The Best Dating Programs- The Only Guide You Will Ever Need

Hi there, my name is Daniel, and I am honored that you have taken an interest in and are reading this article. I have observed a similar path that most guys who want to get heavily involved in the dating world and start picking up women follow.

Most men go through an endless amount of articles in all kinds of blogs, watch God knows how many YouTube videos, and buy all types of products… for nothing. After a year, two, or even 10, they are in the same place they initially began- not getting any attention from the opposite sex.

In this article, I have tried to create the ultimate guide to help men entering the dating world. And I will be as honest and transparent as I can, however, I must warn you that my honesty can hurt many of you reading this.

And I will be honest from the get-go: You will not learn to pick up women and have sex from articles and videos on blogs and social platforms. You can read all the free material you want, however, I must warn you that you are most likely wasting your time than doing anything productive.

I believe the most appropriate way to start having the dating life you want is to have a plan for attack. And, by observing everything I have already read and reviewed to create this article (hint: a lot of websites, blogs, forums, reviews, programs, and videos), I have concluded that the most effective way, and also the fastest way to succeed is to buy a program that outlines everything for you.

Too often, many guys try to take the cheap way out, going over all the free content and material they can find. Now, why is this a god-awful idea? Well, you won't find much information that goes into greater detail on the internet for free, and you will waste an unbelievable amount of time doing so. Moreover, you will never find an in-depth guide online, and even if you do, the effort you will have to put simply isn't worth the chase.

Therefore, the fastest and most effective way to succeed would be to buy a program that focusses specifically on the areas you lack. Yes, I understand that this will cost money, and nobody wants to spend it. However, most of these programs you will soon see cost less than $100.

And let’s be real- $100 will not break your bank account (if it does, I highly doubt you should consider dating as your biggest problem at present). And while I will list several guides, the truth is you only need one to make the change you are looking for. And, this small investment will pay you dividends, and I mean dividends like nothing else in the long run.

So, the bottom line is, the choice is yours to make. If you are serious about your vision and the life you want, I believe this small investment into your future life is well worth it (of course, you always have the opportunity for a refund, so basically, there are no risks). But more importantly, what you need to do is take action. You can read all the guides and programs you want, but unless you take massive action, all other effort will be in vain.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, I would like to clarify that this list is different from any other you have read or seen online. The reason for that is while most online listings of programs focus on stuff like efficiency and price, etc., this list focuses on the necessity of skills you need to succeed with women.

The first guide I suggest is the most important one, as it lays the foundation for your success when dating and picking up chicks. If you don’t get this aspect right, you won't have to worry about other parts of hooking up with women, as you will never get to that part.

This article aims to present you with the very best choices in terms of programs based on the essential aspects they teach about dating, and the quality of the manuals, so you know you are dealing only with high quality products.

And a friendly reminder- the idea is to pick a guide based on the level you are at. Then, you will have a detailed manual with what to do, so you won't waste time wondering and searching for information. And once you go over the program, for the love of God, PLEASE IMMEDIATELY START IMPLEMENTING the advice, tips, and tricks that are described inside.

Remember- the ones who get the most women take the most action. You don’t need to know everything there is to know, otherwise you will waste your entire life reading. So, once you pick a guide you feel comfortable with, start implementing the stuff by taking risks, begin pulling the trigger, and even if you fail, simply reload and pull the trigger once again! Never forget this- the only thing we should fear are the risks we never take!

This is how you win in life, and this is also how you win with women. Having said that, here are the only materials about dating you should ever be concerned with:

1. Collection Of Confidence

The Collection Of Confidence by Hypnotica is the ultimate dating manual by a long shot. No other dating guide comes close to this masterpiece. And why is this the case?

Because, in reality, everything truly comes down to self-esteem. I hate the fact that several phrases have been so widely used that they have become clichés- like “Confidence is King”, and “Wear your confidence like a crown”. Nevertheless, these phrases are true beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Do you know what is strange? That most men are not afraid to engage in a fight on the street where they can get profoundly hurt, yet these same guys shiver in fear of talking to a 100-pound girl that can't harm them.

