Michael Fiore’s Text Your Wife Into Bed Review

Review Of: Text Your Wife Into Bed

Use: Turn her on over text and make her crave having sex with you



Ease Of Use


Fantastic program

Terrific price for the value provided

Easy to understand and implement

Great support


  • Availability
  • Legit Author
  • Money-Back Guaranteed
  • Organized System of Communication
  • Simple and Conversational Language


  • Digital Form
  • Requires Patience
  • Language Match

Summary: Text Your Wife Into Bed is a terrific program for every guy who wants to properly stimulate his girl over text messages and make her crazily want sex with you.

This system gives you valuable and easy to put into practice information that is suitable not only for married men but also for guys who have girlfriends or are going out on dates.

This review/guide aims to help anyone eager to know how to make women bite their lips after reading your messages and ready to send you several nudes and desperately want you inside them. So read carefully and make the most out of it.


Text Your Wife Into Bed Review

Are you having intimacy problems in bed? Wanna spice up your relationship? The Text Your Wife Into Bed sounds like the best program for you!

Sure, you can surprise her with flowers or a romantic dinner. Women want to be given the utmost attention, but you don't have to go all-out extravaganza to do so!

You'd be surprised how the perfect words in a simple text message is a unique way that can instantly turn her on.

Text Your Wife Into Bed contains the exact text messages to get her in the mood.

If you're still feeling iffy about this, check out our Text Your Wife Into Bed review. This just might be the perfect ingredient to turn your relationship perfectly al dente!

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About the Author

Michael Fiore is a relationship guru based in Seattle, Washington. He is an author of many successful romantic texting guides, including "Text Your Wife Into Bed," "Text the Romance Back," and "Text Your Ex Back."

With this, he earned himself the title, 'Man with the Magic Thumbs".

Coming from his own experience with relationships and dating, Michael Fiore took note of how this simple way of communicating can make bounds and leaps in strengthening relationships, even improving the couple's sex life.

Often, texting is given a bad rap for cheap sexting or cheating, but it doesn't have to be so.

From then on, he made it his lifelong mission to teach people simple instructions and texting formulas to keep the romance alive, especially in these current times, where human contact has become less pervasive.

What is Text Your Wife Into Bed?

Text Your Wife Into Bed is an eBook that contains things to text your wife to turn her on and take her to bed. The program is priced at a very affordable $67!

We all agree that sex is an interesting experience every couple wants the pleasure of having regularly. But one's sex life is not always up and hot.

There will always be uneventful and boring days in a relationship. Emotions could get dull and sexual urges down the drain.

With the convenience and availability of texting through your phone, why not use this commodity to master the art of seduction?

Take advantage of technology for the use of foreplay. Learn what to say, and when you should say it. Your wife will have the desire to have sex with you in no time.

Should You Get the Text Your Wife Into Bed Program?

Are you and your partner experiencing low sex drive? Is the matter at hand just a lack of spark, or are there deeper issues in your marriage you need to solve?

You have to foresee whether to use text messaging is the one solution.

"Do I want to text my wife or girlfriend on a regular basis?" Even when spoon-fed with the text formulas, if you are inconsistent, or do not enjoy texting to build up the urge to get her in bed, you'll only be putting your money to waste.

Most adults are not fond of messaging. Women catch up with technology faster than men. It's important for a guy to exert more effort and be concerned about this.

Make her feel craved and wanted.

For you to get this program to work, you have to be committed to trusting the process.

If you see it's not working for you, the Text Your Wife Into Bed has a 60-day Money Back Guarantee. Read more into our Text Your Wife Into Bed Review to guide your decision.

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Text Your Wife Into Bed Features

Before we dive deeper into the contents of the program, we'd like to note that the title is misleading.

This eBook is not only for married customers. Someone who wants to turn his wife, girlfriend, or date on, and eventually off her panties, can take advantage of this.

Let's see what Michael Fiore has in store for us:

The "Curiosity Pivot"

This is the most critical step in the Text Your Wife Into Bed program.

You will break the ice by sending a romantic text to your wife or girlfriend. If you don't do this often or haven't done it at all, you will surely capture your partner's attention.

The next step is to sit back until she replies. The next day, continue sending her intimate messages. Allow her to get used to this dynamic.

You have to go through different stages to work around a woman's feelings and mind. Sex will not come fast and easy.

