The 7 Deadly Texting Mistakes To Avoid When Chatting With A Girl

texting mistakes

There is an exceptionally beautiful girl that has caught your eye. You want to make a move and attract her to you.

Maybe a friend of yours has suggested you threw up a little chat with the girl, set the mood, maybe ask her out…

If you are considering this approach and want to actually impress her and make her yours, and do everything over text, I am happy to tell you that you totally can.

However, you if plan to succeed you would want to avoid the following deadly traps most guys fall for when texting a girl!

Failing To Understand Her Signals

If you have just taken her number, you probably wonder how to start texting the girl. You may wonder  what are the best topics for texting her. What should you say to her.

These are the common questions and concerns most men face when they begin their dating and texting experience.

And while all these questions may be important to a certain extent, you shouldn’t forget that there is a high likelihood that other guys are chatting with your girl. And the same thoughts may be going through their heads as well.

In this case, you want to stand out and differ from everyone else. And this should sound in your messages for her.

A vital mistake guys make is that they cannot make the difference between the girl actually liking you supposed to her just responding to you.

text her

If you text a girl for the first time and she responds, or even better, you exchange several text messages with her, don’t jump to the conclusion she is attracted to you.

In this sense, men fail to understand the signals a woman gives or the lack there of. If she is just getting to know you, unless you provoke her and make her eager to know more about you, the chances of her falling for you at this stage are slim to none.

In order to avoid this, your best bet would be to act in a different manner- try to say more with less and don’t be afraid to jump straight to the topic, aka asking her out, after just a few text messages.

Show the courage the other guys lack and you are surely to begin creating a strong and desirable image of yourself. Rememebr, you need to be confident, not greedy or needy.

Creating The Emotional Atmosphere Over Text

The fact you can text a girl or that she has given you her number doesn’t necessarily mean she is yet attracted to you.

And this is the second mistake guys make when texting a girl.

chatting mistakes

To make her truly like you, you need to focus on sparking an emotion inside her. The stronger the emotion, the stronger the connection, the higher your chances are.

An emotional attachment can be anything that provokes some kind of response from her ( a positive one). The easiest way to do this would be to make her smile!

When smiling, she is associating your text for her with a positive response or feeling. This is a natural chain reaction that can easily break the ice and give the whole text conversation some kind of ease.

Nevertheless, to do this, you need to avoid the general and boring messages most guys advise you to type.

If you are thinking about texting her and saying something like :

“Hey, I am really happy that we met on Friday, I truly had a great time”

you sound quite stiff. Not to mention, this kind of text indicates nothing more than the friend zone signs. You aren’t showing her the attraction of anything more than a friend.

Rather, you want your texts to be more funny and cheerful. You can and should send her even a simple picture or a GIF about something she is interested in. On the one hand, you avoid being boring, while on the other hand, you are emotionally connecting to her.

Just remember, you want to be a funny and an outgoing guy, not a clown she will look down to.

Having Your Unique Texting Signature

This texting mistake simply stresses the fact you should have a unique style of texting a girl.

If you are chatting with a true beauty, there are probably a lot of guys trying to take her out on a date.

how to text her

Therefore, whenever you are considering whether to text her, you should think about how your text messages will make you different from the rest. Why should she spend her time reading your texts for her and not someone else’s?

If you are able to develop a style of texting women that will make them understand you are the one texting without them having to read your name as the sender, voalla. Your style is unique and the chances are you are provoking a positive response or creating a deeper connection to her.

You shouldn’t be afraid to sound different and act differently. This indicates a strong personality and tons of confidence and self-esteem. Oh yeah, and women find it quite sexy!


You Are Texting Her Way Too Often And For Too Long

The next texting sin and this one backfires like mad, is the amount and frequency of your text sessions.

It is common for guys to wonder how often they should text a girl they like. And, strangely enough, the answer in most cases is the most they can.

Men somehow believe that if they have a woman’s attention they should talk to her as much as they can in order to not lose this “connection” between both of them.

Needless to say, this can be the worst possible thing to do.

Texts are short conversations. Their point is to be quick, funny, joyful.

This is also a reason you want to provoke strong emotions.

Because whether you will flirt directly or make her laugh, you have a higher chance of succeeding. Well, at least if you keep it short and cool!

texting her

However, long conversations typically go the wrong way.

