Carlos Xuma’s The Bad Boy Formula Review- The PDF System For Overgrowing Shyness

Review Of: The Bad Boy Formula

Use: overgrow your shyness and turn into the bad boy all women crave



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Effective program for turning into a bad boy

Terrific price for the value provided

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  • Effective program
  • Legit dating coach
  • Powerful techniques
  • You will attract women


  • Takes time and patience
  • Puts you out of your comfort zone

Summary: The Bad Boy Formula is an excellent course for every guy who wants to overgrow his shyness and unleash his full potential.

This system is focused on transforming one's life, unleashing the inner beast and, as a result, naturally attracting more women than one can handle.

This review/guide aims to help anyone who is eager to become a true bad boy, one girls won't be able to resist. So read carefully and make the most out of it.


What Is The Bad Boy Formula?

Have you ever had an unpleasant experience with a girl? There was a gorgeous, stunningly beautiful woman that caught your eye and made your mind literally go blank.

All you were thinking about is finding a way to attract her, to get her to like you so that she can see just how awesome you are and eventually become your girlfriend.

Moreover, you did everything you could think of- were friendly, cool, kind, and caring, like what is there not to like? Yet the girl rejected you as if all your positive and charming qualities never existed….

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Sadly, this is the reality most guys face today. In their search for love and passion, in their desperate attempts to finally get that one girl who can turn their whole world around for better, they never actually get any girl.

The Bad Boy Formula is a course that focuses on solving this issue. It shares crucial concepts as to why most men out there miserably fail in their attempts to attract women. Furthermore, it teaches how nice guys can get the bad boy edge that will help their chances skyrocket.

If you are tired of going after women and desperately trying to make them like you, let’s dive a bit deeper into this review and see how you can turn into the guy girls won't be able to resist.

Carlos Xuma- The Author Of The Bad Boy Formula

Carlos Xuma is the name of the man who created the Bad Boy Formula system. He is an experienced dating coach who specializes in helping men unlock their full potential and start having their way with women.

Moreover, Carlos is the author is many dating offers for men through which, as well as his career as a dating coach, he has created a name for himself.

In his researches, he has found a general trend that explains why girls prefer some guys while mercilessly rejecting others. It is the bad boy aspect.

But don’t confuse a jerk with a bad boy. They don’t represent one and the same thing as Carlos goes to explain.

There is something unique in the character of the bad boy that acts like a magnet to women. And The Bad Boy Formula helps you unlock this part so you can transform your life in all of its aspects. Not to mention that girls themselves will start approaching you!

The Problem Nice Guys Have

Carlos created The Bad Boy Formula system with the idea of helping nice guys get the edge and finally start having it their way. He takes a deep dive into debunking some of the widely spread myths that rule our society.

Carlos explains that not everything about nice guys is negative and should be left in vain. In fact, there are many positive characteristics this stereotype possesses. However, certain negatives prevent him from succeeding.

And this success covers all areas of life, not only dating! In fact, if you shift your whole reality, aka, if you take your well-being to the next level, women will begin to treat you differently.

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However, Carlos explains that the struggles you face in terms of dating are things you were falsely led to believe as of what women truly want and search for.

One of the biggest turn-offs of being a nice guy is the fact that you are nice. Too nice. Nice to the point that you concern yourself with the opinion of everybody, want to satisfy everybody, and, as a result, but everyone around you as a higher priority.

Carlos explains that women are looking for a reliable partner. Not necessarily physically strong, though it can also help. What Carlos refers to is being mentally strong and having a tough personality.

If a girl knows that you have her back, and when something bad happens, you will be able to face the issue and deal with the problems, she has nothing to worry about and can freely let go of logical thinking.

If you show that you have high self-respect and emit an aura of masculinity, you are subconsciously telling women that you deserve their full attention because you are the ideal partner. Carlos goes a bit deeper into what signs you are supposed to give and how to properly use your body language to its full potential.

Women Also Have Sexual Needs!

Being borderline nice is a severe issue for nice guys since it is tightly connected to another important concept- the idea of seduction.

You see, love itself doesn’t truly exist. Under love, we identify the “harmony” of many other feelings combined- trust, respect, interest, looks, passion, lust, sex, and many more.

When all the feelings line in a specific way, this is when we get the sense of “love”. But pay close attention to the feelings- there are passion, lust, and sex.

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Love by no means is always connected to spirituality. And while spirituality truly plays a huge part in the equation, you also have the physical part of it.

Both spirituality and physical attraction form the matrix of love.

Nice guys achieve the first one quite well. However, the second part is where they don’t get it.

If nice guys can get the girl to generally like them, they have problems in feeding the hunger for something more, a thirst for passion and lust.

