How To Pursue A Girl Over Text Without Being Needy Or Desperate

Texting a girl has never been an easy task for most men. There are simply so many things that can go wrong and, as sad as it is, guys focus precisely on them. And this whole process becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Well, do you genuinely believe that texting a girl should be so damn hard and challenging? No, of course! Texting a lady should be fun, exciting, entertaining, and passionate.

Nevertheless, most guys that are beginning their venture in the world of dating and love do not understand that there is a thin line when enough is enough. For this matter, here is a list of things you can refer to on how to text a girl without being needy.

Get yourself in check, and go get the girl!

How To Text A Girl Without Being Needy

1. Change Your Mentality

Before you even think about doing something with a girl, you need to improve your mentality. And this is so crucial, I promise, if you get this one part right, everything else will come to place.

If you are reading this article, I suppose that you don’t have much experience in dating girls and texting them. Why else would you be reading this post?

And if this is the case, I must tell you that your mentality is the biggest roadblock stopping you from succeeding. This is not the only girl on the planet. I repeat, THIS IS NOT THE ONLY GIRL ON THE PLANET!        

text a girl without being needy

Understand that the only reason you haven’t had much success with women is simply because you aren’t trying to improve your game, and, more precisely, you aren’t trying to connect to enough women. This isn't a pleasant fact, nevertheless, it is one I need to tell you. I need to tell you because it has also happened to me.

Right now, you think it is a make or break decision, that there is no other girl, there isn't a single other lady in the world. And guess what? If you start thinking this way, you put immense pressure on yourself to succeed. And this forms a vicious cycle which results in you gathering too many nerves, and inevitably, failing to attract the girl.

Act as if there are ten other girls besides your girl ready to blow you. Will you be concerned about losing one when you know you have ten left ready for action any time you want?

So, always make sure that you are thinking straight and never take this too seriously. As you will see, this is the ultimate key to success with women.

2. Be Playful - Girls Love It

We are not perfect. We all make mistakes. And I have also made a lot of stupid mistakes in the beginning, when I was still trying to get good with women. And I will share one.

I had this massive crush on a girl living near me. She was a good and kind girl, blonde hair, brown eyes, and quite sexy. The girl was truly phenomenal. And this same girl is the first one I tried to pick up over a text conversation.

And what did I do? Something quite stupid- I exchanged three text messages with her, and on the fourth, I asked her out. Needless to say, it was a catastrophy.

This was when I understood that we might be too direct because we are boiling with feelings from within and want to find out whether the other person feels the same way.

This is a bad move that I have learned the hard way. What girls genuinely need is to get in the mood, to feel some comfort and excitement in your company before they are ready to go out with you.

And this is precisely why being playful is so important. Remember, dates are supposed to be fun, exciting, entertaining, and passionate. The girl doesn’t want something serious from the get-go.

For this matter, a simple small talk would be ideal. In fact, this is all you should do. Texting a girl has the purpose of you getting to spend some time together in real life. And if you want to know how to text a girl without being needy, simply focus on small talk with a playful character.

Women enjoy entertainment, having fun, and feeling passion. A simple conversation about an exciting topic/hobby/idea that both you find attractive is all you need to succeed.

how to text a girl without being needy

3. Be Chill And Hard To Get

I suppose you are aware of all the red pill, blue pill, alpha/beta/sigma male discussion that is going all over the internet. If not, don’t worry, here you will take the essence of the psychology and the way to attract a woman.

One thing you need to understand is that most women act the complete opposite to us, men. We, as guys, fall in love with a girl that shows direct attraction towards us, that is friendly and smiles regularly.

Well, while this is true for most men, the majority of women act on the complete opposite basis. Now, let me explain what that means.

Girls are known for their craving for attention. All women want to feel beautiful, gorgeous, wanted, and desired by men. It is only natural for them to be interested in your attention. However, what you fail to understand is that most of the time, they do not love you or even like you initially. They are purely driven by the attention they want from you.

And the more attention you give to a woman, the more validation you provide, and the less interest she has in dating you. The same can be said for the way girls feel attracted to us.

This goes to say, you might be the one approaching her, but that doesn’t mean you are anything less as a human being. So don’t act like you are!

There is something genuinely capturing in the chase, something that turns a subconscious trigger on and provokes us to go for it. You have probably experienced this yourself already. Well, the same can be said for girls.

Hand in hand with that goes the fact that you should remain calm. Note that in #2, I said you should be playful. However, playful doesn’t mean goofy. Just like cool doesn’t mean you should put on an act.

What I mean is that you will be more attractive if you show some degree of interest towards the girl while keeping it cool, not trying to break a sweat, and going a bit playful and not goofy.

Just like us, women also want a good chase. And her chasing you will be way worth it.

how to text a girl without being needy

4. Don’t Go Over The Board

I will admit another stupid thing I used to do when I began dating. I used to think of all the things I can do to make the date unforgettable, how to present myself in the best possible light, and how to surprise the girl so that she develops a serious liking towards me.

And, as a result, I have even gone to first dates where I have given them flowers, candies, teddy bears…

And guess what- all the girls said absolutely once and the same thing- that I am too direct.

In the beginning, I never truly understood what that meant. I mean, for us, guys, it takes a second to determine whether a girl is hot or not, right? Women can decide just as quickly as we do.

Nevertheless, there needs to be a momentum before you can move further in the direction of a relationship. From my experience, while you date someone with the intention to have a long term relationship, no one wants to begin with something serious.

Would you date a girl that just came and said:” I want a serious long-term relationship.”

Most likely not. And it is not because she might be a bad partner in the long term, but you simply cannot expect such type of commitment in the beginning.

And all the gifts I used to give prove precisely that. You do not want to go over the board. And the same goes for texting a girl without being needy.

You might be excited about having her attention, you might have planned several things as a first date, whatever it is. You don’t need it. And you definitely must not say anything connected to it when you are texting a girl.

And also, never make it seem like you are pushing her to take action that she wouldn’t take on her own. If you are texting her with the intention to ask her out, and you do, and the girl doesn’t quite feel like it, don’t try and force her to go out with you.

Even if she doesn’t agree initially, this doesn’t mean that your chances have ended. So don’t shoot yourself in the foot and sabotage your future success.

And last but not least, go with the flow. Stop thinking and analyzing your texts and her responses. It is not that difficult, so don’t make it harder than it needs to be. You can easily say when another person texting you is being needy or not, right?

Just go with your gut instinct. I repeat, texting girls is not rocket science, and it is not complicated. The only thing that is preventing you from seeing that is your lack of experience and no confidence in your abilities to text her.

The fact that you are reading thins post and searching for extra materials to help you proves that you are serious about making a change in your dating life and you are willing to succeed. If this is the case, do yourself a favor and give yourself a chance - you will see that nothing is as scary and frightening as we initially thought it would be.

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