This speaks not for dating issues, but for serious personal problems that are simply reflected in your dating life. Or, said in other words, you lack confidence. Confidence doesn’t mean- “Oh shit, she will reject me”, confidence means “I will be alright even if she rejects me”.

Self-esteem is having the courage to approach and interact with the most beautiful of beautiful women not because you want them, but because you demand them, you deserve them in your life, and this is the least you will accept out of life.

On top of that, confidence is the key to success in all areas of life- be it interviews, business ventures, or women. Because you know your self-worth,  what you are capable of accomplishing, and you are not afraid to go out there and get it.

For this matter, Collection Of Confidence comes first. This the sole foundation of successful encounters with women. When you have self-esteem, you will not be afraid to go out on the street, talk to a beautiful girl and invite her to your place.

Thus, you will never run out of options, and you will genuinely start enjoying life. If you are on a tight budget and could consider only one program to afford, then definitely pick this one and do not concern yourself with the others. Once you fix your mindset, everything else will come to place, especially if you put decisive action along the way.

Moreover, this program is among the top 5 across almost every dating platform/site and usually takes the first place. This speaks about a high-quality product that can give you the results you want.

And, as I stated, self-esteem is the most critical aspect of dating and is the foundation of success with women. This makes Collection Of Confidence by Hypnotica the very best dating guide for guys by a long shot.

2. Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy

Self-esteem and confidence are KINGS. But assuming that you have a good self-image and don’t consider them a weak spot, the next crucial element when dealing with women is speaking. If you cannot talk to women, forget about dating them, picking them up, and getting them to bed with you.

And why is this the case? Because when girls look for a hookup, they don’t think about status, money, body, even penis size! They only thing they have on their mind is getting a dick in them so these women can be satisfied.

However, even if girls are horny and want to fuck, that is still not enough. It is not enough because they need just a little extra reassurance, extra level of comfort that they can trust you and you will not harm them (because guys are quite stronger than most girls, and can easily thrive on them and hurt them physically).

What this implies is the necessity of the ability to talk. Usually, confidence and presentation (aka communication) go hand in hand. This is why the Collection Of Confidence comes first. However, sometimes even with confidence, you just need a bit of additional help.

Usually, based on lack of experience, men have quite poor communication skills, which sabotage their success with the opposite sex. And, I don’t know if you are aware of this or not, but virtually all of the guys who get the girls, regardless of their status, have one thing in common- they can speak with conviction.

For that matter, Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy by Bobby Rio comes second. Moreover, this guide always gets exceptionally high starts/great reviews in the dozens of sites I have researched, along with my own review, which simply proves the quality of this product.

Based on all of the statements above, considering you don’t lack heavily in the self-esteem department, this is the next best buy that will skyrocket your success with girls.

Author’s Note:

Collection Of Confidence and Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy are guides in their own league, as the skills they teach are the most essential ones. If you get these two right, you won't even need to read the rest of this article or consider the other manuals. Confidence and the ability to talk are what make a big difference in your dating and sex life.

And I know in the beginning we said we would have a budget of $100; however, if you can spend just a bit more, I advise you to get both of them. In fact, these two are the only programs you will ever need to start seeing the desired results, and they have all the resources you need to succeed.

Author’s Note:

The guides below assume that you already have decent self-esteem and can hold a simple conversation. Thus, while they can further help you improve your dating life, they are one tier lower in terms of importance. Moreover, I have tried to give one guide for one aspect of dating, so we won't have an overlapping effect (for instance, ten guides that focus on the same thing, for example, talking to girls).

3. The Obsession Method

The Obsession Method by Kate Spring takes third place in terms of the best guide for dating and getting women. This is a brand new program that guarantees only the lastest and up-to-date information, thus, you are sure to get only the most relevant advice and methodology.

Two things make this manual stand out and take third place. Firstly, it focuses on girls’ subconscious mind. And while I do not want you to focus too much on this, so that you don't overanalyze and overthink it, understanding several basic concepts of how women think can easily allow you to take the upper hand in your encounters with the opposite sex.

