The Obsession Method Review- Program A Girl’s Subconscious Mind And Make Her Crave You

Review of: The Obsession Method

Use: Program her subconscious mind and leave her craving you



Ease Of Use


Effective way to attract smoking hot girls

Great price for the value provided

Fairly easy to use

Good support


  • Based on real researches and studies
  • Tons of information
  • Helps you attract smoking hot girls effectively
  • Teaches you how to create a long-lasting relationship


  • The information can be a bit overwhelming
  • Some concepts might seem odd at first
Summary: The Obsession Method is designed to help you trigger a girl's brain and leave her craving you.

This program is fantastic for everyone who is done dating average women and wants to attract all the smoking hot girls.

This review/guide aims to help you understand some crucial aspects when it comes to attracting and charming beautiful girls.


The Obsession Method- Can You Really Use Psychology To Addict The Sexy Girls To You?

With all the women out there going to bars and clubs, one can easily believe that hooking them up is an easy task. After all, there is so much fish in the sea, right?

While this might be true, another fact also occurs- why do men face more and more difficulties on their way to picking up girls? Not to mention, in most cases they simply retreat after a defeat.

program women to be obsessed with you

They walk home alone because they couldn't pick up a single woman during the entire night. They go to places where they can meet lots of girls and especially ones who want to be approached and dated.

Yet, little to no guys succeed. Just like Dan Bilzerian said, about 5% of all men get around 95% of all women. Quite shocking, isn't it?

Nevertheless, this also shows an opportunity. This stresses that the mentioned guys are so good at attracting girls that they have little to no competition. And this is a chance for us- for all the guys want to get a girlfriend, attract beautiful women and keep them interested.

Many pieces of research have been carried. They show that this success rate is nothing more than a series of reactions occurring in a girl's subconscious mind, provoking different stimuli and triggers.

And these techniques have been gathered in an "ultimate" guide- The Obsession Method.

The Obsession Method- The Body Language Of Attraction

More often than not, you will find guys who aren't really that experienced in the dating arena arguing what is it that makes a man craved and desired by women. Maybe money? Maybe Cars? How about looks?

As you can easily see, this type of men clearly has no clue what they are doing. If you have failed to plan the success of your date, you are planning to fail.

This is something that The Obsession Method teaches and helps you learn more about. It points out that there is one thing that attracts women like nothing else- body language.

If a girl is just meeting you, she will not know anything about you. Yet, after a simple 5-minute talk, she will know whether you are the type of guy she would date or not.

obsession technique

When you approach a girl, a series of subconscious reactions begin. Studies show that her brain can make tens of thousands of decisions about you for only 1/8 of a second!

And based on what will she judge you? Your body language.

This is the reason why The Obsession Method teaches three secret 'Body Language Cues.' They are potent triggers that will provoke a particular reaction from the girl. And this plan aims to use these three techniques to get beautiful women addicted to you as long as you want!

The Obsession Method- The Secret Body Language Tips

Tip 1- Sensual Gaze​​​​​​

The first trigger is something that surprises most guys initially. It revolves around the idea that when you are having a conversation with a woman, you should look at her lips while she is talking to you. But not just any look.

You should look at her lips for only about 2 seconds at a time and you should repeat this process about every 8 seconds. 

So, how does this trigger works?

A girl's body is more sensual than we can imagine. There are specific parts that hold more meaning to a woman that we can describe. One of these parts is the lips. By looking at her lips the way presented above, you are directly giving her seductive signals that won't remain unnoticed.

You are clearly revealing her your intentions, forcing her to create a wild fantasy about the two of you. If done right, you can very well expect her craving to kiss you by the end.

Tip 2- Body Touch​​​​​

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The second technique that you want to incorporate is the power of the touch. The Obsession Method teaches just how powerful a touch can be, however, there is a small catch.

You should touch a girl whenever she laughs.

There is a scientific background of this method. According to Pavlov's theory, animals can be reprogrammed to react to specific "cues," the same way you respond to your everyday alarm clock ringing.

This goes to say that by touching a woman while she is smiling, laughing and having a good time, you are programming her to associate your touch positive feelings and emotions.

These little tricks have proven to have a strong and powerful effect on conditioning a girl to build strong emotions towards you, to crave you and want you. This is a fantastic way to make every woman psychologically "addicted" to you and your company.

Tip 3- Body Language

Most men believe it is a matter of luck if they get the girl or not. They can blame fate, the world, or even the girl herself for not being attracted to them. Little do they know that there is much more to it.

Women have a specific "program" installed in their brains. It is a complex result of everything they are told while growing, everything they see on TV, the different articles they read online, even the films in the cinema they watch!

All factors mentioned above, as well as many more, have a combined effect on a girl's perspective of what the "perfect" man looks like, feels like and sounds like.

