Kate Spring’s The Obsession Method Review- The Secret Encrypted Language To Make Her Crave You

Review of: The Obsession Method

Use: Make women crave and desire you



Ease Of Use


Effective way to attract beautiful girls

Great price for the value provided

Fairly easy to use

Good support


  • Scientifically Proven
  • A Lot of Information
  • Teaches You How to Create Serious Relationships
  • 60- day Money-back Guarantee


  • Information Can Also Feel Overwhelming
  • Concepts Take Time to Get Used to
Summary: The Obsession Method is a program for both single and married men that uses a secretive trick to make a woman desire you.

This program is a terrific choice for every guy who wants to take his dating and sex life to the next level and start enjoying the company of attractive girls.

This review/guide aims to help you understand some crucial aspects when it comes to attracting and charming beautiful girls.


The Obsession Method

Tell me if this sounds like you:

  • I have a hard time approaching women
  • I leave the bar empty-handed on most nights
  • I can't get her to notice me
  • She doesn't think I'm good enough

You've probably tried tons of dating apps like Match, Bumble, eharmony, Plenty of Fish (POF), and Tinder, and despite all your efforts, it just didn't click.

Now, here's a proposal: What if you could get any woman you want and make her crave you by just reading 50,000 pages?

50,000 does sound plenty, right? That's what this guide is for! We'll uncover a few features, benefits, and tips behind The Obsession Method, and you can decide in the end, if it's the book for you!

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What is The Obsession Method?

The Obsession Method is a program for both single and married men that uses a secretive trick to make a woman desire you.

Simple, right? Well, psychology isn't as simple as reading something on the Internet. This requires a little bit of effort from you, including reading, digesting, and actually putting this into real-world application.

That's not all. If you've been continuously friend-zoned, The Obsession Method program can help you get out of this rabbit hole.

It will even teach you how to ignite powerful sexual fantasies in her brain that will leave her craving and waiting for the day she can finally wrap her legs around you.

Now, how exactly does it work?

How does The Obsession Method work?

The Obsession Method program uses an encrypted language that allows you to psychologically hack a woman's brain and have complete control over her desires for you.

This "secretive" language is also based on actual Harvard research that's easy to learn and use, allowing you to turn that awkward tension around into confident and charming.

How long will it take for The Obsession Method to take effect?

Only a mere matter of days. Once you've learned all the tips, body language, and secrets behind what makes a woman crave you, you can expect to see results within just days of applying it.

Who is The Obsession Method for?

This program is for two types of individuals:

Type 1: You're looking to get into a serious relationship and need help to approach her. The program will teach you how you can make her say yes to you and wonder where you've been all her life.

Type 2: You need help or a direct approach on how to bed a woman or do what it takes to get her to sleep with you.

Bonus: This method also claims it can help you get your ex back.

Who is the Founder of The Obsession Method?

The Obsession Method is founded by a Canadian dating coach Kate Spring and is also a best-selling author.

Kate Spring has also helped men worldwide achieve relationship goals and even writes advice for men on her blog.

Apart from The Obsession Method, Kate Spring also offers 1-on-1 coach sessions if you want dating advice and prefer a more personal approach.

Finally, Kate Spring contributes articles on LoveLearning and also writes for publications regularly about Love and Relationships.

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What Does The Obsession Method Cover?

Let's take a closer look into the contents behind The Obsession Method program and what this scientifically-proven method can do for you:

Story Mode

Don't you just love a good story? Storytelling is meant to influence, inspire, and teach people how to dive deeper and think differently about an issue.

The reason why storytelling is so compelling is because it forges connections between people, places, and ideas. Story Mode works similar to that.

You learn a short story that you can use to make her have desires for you. Fundamentally, you're changing the narrative - a narrative that will make her want you.

Desire Protocol

Desire Protocol will teach you how to make any woman have deep desires for you. It can be challenging to decode a woman’s brain, let alone her desires.

Kate Spring understands that, and with her help, you can use this technique to make women have a deep desire for you.

Take note, though, that this desire does not just talk about a superficial attraction. This technique will help you reach a deep level, so if you have plans to simply do it for fun, and hurt her in the end, make your intentions clear from the start.

Unstoppable Pickup

Do you have anxiety picking up women? That's what Unstoppable Pickup is all about.

Kate Spring teaches you her Direction Approach technique to help you get women become interested in you the first time you meet them.

Subliminal 3's

This is a Subliminal Seduction technique that will teach you the art of body language. You've seen ads that hook you within a 5-second timeframe.

Subliminal 3's works similar to that, except this will help you get any woman to sleep with you instantly.

Marriage Man

This technique is specifically for men who are in a relationship or are married.

Things like how to keep your woman faithful, interested, and sexual are topics and questions that Kate Spring answers for you in this section.

Body Messages

It's time to put cheap pickup lines and catchphrases to rest. Body Messages is a body language technique that will help you decode the language of the female body and get her to spend the night with you.

Text Seduction

We've all been there. Boy meets girl, boy texts girl, girl doesn't reply, boy waits for reply for days or weeks. Eventually, boy gives up.

