What To Do When A Girl With A Boyfriend Keeps Texting You

When you are out there, searching for that one girl, you will likely meet a lot of attractive women.

And even though this might be an amazing and exciting experience, there is a little catch- what happens if the girl you like has a boyfriend?

Usually, guys wonder what they should do from that moment onward. How should they approach if a girl with a boyfriend keeps texting them? Should they chase the girl or let go of her?

Here is a handful of tricks to help you decide on what direction to go, and if you want to get the girl, how to do it.

A Girl With A Boyfriend Keeps Texting Me- What Should I Do?

To answer this question, you need to figure out what is happening between the two of you and what your outcome looks like.

For instance, why are you particularly attracted to this girl? Do you simply enjoy her texts because you don’t have a girlfriend right now and feel a bit lonely?

Or is it the case that you have a crush, a strong interest and desire to be with that girl?

You need to put into consideration what are you willing to achieve.

If you have a burning passion for turning her into your girlfriend and really want the girl, you should go for it. After all, this is your happiness and you have all the right to chase it.

If you are just feeling lonely, you should take a minute to think if this is the type of girl that you want and can make you happy. Who knows, what seems like an interest at first glimpse might turn to be the love of your life. You never know.

However, you really need to consider one particular thing- what is her intent.

Why is she willing to date you if she already has a boyfriend?

If the girl feels unhappy in her current relationship and wants to end it, while during that time has a strong interest in you, that is good news for you.

However, you should definitely watch out if she is simply putting an act to kind of tease her current boyfriend or probably cheat on him. If this is the case, she might do the same thing on you.

So make sure you carry your own “investigation,” trying to figure out her motives before you decide the path you will follow.

Texting A Girl Who Has A BF- What Should You Do To Get The Girl

1. Clear Any Signs Of Doubt

When you are about to start texting and dating a girl that is already taken, make sure to find out what here intentions are. Make sure you get a clear idea of what is going through her mind and what is happening with her current relationship.

Ask her something like:

“Have you ever been in love where you adore your significant other from the very bottom of your soul?”

This is an excellent question to get the conversation going. On the one hand, you will find out what describes the perfect couple in her eyes.

On the other hand, when she starts explaining herself, you can take an active part and ask a question from time to time to figure out what isn’t on point with her current boyfriend.

Once you get a good idea of what her ideal boyfriend looks like, it will be significantly easier for you to take her out on a date and become that special guy since you would already know what to strive for.

2. Provoke Passion And Emotion

It is clear that she has an interest in you and is willing to date you.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that she is already made up her mind to become your girlfriend.

She might be texting you to find out if you are a good fit for her or not.

Even if you manage to take her out on a date, that still doesn’t guarantee anything.

The real way to a woman’s heart is to create a deep passion and provoke thrilling emotions.

This is what makes her heart beat for you. If you manage to achieve this, you are set to go.

So when you are talking to her and finding out more about her, and especially the guy she views as her “perfect fit,” you can definitely put some effort into becoming him.

This goes to say, when you are texting the girl to attract her, don’t have a boring conversation discussing something meaningless and unnecessary.

Furthermore, don’t agree with everything she says. Give more soul to your words, go as far as arguing a bit with her if you don’t agree with everything she is saying.

While some may say that you will be treating her poorly, in most cases, you are honest. The girl can realize that you have your own view and are not afraid to share it, which gives a sense of honesty to the entire conversation.

Not to mention, it makes the entire chat feel a bit more lively.

3. Dealing With Your Ex

If she is intrigued by you, and so are you by her, it is only a matter of time until one of you bring the topic of your ex.

Now, this is a topic that will eventually take its place. And that is normal.

However, pay close attention to what she is saying and especially what you are saying.

If she sounds like the type of girl that always blames her boyfriends for not being good enough, not being able to satisfy and make her happy, you might consider whether you actually want to date her or not.

Because, more often than not, girls with high expectations that only blame their significant others for the break-up, are the ones who take the least care of the relationship. Thus, make sure you genuinely find out what hasn’t worked for her in the past and why.

However, you should also be careful about the way you present yourself and your past rapports.

If you are just bad-mouthing your previous lovers, you can easily give a bad impression and turn her off.

So, if you feel like she is the right girl for you and she asks you about your previous relationships, try and approach it like a gentleman. For instance:

“We had a good time together, but we weren’t a perfect fit and realized things wouldn’t work out.”

Something like this helps you dodge the bullet while presenting you in a somewhat positive light.

4. Show Her Your Intent, But Let Her Be The One Chasing You

If a girl with a bf is texting you, congrats- you have her attention. However, how much attention is too much?

Should you insist on them breaking up or should you let her do it when she feels the right time has come?

Moreover,  how aggressively should you chase her?

Your best bet might be to chill and see how things play out.

Girls prefer to date guys with whom they can spend some quality time knowing, chilling and having fun together.

Usually, the ones who try to push the date into a relationship always seem as needy and pushy.

You need to think about it this way- why is she still in a relationship if she wants to date me?

Maybe something is happening in her world and she isn’t sure how to react.

Either way, your best bet would be to attract her as much as possible. Don’t just force and push her to do this or that. Once she has gathered enough interest and is eager to date you then it would be only natural for her to break her existing relationship and begin a new one with you.

So a good suggestion would be to take it a bit slower and see how things play out.

5. Avoid The Dreadful Friend Zone

One thing you always need to keep in mind is the friend zone.

Remember, texts are there for you to take her out on a date, not share the story of your life and turn into a texting buddy.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Sometimes texting her more, and especially provoking her, teasing her and flirting with her is the way to go. In this case, you can have a longer conversation.

Nevertheless, if there isn’t something fascinating and meaningful to talk about, just tell her you are busy working on a project or something and end the current conversation.

Often, when you are texting with a girl without sexually provoking her, you give her the wrong idea. If you aren’t flirting with her and are constantly talking to her, what view are you giving her? Precisely, the one of being her text buddy.

So, make sure when you text her you are going for answers about what is happening in her current relationship and how the two of you can proceed as a couple.

If you feel the time is right, or have the balls, or even better- both, just ask her out on a date.

There isn’t any logical reasons for her to refuse you if you have come this far.

However, keep in mind that texting the girl too much is a possible risk for you to get into the friend zone territory. And you won't be able to retreat from there so easily.

6. Be The Boyfriend She Never Had

An excellent way to bulletproof your relationship is to be the guy your girl is desperate to date and be with.

There is a reason why her previous relationships didn’t work our, and also why her current rapport is going to nowhere.

As we mentioned above, you will need to make sure what is going on with her and why her rapports don’t last.

And once you get a good idea about the possibilities that turned her off from the other guys, you can try and be the opposite of them, or at least to an extent your girl will want.

If her current boyfriend spends too much time going to the gym, watching TV or something of a similar matter, you can try and give her more of your time and attention.

A key point here is to be different. And this also goes about your personality. When she is texting you, try to vary your approach, the topic, tell her a joke and make her laugh…

Simply put- be provocative. Show her your adventurous and wild side, the one she would want to explore.

This can be a good approach to try different things and find out what works the best, learn how to connect to her on a deeper level.

The Art Of Getting Her Addicted To You Over Text

So far, we have gone through a variety of things you would want to keep in the back of your mind when texting a girl with a boyfriend.

Decide whether she is the girl you want, and once you know, go for all-in for her.

Texting a girl shouldn't be something that drives fear and creates anxiety.

Just the opposite- you should be having fun and excitement when connecting to your significant other.

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