Secondly, the author of this program is a woman- Kate Spring. Do you know that saying- ”if you want to learn how to catch fish, don’t ask the fish, but the fisherman”? Well, while this is a widely spread concept in the dating world I don’t necessarily agree with it.

The truth is, you cannot rely on girls’ advice for picking up girls, because generally speaking, girls will not admit what they truly want and desire. For instance, no girl will openly acknowledge that they crave cock just as much as we want pussy simply because she can be labeled as a whore by society.

Nevertheless, in The Obsession Method, Kate Spring doesn’t hold back and drops the act in order to reveal the truth about getting women, and what they truly want out of a guy. In a nutshell, this is a fantastic choice that is packed with useful information and valuable advice that will undoubtedly improve your understanding of girls and how they think.

After having the self-esteem to talk to women and the ability to hold a conversation without breaking a sweat, one should focus on how a guy can take charge and lead a woman, so he gets what he wants. On that basis, The Obsession Method is a phenomenal guide that focuses on this aspect, and rightfully deserves the third spot of importance in terms of skills any guy needs to master.

4. Magnetic Messaging

Maybe a choice that will surprise some, however, Magnetic Messaging by Bobby Rio and Ro Judge takes the fourth place in terms of importance. And the reasoning behind this is quite simple.

Nowadays, virtually everybody is on the internet, scrolling through profiles and going over pictures and posts. The internet and social media have become the new “normal”, and now more and more people are meeting online, be it for a serious relationship, a one night stand, or a friend with benefits.

And this implies what? That if you have a decent profile or put a bit effort into creating a decent profile (If necessary, hire a professional photographer for several shots), the possibilities you have are next to limitless.

If you have set your social media accounts right, you can simply sit in the comfort of your own home, and have girls coming to your place over and over again in a matter of a few clicks.

For that matter and all the opportunities along the way, Magnetic Messaging comes fourth. And while most certainly you need to have some ability to interact with women in real life, texting girls to make them horny and effectively have them willing to go out with you and hookup is a different skill.

Arguably, the best program that will teach you how to pick up women online is Magnetic Messaging. This is a terrific manual that comes with many great examples, templates, scripts, and bonuses you can use immediately.

If you feel like you have a decent social circle, recognition, and a proper profile, you might be doing something wrong not necessarily in terms of getting women’s attention, but in terms of adequately transitioning into attraction and seduction.

And this guide will help you effectively deal with this issue. On top of that, Magnetic Messaging is consistently scoring the first place in terms of raking of programs among various sites, which indicates the tremendous level of success this program has.

5. Tao Of Badass

Joshua Pellicer’s Tao Of Badass effectively takes the fifth place of the best dating guide to help you attract and seduce women. This manual focuses on arguably one of the more obvious, yet most efficient techniques to get girls- being the badass they are naturally attracted to.

This guide has seen a lot of popularity in the last months, and while more and more men learn the way of the bad boy, the rating of this program continues to stay high and gradually keeps rising. And for a good reason- everybody wants to be that hardcore motherfucker women get wet just by thinking about him.

Therefore, Tao Of Badass is undoubtedly necessary for everyone who is serious about stepping up and taking it to the next level. Moreover, what I personally find terrific about Joshua Pellicer’s guide is that this manual is by far the best one that teaches you how to be a badass with women and have it your way.

What is intriguing about this particular program is the analytical approach regarding the whole concept of getting women. There are tons of information that will make it crystal clear what to do in each scenario and what separates the guys who get a date with a girl from the men who consistently get the same girls in bed on the first date (or even before that!).

And once you get used to all the tips and tricks in Tao Of Badass, the looks girls will give you while playing with their hair and biting their lips will make you wonder why in God’s name didn’t you start your journey in the dating world earlier.

Furthermore, Tao Of Badass is often competing for the very best dating program. And while the skills it teaches come second in comparison to speaking to girls, these tips and tricks can take your seduction arsenal on a whole new level.

6. Make Girls Chase You

Andrew Ryan’s Make Girls Chase You is a brand new dating guide that deserves our number 6 spot. While it is relatively fresh on the market, the results people are getting from this program speak for themselves. On top of that, this product is a breath of fresh air in terms of adding a new weapon to your arsenal.