Texting a woman doesn't mean she's obligated to reply, and that's understandable, but it also hurts.

Text Seduction teaches how to text any woman and get an immediate response. Learning this technique will definitely help you improve your seduction skills. Neither will you have to wait for weeks just to get a reply.

Top 3 Body Language Tips

Here's a little bonus and extra sneak peek for you.

Apart from all the techniques mentioned above, Kate Spring shares these 3 exclusive secret language tips to make women feel instantly attracted to you.

Tip #1: Sensual Gaze

When conversing with women, this tip encourages you to look at her lips while talking to her.

Now, now. This might throw you off and make you think it's unlike anything you've heard of, so here's how to do it the right way.

When talking to women, look at her lips for no longer than 2 seconds and no longer than 8 seconds apart. Of course, any longer than that will only creep any girl out.

Here's how it works: Lips are one of the most intimate body parts of women. By looking at her lips, you send a seductive signal that makes your intentions clear. You will also trigger her to have seductive ideas that will make her fantasize about you.

If done properly, you might even get a kiss from her at the end of the night.

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Tip #2: Body Touch

Tip 2 is about touching a girl whenever she smiles or laughs. Sounds too touchy? Not quite. This is the science behind body language, and we can dive deeper by citing Pavlov's theory.

Pavlov's theory states that you can condition animals to react to specific cues similar to how you wake up from your alarm clock.

All human beings have an "animal brain" that, when conditioned the right way, will produce these "cues."

These cues involve touching a girl when she smiles or laughs, and in effect, you're allowing her to mentally associate your touch to feelings of excitement and fun.

This tiny gesture can make any girl start to feel a sense of obsession or desire for you.

Tip #3: Body Language

Sure, good looks and great physique do increase your chances and the likelihood of women chasing after you. In truth, that's not all there is to it.

Body language plays a significant role in the attraction process. These are triggers that women can't deny innately.

Learning how to read these cues, decode what goes on in a woman’s mind, and understand women's body language are all powerful triggers to getting women to feel obsessed and want you with an intense sexual desire.

How do you learn more about how to use body language? Well, The Obsession Method primarily covers several sections related to body language and how you can use it on any girl you meet.

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What Makes The Obsession Method Program Stand Out?

Kate Spring isn't the only dating coach you've seen online, and sure as hell, you've probably tried a program that was also certified and founded by another dating coach.

So how is this program any different? This manual is the first of its kind, and it's an online system that many are not familiar with or have even heard of.

Aside from that, Kate Spring also lists down extra benefits you can gain from the program:

  • When you should make a move on a girl
  • How to make a move on a girl
  • When you should ask her out
  • When to lean in for a kiss
  • When to escalate for full out sex
  • Learn the Spring Seduction system that will make a girl horny and want you
  • How to make her have a deep desire for you
  • How to make her want you more than any other guy
  • How to keep her committed and interested in you

The program isn't only comprehensive, but it also holds a ton of secret language tips and techniques that you can take anywhere with you and apply to women all around you.

The Obsession Method Review: Advantages

Scientifically Proven

The program uses research and psychology, which are all effective, proven methods backed up by facts, not assumptions or biased opinions.

A Lot of Information

When you sign up for a program, you'll usually be given access to a small section of the course. You'll then have to pay additional fees if you want "more secrets" or "even better tips."

The Obsession Method doesn't follow that same program. Once you pay for the program, you get everything all-in-one package deal. 50,000 pages is a lot, after all.

Teaches You How to Create Serious Relationships

There's no doubt that The Obsession Method does teach you how to have any woman have increased sexual desires for you. Not to mention, fantasize wildly about you.

Here's what's also great about it. The program also shows you how to achieve a serious relationship too - from single to in a relationship and, hopefully, married.

It also works for couples who are already in a relationship or are married and want to spark better commitment, interest, and intimacy.

60- day Money-back Guarantee

Once you've purchased the program, you'll also be given a 60-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked. This also reveals that the program itself is not out to scam you or out for your money.

There is a level of guarantee and assurance you can expect to have with this product.

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The Obsession Method Review: Disadvantages

Information Can Also Feel Overwhelming

Every product has its drawbacks and risks. That's precisely why we have this Obsession Method review to cover these small gaps in-between for you.

The first drawback of this program is the information provided. Despite the variety and ton of information that you have access to, this can also feel overwhelming to digest during the initial stages.

Concepts Take Time to Get Used to

Some of the concepts are new to most users. Some may even some weird that you'll feel skeptical or doubtful of whether the techniques and tips provided will work.

Things like looking at her lips for 2 seconds can seem odd at first, but once you give it a shot and see the results, you'll be left in awe.

Final Advice

Remember that no matter how comprehensive or effective a program may be, success takes patience, commitment, and practice.

You might experience a few failures along the way, but that's normal. After all, this program is also growing just as much as its users are.

And The Obsession Method might be the little extra help you need to evoke change in your dating life and make other guys jealous by having the company of all the attractive girls only for yourself.

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