Tao Of Badass Review – Joshua Pellicer Teaches The Bad Boy Skills You Need To Date Women

Review of: Tao Of Badass 

Use - the bad boy mentality to become attractive and irresistible to women



Ease of use


Will teach you how to attract girls like a badass

Amazing price for the value provided

Takes time and experience to get good at it

Decent support


  • A lot of information 
  • Teaches valuable techniques
  • Helps you read women's signs and use psychology
  • Lasting relationship friendly!
  • Helps you become more attractive and desired guy in different parts of your life


  • Would be good to have some dating experience
  • Requires time, effort and a lot of practice
Summary: Tao Of Badass teaches how obtaining several signs of the bad-boy type of behavior can transform you into a women-magnet!

This is probably the best way to improve your chances with women and to become so attractive that it's impossible for girls to ignore you!
I put this review together because I encourage you to implement the behavior of a strong alpha male into your routine and make the most of it. Enjoy!

Tao Of Badass - The Bad Boy Skills For Dating Women

Alpha male, badass, the bad boy…

What is it that makes these types of men the most wanted and preferred and how do they attack women like crazy so effectively?

A question I used to ask myself every single day. As a guy who  struggled a lot when it came to approaching girls and leaving a strong and desirable impression, I would  often  ask myself: “Hey, how do you make her fall in love with you?”

tao of badass texting guide

It was only later after I had carried out researches on my own that I managed to see everything happening on the back end. I found out, it is not the guys that were specifically so impressive but rather their body language attraction and the hidden signs they were giving to women, which was driving the girls insane.

In reality, when it comes down to connecting to the opposite sex, it is not always important what type of guy you are. The crucial part lies somewhere else-  it is what impression you create for yourself in the eyes of others.

"You have only two times to make a first impression- the way you are dressed and the first thing that comes out of your mouth" - Dan Peña

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It is not always about searching for the words to make her fall in love with you. It is more about the way the bad boys manage to stay away from the friend zone by expressing a strong and desirable alpha male body language that will catch the eye of that woman you are trying to impress. It is about stepping up their game and transforming into a woman-magnet.


But what really is this alpha male attraction that every bad boy shows that turns girls so damn hard?

One of the best programs that deals with this matter is”The Tao Of Badass”. 

It aims at helping guys get out of the friend zone, overcome the “nice and kind” type of behavior so many men struggle with and seduce the hot girls you want and deserve. This guide teaches how to become the ultimate dating skill master!

tao of badass book online free

If you find it interesting using psychology and a lot of cool mind game tricks to significantly raise your chances with women, let’s dive right into this review to help you understand and use the most important part of the “badass dating” techniques that drive women crazy!

The Tao Of Badass- How To Use A Strong  And Dominant Body Language To Make Girls Fall For You

The whole concept of this course is to twix certain behavior patterns which, as a result, creates a new image of yourself in the eyes of the opposite sex.

I get so much more attention from women just by walking into a room. It's amazing. Your concepts are so detailed and easy to follow.


I love the act that you broke it down and rationalized in an easy to digest and understainable way.

The most important thing I have gotten from your generous videos... is that I can follow a roadmap and feel CONFIDENT that I will get a good response from a girl.

Joshua Pellicer, the creator of this product, is here to guide you and present the most important parts when it comes to approaching girls. As a motivational speaker and an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) expert, he is a king in terms of finding ways to attract women and seduce them in an irresistible way!


tao of badass how to approach a girl

Joshua puts a lot of emphasis on improving the week body language. Why? Because this is singlehandedly the easiest way to leave a strong and remarkable impression without you even having to talk to anybody.

Women are known for always seeking attention, right? The reason for that is simple – attention always goes hand in hand with attraction. The more attraction girls seek from a guy, the more they feel connected to him. This is something we can capitalize on and use as our advantage.

How? Simple- you need to make her “emotionally addicted” to you.

An important note I learned – if you want to skyrocket your chances with women and take your game to the next level, you shouldn’t focus that much on thinking how to talk and express your feeling to the girl. You should create them in her!

And combined with a strong body language attraction and learning how alpha males show their love, you can see just how easy it is to make her fall in love with you!

The Complete Tao Attraction System For Men - The Principle Of "Pre-Selection"

Okay, so far it is clear that women are searching for something in men, but does it all come down only to the body language attraction? What about looks? What about money?

This is one of the unique and amazing parts I have found in the book that truly stands out in its own way. And yes, while some people do believe that money and looks are super important, psychology says something else. It shows that in the heart  of  the “tao of badass” lies the concept of pre-selection:

“What attracts women has nothing to do with money and good looks, rather, pre selection.”