What makes this program phenomenal is the so-called “Bachelor Effect”. Like in the show, the main character has many girls lusting over him, and Andrew Ryan wants you to become this same character in your life.

An interesting aspect that is covered here in-depth is the concept of Preselection. If you think about it, this is the same principle the biggest playboy out there- Dan Bilzerian, utilizes to get chicks thirsting after him.

The concept of Make Girls Chase You is simple, yet extremely useful- you get women to compete for your validations by showing social presence and selection by other females. This will trigger a subconscious reaction in girls’ brain, making them start chasing your validation and proving themselves to you.

And while this might sound complex, in reality, it is not that difficult to implement and take advantage of this highly useful attraction method. On top of that, Make Girls Chase You gives you eye-opening truth about women’s behavior and explains the truth about their though process.

This guide is an excellent pick for guys who want to turn it around and have girls chase their validations and approval. Definitely a unique concept that is extremely useful and is effectively implemented and abused by some of the most prominent players on the planet!

7. Unlock Her Legs

In the seventh place, we have no other but Rob Judge and Bobby Rio’s famous Unlock Her Legs guide. This is a popular dating program that has taken one of the highest ratings for quite some time now and for a good reason.

The heart of this program is the Scrambler Technique. This unique technique utilizes women’s subconscious minds and a series of reactions that provoke certain parts of girls’ brains while blocking others. The result is, you are left with a lady with only one thing in mind- how to lead you in bed and ride you like there is no tomorrow.

But you might be asking, well, The Obsession Method takes the third place, and it is also a guide that leans heavily towards women’s psychology, so why have I also included Unlock Her Legs?

This choice is that this program has shown significant achievements in terms of results from the people using the techniques shared in this manual to their fullest potential. And while The Obsession Method focuses heavily on body language and how to use it to your advantage, Unlock Her Legs emphasizes the emotional side of a woman’s standpoint and what is truly happening with her on the inside.

This is definitely a solid pick that teaches insightful information about the way women think and act. And while there might be a slight overlap with 1-2 other programs mentioned here (it is inevitable), the high ratings this guides regularly receives as well as the unique point about women discussed in greater length make it a worthy mention in our list, and one of the very best dating programs out there.

8. Pornstar Method

Alright, it is time to spice things up. We have gone over several guides covering in-depth the whole spectrum of dating, all the way from the inner game, to talking, to dating and seducing. With the help of the guides above (or just 1 of them), and on the premise that you go out there and try to make something happen, you should be seeing positive response and interest from women.

Or maybe you are regularly cathing girls staring at you, or perhaps you can talk with women, you have a general idea of what you are doing and want to proceed forward to getting them in bed and having them scream your name while fucking them like whores.

Either way, this unique program takes the eight place- Bridgette B.’s Pornstar Method. Yes, Bridgette is a pornstar with hundreds of videos and casts under her belt. She is an experienced professional who has tried pretty much everything there is to try sexually.

Moreover, she knows what women want and expect from you under the sheets. And in her guide, she reveals the truth- not what the pornography industry wants you to think, but what women genuinely believe, feel, and desire when having sex with you.

And, of course, part of it is being satisfied on a sexual level. In fact, the reason women cheat on men is that they aren’t getting the sexual attention they deserve, or their partner can't satisfy them to the level they want.

What makes Pornstar Method a unique program is the fact that Bridgette is joined by a team of fellow pornstars to show you on camera the way professionals fuck in real life. You will be amazed by how different things are in reality compared to what you observe in front of the screen.

Strong points to the guide are the various video lessons that show in detail and explain in greater length the correct way to sexually satisfy a girl, from touching, to licking, to sucking, to fucking, to everything there is to know to make your girl worship you.

While this program can help you avoid poor performance or help you improve your current one, I suggest you consider it seriously only if you get to sleep with women regularly.

All of the guides mentioned above have the concept to help you get girls in bed, and if you haven’t reached this point yet, you shouldn’t really concern yourself with it. Nevertheless, this is a one-of-its-kind program covering the whole dynamic of sex like no other course out there.

