsaw puzzle for good.

After learning these techniques, you'll be able to influence the emotions and thoughts of any woman. Take note, though, if used inappropriately, this can do serious damage to women.

While the Tactical Attraction program was designed to boost one's self-confidence and help men rediscover their attraction potential, it shouldn't be used to intentionally harm women.

Ten Tactical Commandments

Sounds overwhelming, right? That's because learning this technique will help you create a deep, long-lasting, and meaningful attraction with women.

Turn Your Weakness Into an Advantage

We all have our own shortcomings, and we've all felt insecure. It could be your status, your hair, your weight, age, etc.

The Tactical Attraction program will redefine these shortcomings and turn what you thought was a weakness into a strength.

After all, getting rid of your flaws is near to impossible, even with cosmetic surgery. Using the Tactical Attraction program will teach you how to turn this around and shape these flaws into a new version of yourself.

Magic Words

If only learning how to get women to be attracted to you would be as simple as saying a magic word like "Please" or "Open Sesame."

Well, those fantasies are about to turn into a reality.

The Tactical Attraction program will teach you the magic trigger words you can use to influence her emotional state and turn on her sexual attraction switches.

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Mending a Broken Heart

Taking back to the day scotch was your best friend...or even a marathon of movies with happy romantic endings and a buttload of junk food & ice cream at your side.

Being heartbroken always carries fond memories...the ones you fear of going back to.

Tactical Attraction will help you gain control over yourself and your dating future by preventing "Cold Jane" from smashing your heart into tiny pieces.

The Number One Rule

If you've dealt with rejection constantly when approaching women, you'll love this section.

The Number One Rule will teach you how to gain the confidence you need to become the guy who women will chase. You'll have more women around you than you could imagine and become a lady killer (not literally, of course).

Conversation Breakthroughs and Signals

Having a difficult time wondering how to make small talk? That is, of course, without having to sound weird or like you're trying too hard.

These breakthrough techniques will teach you how to read the signals of any woman before you approach her. This won't just apply to conversations that occur in bars.

You'll learn how to start conversations in several environments such as gyms, online, at the office, coffee shops, seminars, grocery stores, and even on campus!

Passing a Woman's Tests with Flying Colors

You probably don't realize it, but a woman will naturally test your confidence through a series of tests even after you've demonstrated an interesting conversation starter.

She might grab another guy or ask you to hold her bottle for her as she goes into the restroom, or she might even ask you to join her lady friends!

Whatever the test, Tactical Attraction will help you navigate through these tests and allow you to test her instead.

Once she realizes she's putting in the effort to pass your tests, the attraction will more than just kick in and could even become obsessed with you over time.

As you can see, Tactical Attraction consists of so many techniques, tips, tactics, and strategies that it's impossible you won't be able to succeed in attracting women.

Getting a woman to say "Yes" should be effortless by the time you've completed the Tactical Attraction program. In addition, here's a list of benefits that come along with this program:

  • No more being stuck in the "Friend Zone." The "Friend Zone" is a place that's frustrating to be stuck in, and through Tactical Attraction, you'll give off a vibe that will make women curious and turned on at the same time.
  • Going on dates demand for a relatively expensive budget. If you've failed at many attempts, you can finally say goodbye to wasting time, effort, and money spent since this program will help you score a date that will lead you to end the night with closing the deal.
  • You won't feel anxious to approach that number 10 you saw in the bar last night. Rather than take a step back, you'll know exactly how to break the ice, keep the conversation going, and make her interested.
  • Rather than feel weak, powerless, and alone, you'll be able to have a wide range of options to choose from. No more getting hung up or trying so hard to get one woman to fall for you.
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Who is Tactical Attraction For?

As comprehensive and complete this guide is, not all products synergize or work well for all users. There's a specific market out there who needs Tactical Attraction.

If you find yourself part of this category, it might be the best time to scratch out any other products you were considering.

User 1: You're tired of going after women who say they prefer the nice guy but somehow end up with cocky jerks. This makes you feel frustrated because to you, women seem like they're such a mystery.

User 2: You're not half-bad at approaching women, you have confidence, and you've had girlfriends in the past. Yet, something still feels missing. You want to take things to the next level but don't know how to.

Should you do research? Or should you find a product that has this work done for you?

Now, you're a capable person who can figure this "missing thing" out, but why would you when there's a guide ready-made for you? This makes you an ideal user for Tactical Attraction.

User 3: Now, of course, if you're interested in learning how to boost your confidence, get more women to become attracted to you, and improve your chances in the dating game, this makes you an ideal fit for Tactical Attraction.

User 4: Maybe you're looking for a serious relationship, and you might be thinking that Tactical Attraction only works for getting multiple women and one-night stands. Actually, that's not true. This program will also help you learn techniques that make a woman love you, so if a girlfriend is what you're looking for, this program is for you.

Is Tactical Attraction a Scam?

With this gold mine sitting in front of you, we'd understand if you feel like this program could be a scam or a fraud.

That's normal since the vast collection of techniques and strategies in this guide can feel too good to be true.

To ensure you that this isn't a scam, let's take you through two important elements that should take away your fears:

About the Author: Dean Cortes

Dean Cortez is the author of Tactical Attraction and is also a love & dating expert.

Dean Cortes noticed the gap between men and women grew wider every day. He went on a mission to find out why and his results revealed that men were afraid to converse with females because of their shattered self-esteem

Because of this unfortunate circumstance, Dean Cortes developed a program (Tactical Attraction) to help men address this concern and change how they feel when approaching women.

From this, we can say that the program wasn't intended to scam its users. In addition, the philanthropic intent of Dean Cortes to create the program is one of the very reasons this guide is effective and successful.

Customer Reviews

Scouring the Web for reviews can be scary because should you stumble onto reviews that reveal the complete opposite of what a program offers, it mostly discourages the user from proceeding with the purchase.

Fortunately, we found positive reviews surrounding the program and how it helped men regain their confidence. One user even revealed he was getting 3 - 5 phone numbers per day and slept with 8 girls over the past month!

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Money-back Guarantee

Last but not least, if you're still afraid that this product might be a scam, you can always return it after 60 days! You can ask for your money back if you don't see any results or aren't satisfied with the product.


  • A gold mine of information, value, and content
  • Includes a Fort Knox of secrets on how to persuade and communicate with any woman
  • Guaranteed you'll see an improvement in your self-esteem and confidence
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked
  • Will help you understand women more and enhance your conversation skills
  • Ordering this product comes with confidentiality and privacy on your behalf


  • Applies only to men
  • You'll most likely have to change your lifestyle, which for some, might take longer and much more effort to commit to. This might include being more aggressive by going out rather than staying at home and playing video games. After all, change is a process one must sincerely be devoted to.

Final Thoughts

With Tactical Attraction in your hands, you'll be able to talk to any woman, even as hot and stunning as the ones you see on TV shows.

In no time, you'll be a pick-up artist who's mastered a ton of seduction techniques and dating strategies.

Now you see, it's not about the numbers on a scorecard. It's how you carry yourself, and in truth, social skills do matter.

We hope you enjoyed this Tactical Attraction review! Have you tried the program yourself? Let us know in the comments section below!

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