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Review Of: The 4 Elements Of Game

Use: improve your dating game and attract girls effecively



Ease Of Use


Fantastic program for picking up girls

Terrifc price for the value provided

Easy to understand and implement

Good support


  • Legit dating coaches
  • Effective program
  • Helps you overgrow shyness
  • Covers essential fundamentals
  • Easy to grasp and put into practice


  • Takes time, effort and patience to get really good

Summary: The 4 Elements Of Game is an excellent pick for every guy who struggles with approaching girls and wants to dramatically improve his dating life.

This system offers crucial advice that will not only help you feel comfortable in your own skin but also start getting the women you want and deserve.

This review/guide aims to help anyone who is eager to learn how to overgrow his shyness and start seeing the demanded results with girls. So read carefully and make the most out of it.


What Is The 4 Elements Of Game?

I suppose there has been an insanely beautiful girl that has caught your attention to the point you can't think straight. In fact, I know it. After all, we are being surrounded by gorgeous beauties on a daily basis.

Yet, somehow things just don’t seem to work out for us. There never seems to be a good time, the moment is never right to make a move. Not to mention the painful possibility of rejection.

You might have asked your friends which you consider to be somewhat of “players” for advice. Moreover, you might have gone through several dating sites in order to grasp that missing piece, that little key to success you need.

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And all you found is something of the liking of: be yourself, show confidence, treat her properly, be funny and romantic, the list goes on…

And you are left here thinking:

“I am already all of these, so why the hell am I still single and struggling to get a girl to notice me? Damn, this is not a key to success, this is a key to nothing…”

You are wrong here. There is a lot of truth in these words, and they indeed hold the key to change your dating life and experience. This is the whole purpose of The 4 Elements Of Game.

This system is a breath of fresh air in the dating industry as it shows you how to pick up girls without putting on masks or trying to act like someone you are not. Instead, it teaches you how to recognize your strong points and your weakness and how you can work on them in order to start attracting women naturally.

If you want to learn how to become really good with women and transform your life, let’s dive a bit deeper into this review and see how The 4 Elements Game can help you achieve your desires.

Rob Judge And Zack Bauer- The Authors Of The 4 Elements Of Game

Rob Judge and Zack Bauer are the names of the creators of this program. They are experienced dating coaches and professionals who encourage a guy to improve his life for the better.

Rob and Zack recognized the need for a new product that can help men embrace their full potential. Thus, The 4 Elements Of Game was born.

This system is exceptional because it shows guys how to truly be themselves, how to recognize their strengths and weaknesses, and what to work on to become masters when picking women, so good, they become pretty much natural in the art of seducing girls.

the 4 elements of game review

The 4 Elements Of Game System

The 4 Elements Of Attraction is a terrific system that focuses on four crucial components you need to master if you want to step up your game with women.

A fantastic part of this product is that it is straightforward to understand. If you know Rob, you are familiar with his way of speaking, and you know he likes to get straight to the point.

Thus, The 4 Elements Of Game directly gives more insight into the core of the problems and doesn’t waste time in nonsense. Moreover, you will see a different aspect of the dating experts you will rarely see otherwise.

If you have read about other dating products, coaches, or even been bombarded with ads on YouTube, you will get the wrong impression that the dating experts are some kind of magicians, who say a word or two, use some sort of black magic, and somehow get girls.

The 4 Elements Of Game is definitely nothing like this. Rob And Zac go over and share their experience and dating life. You will see that they have struggled severely and have been rejected countless times!

In fact, this is the mood that the ebook has been approach with- from the eyes of the reader so that everyone can relate to the action going on through the chapters.

And since we mentioned chapters, let’s take a closer look at the four elements this system revolves around.

The Drive Element

The 4 Elements Of Game has received a lot of praise and positive reviews, and many of them complement this one crucial factor- Drive.

This is a factor in the dating scenario that always flies under the radar, never getting the attention and recognition it deserves. The drive is everything. It is your stimuli to succeed. It is your thirst for more out of life. It is your hunger for younger, prettier, sexier, better women to date.