Why? Because the guy wants to date the girl. He texts her in order to secure himself with a date. And once the girl starts to chat with him, he has no idea what to talk about.

And because the guy is too afraid to pull the trigger, he prolongs and prolongs the talk until he gets straight into the friendzone all by himself!

If you are wondering how often you should text a girl you like, consider one thing first. Will your text messages for her actually get you a step closer to opening her heart and taking her out.

If the answer is no, this is a good sign to know when to stop texting a girl.

An important thing that rings the bell here is the fact she never texts first. Well, in the majority of times at least.

If this is occurring, DON’T panic. Don’t rush to send her a gazillion texts and fill the chat with your words only.

This will be detrimental to your success. Just put your phone away and go catch some fresh air.

Please, don’t do something stupid on the spur of the moment that will backfire severely in the future.

Chasing Her Too Hard Without Preparing The Ground

texting mistakes girls

Another texting mistake most guys make is chasing the girl too hard. This means they are eager to go on a date with her without sparkling any emotions.

This is a recipe for a disaster.

Unless she has a reason to go out with you, and this is mostly feeling attached to you, the chances of her turning you down are quite high. You are a guy the woman barely knows and in her mind, you can turn out to be a stalker or maybe creepy.

A moment of awkwardness is sure to arise. And, thus, if she doesn’t have a decent stimulus to go out with you, you will most likely fail.

This is why sparkling emotions and establishing rapport are necessary, if not vital to your success.

This is the reason you want to engage her emotionally first, set up the atmosphere and after that take her out.

If a girl has a positive thought going through her head when she thinks about you, you have done I! Once you have created an emotional connection, it will be much easier for her to agree and go out with you.

And, hands down, the two best ways to do this are jokes(showing humor) and flirty text messages for her.

Following The Same Predictable Texting Pattern

If you are thinking about texting a girl and keeping her connected to you for a long period of time, you want to avoid becoming predictable.

This pretty much equals becoming boring. If you are sending her the same text messages over and over again, asking the same questions and always behaving in the same way, you will give birth to a cycle of monotony.

text her

Once your text messages for her start repeating themselves every day, you will quickly lose the build up momentum. If she is constantly going through the same conversation, sooner or later she will get bored with it.

This is why you MUST diversify. Never keep things the same. Show her the adventurous and wild part of you.

Try to play some provoking games with your girl and intrigue her. Suddenly send her a funny picture of you and ask her to do the same.

Tell her you were listening to a coll song on the radio today and ask her to guess which song reminds you of her.

Don’t tell her, keep her guessing, make sure to keep the flame of the relationship ignited.

Even text her that you have a surprise for her without telling what it is or about.

Just send a picture or a video of something she likes and enjoys.

Try to not let her know what your next move will be. This will constantly occupy her attention and, thus, she will be thinking a lot about you. This can also be viewed as quite romantic and sexy.

As long as she doesn’t know what your next move will be, the girl should be chatting you and asking you to hang out with her!

Doing It All Over Text

This sin is probably the worst of them all. It is connected to going all out over text.

If you think you have her attention or, even better, you have sparkled an emotion, you may consider telling her how you feel about her.

I can tell you that in most cases this will end your relationship.

There are certain things you need to do in front of her, or to be more precise, while you are out, on a date with her.

Most guys try to text the girl the way they feel about her.

If they truly had these feelings, why wouldn’t they tell the girl directly about their emotions and that they like her?

I would say that text messages and the chat are there for intriguing, sparking an emotion, securing yourself a date….

text her

But when it comes to confessions, your best bet would be to do it like a real man. This is what women expect and what they want to get.

If you think this is stupid and you will fail this way, think twice!

Girls are more emotional and they want to feel needed and connected to the guy they love.

In their eyes, you confessing to her directly on a date is romantic and charming at its own pace.

While I do advice you to warm her up and open her heart towards you via text and ask her out on a date in the chat, I would suggest you make her your girlfriend while you talk to her in person, as a real man.

Trust me here, this is something she will look up to and may even be happier than you!

Stepping Up And Picking The Girl Up Over Text

While these tips and tricks are sure to help you see a dramatic improvement in your texting game with girls, you will need to put more effort into the actual texting part.

If you are interested in skyrocketing your chances when it comes to chatting with women, you’d better check out arguably the best texting (and sexting) program out there – Text That Girl.

This guide provides all you need to make your texts for her instantly charming and leave her wanting more out of you.

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