And just as they have such an image they follow, they also have specific triggers implemented in them that they cannot deny, it doesn't matter if women like it or not.

And one of the most potent triggers in the body language. The beauty of this course is that it teaches you specific things you need to do that will provoke a response from girls.

This is the way women behave and a reaction is guaranteed.

More over, positives come from two things.

On the one hand, you have specific scientific researches backing up the claims. This isn't your everyday talk with a friend, giving his advice on what you should do to pick up girls.

 Because while his techniques might have worked for him, there is no guarantee that you will succeed with them. And with the power of subliminal stimuli, the girl must react to you. There is just no other way.

On the other hand, you have something that is more specific and unique. The examination of women's brains and their reactions to different approaches opens up room for precise techniques that aren't commonly discussed among guys (reason being that they don't know about them).

As a result, you are given three impressive tricks you can use to get the attention of any girl you want( and much more is revealed in the actual book and bonuses).

Bonuses- What Do You Get With The Obsession Method

You might not believe me at first, but this course comes with a 50,000 word professionally-designed e-book. It is absolutely insane the amount of value and information that is provided in this guide.

Furthermore, you are given access to 28-part live-person video series. This makes consuming the information and understanding the concepts rather simple and straightforward.

make her obsessed with you

And as if this isn't good enough, you are also provided several high-quality bonus PDF's, each consisting of 30-40+ pages.


- How To Make Her Approach You Program- this guide teaches different body language cues that you can use to trigger the subconscious mind of any girl so that she will be the one approaching you

- Sex Text Program- this guide teaches what the right texts to send a girl so that you get a positive response from her, seduce her, turn her on and leave her wanting you and fantasizing about you are

- Sexual Wordsmith Program- this guide shows specific tactics and tricks you can use while having funny and intriguing talks to create "conversation attraction."

There is a lot of value provided by The Obsession Method. However, what makes it different from other courses? The fact it teaches you how to make women obsessed with you!

Kate, thank you so much for creating this program. I went for being single for 4 years to having an amazing gf within weeks of using it. Amazing!

Eddie Smith

I can't believe how many girls I've banged since using your program, Kate. Every single guy needs to read your material. Every. Single. Guy.

David Alexander 

I never thought that I'd be able to get over my ex and find love again but you helped me do it with your amazing program. Thanks you Kate! Love ya!!

Mark Ellis

What Makes The Obsession Method Different From Other Courses

From a 50,000 word e-book, you can expect to get a lot of information. And you are right.

This guide focuses on all kinds of different aspects of the dating world.

Some of the best benefits include:

-when and how to make a move

-when to ask her out

-when to go in for the kiss

-when to escalate to sex

-"Spring Seduction System"

-make her feel a deep desire for you

-the type of desire to make her obsessed

-secret body language tactics

-the three kinds of text messages that turn her on and beg you to meet with her

-a unique story you can tell any girl to make her feel deep and subconscious desire for you

- how to keep her commited and interested in you

-"Subliminal Seduction" technique- a simple body language tactic that will make her want to sleep with you instantly

As you can see, The Obsession Method goes beyond just picking up girls. It teaches the specifics from when and how to go for the girls, what to say and how to act all the way to creating sexual tension, lust and desire.

The program covers the body language attraction, the way to hold a fantastic conversation, the texting tricks to get her hooked, sexually arousing women and much more.

And another incredible aspect of this program is that it doesn't just teach you how to get the girl and get laid. This is where it differs from other courses. Okay, you got the girl. Now what?

Luckily, this pdf  guide gives useful answers to not only attraction girls but also keeping them interested and attached to you. Not only that, but it also shows you how to build the foundations of a long-lasting relationship.

The Obsession Method- PROS AND CONS


  • Based on real researches
  • Tons of information
  • Focuses on all aspects of the dating game
  • Helps you attract smoking hot girls
  • Teaches you how to create a long-lasting relationship
  • A lot of video material


  • A LOT of information
  • Some concepts might seem odd initially
  • Takes time, patience and practice to become really successful

Does The Obsession Method Work- Legit Or Scam?

One question that always comes to mind- is this program a scam? I mean, it is too good to be true, right?

The answer is no, this program isn't a scam. It has taken a lot of time and effort to gather, analyze and put real data into a consumable pdf guide with so many videos.

Furthermore, you are given a 60 day no questions asked guarantee. This goes to show the level of certainty and commitment that you will benefit from this program.


The Obsession Method is an excellent program for anyone who is having a hard time picking up a girlfriend, connecting with women and struggling to keep them interested in the long run.

It provides a lot of knowledge as well as some lesser-known techniques that can be exceptionally effective.

If you are done with dating just about any girls and want to start attracting all the hottest women, the 10s, then The Obsession Method can provide you with the key to your desired success and take your dating life to the next level.

the obsession method


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