It is said that if you want something bad enough, you will get it. It doesn’t matter how, when, what. You will find a way to make things happen.

A real drive is the force that makes you go on and succeed. And this is something Rob outlines - most guys approach one woman, get rejected, and never try again. This is no drive, this is pure fear!

In the first chapter, Rob helps you awaken your drive. He helps you not only get on the right track but also keep going until you get what you deserve.

A great idea here is the concept of rejection- the thing that terrifies most guys. Rob explains that rejection isn't a failure, but a lesson- think why you didn’t get the girl and what you could have done differently. Then, go to the next girl and ask her out.

After all, you were made for more than just crying over one girl.

Remember, the see is full of fish. And The 4 Elements Of Game will turn you into the best fisher, the one who fishes not with ropes, but with nets!

The Inspiration Element

You have to be inspired, enthused, obsessed! In fact, enthusiasm comes from Greek and means “god within”. What this chapter pushes you to do is unlock your full potential, your god within,  and start picking up women.

Moreover, inspiration is something that mixes with your words and empowers them. Words alone have the potential to change a girl’s perspective, but you cannot imagine how powerful the message becomes once you put in some enthusiasm.

You can literally make a girl love you from one conversation. Furthermore, you are given scripts that will help you not only approach and talk to a girl, but get a good way to respond to whatever she is asking you. If, for some reason, she is testing you, you will prove victorious!

The Connection Element

This is a mistake most guys, and all nice guys make. Namely, the connection to a woman - or rather, the lack thereof.

Attraction on its own will get the attention of a girl, but so? What good is there to have her focused on you if you cannot transition into a rapport?

Rob explains the necessity to start building a real emotion, an inner passion that is sowing and telling her to keep going, that you want something more.

This is a vital element (well, all four are!) that needs to take its place in the right moment at the right time. This is the pitch to making her your girlfriend and your lover!

the four elements of game pdf review

The Mechanics Element

Once you know how to talk, understand, and connect to women, Mechanics kicks in. Simply put, this element carries the transitional techniques on how to proceed further with the girl.

For instance, you will learn what to focus on and what to do, how to properly set up a first date, and how to even get physical, sexual and naughty!

Moreover, Mechanics gives an amazing insight into looks and why it isn't what you initially think- an excellent answer to the concern of too many guys. Furthermore, you will get additional tips on how to become extremely successful with women and skyrocket your chances!

Balance The 4 Elements Of Game

There is a great deal of importance in balancing the four elements of the game. As you can see, these concepts aren’t exactly new. Yet the authors have approached them in such a way that is sure to make you understand the full concept behind each of them and help you implement it in your dating life.

Moreover, according to the authors, you should go for balance. This means you need to realize which of the elements you are good at and which ones need additional work. Once you get a good hold of all of them, you will have the key to taking your life to the next level.

But the most important thing is that Rob and Zac teach you these concepts while encouraging you to have fun and enjoy your time with women. In the long run, this will bring you the best results.

The 4 Elements Of Game - PROS AND CONS


  • Legit dating coaches
  • Effective program
  • Helps you overgrow shyness
  • Covers essential fundamentals
  • Easy to grasp and put into practice


  • Takes time, effort and patience to get really good

Does 4 Elements Of Game Work - Legit Or Scam?

Time the real question – is this program legit? Can 4 Elements Of Game help you unlock your full potential and attract women successfully?

In short - yes, this program works. This system is a perfect answer for everyone that is sick of putting masks to impress and would instead use his natural charm to get girls’ attention. This guide helps you unlock this inner charm and use it as a women-magnet!

You are also given a 60-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. This goes to show the confidence in the rate of success of the program.


The 4 Elements Of Game is an excellent program for everyone willing to improve his dating experience and start attracting more beautiful girls into his life.

This system is phenomenal in terms of the ability to change your game with women and skyrocket your chances of success.

If you are ready to take your life to the next level and start dating the girls you know you want and deserve, this program will give you all the resources you need to succeed.

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