The Dating Apocalypse Survival Kit Review- How To Pick Up Girls Over The Internet

Review Of: The Dating Apocalypse Survival Kit

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Effective program for getting girls

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  • Effective program
  • Legit dating coaches
  • A lot of information
  • The material is easy to grasp and put into practice


  • Takes time and effort to succeed

Summary: The Dating Apocalypse Survival Kit is a wonderful course for every guy who wants to take his texting game to the next level and effectively hook up women online.

This system presents several scripts to follow to ensure that you achieve the desired results.

This review/guide aims to help everyone who is interested in sexting and picking up beautiful girls over the Internet. So read carefully and make the most out of it.


What Is The Dating Apocalypse Survival Kit For The Mobile Age Of Dating?

Researches indicate that more and more people are joining the online dating platform on a daily basis. In fact, more than 50% of all dates begin on the internet. Moreover, over 25% of what has started as an online romance has been followed by marriage.

These stats don’t lie. The best way, and arguably the easiest way to meet a girl, take her our, and even have some sex begins with several text messages.

does the dating apocalypse work?

Furthermore, if you just meet a girl on the street, at a mall, or a bar, chances are, you will also have to text her to set up the mood and arrange the date.

Like it or not, these are the “new rules” of dating. In an era where everybody is constantly checking their social profiles, you won't succeed unless you adapt and thrive in this dating apocalypse.

This is where the name for the program comes from. It is packed with a lot of resources that will take you all the way from setting your profile correctly to picking up the 9s and 10s, the real hotties out there.

If you want to learn how to dominate and succeed with online dating, hence, even get more dates, and girls than you can handle, let’s dive a bit deeper into this review and see how you can achieve your aims.

Bobby Rio And Rob Judge- The Creators Of The Dating Apocalypse Survival Kit

Why should you choose this program over the variety of courses out there?

One of the main reasons would be that the Dating Apocalypse is packed with tons of valuable information that comes handy.

Another reason would be because of its creators. Bobby Rio And Rob Judge are the experts that stand behind the Survival Kit of online dating.

They are professionals in the pickup industry and have a lot of experience in terms of dating and connecting to the opposite sex.

Furthermore, they stand behind a series of popular programs that aim to help men improve their “game” in all of its aspects ( Magnetic Messaging, Unlock Her Legs, And Make Small Talk Sexy, for instance).

This goes to show that Bobby and Rob are respected dating experts who have created a name for themselves. Moreover, they will be your personal coaches who will guide you on how to succeed in the era of mobile dating.

The Dating Apocalypse Survival Kit System

Dating Apocalypse Survival Kit is your proven system for attracting and addicting a girl online. You are given a wild variety of resources that will take you all the way from beginner doings to advanced tactics to skyrocket your chances of success with women.

Of course, a gigantic dating platform that cannot be overseen is Tinder. Arguably, this is the best and easiest place to get dates and/or hookups. 

A great bonus about this program is the fact that you can carry your experience over other dating apps and/or sites depending on what you feel comfortable using.

While the interface may vary a bit from app to app, the idea behind how you set up your profile and why you do the things you are told to do remains the same.

 And while Tinder is a fantastic place where you can get more than enough women, you can still use the techniques you are taught here on different platforms.

To help you rise and thrive in the dating apocalypse that is currently going on, you will be given a wide variety of videos, audio lessons, blueprints and scripts to follow. These include:

Bobby Rio and Rob Judge the dating apocalypse

The 10-Step Tinder Solution

As we already made clear, Tinder will most likely be the place you will head to try your success with this program. And for a good reason- there are more girls than you can count, and the number is growing daily.

And Rob Judge knows that. To prepare you for success, you are given ten lessons covering all the essential material, as well as three bonus gifts that contain additional information which can come handy.

An important aspect here is the way you should approach the entire Tinder dating game. You are provided with material that explains how to maximize your chances with women, how to attract more girls of your type, and how you should approach the entire act of connecting with girls on Tinder.

Mobile Dating Blueprint

As you can tell, your initial presentation plays an important role. This fact holds even more truth when dating online since the girl will most likely create an opinion or image of you solely based on the pictures, videos or stories in your profile.

And if you don’t initially catch the eye, you might not even get to text her or get her to respond. This is the vital spot, the shrink in the armor of too many men trying their chances online.

Rob has a huge tutorial that aims to help you craft the most attractive and intriguing profile, get more matches, and learn how to initiate a conversation effectively.

In short, you will be presented with the blueprint to follow when you are the first meeting and chatting with a girl.

First Message Blackbook

Let’s assume that your profile is all set up and everything is professionally labeled. Let’s also assume that there is a girl that has caught your eye. So, now's time for you to make a move. To send her the first message that will start your romance.