9. The Friends With Benefits System

Of course, I can never ignore that some guys just want to live and know what it is to be craved sexually. I believe we have all been guilty of this at one point or another, yet for specific scenarios, it might be more beneficial to you to have a rotation of several smoking hot girls craving you inside them rather than a serious relationship (or at least for now).

For that matter, The Friends With Benefits System takes ninth place. This is a brand new guide that focuses on something too many guys want but are afraid to admit- they want sex, and I mean a lot of God damn sex, they want so many girls that once they are done, they can't stand up.

Well, can we blame them? Who doesn’t want to live a bit and enjoy life? Therefore, The Friends With Benefits System joins our ranking. This guide focuses specifically on this- not on dating, not on picking up girls, not on one-night-stands - but solely on having girls begging to come to your place to ride you repeatedly.

Moreover, this manual covers a topic almost none other has- how to have your first threesome! This could easily be considered the dream for every guy- to enjoy not one, but two stunningly beautiful girls at the same time.

If your main aim is simply getting as much sex as possible, this is the right fit. And while I do believe that the guides taking the highest rating in this ranking are better overall, don’t be surprised if this guide is secretly flying under the radar in terms of possibility and opportunity for wild nights and lots of passionate and rough sex.

10. Shogun Method

If you have been doing serious research or digging up information about seducing women, chances are, you have most likely come across the famous Shogun Method. This is Derek Rake’s unique system not only for attracting women but also for enslaving them.

What makes girls different from men is that they are emotionally attached on a deeper level than us. Not only do they need to know, but they also need to feel. And once women feel attraction, it quickly develops into attachment, which leads to obsession.

And yes, women can literally become obsessed over you and chase you and crave you the moment they view you as the one. This is the core concept of Shogun Method. This unique system relies on powerful hypnosis and psychological techniques that change the very understanding of what a girl's ideal man looks like.

What takes this guide to a whole new level is that while most other programs focus on dating, texting, and picking up women, Shogun Method emphasizes additionally on enslaving women, making them obsessed with you and your image.

Derek Rake’s shares exceptionally powerful concepts and techniques that guarantee your success and having women submit. This is a good choice if you have a girl that was once interested in you but has slowly started losing that initial attraction, and you want her at all cost.

Personally, I wouldn’t begin with Shogun Method unless there is this one girl you want more than any other. Nevertheless, the concepts in this guide aren’t revealed in anywhere else, and if you put the time and effort to master them and put them into practice, you will see unbelievable results with the women you bring home.

Wrapping It Up

If you have reached this far into this article, I would like to congratulate you on your ambition to improve your dating life and take it to the next level. As I stated, for less than $100, you will save countless hours digging up the information alone, and you will have a comprehensive system that will give you the desired results.

And once again, from everything I have experienced, and also from the perspective of all the people I have read about and researched, I highly suggest that you put your attention into getting one of the guides above (or as many as your budget allows), go over it and the second you finish it, you start implementing the actions and steps described in it.

In this lengthy article, I have tried to give you the very best of the best programs out there, so you won't waste your time on useless products that simply don’t work. Moreover, I have ranked the list in terms of the skills they teach and their importance for your success with women.

As one last reminder, the two most crucial things are confidence and the ability to communicate. This is why the first two programs take the leading positions and why I always recommend them, as they lay the foundation for everything the guides from 3 to 10 go over and discuss.

Having said all this, now you know the truth about dating- if you want something, you need to go out and get it. Your life and your happiness are your responsibility, and it is only up to you to make your reality better than your dreams.

And once again, it all comes down to taking action and putting in the work- you simply need to go out there and start asking girls out. You don't necessarily need guides to succeed with women, but if you are looking for that additional help, I have narrowed it down to the only programs you should ever concern yourself with.

And I will leave you with these words: ”Five years come and go quickly, and regrets are a bitch.” Now the pressure is on you. You can never again say you don't know where to start or what you need to do to succeed in dating and with women. And remember, success is not a position, but action. And if you do not take action, now that you know what to focus on, in 5 years you will have nobody else to blame than you.