Text That Girl Review– Race Depriest’s PDF Ebook For Getting Women Online

Review of : Text That Girl

Use :get the girl by  provoking strong emotions and opening her heart towards you



Ease Of Use


Effective text messages that will attract her

Great price for the value provided

Easy and simple to implement techniques

Great support


  •  A lot of valuable Information
  • A great diversity of scenarios
  • Teaches a funny and adventurous type of approach
  • Reveals  decent psychological concepts about women
  • Amazing value in the bonuses


  • The approach can be hard to adopt for some people
  • You shouldn't blindly copy-paste everything
Summary: Text That Girl presents a different, yet exceptionally effective way to text a girl and make her yours.

This program is sure to help anyone who finds himself in the friend zone and wants to learn the way how to catch a woman's eye with several clicks.

I have prepared this review/guide because I understand quite well just how important of a skill texting a girl can be. I know that using and implement the following steps can turn you into a woman magnet.

Why Texting Has Become An Important Skill When Picking Up Girls

Nowadays, texting a girl is the challenge most guys have a hard time with.

You have her number, you can contact her, but what would your approach be like? Is there anything you should consider and plan beforehand?

The answer is YES, there is definitely a lot you can achieve by having a good plan and a decent way to attract her attention. From personal experience I can say that while texting a girl may seem as an easy task, once you get down to actually thinking of the messages for her you will find out just how bad things can go.

text that girl

There is a lot you can accomplish – you can even go as far as establishing a true and strong rapport with your girl, or maybe you want to flirt with her and turn her on really hard. Either way, both of these tasks can be done if you know how to text a girl the right way. You need to have a at least a decent understanding if you plan to succeed.

An amazing program that deals with these issues is “Text That Girl”. It utilizes a different way to approach a  girl over text that will catch her eye, make her laugh and start building the connection. It is the perfect guide for all the guys who struggle with texting women and want to escape the dreadful land of the friend zone.

So, if you wanna learn how to pretty much “addict” a girl to you and make her eager to date you and want more and more out of you while managing to do all of this with only a few simple messages for her, let’s begin this review!

Text That Girl - How To Text Your Way To Dating Girls

This program is a program that has become famous for its high ratings and success rates.

Race Depriest is the dating expert who guides us and helps us discover the psychology behind the whole process.

If you are searching for funny things to send a girl or wondering how to text her in a more joyful way, this is your best bet!

How And Why Guys Screw Up So Hard 

Okay, we know that when it comes to approaching her things can get quite messy.  Your words can easily be misunderstood and, thus, terribly screw things up.

A great concept here is the way Race presents things from a woman’s perspective. He puts stress on what is it that girls desire, want to feel or, in our case, what text messages they want to receive.

What Race does is something like reverse engineering – he goes from understanding what women search for. This gives more insight into what guys do wrong.

Text messages are important. They are the easiest way to present yourself, your style, your view of life. The way you text a girl is the same way you would talk to her and treat her if you were talking to her.

This is a reason why you should put more effort into your way of texting women.

text that girl

 Furthermore, text messages can provoke strong emotions and catch attention. You will be surprised by the number of girls that are hooked up by guys over the internet.

Once you learn how to attract women and leave them wanting more, they will be desperate to date you. This is why mastering the art of texting girls can single-handedly take your game to the next level.

Nevertheless, this is also where guys go terribly wrong.

Most men fail to get the girl they have a crush on more often than not simply because they try too hard to get the girl.

Guys are often seen as desperate in women’s eyes due to the fact they act needy and can’t manage to hold their temper. Either that or they start going with the flow and play the “victim” role, being excessively agreeable and available.

A strong aspect of this product is the presentation of a woman’s psychology that shows how she expects to be texted combined with a realistic view of what can be happening at the same time.

 One example that occurs here is the beautiful girl you are sending your first text to. If she is attractive then it is only normal for her to be chatting with a lot of guys.

Needless to say, if you want to be the lucky one she goes out with, you need to approach her in a different way.

Being more direct, sending flirty messages or just going straight to the topic, these are all different tactics you can implement.

This is the perfect example of what you should think about when texting a girl you like. If you sound and act like everybody else, then what exactly is making you different from the other guys?

texting a girl

You see, most guys have so poor texting skills because they focus solely on the wrong things. 

This is usually your typical general information that not only sparkles no emotion but even worse – you present yourself by no means any better than everyone else trying to impress her.

This is a sure way to fail in the texting game.

If that is the case, then you should simply change your approach!

Bad Texting Goes With Bad Frequency

If the texting part wasn’t worse on its own, the frequency of texting a girl can be crucial to your success.

This book provides a checklist and helps you indicate if you are sending her texts too often.

Furthermore, another checklist will help you know if you are texting a girl just the right amount!

This is important because the frequency can indicate different things – text her too often and you will unintentionally show yourself as someone having a soft personality and desperate behavior. More often than not, this is a huge turn-off.

text that girl

It is only natural for us to strive for the things that we cant get. That provokes a certain reaction in our brain.

Well, love, in this case, isn’t much different. You want to focus on creating interest.

Even better, provoke some passion that will make her want more.

You don’t have to text her all that often. In fact, what most dating experts suggest is to keep it short and cool.

However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be showing her the needed attention. Just the opposite – Race encourages you to use bantering and show the funny, cool and attractive side of you.

Before, it was believed that you should wait about 3 days or more before texting a girl. However, now things have changed.

Race goes to show that it is best if you contact her no longer than 2 days after she has given you her number. Some women even want to be texted as fast as the next day!

This places significant importance on your success. Wait too much and she will either have lost interest in you or be picking up another guy.