And here is the part where guys paralyze. They don’t know what to go for, how to begin a friendly and catchy conversation with an unknown girl and, more importantly, how to effectively leave a desirable first impression.

This is where the “First Message Blackbook” comes in place. This is a massive library of a wide variety of openers you can choose from.

So, if you feel like you are unsure what to text her, and this is holding you back, this guide will outline enough examples to use in order to attract her from the start.

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Smartphone Seduction Secrets

If you want to pick up as many women as possible, you need to level up your game to the highest possible standard. To achieve this, you will be presented with a way to incorporate three different types of apps for the best results.

They include social media, dating apps, and image improving apps. In this guide, you will go through enough to get a good understanding of how to use them to their full potential.

These apps will also start stacking the chances in your favor from the start. Thus, you will be shown how to create an attractive and charming digital persona.

The Tinderview

Women can be quite complicated. Especially if you don’t have all that much experience when dating them.

This part puts the focus on different signs that will reveal a girl’s thoughts. As you well know, women often say one thing while having something completely different in mind.

Well, sometimes this is hard to follow. However, what you can stress on her body language and especially her voice. Here you will be presented what to watch for in order to find the true emotional triggers that provoke her sexually and will secure you the girl the fastest.

Transcript Library

In this library, Rob Judge will provide you with all kinds of transcripts. They present different dating scenarios you can use to effectively connect to the girl you are texting and pick her up.

The critical aspect that Rob touches on is understanding what type of girl are you trying to connect you. Once this is clear, all you have to do is follow the respective transcript until you win her over.

All of these scripts reveal the ideas and methodology Rob uses when individually approaching the girls over text. Therefore, you will have an idea of the same strategies your personal trainer uses to seduce women online effectively!

First Date For Closers

In the business world, the closer is the guy who makes a deal happen. This means that he effectively negotiates with the buyer and sells him the product, even if the client is currently wondering between this and other possible products to purchase.

Well, you have to be the same closer in terms of dating. Notice that the girl you are texting is most likely browsing through 10s if not 100s of profiles while most likely chatting with a lot of other guys trying to pick her up.

the dating apocalypse coupon

This goes to say, you have no time to hesitate, no time to play it slow, no time to worry if not is the right time or not. Because if you don’t make a move and close the girl, someone else will do it and steal your beauty.

In this part, Rob will give you insight into the whole process of planning and executing your first date. He will explicitly teach you the things you should focus on if you want to bring her to your place afterward (and why shouldn’t you?).

Playing it cool and being persistent is what will give you the desired results. And you will get all the necessary resources to succeed.

The Guide To Gaslighting

In these video lessons, you will earn how to make a girl obsessed with you. It is normal for a girl to want attention. But giving it is not enough. You also need to know how to catch her attention so that she starts seeking your validation until she becomes obsessed with you.

Sexting Guide Ebook

Being able to catch her attention, impress her and even have small talk with a girl is a good starting point. Sadly, this is not enough.

Most guys, especially nice guys, can also hold a pleasant conversation. Yet, they almost always lose the girl. Why does this occur?

Because there is no sexual roleplay, no sexual tension, no signs of anything connected to sexually provoking the girl so she knows what is happening and where things are going.

Rob knows that if you want to thrive in the Dating Apocalypse, you need to flirt and seduce effectively. Therefore, he explains how to properly arouse her and make her want to spend the night with you.

This is a vital part for the entire system and you won't achieve your desires if you overlook this phase. No needs to worry though - you are given a blueprint to follow that Rob himself uses daily to pick up the charming beauties effectively!

The Dating Apocalypse Survival Kit- PROS AND CONS


  • Effective program
  • Legit dating coaches
  • A lot of information
  • The material is easy to grasp and put into practice


  • Takes time and effort to succeed

Does The Dating Apocalypse Survival Kit Work - Legit Or Scam?

Time for the real question – can you trust Bobby Rio and Rob Judge as dating experts? Does the Dating Apocalypse Survival Kit truly work, and will it bring you the desired results?

In short - yes, this course works. This is a complete system that will help you attract and pick the hottest girls on the dating platforms. Moreover, you will be provided with several scripts that will make her obsessed with you and she will want to go to your place.

You are also given a 60-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. This goes to show the confidence in the rate of success of the program.


The Dating Apocalypse Survival Kit is an excellent program for everyone who wants to wants to learn the art of online dating and start picking up the most beautiful girls, the 9s and 10s.

You are given a wide variety of scripts and templates to follow that will guarantee your success in pretty much every possible scenario.

If you are ready to transform your life and turn into a woman-magnet, this program will give you all the resources you need to succeed.

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