And what does the image of the bad boy Carlos so much focuses on give as an immediate impression? The idea of provocation, challenge, a lot of passion, and desire.

Once you see how you can incorporate these aspects into your own persona and show them to a girl, rest assure your presence won't remain unnoticed.

Being A Jerk And Being A Bad Boy - Two Different Things

Now that you know what you should mostly work on, Carlos advises you to consider the direction in which you are going to take your change.

Of course, as the name of the program suggests, The Bad Boy Formula aims to transform you into the bad boy no woman can resist.

However, the bad boy’s image is often confused with that of the jerk. And while some people say that they are one and the same, Carlos argues that only specific characteristics are passed from one to the other depending on the scenario.

What does this mean?

Think about the word bad boy, for instance- what do you imagine?

Probably, a guy with a leather jacket, a noticeable hairstyle, with a stylish look, and a strong presence. And you will be correct.

However, most guys would continue this list with something of the liking of: arrogant, needy, pushy, greedy, narcissistic, who don’t respect girls and will go to exercise violence to have it his way.

This is where the difference comes into place. All these negative qualities are typical to the jerk. The jerk is the guy who doesn’t respect women and will tolerate them poorly just to have his way.

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The bad boy would break the rules to have it his way. But this doesn’t mean he will put others down, especially women. A good example would be the last action movie you watched in the cinema.

The main hero is a good guy, yet he is a bad boy. He is a good guy because he possesses the positive characteristics of the nice guy, but he unites these features with the tough mentality, quick temper, and ability to take risks of the bad boy.

In a simple way, this is a concept Carlos wants you to understand. Because he knows that you can keep your good and kind side since it is sure to attract women. However, you need to toughen up both mentally and physically, to be perceived, no, to be a bad boy.

The Bad Boy Formula

Carlos uses this course to give you the formula to become the alpha bad boy women crave. As discussed above, his concepts focus on eliminating some of the nice guys' traits that act against you and develop the characteristics of a badass.

His formula covers the eight types of behavior amongst men and how to find which category you belong to. You will be given insight into what women think about each one, what they find attractive and what you should individually work on in your case.

The whole system is divided into six modules:

Module 1: The Bad Boy Definition & Spectrum / The Dark & Light Triads

You will be presented with a variety of stereotypes and what truly defines a bad boy. You will get more insight into where you are in the continuum and what to focus on to start becoming a women-magnet.

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Module 2: Attraction Psychology of The Bad Boy 1 & 2

If you want to become a professional with women, you need to pay close attention to their signals. Because, in one way or another, women say what they think. Well, at least without words- but using their body language.

In the second module, you will be presented with women’s psychology. Here you will learn the signs of what the girl is thinking about you and hot to escalate the level of sexuality.

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Module 3: Bad Boy Strategy – The Big 3 / The “Blade” & The Myths Module

The bad boy and the jerk aren’t the same people as we already mentioned. But the common misconceptions amongst people don’t end here.

In this module, Carlos debunks many popular myths about the core of the bad boy. Here you will shift your whole reality of the image of the badass.

Module 4: SWAT Tactics 1 & 2

In this module, you will see how you can integrate the characteristics of the good guy and the bad boy. Carlos knows that there are positives to both stereotypes. In fact, he encourages you to blend them to get the most out of them.

Module 5: Bad Boy Lifestyle

If you want to become a bad boy, you will need more than adopt a few characteristics. You will need to change your entire lifestyle so that you become the ultimate version of yourself.

You will talk the talk and walk the walk, and girls will notice it!

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Module 6: Lock & Load Formulas 1, 2, and 3

It is time to kick ass! Now that you have the information you need, you want to put in into practice and see the results.

The Bad Boy Formula - PROS AND CONS


  • Effective program
  • Legit dating coach
  • Powerful techniques
  • You will attract women


  • Takes time and patience
  • Puts you out of your comfort zone

Does The Bad Boy Formula Work - Legit Or Scam?

Time for your question - is Carlos Xuma’s The Bad Boy Blueprint legit? Will it help you change and start getting the smoking hot girls?

In short - yes, this program works. The Bad Boy Formula offers solid advice that will come handy to any guy looking to overgrow his shyness and become the one in charge, the real bad boy women are attracted to.

You are also given a 365 money-back guarantee. This goes to show the confidence in the rate of success of the program.


The Bad Boy Formula is a fantastic program for everyone willing to start cathing girls’ attention and feel like a true man in his own skin.

The system aims to help you change your whole life and improve it in every area. As a natural result, you will also see how women themselves start treating you differently and want to spend more time with you.

If you are ready to transform your life and turn into the bad boy no woman can resist, this program will give you all the resources you need to succeed.

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