The guidelines inside “Text That Girl” are designed to help you overcome this problem.

They provide all the help you need to make your texts seem natural and create a strong and desirable image for yourself!

Emotionally Addicting Her  To You Using Passionate Texting Messages

When it comes to handling girls, one thing stands above all else- emotion.

If you want to make sure you get the girl, the very first thing you need to do is to provoke strong feelings inside her.

Women are known for showing strong emotions towards the guy they are attracted to. And there is a good reason for that. For girls, attraction is directly connected to attachment.

Girls love and seek attraction because it shows the attachment to their significant other.

They have an inner strive for creating stronger and deeper rapport with the guy they have their eyes on.

Furthermore, they search for more powerful emotions.

Passion, desire, love, lust- they are all connected to one another.

And the more you build this connection insider her, the more she feels attached to you and, as a result, she will be attracted to you.


how to text that girl

This means that if you provoke strong enough emotion you are sure to attract her and even make her emotionally addicted to you.

You can go as far as creating a deep rapport. And all of this can be done while texting her!

Well, if you reach this level then your success is guaranteed.

text her

This is the reason Race puts a lot of emphasis on sparkling strong emotions. The sooner you provoke deeper feelings, the better.

If you are wondering how to introduce yourself to a girl, this would be a great approach.

If she feels intrigued, and at the same time is comfortable in your company while enjoying herself, your chances will skyrocket!

In order to achieve this, Text That  Girl has prepared a lot of different scenarios showing funny texts to send a girl.

An important aspect here is the power of a woman ‘smile.


Something as simple as making her smile is an emotional attachment.


Because you are directly connecting to her and are causing some kind of provocation or interest.

This are great news!

The more you get a girl to smile, the more she will associate you with positive emotions and feelings.

Not to mention she will be having a good time with you which may only give her more and more reason to go out with you!

Furthermore, she is noticing your effort and reacting in a positive way.

This is definitely a great indicator and a good enough sign we are on the right track.

best way to text that girl

Be Different And Stand Out Of The Crowd, Even When Texting A Girl!

We should assume the real possibility that there are other guys trying to attract and date your girl. If you want to stand out from the rest, you should approach and react in a different way.

You should also try and keep the conversation interesting and fresh.

Many guys fail here because their approach is exceptionally general and boring. Like really, is someone interested in the weather or something insignificant of that kind?

You want to provoke and intrigue. Race constantly stresses the importance of making her smile.

Not becoming a clown trying to impress her over text, nevertheless, putting enough effort trying to make her feel comfortable and wanted.

Manage to do this and she will be eager to date you!

The Usage Of Text Speak

One thing that this program shows is the usage of the so-called “text speak”.

There are different examples discussed in this matter and they all feature a modern approach.

This is texting while using a lot of ”lol”, “j/k”, “brb” and others. And don’t forget the smiley faces (women love them)!

Now you should strive and use them as this is pretty much normal nowadays.

However, don’t overdo it. Using only text speak while texting a girl can be vital to your success if you cannot control yourself.

While this matter can be quite picky for a lot of guys, you should also put some effort with your texts.

The usage of text speak is normal but that is not a good enough reason to type like illiterate.

Studies indicate that women are likely to turn down a guy present himself as poorly educated and not watching out for the way he texts.

The best thing to do is to try text speak yourself and find the sweet spot. And Race shows exactly how to do this!

The Way You Want To Approach When Texting A Girl

We have already made it clear how important texting a girl can be. Race gives enough examples you can use.

Nevertheless, you should take one important thing into consideration- whatever you are typing should sound natural and normal, something you would say yourself.

Here comes Race’s approach- it is a bit different. It is a funny and goofy type of behavior which has been proven to work exceptionally well to girls. As he says it himself:

"... Lighthearted, super-silly jokes win women over. This causes her to constantly associate positive emotions with you."                - Race Depriest

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This is food for thought.

Furthermore, this way of interacting with girls can be viewed as Race’s signature.

The author himself prefers the usage of banters and jokes. In his dating career, it has proven to attract women over and over again.

From personal experience, I can say that throwing a joke or two in the conversation can ease the situation a little bit and help you if you are having a hard time.

You can also use bantering if you feel you need help breaking the ice and need a “fresh” way to approach her and reach her out.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should stick to only one type of approach or showing just one type of behavior.

In fact,  I encourage you to try and diversify as you will provoke more interest and find the style you feel most comfortable with.

Eventually, you will find out for yourself what attracts the girl the most.

Nevertheless, the techniques Race shows and implements are sure to help you establish a strong connection and attract her to you!

Text That Girl Review: PROS AND CONS


  • A lot of valuable information 
  • A funny and adventurous, yet extremely effective type of approach
  • Reveals  decent psychological concepts and understsandings  about women
  • Covers a lot of different scenarios
  • Insane value in the bonuses


  • The approach can be hard to adopt for some people
  • Although the examples are quite good, you shouldn't blindly copy-paste everything

Does Text That Girl Work - Legit Or Scam?

Time the real question – is this program legit? Can Text That Girl help you effectively pick up, seduce and date the hottest women online?

In short - yes, this program works. This course is specifically designed to help you dramatically improve your texting game and start picking up the gorgeous women you want and deserve.

You are also given a 60-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. This goes to show the confidence in the rate of success of the program.


Text That Girl is a fantastic program for everyone willing to learn how to seduce over text and hook up the hotties, the 9s and 10s.

This system presents the whole game of seduction and attraction in an easy to absorb and implement way while also helping you apply essential techniques to skyrocket your success with girls.

If you are ready to improve your texting game and start having hot babes crave your text messages, this program will give you all the resources you need to succeed.

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