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Review Of: The Ex-Factor Guide

Use: attract your ex back into your life



Ease Of Use


Fantastic program for getting back together

Great price for the value provided

Easy to understand and implement

Great support


  • One-time payment
  • Easy to follow guide
  • Real-life examples
  • Audio version included
  • Won't coddle your feelings


  • Lot's of tricks and tactics
  • Strategies appear flirty and fun

Summary: The Ex-Factor Guide is a terrific program for both men and women who feel something just didn't go right with their ex and want to get another chance for a happy and fulfilling life.

This guide offers tips and solutions specific to your current situation in order to help you get back the happiness you want and deserve.

This review/guide aims to help anyone eager to get one more chance with their soulmate and write the best chapter of their life. So read carefully and make the most out of it.


The Ex-Factor guide

There's a saying that goes "True love only comes once in your lifetime." But what if you've let go of this true love?

What if, you're now just exes? How do you win back your true love?

Thanks to Brad Browning, he's come up with different dating strategies to help you win your ex! The best part? It's a program for both men and women!

In this ex-factor guide review, we'll tell you what we loved about the program and how it can help you.

Do you want to get your ex back? Keeping reading and we'll tell you how.

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Should You Buy the Ex-Factor Guide?

Breakup sucks! You compromise your self-worth, doubt your potential, and cloud your future! There are so many factors that get affected when you break up!

But that's not the worst of it! Because the worst part of it all is if you break up with the person you know you should end up with.

You're not gonna realize that immediately after the break-up, but when you do, this is where Ex-Factors comes in. It's a digital program to help you win back your ex!

We're sure you have a lot of hesitations and considerations to make, before buying the guide.

To make your job easier, we've summed up the different considerations for you. Before we get started, we've already listed some of the pros and cons of the ex-factor guide:


  • One-time payment
  • Easy to follow guide
  • Real-life examples
  • Audio version included
  • Won't coddle your feelings


  • Lot's of tricks and tactics
  • Strategies appear flirty and fun

If you're trying to get over your ex, survive your break up, or learn how to love again, leave. This guide isn't for you!

The Ex-Factor Guide is specifically for people who want to win their exes back.

It's a pretty impressive guide, and Brad Browning made sure to cover all steps to win your ex.

Breakup Brad details a step by step guide throughout the process. Rest assured, as long as you follow the whole process, you'll be a winner in the end.

There aren't a lot of programs today that teach you how to win and get your ex back. Which is why we love this program so much!

Buy the Ex-Factor Guide if:

For only 47 dollars, you can have the Ex-Factor guide for yourself!

It comes with an e-book, audiobook, and other materials. It's a one-time payment that gives you unlimited access to all that you need to know.

Is it worth the price? It sure is! The guide will immediately dive into your heart and why you broke up. It's the book that will solve your relationship problems! It can win your ex back in no time.

We're sure you might have some doubts about the program.

Luckily, the Ex-Factor offers a 60-day money-back guarantee! Unhappy with the results so far, bring it back! If you want to get your ex back, there's no harm in trying the program.

If you've more or less decided to take a chance on Ex-Factor Guide, here are more reasons why you should buy it!

the ex factor guide review

1. Steps are easy to follow

Everyone loves a guide that's simple and easy to follow. Why? You can try it out and get immediate results!

Unlike other programs out there, you won't be needing anything more. Trust that you'll only have yourself and the guide to make things work!

The Ex-Factor guide has different chapters. Each providing a detailed step by step guide.

The best part about these chapters is that it covers all the bases to get back with your ex! Are you ready to learn? Here are some chapters you can look forward to:

  • Finding attraction between men and women
  • The unattractive things for men and women
  • Learning the no contact rule
  • How dating creates jealousy
  • Seducing your ex to get back with them
  • Re-initiating sex with your ex
  • Preventing another breakup.

The program is very detailed! We're sure you'll have all your questions and concerns answered!

2. Real-Life Examples

The easiest way to get back with your ex is using real-life examples. Brad Browning does this by answering break-up related questions from the community. He teaches people how to handle different situations when faced with them.

We especially love this one, because it adds a nice personal touch. The program feels more realistic, and you don't feel alone in your journey.

3. Comes with an audio version

The Ex-Factor Guide is essentially an e-book. It's pretty convenient to have because you can read it across different devices.

If you aren't too keen about reading, the audio version should work for you. You can load the audio on your device, listen to it, and go! How convenient!

The best part about having the guide on a book and audio form is that it reaches as many audiences as possible.

4. Brad Browning won't coddle your feelings

If you're looking for a guide that will nurture and protect you, this isn't for you. This guide isn't for people who don't want honesty!

Brad Browning gives you honest details of what men and women are physically attracted to.

It's invaluable advice for building a good relationship. After all, one of the elements most men and women look at is the physical aspect of a person.