This simply means that women are searching for something a bit different. They are going for the guy who is seen to be more attracted, wanted and desired by other girls.

This is a good sign! |This means you don’t have to a bodybuilding monster or a filthy rich billionaire to be attractive and wanted!

This is an important lesson I found out that definitely raised my hopes when it came to girls. It was only after I started changing certain bad “habits” I had that I truly began experiencing more success with girls.

The tricks revolve around becoming more attractive, understanding how to pick up girls and read their body language and the signs they are giving you. And the tao system help you exactly with that!

Becoming An Attractive And Desired Man

The tao of badass system begins with an introduction to the male and female gender roles. Although this content can be viewed as rather simple, don’t let that fool you!

As simple as it can be, this is a part where many guys screw up big times. How do I know? Almost all of my buddies trying their luck with the hot chicks mess this up really hard.

Here the program will present you the term “badass“. Here is where you must show confidence and signs of manhood. We, as humans, date back to the cage man. Ever since then, the main role of the man has remained the same- to be the guardian, especially the vindicator that protects and fights for women. This is a strong sign not only of masculinity but also of fulfilling your gender role.

This is directly connected to impression – you must act in a specific way, which is showing strength if you want to achieve attraction. But not only that! If you don’t do it when necessary, you risk falling in the “nice” guy category and getting on the friend zone list.

This presents how important something as self-esteem and showing signs of confidence is. Furthermore, this is something women are searching for and will significantly increase your level of sexiness!

The Map Of Interaction-The Way Of Connecting To The Opposite Sex And The System For Picking Up Girls

the tao of badass real review

Attraction is good and needed, but it alone won't get the job done. Now it's time for what is considered the most difficult and probably the scariest part- actually approaching the girl.

Pellicer describes it well - often it is not the fact you are lacking something, but rather the mentality of lacking something. This means that even if your game is on point so far, just your beliefs and self-doubt will ruin all of your chances.

Remember something- FEAR stands for False Evidence Appearing Real! It is only in your head and it lives only in your head.

The tao of badass book teaches how to re-wire your behavior. It improves the way you approach girls and shows how not get rejected or friend-zoned.

In order to achieve this, you are given The Map Of Interaction. This is a model you can follow to learn how to interact, seduce and go all the way to a serious relationship with that hot girl you want.

The Map Of Interaction is the step-by-step method many guys have used to pick up girls and have seen great success! Once you get the hang of it, it becomes easier. This method consists of 4 parts:


Attraction - creating  a strong and desirable image of yourself


Rapport - the ability to attract and connect to others with words,gestures and behavior


Seduction - how to make her crave you and submit to every single one of your orders...


Relationship Balance - how to build a long lasting relationship

As funny as it may seem, Joshua sees the whole psychology behind dating and seducing as a matrix. As he puts it, if you want ultimately to succeed you need to figure out in which of the 4 phases of the map of interaction you are while you are in it!


 Step 1 - Attraction

Attraction is really important, alright? We already talked about how attraction is linked to attachment and why acting bold at the right times can create an unresistable impression and desire.

However, Joshua connects attraction also to the ability to hold a conversation. Tao Of Badass has prepared different scenarios and discussions that will help you get used to it.

The focus in this part is also linked to your ability to utilize banters so that you can make the talk and the whole atmosphere more playful, interesting, fun and somewhat content free.


An important note- this is something rather simple yet guys fail here over and over again. You won’t achieve much if you are constantly showing empty pride and trying to brag about yourself. I don’t know why so many people think that being a jerk helps. Well, it doesn’t. This way you will only discuss the girl.

However, being too good is just as bad as being a jerk. You want to create an enjoyable and funny conversation, not present yourself as a clown that only tells jokes and never gets serious. Strangely enough, it is exactly at this point that the majority of guys fly straight into the friend zone territory without even realizing it!

No worries though-  the tao badass dating guide has you covered with everything regarding this matter, as well as a few other tricks that will take your game to the next level.

 Step 2- Rapport

The next part of the map of interaction is rapport. This is important because as good as having a nice and friendly conversation can be, you want something more, right?

 You aren’t there just to have a content-free talk, you want to create a strong impression in the girl you like.

 How do you do that? Simple- by creating chemistry within the first moment of the interaction. I myself had troubles with this because sometimes I used to focus way too hard on creating rapports even before I had achieved any signs of attraction.

becoming the real badass

In this part of the book, Joshua teaches the techniques that create the foundation of your success.

For example, he shows how using something as simple as open-ended questions can quickly lighten up the conversation so the boring talk at first glance can turn into a deeper emotional attachment.

Joshua goes even further to help you get on the right track by explaining the different kinds of rapport and how to know on which one to focus.