Stirring interest may not be a walk around the park. The program is there to help you bait your girl and ease her into the sexual mood by changing up the content of your routine messages, with hints of sensuality.

Use Masculine Sexual Language to Establish Lust

After you've captured her attention, make her feel like a queen and not just your wife.

Text her compliments about how her smile and radiant eyes brighten your life, or how her plump breasts keep you thinking of her all day.

A lot of men fail in the "complimenting" department. Oftentimes, they rush to sexting and reference a lot to genitalia.

Take it easy.

Taking notice of her beauty and her "assets" is enough to turn her on and get her looking forward to your messages.

But be sure to mean every bit of it. Why else would you be together if you're not being sincere? The technique is to make her feel sexy. Noticing her efforts to keep herself looking good feeds the ego and, by chance, even lust.

She has bitten off your bait, and you have to keep the fire burning!

Michael Fiore has the exact text messages you basically have to copy and paste. These will leave women biting their lips and clenching their toes, craving for more!

Use Feminine Sexual Language through Story Telling

Accelerate and build-up to climax by narrating hot erotic stories.

Let both your imaginations run wild by creating a real sex experience in your minds. You can recall and relive past sexual escapades. Get detailed with your descriptions.

This imaginative and emotional approach is sure to sexually arouse her the whole time until you both finally meet. I bet her body temperature starts to rise, and a lot of desire starts to build up in those loins!

things to text your wife to turn her on

Build the Anticipation and Seal the Deal

The final step of the Text Your Wife Into Bed system is to initiate a real sexual experience. At this point in your conversation, she'll be wanting some action more than you do.

Include a catchphrase or something "out of your usual" in your text. With your wife aroused, you'd be glad to be home real soon!

With all distractions aside, the kids put to sleep, there's no reason your wife wouldn't want to rush, making love with you.


  • Know what to say and when you should say it. Romantic texting is foreplay. A lot of men say the stupidest things and end up making flawed explanations. This could really kill the mood and waste your progress.
  • Be consistent with your compliments. Don't leave your woman hanging. The program calls for a commitment that requires habit-forming.
  • Get into steamy details when storytelling. Women have a rich imagination. Tell them how you want to treat them in bed. This is the stuff that puts you in the game!
  • Don't waste their energy. Be good in bed. Continue to communicate and turn up the heat in person, as you did through text.



You can easily download the eBook online after making a payment. There's no need to worry about a delayed delivery at all!

Legit Author

Michael Fiore is a renowned professional relationships coach. He knows what he is talking about! Having appeared in many television shows and radio interviews, he's built himself a good reputation.

Money-Back Guaranteed

In case the material doesn't give you justice, you have 60 days to get your money back 100%.

Organized System of Communication

The eBook is well structured with easy to comprehend steps with enticing visuals. It is composed of entertaining PDFs, videos, and audios that will get you to finishing and applying the program from cover to cover in no time.

Simple and Conversational Language

Michael delivers his content in a funny and interesting way for anyone to easily use in his daily life. They are nothing close to technical or jargon. The language is clear, conversational, and natural.

This way, you'll have your wife feeling comfortable, engaged, and trusting.

text your wife into bed review


Digital Form

You'll need stable internet connection and any mobile device to download and view the material.

Requires Patience

You have to be keen on following instructions. To expect successful results, you have to be determined to respect the program's tried and tested approach.

Language Match

In some cases, the language portrayed in the program may be too dirty for them. Some people also do not enjoy texting. If you do not want to make adjustments, this is not the program for you.

Social Proof

The Text Your Wife Into Bed is a revolutionary relationship guide. Many have proven how they successfully use text messages to spice up their sex life, and overall, create healthier relationships.

A husband writes: "Making her experience more intimacy, and tremendously raising her sexual drive is possible. The amazing part about the texts is that they come off very conversational and natural."

Another shares: "Life is too busy these days and people have gone far away from each other even when they are living in the same room. If you are facing these difficulties in your relationship with your partner, this is sure to ignite the spark."


The Text Your Wife Into Bed program is one great opportunity for you to show how much you want to keep the relationship with your spouse healthy and happy.

Yes, it is an interesting and unconventional way. But hey, if it's worth it, why not?

I guess it’s time for you to give the Text Your Wife Into Bed a shot! For any questions, or if you wanna share your experiences, don't hesitate to leave us a message below.

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