Michael Fiore’s Text The Romance Back 2.0 Review

Review Of: Text The Romance Back

Use: Spark romance back into your relationship via texts



Ease Of Use


Fantastic program 

Terrific price for the value provided

Easy to understand and implement

Great support


  • Applies to both men and women
  • Bring romance back into your partnership
  • Great for those who aren't fully ready to talk in person
  • Techniques are straightforward and easy to apply
  • Great for couples who lead busy lives
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Texting is not as intimate as having a conversation personally and works best at the start. Focusing on texting as your only mode of communication isn't ideal if you want to build strong foundations.

Summary: Text The Romance Back is a phenomenal program for everyone striving to improve their relationship and spark romance and passion via text messages.

This system gives you valuable and easy to implement information that will help you provoke and intrigue your partner in just the right way to make sure you re-experience those deep passionate first love sparks.

This review/guide aims to help anyone eager to know how to improve his connection with his lover and take their relationship to a whole new level. So read carefully and make the most out of it.


Everything You Need to Know About Text The Romance Back

On an average monthly basis, there are about 565 billion texts sent all over the world.

Texting has become such an essential form of communication that one text can ignite a spark between individuals or end the romance.

Enter Text the Romance Back - the solution to re-igniting your relationship through using a few text messages to bring back the intimacy, passion, and spark back into your relationship.

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What is Text the Romance Back About?

Text the Romance Back is a 30-day step-by-step guide/program to texting that will help you make your partner fall in love with you again.

Text the Romance Back was initially launched back in 2010 and became a bestselling book among readers worldwide. In 2011, Michael Fiore added more content into what is now referred to as Text the Romance Back 2.0.

Through the program, you'll learn what texts to use and understand the right time of when to hit "Send" to get your partner's attention and re-ignite the romance in your relationship.

With texting becoming a dominant form of communication nowadays, learning how to communicate digitally is crucial to any relationship.

In the Text the Romance Back program, you'll also learn how to send appreciation texts that will make your partner blush and bait questions that will boost your partner's desire for you.

Finally, the program also comes with bonus content, which we'll dive deeper into later, and sample text messages for "text dating," "text flirting," and even texts while you're single!

About the Author: Michael Fiore

Michael Fiore is a well-renowned relationship coach who lives in Seattle and has provided relationship/dating advice since 2010.

Michael Fiore also founded Digital Romance Inc., which helps users communicate with one another through the use of various digital tools such as texting, email, social media, etc.

The company aims to help people get out of the bronze age of communication by assisting users to better use these tools and improve their romantic life in the digital age.

You might have also seen Michael Fiore on popular TV shows such as New Day, San Diego Fox 5, and the Rachael Ray show.

After releasing his bestselling e-book, Text the Romance Back, Michael quickly rose into stardom and was able to help users improve and re-spark the romance in their relationships.

The Michael Fiore 4 word question: "do you love me?" also went viral and became a hot topic on how to keep a man interested.

What's Included in the Text the Romance Back Program

Text the Romance Back consists of 3 primary parts:

  1. What You Should Know Before You Text
  2. The 30-Day Program
  3. Variations

Throughout this section, we'll take a more in-depth look into what each part has to offer:

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What You Should Know Before You Text

The first part of the program talks about what the entire program will cover, the importance and impact of texting, and who the program is for.

The 30-Day Program

This is the meat of the article, and it's where you'll find the text techniques you can use to re-ignite romance back into your relationship.

Examples of these techniques include:

  1. Sensual Compliments Text
  2. Relationship Time Machine
  3. Curiosity Magnet
  4. Digital Foreplay
  5. Private Whispers
  6. Appreciation Texts
  7. Bait Questions

Here's a sneak preview of what these techniques can offer you:

Sensual Compliment Texts - This technique will help boost the romantic heat in your relationship.

Relationship Time Machine - Relationships that last have a good center of communication and connection. This technique will help you improve and build the connection in your relationship.

Curiosity Magnet - As the name implies, Curiosity Magnet will help you in a way you can get the attention of your partner regardless of what they're doing.

Digital Foreplay - This technique will teach you how to boost your flirting via text in the relationship.

Appreciation Text - Helps you craft and send texts that make your partner feel appreciated and express your true feelings. The purpose of these texts is to ensure your partner that you aren't taking them for granted.

Bait Questions - If you feel like you've had to constantly fight for your partner's affection, this technique is undoubtedly for you! Bait Questions will help you create text messages where you'll have your partner's affection, especially when you're in need of it.

Other techniques included in Text the Romance Back:

3 Magic Words - 3 magic words or texts that will help you stop arguments before they erupt or develop. This is especially crucial if you want to avoid constant fighting in the relationship and learn how to defuse an argument.

Distance Destroyer - When the distance between couples starts to lead towards arguments, Distance Destroyer is a way for you to eliminate that distance and rekindle the romance back.

Text Massage - Who doesn't love a good massage? Text Massage will teach you how to give your partner the digital equivalence of a massage.


Part 3 of Text the Romance Back will focus on several variations the program offers and how to adapt to unique situations such as long-distance relationships.

Text the Romance Back 2.0 also includes special, new content such as text dating and flirting wherein it applies to both a relationship and for single individuals.

Bonus Content

Text the Romance Back also comes with 5 additional bonus content such as:

Crib Sheet

Not everyone can spend the entire day thinking of the perfect words to send. That's why the Crib Sheet consists of done-for-you texts you can use to craft the perfect messages for igniting text romance.

I Like Myself Game Worksheet

Communication isn't the only factor that affects your relationship. In fact, self-esteem and confidence are just as crucial to the relationship's happiness.

This worksheet will help you build that self-confidence and esteem.

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Audio Edition

If you don't fancy reading an e-book, the Audio Edition is an alternative way to use this guide on-the-go, whether you're commuting to work or stuck in traffic.


What do you do if your partner counters the expectations you had after sending a message? That's what the FAQ section is all about.

It's a list of common questions Michael has encountered over the years as a dating coach, including those who have used this guide.

You might just even stumble on the Michael Fiore four-word question, which Michael has encountered over countless emails.

Facebook Romance Secrets

Texting isn't the only form of digital communication. You now have social media to help you out too!

Facebook Romance teaches you how to use social media tools & apps like Facebook to tell your story and build the attraction game in your life.


  • Applies to both men and women
  • Ideal for users who want to bring romance back into their partnership through the use of digital means and for those who wish to build romance as single men/women
  • Great for those who aren't fully ready to talk in person and prefer a less personal approach
  • Techniques are straightforward and easy to apply in one's life
  • Great for couples who lead busy lives and communicate mostly through digital means
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Texting is not as intimate as having a conversation personally and works best at the start. Focusing on texting as your only mode of communication isn't ideal if you want to build strong foundations.

Conclusion: Our Word of Advice

Text the Romance Back (TRB) adds value to relationships in a way where digital communication is a struggle.

Considering the popularity of texting as a common information channel, TRB is a great addition to have to spice your romance.

Although texting can be essential to a relationship's health, it's not the only one you should focus on.

Communication occurs in so many different ways, so it's also important to remember how else you can communicate with your partner through other modes effectively.

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