Another great thing about the book is that it provides active solutions! You don't have to find yourself in a dark corner of your room! That's not how you win back a relationship!

Instead, the guide will give you solutions and steps to follow!

You already have enough going on inside your head, so there's no need for you to keep beating yourself up.

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Don't Buy the Ex-Factor Guide if:

We've told you everything we loved about the guide. Now, we're here to tell you some parts of the program we didn't enjoy.

1. Too many tricks and tactics

We're sure you have many tricks and tactics up your sleeve. And we're also sure you've used this when you were trying to win your partner back.

Well, there's no doubt that every relationship has at least gone through this stage. Where either men and women try their tricks and tactics on others.

Generally, we don't find anything wrong with that. It's exciting and helps build a relationship.

But, we don't want too much of these tricks and tactics when winning the exes!

Many of the advice on the program talks about these tricks and how it works. What it lacked, however, is teaching the readers to be compatible with their partners.

In every relationship, you want to establish a deep connection with them. There's only so much these tricks can do, and sometimes it doesn't even lead to anything deep. The program doesn't cultivate the relationship.

2. Too Flirty and Fun

There's nothing wrong with being flirty and fun with your ex. But again, if you want your relationship to grow, this isn't the only thing you need to do.

The program uses flirty strategies to win an ex back. There's no doubt that it's effective. But, we aren't a fan of this strategy.

How the Ex-Factor Can Help You

Why should you buy this program? Will it be able to help you? Well, the primary benefit of using the program is keeping you sane.

We're all aware of how we become after a breakup. Toxic, dark, sad, and empty.

With the program, you don't have to be any of that! From the very beginning, it keeps you away from that unhealthy and embarrassing stuff! It will teach you not to obsess over your ex and put your life on hold.

The guide won't just help you bring back your relationship. It also won't teach you how to get back together. Instead, it will teach you how to build a stronger and better relationship.

After all, isn't that what you want the second time around?

What You Can Expect From the Program

Brad understands that the key to having a better relationship is nurturing it.

The program will guide you throughout the process, so you'll find a renewed trust with your partner. The results? A happy and stable relationship! No more breaking up for you!

Whether you're a man or woman, the guide can help with any relationship. It provides different strategies based on gender. So, the program isn't a "one size fits all" kind of thing.

It's targeted per gender, age, and issues, guaranteeing the best results! It helps improve the overall relationship, providing for healthier interaction.

You might think that the guide is hard to follow. After all, it promises so much! Wouldn't reading give me a headache? Well, the only headache you'll get is from dehydration because of all the tears you've spent!

You won't expect any headaches from reading this guide. The program is divided into different sections, making it user friendly as possible!

This is probably why the program is popular after a breakup! It even offers a money-back guarantee!

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Here are other benefits you can enjoy from the program:

  • It teaches you to be calm and mature when handling the breakup. You don't have to panic nor act irrationally!
  • It helps you build back your self-esteem. Quit feeling the worthlessness and rejection that comes after a breakup.
  • It teaches you to identify your mistakes. From there, it'll help you correct these mistakes to prevent it from happening again.
  • It stops you from saying or doing anything stupid. Emotions are raw, especially after a breakup. You don't want to say anything you might regret.
  • It helps you understand the psychology behind your breakup. What happened? What leads to the breakup? The guide gives you an insight into what you and your partner might be thinking or feeling.
  • It helps increase your chances of having a new and improved relationship with your ex. You don't want to come back the second time around, unchanged.

What People are Saying about the Ex-Factor

It shouldn't come as a surprise that there's a ton of people who love the Ex-Factor! Whether they're going through a breakup or reading the book for fun, people are loving it!

Even a dating coach and therapist guarantee the effectiveness of the program! She says the program is very impressive and goes through a detailed discussion of all the important aspects. A big thumbs up to Brad Browning!

Some of the Ex-Factor Guide reviews also share how they love the program! They highlight how it's practical, useful, and effective! Whether it's a man or woman following the program, it's very helpful!

In the Ex-Factor guide review of other people, they share a lot of pros about the program.

Consider the program as a good addition to all the tools you use, to win your ex. It contains a smorgasbord of information you need to overcome a breakup and win your ex!

Final Words

At the end of the day, who doesn't want to find their true love? It's what everyone lives for these days. We're sure you aren't an exception to this.

If you think your ex is the one, go for it. The Ex-Factor guide is the program you need to win your ex-back. It has all the details you need, covering all your bases! You have nothing to worry about.

This is the Ex-Factor guide review you're looking for! We've summed up all the reasons why the program is for you, its features, and benefits! We hope that convinced you to get back with your ex!

If you enjoyed this review, make sure to share this with your friends. Who knows, you might just help someone win their ex back! Don't you want to help them overcome their breakup?

We'd love to hear from you and how the program helped you and your friends with their relationships!

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