This is something truly important if you want to get to the next level and this part can help you if you struggle at creating relationships with others.


Step 3- Seduction

Here comes the fun part!

This is when  you charm that hot girl to such an extent she is desperate and wants to go all the way with you!

attraction blueprint free download

Here is where the strong alpha male body language comes into place. In this part, you will learn how to show that “bad boy” type of behavior to seduce and dominate women.

But that’s not all! Pellicer has prepared an extract specifically on women, what their poses and body language indicate and how to identify the signs girls give you because they are attracted to you!

This is vital for your success. The earlier you notice that a girl is interested in you, the quicker you can start escalating the level of seduction and getting sexual.

This is where I understood the “difference” between the logical brain and the emotional brain. You see, analyses show that women indirectly react to the sexual appeal of the environment. They have the so-called “red zone”, which indicates certain signals to the subconscious mind and, as a result, can quickly prevent them from getting seduced.

Having that in mind, Joshua gives different tips not only on how to prevent that red zone from raising but also gives advice on how to escalate the level of seduction and skyrocket your chances for success!

joshua pellicer- is he legit?

In this part of the map of interaction, you will understand how to effectively use the right body language to your approach so that you can become a true dating skill master!

There is a variety of techniques I was taught in this part, such as not leaning in too much, how to provoke girls with a different type of behavior, how to use your body to send strong dominant signals to women, which combined with an unusual reward and punish type of body language, can make those hot girls submit to you!



A huge bonus here is the member’s section of this program. If you have any difficulty imaging what certain things should look like, there is video footage that shows the concept clearly and goes into more detail.

play by play attraction guide

 Relationship Balance

While it aims at helping guys get the girl they have a crush on, the romance shouldn’t end just there!


In fact, you can use the psychological tricks inside this book to become a true badass dating machine!

Wondering whether to start a  new relationship, how to get over an old one or maybe how to take your current one to the next level? There is something for everyone in this program. This is partly why, besides all the informative content, my rating for Tao Of Badass is quite high. Because I have seen it work for many guys, me included!

And they are happy to share their results!


tao of badass online free download pdf

Last night I read the first 80 pages of your book and then decided to go down to a nearby bar where I knew there would be women and a live band...

... I knew I could at least impress some women with your advice. I figured out I'd practice being an alpha male and see what happened.

It was unbelievable. By the end of the night, not only had I banged a hot chick, but I could tell that all the women in the room were watching me. I was clearly the alpha male in the room.

Your system really works awesome!

Alex Oulton (Apr 2012, LA)

The Heart of Tao Of Badass

In the center of this course lies a unique concept I haven’t seen presented anywhere else. It is an interesting system that uses a numerical approach of between six and ten to determine someone’s value levels.


 Basically, these numbers indicate the value that a person has. There are parts of an alpha-male theory, but the important part here is that rather than demonstrating higher value,  which is someone trying to show value, the concept relies on assuming value.


In this line of thoughts, it teaches how to move from one level to another. In a nutshell, it helps you level up your sex appeal.

The Members Area

Tao of Badass has amazing bonuses and training courses that not only teach but also show how things should be done. This is crucial to your success with women. Luckily, there is enough training material that sure to take improve your chances and build the aura of seduction around you.

Tao Of Badass Review: PROS AND CONS


  • A lot of information! This is a great program for beginners wondering how to improve their approach and get that one girl they like, but it has also been helpful to more experienced guys
  • Valuable techniques that teach you how to read women's signs and use psychology to make the crave and desire you.
  • Relationships friendly! Not many guides out there teach you how to create and maintain long-lasting rapports with women.
  • Great video material that makes it easier to understand and apply everything you will learn
  • The whole idea is not only to start attractive girls but to become a more attractive and desired guy. This is useful and can help you in different parts of your life and career!


  • There is a lot of content and a lot to be mastered
  • You can find it somewhat hard or maybe too informative, but eventually you will get used to it.
  • Like every other area you want to succeed in, it will take time and effort to understand and put into practice

Does Tao Of Badass Really Work - Legit Or Scam?

Time the real question – is this program legit? Can Tao Of Badass transform you into a true bad boy and women-magnet?

In short - yes, this program works. The system is specifically designed to give you the badass edge to charm and attract the gorgeous beauties you want to date.

You are also given a 60-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. This goes to show the confidence in the rate of success of the program.


Tao Of Badass is a phenomenal program for everyone willing to improve overall lifestyle and start attracting the hotties, the 9s and 10s.

This system is specifically designed to teach you the essentials you need to start charming and naturally attracting gorgeous women in your life.

If you are ready to take your game to the next level and start dating the women you want and deserve, this program will give you all the resources you need to succeed.

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